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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

dog halloween costumes

charlotte? charlotte are you out here *horrible scream in the distance* *screeching* * 1 hour earlier* and they were never found that is the absolute worst way to endthe story do you know how many halloween storiesend like that? basically all of them. well if you know it all that well tell one yourself oh and while you're at it let's make itas scary as possible

no come on, no scary stories! guys, some of us maybe want to be able to sleep tonight yeah, what tori said. i get that it's halloween and stuff but does it really mean that.. uhm yeah, it's halloween, of course we have to tell scary stories yeah why do you think we're even here inthe woods? this is like the scariest place there is well, not the scariest come on guys, none of these stores are even real!

oh, but this one is real allright and it happened right here in these woods and the same house we arestaying in tonight why are we even staying there anyway? we should just be at home, safe! because, it's halloween and sherilyn and i have found the perfect place to stay! and it comes with a horrifying story... it was exactly 10 years ago... in the house lived a girl of our age, and her little sister

they were going to play hide-and-seek, but first the sister had to get water from the well. do i even need to ask? whywould you need to get it out of the well? their house was in the middle of thesewoods and they were out of water are you sure this thing happened 10years ago? because it sounds like a hundred oh my dog would you just stop! you're ruining the story the girl told her little sister to get ready to count..

then she went off to the well but what they didn't know was that theyweren't the only ones there well, the girl was walking to the well.she felt like she was being followed but when she turned around there was noone there.. but if she listen really closely she could hear his footsteps... she walked across the bridge over the river but then she stopped. while on the bridge, she knew someone was following her.

is someone there? she yelled. hello? but there came noanswer she decided to continue walking and getback as fast as she could.. she was in front of the well when ithappened when what happened? she was right in front of the well, whenshe could hear his breath she tried to turn around, but it was toolate the man pushed her into the well and shefell and fell and fell

it seemed like it was never going to end like she would fall forever... but then she fell into the water and it was freezing! the water was so cold, that she couldn'tmove, couldn't swim, she couldn't try to keep herself fromdrowning. as she took her last breath.. she remembered, her sister would still bewaiting for her! then the well became quiet... and back in their house, the little sister

was still waiting, counting, with her paws covering her eyes! waiting, till she would hear the door slam. until she would know that her older sister had returned waiting patiently until sheheard footsteps... in happiness, she stood up, but she didn't move realizing the front door hadn't been opened the little girl realized that someone wasin their house it wasn't her sister she feared her older sister would still be out in the cold..

her older sister was colder than ever before she didn't know what to do, so she hid and she hid for exactly one hour she had been scared to come out of herhiding place but after an hour she decided to look if it was safe. please tell me she was safe... ssst! she stood up and opened her eyes, expecting to see nothing but her empty room

she was sure that whoever was in theirhouse had gone away she opened her eyes... and she was wrong oh no! the end. what do you mean the end? what about thegirl, and her sister? did they... yup, they died

don't say it like that! oh come on it's just a story! rosie'sright what? it's not just a story, it actuallyhappened the older sister was found in the well though there are many stories about how the little sister was found so up to this day, no one knows exactlywhat happened to the little sister but some believe...

that her spirit is still inthat same house playing hide and seek and guess what... that is the very house we aresleeping in tonight! what! no way! you've got to be kidding me i told you not to tell that story! and i told you not to go here! you know none of us are going to be ableto sleep in that house tonight

oh come on guys, it's halloween, bring onthe scares am i right? i don't like scares and i don't likethat story either! i swear if i see ghosts tonight i'lltell them they can have you for dinner okay! sure, whatever. it would be totallyworth it! hey uhm, guys? don't you dare say something scary like there's something behind my back, because i am not fallingfor that! unless it's one of those clichã©s where she says something's behind your back and you don't believe something is actually behind your back

and then youdie now i'm actually scared guys, nothing's behind anyone's back what i meant to say was, it's getting dark out here and even though it's scary we'd better head to that house who knows what walks around these woods at night! there could be bears and wolves here! i surely don't wanna go to that house right now, but you're right looks like we kind of have to

what if there's werewolves here too? werewolves don't exist! yes they do you're kidding right? no they don't yes, they very much do, and rosie'sright we don't want to meet them well, rosie's a husky, so if anyone has a chance against awerewolf it's her

oh i don't think i could fight off a, awerewolf *wolf howling* guys, let's go! good idea guys, wait for me! tori i thought we were close to thehouse? we've been walking for half an hour! and where this mist come from? guys, we're in a forest, sometimes there's just mist! i know we're close to the house, we just gotto continue walking

fine best halloween ever i can hardly see anything through the mist! just stay close okay? guys... where's charlotte? first she tells us the creepy story thanshe leaves us behind in the forest? just calm down, it'll be all right. she knows this forest and she's going to get out just fine

and there's three of us so we should getout just fine as well let's just go before the mist gets worse yeah come on funny this reminds me of the story i told! maybe this is the same bridge... the same bridge they stould on... i think i can even hear thewell dripping... bees buzzing.... and

what...the... stupid! there's nobody here! this mist is becoming unbearable i should try to get the house as fast aspossible my friends... what's that? stupid bushes! finally!

