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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

dog growling

♪ >> come on, slow poke. we're going to be late! whoa! (mumbling) >> pudding hill will still be there, little bear. >> but i want to be there too! >> are you sure you've packed

everything? >> mm hm. >> canteen? >> check. >> matches? >> marshmallows? >> mmm, check. >> raincoats? >> little bear's hat?

>> two bed rolls? >> check again. can you close up the bag for me? oh, and make sure i packed fisherman bear. >> uh, check. >> father bear! >> coming! >> bye, dear.

>> oops. (kissing) all right, let's be on our way. little bear? >> almost forgot. pudding hill-- >> both: here we come! (chuckling) >> bye.

have a good time. >> we will. >> and be careful! (whistling) >> last one to pudding hill's a rotten egg! >> hey, wait for me! (laughing) >> okay, little bear, slow down

or you'll get tired! >> not me! woo! look at this, father bear. (squirrels chattering) >> hey! (dragonfly humming) (birds chirping) >> whoa!

>> hey, i can't see! >> well, i can see for you, father bear. >> all right, i'll trust you. >> okay, walk straight. straight. faster. uh oh, stop! turn left.

okay, go! (water babbling) >> do i hear a river? now, one step up. >> mm. >> trust me, father bear. >> all right. you lead me. >> okay, one step up.

good. slow. careful. >> steady. >> i'm trying, little bear. >> we're almost there. and, jump down. trust me, father bear. >> see, we made it!

>> good work, little bear. >> phew. (sniffing) >> what do you smell? >> the pine trees. (inhaling) >> i smell the pine trees too. they smell different than other trees.

>> i smell something else, too. >> you do? >> rain. >> how can you smell rain? >> the air smells different when it's going to rain. >> it doesn't look like it's going to rain. >> trust me.

father bears know these things. just in case. ♪ it's a great big world waiting waiting just for me ♪ ♪ full of riddles, rocks and rivers ♪ ♪ as far as i can see ♪ ♪ it's a brand new day ♪ ♪ full of who knows ♪

>> come back! ♪ where the sky goes when it hides from me ♪ >> there's pudding hill! ♪ there's a great big tree ♪ >> father bear: beautiful. ♪ full of birds and leaves ♪ ♪ i can spy there ♪ race you!

♪ or just lie there ♪ ♪ as happy as can be ♪ ♪ it's all inside of me ♪ ♪ finding sticks and playing tricks and running like the wind ♪ ♪ life is very extraordinary ♪ ♪ whatever comes my way ♪ ♪ doesn't matter if it's a rainy

or a sunny day ♪ ♪ la la la la ♪ ♪ it's a great big world ♪ ♪ la la la la la ♪ ♪ it's a great big sky ♪ ♪ high above the clouds ♪ (owl hooting) >> interesting. (yawning)

i see the moon and the stars and the mountains. >> father bear, what's on the other side of pudding hill? >> wilderness. >> what's wilderness? >> well, it's wild country. >> wild country? >> does anyone live in the wild

country? >> oh yes, all kinds of creatures. (crickets chirping) >> there sure are a lot of crickets in the wild country. >> and frogs. (wolf howling) >> what's that?

>> a wolf. >> do wolves live in the wilderness? >> uh huh. >> do we know any wolves? >> no, i don't think so. they're pretty wild. >> are there any bears in the >> oh yes, lots.

>> can we go say hello? >> not tonight, little bear. (eagle calling) >> what was that!? >> an eagle. >> do we know any eagles? >> i met one, once, a long time ago. >> oh.

>> eagles bring good luck you know. >> they do? father bear? >> mm hm? >> are you asleep? >> yes. >> you're not asleep; you're talking to me.

(snoring) oh, father bear. >> eagles. (snorting) (blowing) >> father bear? (gasping) hey! those are my cookies!

(chirping) hey, come back! hello down there. (chirps echoing) >> father bear: good morning, little bear. >> there you are, father bear. a gopher got our cookies. >> don't worry, i brought more.