well, here we are! for a moment there, ithought we were lost there was always the path we could follow! and that's what we did and here we are, safe and sound oh man i cannot wait to get in that house! this is going to be the best halloweenever! oh guys, where's charlotte? she's not here yet?

guys, the door's still locked and that means she's still out there! you should get inside the house, i'mgonna go find her but you don't know the forest! you could get lost you're right, youshould go! me? yeah, charlotte has taken you here beforeright? the forest i mean! you and charlotte are the only ones who know the forest! right? well, yeah, but...

then you should go findcharlotte. it's the safest way we'll be here waiting for you no, i i don't wantto get out there! fine, i'll go! no, megan, come on you can'tlet her go find charlie for you! you were the one who wanted to go in thefirst place , so this is your responsibility because i would kill youif tory would get lost fine! i didn't know you were thatscared whatever, fine i'll go

thank you! see you later guys, i'll be back soon i didn't know you had it in you well this is all their fault! i would rather get eaten by monsters than spend halloween with those two so you're staying with me alright? allright! thanks tori now let's go inside

gladly *creepy laugh* hello? who's there? *screech* stupid fog! well, we're here! next hallowee, i decide where to go fine with me!

what do we do now? i guess we wait until megan finds charlotte well at least it's safe in here better here than out there in the woods! with bears and werewolves at least we're safe here. let's just hopemegan and charlotte will be save too. * singing * ding dong i know you can hear me, open up the door! *singing* i only wanna play a little that wouldn't be your ringtone by any chance would it?

no! i'm hearing footsteps! someone is coming! you're right! let's go upstairs what is this thing? i don't know, it sounds like a child! what if it's a ghost? rosie, ghosts don't exist just think of alogical explanation

what if it's just a child in ahalloween outfit? but we are the only ones who have the key to this house for tonight you're right this isn't something normal,this is a ghost or something! what if it's the ghost of the child that was murdered in the story? what do you mean? you know, the little sister, from the storycharlotte told! who was brutally murdered, just like her older sister? what if she still haunts this house?

listen rosie that's ridiculous you know things like that just don't exist! you know it's true! ok, you're right but whatever it is... justdon't be scared if they would exist, i believe that they can't hurt you sure, they can scare you but they can't actually hurt you or kill you,so just stay calm okay? we're gonna figure this out she's coming! well she's playing hide-and-seekright?

i think charlotte said something about if they were still haunting this house she would be playing hide-and-seek forever so that just means we have to hide *child singing* ding dong her i come to find you... *singing* ding dong, where is it you've run too, do you think you've won? *singing* ding dong i have found you tori! you won't believe what justhappened! i think for once i will believe you what are you talking about?

i found charlotte where is she? she 's, uhm, gone! there was a creature and i...don't know how it ...what it's okay! the same thing happened here.rosie is gone rosie? no! what happened? this is gonna sound crazy but we think this house might actually stillbe haunted the little sister was murdered

well, she was still playing hide and seek she found rosie oh no... what about charlotte, what hapenned? it was.... i don't know! it was in the woods, in the mist... it was foggy, just.. it looked like it was glowing! like a ginormous angler fish but inthe shape of a mermaid or a dachshound

wait! a mermaid or a dachshound? yes, i think so, i'm not sure the older sister, was she a dachshound? i don't know, maybe? the older sister was... drowned... in the well. what if her spirit looks like a mermaid, but a scary one i mean we saw the little sister, so then,the older sister's gotta be out there too, right? then whatever i saw must be the oldersister do...did... are they really?

listen rosie andcharlotte will be fine! i bet if we can solve this they'll bebrought back or something! no you're right maybe maybe we can fixthis. but how? i don't.... wait the little sister was waiting for herolder sister what if they're looking for each other? she's waiting for her older sister toreturn *sound of creaking door* do you hear that?

i think we have a visitor someone just entered the house whenever you bring them together... the little sister is waiting for her oldersister to return and the older sister just did! the older sister is somewherein this house and they just have to see each other! maybe charlotte and rosie willbe saved well, let's go hunt some ghosts! oh yeah..

i'll stay here and wait for oneof them to show up found you perfect! it glows too! okay okay just just follow me! *sings* ding dong you can't hide from me, i'm coming *sings* ding dong i have found you! ahh! oh no.. i've got something for you

ding dong! no no no, just wait and see! charlotte they're all save the well happy halloween!

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