>> oh, good. >> little bear, why don't you go down to the stream and fill the canteen? (splashing) >> hello? who's there? (rustling) is that you?

(lapping) oh, hello, little moose. i'm little bear. i-- hey! come back! wait! i won't hurt you! oh! i'll get you!

(roaring) what's the matter? >> you scared away my breakfast. >> your breakfast? >> that fish was going to be my breakfast. >> oh, sorry. >> who are you? and what are you doing in my

stream? >> i'm little bear. and what do you mean "your stream"? >> i live here so it's my stream. >> you live in the wilderness? >> the what? >> are you a wild bear?

(screaming) >> you take that back! >> take what back? >> i'm not wild. say it! say i'm not wild! >> all right, all right, you're not wild. >> i'm just a bear.

>> just like you. >> okay. what's your name? >> cub. wanna play? >> sure, what do you want to-- you play rough. (stick cracking) >> what was that?

>> oh, what's so funny? >> you are. >> take that back! >> wait! >> uh oh. mother! >> take it back! >> moose: mother, mother! (footsteps)

>> oh, hello. (growling) you're not afraid of me, too, are you? >> afraid? >> father bear and i are camping out on pudding hill. it's our favourite camping place.

>> father? >> i just met a new friend. his name is cub. but he sure plays rough. >> i met a little moose, too. but he didn't want to be friends. he ran away. do you know him?

>> no. anyway-- is that your tummy growling? you must be hungry. >> famished. >> run! hide! >> why, what's wrong? oh.

>> good day and goodbye. >> mother! >> i've been looking everywhere for you. come on, little moose. >> but i want to stay here. i want to play with my new >> you can play with them another day.

>> goodbye. >> goodbye, little moose. >> you two should be more careful. >> careful about what? >> that was a mountain lion. >> oh, he wouldn't tell me his name. >> his name is trouble.

he would've eaten you! >> what? >> you have a lot to learn. >> that's an eagle. >> i know that. >> my father bear met an eagle once. >> he did? >> father bear says that eagles

bring good luck. >> luck? there's no such thing as luck. if it wasn't for me-- (licking) you'd have been that mountain lion's breakfast. >> then you're my good luck. >> good luck would be something

to eat. come on, i'll show you how to catch breakfast. >> no, come with me. father bear probably has breakfast ready. >> oh! uh oh, it got away. >> my fish!

>> i see you've made a new friend. >> father bear, this is cub. cub is a wild-- uh, i mean he's just a bear who lives in the wilderness. >> well, hello cub. >> go ahead, cub. he's not going to bite.

>> well, why don't i catch one more of these and we'll have >> mmm! >> what are you doing to them? >> cooking them. >> why? >> so they taste good. >> ow! it's on fire!

>> no, it's just hot. you have to let it cool down. >> i don't get it. >> cub, stop eating the berries. that's what they're for. >> we're going to bring these back to mother bear. she loves wild raspberries. >> you think everything's wild.

>> thanks. hey, do you want to come to our house, cub? >> uh-- >> father bear, can cub come to our house? >> if it's all right with his parents. sure.

>> go tell your parents you'll be back after dinner. >> uh, okay. >> look at all the berries we got, father bear. >> ah, good for you, little bear. >> they said it was okay. >> come on!

>> father bear: that's not the way it works. >> everybody grab something. >> last one home's a rotten egg. >> that's silly. how can anybody be a rotten egg? >> we're here! cub? come on.

>> you live here? >> sure, this is my house. >> house? >> mother bear! mother bear, we're home. oh, i missed you. how was your camping trip? >> it was great. i made a new friend.

>> oh? who? come on, she won't bite. this is cub, mother bear. he's my new friend. >> hello, cub. i'm happy to meet you. oh, thank you. >> they're wild-- uh, just

raspberries. >> well, welcome cub. >> cub lives in the wilderness. >> is that so? well, you must be hungry. >> we're starved. >> what would you like for lunch? >> we want father bear's flying

flapjacks. >> flapjacks for lunch? >> sure. >> flapjacks? >> well, why not? father bear's famous flying flapjacks coming right up. >> woohoo! >> i'll put the camping gear

away. >> sift it. sift it! >> that's enough of that. (sneezing) >> crack it. >> i like that best. >> blech. nice and easy.

that's good. good! cub. cub! >> hm. >> do you have to burn everything you eat? >> we're not burning it. we're cooking it.

>> cooking again? smells good. >> can i flip one, father bear? >> of course. would you like to try, cub? >> well, it is kind of hard. >> i can do it. >> up you go. (struggling)

it's okay, cub. don't worry. (smacking) hm. >> that's okay. it may look funny but it'll still taste good. do the next one. i did it.

the flapjacks are ready. >> watch this, cub. this is the best part. >> alley-oop! >> ta da! >> can i try that? >> little bear: it's pretty tricky. >> i can do it!

alley-oops! >> oh dear. >> father bear: hm. >> wait, you have to put some syrup on it. >> cub: mm! (bumping) ow! >> tastes sort of like honey.

>> it's maple syrup. >> mm, it's good. >> would you like some more, (slurping) >> it's good. >> mm, i'm full. >> me too. >> me three. >> come on, i want to show you

my room! >> thank you for the flapjacks, >> you're welcome, cub. >> little bear: come on, cub. this is my room. >> what's a room? >> it's where i sleep. >> oh, i get it. it's your cave.

>> cub: ow! (grumbling) i like your cave, little bear. >> you're funny, cub. >> it's my space helmet. we can go to the moon. >> we can't go to the moon. >> yes, we can. (rattling)

>> sure we can. >> i'm not wearing this. >> you can't go to the moon without a space helmet. there, perfect. >> you're funny, little bear. >> so are you. we're going to the moon. just look for us up in the sky.

>> have a nice trip. (panting) >> we're here. >> this isn't the moon. >> no, but to fly to the moon we need a high place to jump from. >> shh, what's that? (meowing) >> mountain lion!

run! >> cub, wait! it's just cat. >> just cat? >> we thought you were a mountain lion. (purring) >> cub, this is cat. >> i've never seen such a small

cat. >> and i've never seen such a rude bear. >> this is cub. (giggling) he's from the wilderness. (quacking) >> owl's it! (hooting)

owl's it! >> not if i catch you! >> oh, look! >> fooled you! you're still it! >> why you-- >> duck, this is cub. >> cub's my new friend. >> and this is owl.

>> hello. >> uh, cub doesn't shake hands. >> he's from the wild. >> i like your hat. >> we're going to the moon. >> oh, can i go too? >> we can all go. >> don't even think about it. >> we're going to the moon!

>> how? >> we're going to fly. >> fly? >> i can fly. >> so can i. everyone knows that's how you go to the moon. >> bears can't fly! >> i'm flying!

>> no, you're not. >> woo! >> whoa, the moon is blurry. >> come on, cub! >> fly to the moon. you're not afraid are you? >> welcome to the moon. >> the moon looks a lot like the earth.

>> that's right. >> but the moon bugs are much better than the ones on earth. >> and naps last longer on the moon. >> and you can jump higher on the moon. >> moon jumping! >> duck: moon jumping!

>> backwards jumping. >> what is going on? i told you he was wild. >> i wanna be wild too! >> crazy jumping! >> yeehaw! crazy jumping! >> whoa ho! >> you're scaring me.

>> mountain lion jumping! >> mountain lion!? >> duck: ah, hey! >> you're scaring me! >> come here! >> cat? cat? come on, let's do it again. >> i'm too dizzy.

>> i have to go home. goodbye, little bear. >> i'm hungry, goodbye cub. maybe we can play wild again tomorrow. >> cub: i like your friends. >> goodbye, cat! i like going to the moon too. >> i knew you would.

i guess you'll have to be going home too. >> my parents said i could stay as long as i wanted. >> aren't your parents going to miss you? >> i haven't seen my parents for a long time. >> what do you mean?

>> i don't know where my parents are. >> really? >> we were trying to get home and we got caught in a big storm. >> little bear: what happened? >> cub: it was raining hard and the wind was blowing.

we tried to stay together. then i got lost. >> cub, where are you!? cub!? >> cub!? cub, where are you!? >> cub, where are you?! >> father, where are you?! father!

>> who takes care of you? >> i do. >> you live all alone? >> no, with two foxes: poppy and pete. i wish we really could go to the then my mother and father could just look up and see me in the sky.

>> come on, cub. let's go back to my house. >> little bear, don't tell anybody. >> you know, there's lots of room in the bed. wouldn't you be more comfortable up here? >> no, i like it under here.

it's like my cave. >> mother bear, i can't sleep. >> why not? >> because i'm wishing. >> what are you wishing for? >> i'm wishing-- i'm wishing that cub and i could stay up all night long. >> hm, well, tonight i think you

should get a good night sleep. >> cub: i'm wishing too. >> i'm wishing that little bear and i could sleep outside, in a real cave, in the wilderness. >> well, maybe little bear can come and visit you and your parents one day. >> uh, what are you wishing for,

mother bear? >> i'm wishing that a little cub would say to me. "would you like to hear a story?" >> cub: would you like to hear a story? >> what kind of story would you like to hear? >> tell me a story about two

little bears. >> cub: who are friends? tell me about the things these 2 friends did together. >> well, they made flying >> and one of the flapjacks flew out the window. >> that was fun. >> and they went to the moon.

>> and one of them pulled cat's tail because he thought it was a >> that was fun too. (sighing) >> now i'm wishing that the two of you sleep tight. goodnight, little bear. goodnight, cub. >> cub: goodnight.

>> yes, cub? >> i can't sleep. >> me neither. >> you know what i'm really wishing for? >> don't tell me or it won't come true. >> yes? >> tomorrow, we're going to find

your parents. (stretching) (shuffling) (humming) >> what are you doing? >> good morning, cub. >> i don't feel like going to the moon today. >> we're not going to the moon.

>> oh, then where are we going? >> we're going to find your >> oh, duck. perfect. you're here. >> thank you. >> go find cat and hen and meet us at owl's house. >> we're organizing a search

party. >> oh, i love search parties. we're having a search party! (snoring continues) (knocking) >> little bear: owl, owl, i know you're in there. >> i'm sleeping. >> little bear: owl, wake up!

>> morning, owl. >> exactly. it's morning and i'm asleep. goodbye. >> little bear: come on, owl. we need your help. >> couldn't you need my help later in the day, like at night, when i'm awake?

>> sorry, we need your help now. >> duck, hen & cat: happy birthday! >> happy birthday, owl! >> both: happy birthday, owl! >> is there cake? >> i love cake. >> it's nobody's birthday. >> duck.

>> well, little bear said we were having a party but i couldn't remember what kind of party it was. >> it's a search party. >> hen & duck: oh! >> right, a search party. what is a search party anyway? >> ahem, a search party is a

group of individuals organized to search for someone who is missing. >> oh dear! is someone missing? >> cub's parents. >> oh, how awful. how did they go missing? >> well, they aren't exactly

it's cub that's missing. >> but cub's right here. >> yes duck, but-- >> so we found him already. >> does that mean the party's over? (clearing throat) >> we should organize this search party right now and find

cub's mother and father. >> good idea, owl. (clucking and quacking) and we'll all help. (clucking) >> right! >> i'm ready. >> well, all right. as long as he doesn't pull my

tail. >> thanks everybody. hen. owl. sorry about that, cat. >> d-d-don't m-m-mention it. >> not so rough. >> here's to finding cub's >> cat: here here.

>> are we having a search party now? >> yes, duck. >> let the search party begin. >> yay! >> i've never been to a search party before. what do we do first? >> we'll make signs and then

we'll put them up all over the forest. >> then cub's parents will see them and then they'll know we're looking for them. >> and then i'll find them. >> and then you won't be lost anymore. >> what if they don't remember

me? >> they will, cub. hold it right there. ♪ circles and swirls ♪ ♪ it's time to get ready ♪ okay everyone, draw. ♪ will my ears look round and fuzzy? ♪ ♪ will my nose be red and

funny? ♪ ♪ everybody wants to paint my picture ♪ >> don't move! ♪ everywhere i'm lookin' for traces ♪ ♪ looking in unusual places ♪ ♪ will they know me by my faces? ♪

>> stand still! ♪ la la la la la la ♪ ♪ la ♪ ♪ blue and green and red and purple ♪ ♪ life is just a great big riddle ♪ ♪ shall i play my tail just like a fiddle? ♪

>> i'm getting dizzy trying to paint you. hm, not bad. >> do i look like that? >> cub: that one too? >> owl: of course. >> cub: and even that one? >> cat: yes. >> but they're all different.

>> well, it's the idea that counts. we're going to hang them all over the forest. >> and your parents will see one. >> and they'll know you're here. >> follow the leader! >> all: hooray!

>> follow me. (crow cawing) >> where are we? >> this is where cub lives. >> it looks wild. >> little bear: that's why it's called the wilderness. >> it looks scary. >> i go there all the time.

when? >> well, once. >> you're lucky you didn't get eaten. (gulping) >> goodness. >> okay, let's start putting up the signs but don't go too far. we don't want anyone else

getting lost. >> boo! boo! >> now what do we do? >> we wait. >> for what? >> for cub's parents to see one of the signs. search parties are kind of

boring. >> huh? >> i heard a noise. >> what noise? where? >> i don't hear anything. >> yes, owl? >> oh, i was just clearing my throat.

>> well, let's check out signs. maybe cub's parents have found >> our signs! >> they're gone! >> someone took them! >> they're lost! everything's lost. first cub's parents, they got lost, then our signs, they got

lost, too. what if we're lost. >> we're not lost, duck. we're all right here. >> what are we going to do? >> well, we'll have to have another search party to look for our missing signs. >> maybe it's cub's parents.

>> could be a moose. >> all: moose! >> moose, what happened? >> well, it seems the woodlanders really liked your signs. >> what do the woodlanders want with our signs? >> the birds and the squirrels

are using them for their nests and the raccoons are using your big banner to build some sort of dam. >> the raccoons are building a dam? >> they're damming the river so they can trap all the fish. >> fish?

maybe we can get some lunch. >> come on, maybe we can at least get the banner back. >> hm, now where can i put this so cub's parents will be sure to see it? >> mm, look at all the fish. >> i do love a good fish stew. >> i make a delicious fish pie.

>> but they're using our sign. >> just one fish and then we can make more signs. >> oh, all right. >> the beavers aren't going to like this. (chattering) >> cub: here comes trouble. >> oh no!

(screaming continues) >> waterfall! (coughing) >> duck: hello, little bear. hello, cub. >> duck? >> boy am i glad to see you? >> where have you been? >> i was guarding our last sign.

>> where is it? >> i put it in your canteen, little bear, so the raccoons couldn't get it. >> good job, duck. >> where's the canteen now? >> it fell into the river. >> it's floating down the river? >> that's perfect, duck!

>> it is? >> yes, it's like a message in a bottle. >> and cub's parents will find the canteen and know we're >> good thinking, duck. >> you're welcome. hey, look! >> there it goes!

>> little bear: wait! >> that's not yours! so much for eagles bringing good luck. >> come on, it's getting dark. you know the way back, don't you? >> uh, sort of. >> sort of?

>> cub, it's getting very dark. >> i can hardly see anything. >> are you sure you know where we are? >> well, no, not for sure. >> i knew it. now we're lost and they're having a nice search party without us.

>> i've flown all over the area. it's so thick down there i couldn't see them anywhere. >> oh, dear, dear, dear, dear me. >> we should tell mother bear and father bear. >> oh, i don't like the wilderness, especially being

lost in it. >> don't worry, duck. we'll be all right. >> duck, you'll love it out here once you get used to it. >> i'm trying to but-- it's not a very friendly-- >> but it's a beautiful place. >> i can't tell how beautiful it

is, i can't see any of it. it's so-- ouch! black! >> pete! >> breakfast! >> cub: poppy and pete! am i glad to see you guys. >> poppy!

it's okay, duck. they're friends. >> poppy: poppy! >> poppy, pete! (barking) >> both: poppy and pete! >> duck: oof! >> um, i was trying to get my friends back to our den before

dark but we kind of got stuck out here. so why don't you lead the way? >> duck! >> duck: poppy, pete, duck! >> this is where you live? >> both: quack. ooh, this is nice. cozy.

(wind howling) >> wow! >> cub: it's beautiful, isn't it? >> i didn't realize we were so high up. it's like we're above the clouds. (roar echoing)

>> that was pretty good. >> poppy: poppy. >> hey. poppy. >> pete. >> poppy. >> is it time to wake up? duck, duck, duck! woo hoo!

>> poppy & pete: quack quack! >> cub, maybe we should find another way. >> come on, it's easy. >> cub: hurry up, slow poke! >> little bear: cub. >> i need your help. >> pull! pull harder!

oh, it's stuck. >> foxes: quack quack?! quack quack!? >> quack quack? >> i'll get poppy and pete. maybe they can help. poppy, pete, cub's foot is stuck. >> they won't find me now.

um, hello. >> hey, ow! poppy, watch the teeth. >> oh, i know. >> um, uh, i'm duck. >> um, i have to be going. nice meeting you. >> what's your hurry? >> uh, me?

>> father bear taught me how to do this. okay, pull! got you. >> poppy, pete, where's duck? >> foxes: quack quack? >> foxes: quack quack! duck, fly! poppy, pete!

(barking continues) (growling continues) >> are you all right? uh-- okay. (breathing heavily) >> cub: daddy? daddy! >> cub!

>> you've gotten so big. let me look at you. >> how did you find me? >> we had a little help. the eagle brought us an image of you. >> the canteen! >> with your picture inside. >> little bear & cub: eagles

>> and who is this cub? >> oh, this is little bear. he was helping me look for you. don't worry, he's not going to bite. >> thank you for helping cub. >> foxes! (whimpering) settle down.

>> i don't know. i was looking for her but i couldn't see her anywhere. (foxes whimpering) mother bear, father bear! yay! yippee! >> duck, where did you go? >> when that big cat almost ate

me i flew so high i didn't know where i was. i thought i was lost again until i saw mother bear and father bear who were having their own search party. so i flew down and found them and they found me-- and we found you!

you're terrific. >> i am? >> little bear, we were so worried about you. >> we've been searching for you all night. >> i'm sorry, but i had to help cub find his parents. >> we know.

>> come on, i want you to meet-- >> goodbye, little bear. and thanks. goodbye cub. >> goodbye! just look for me up on the moon. >> did you see how happy cub was to see his parents again? >> he sure was.

now why don't we go home, little bear? >> good idea. quack quack! >> i like those foxes. >> looks like hot chocolate weather. don't you think, mother bear? >> oh, it sure does.

>> see anything, moon foxes? >> do you see anything else? >> good work, moon foxes. get her! come on, moon moose. we have to find cat, owl, and >> oh my goodness. you're getting so big. >> but not too big, right?

>> never too big. you will always be my little ♪ waiting just for me ♪ ♪ full of riddles, rocks, and ♪ full of who knows where the sky goes when it hides from me ♪ ♪ i can spy there or just lie there ♪

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