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Dog Grooming in Seattle is worth more than any Bone

Dog Grooming in Seattle is worth more than any Bone

Dog Grooming in Seattle is worth more than any Bone A bone is not the best reward you can give your dog best friend. In Seattle and in any part of the world, grooming your dog is still the best reward they will ever receive from you. This is what you could do in return for their service, company and faithfulness. Your dog needs proper grooming as much as you do. Since your dog is with you and is living in your home, it is important that he remain clean and healthy so as not to incur any sickness that may affect you and your family. Why dog grooming is important. 1. Better-looking dog. You do not want your dog looking like it has not been bathed for a long period of time. What your dog look like will reflect back on the kind of owner that you are. Brushing and trimming your dog's hair will make it feel much cooler and cleaner. In addition, there would be less litter of fallen hairs on your household. This is vital if one or two member of the family is allergic to these things. Bathing your dog daily will keep him refreshed, clean and good to touch during play times and idle moments. 2. Better flow of blood. Dirt will prove to be a hindrance to the way blood circulates inside your dog's body. This way, you can expect your pet to be with you for more years to come. When you groom your dog, you are keeping him away from any sickness or heath malfunctions. Be sure to ask your veterinarian on how best to groom your dog so that you will not be doing anything wrong in the process. Other advantages that come with dog grooming. 1. You will get to know your pet more. Taking care of your pet will bring you much close into knowing it more. You might find that it likes being rubbed or ticked in some parts of his body. You will also learn what will make him stand still or run away. You will realize these things once you have spent enough time being with your dog while grooming. 2. You will see possible health problems. In the process of grooming, you might notice some scars or wounds that need attending to. Or you might stumble upon things or aspects that are out of the ordinary. When you chance upon these things, you can immediately bring this to the attention of you vet. Only will it prevent any further problems in the future, it will also be a way of saving your dog from possible threats that you will not see coming. 3. Bonding time. Your pet needs your constant attention and affection. Notice how it will run to you when you get home from work or cuddle near your feet when you are watching television. These times are important for your pet. It is their assurance that they are loved and cared for. If you do not have all the time to spare to bond with your pet, you can make up for it during grooming times. It will not take more than 2 hours of your day to do this. For your pet, that time is worth more. Grooming your dog should not become a burden to you. It should be a task that you should enjoy doing. Take some time out of your busy Seattle schedule and spend time to groom your dog.
Dog Grooming in Houston It is all in the kit!

Dog Grooming in Houston It is all in the kit!

Dog Grooming in Houston: It is all in the kit! Women in Houston are not the only ones who have grooming kits. Dogs have them too! Having a kit especially intended for dog grooming is vital if you want to maintain the health and cleanliness of your beloved pet. Unlike kits for humans, dog grooming kits for dogs are not something you can just pick up from any store. There are specific pet stores that offer these things. You also cannot just pick the first one you see. There are certain specifications and requirements depending what dog type you have. Moreover, the kit will depend on how thick your pet's coat is, the sensitivity of its skin and what his specific needs are. 1. An electric nail clipper. You might find it hard to a manual clipper when cutting your dog's nails. This is because their nails are not as soft and brittle as those of humans. Getting an electric clipper will help you cut those hard nails away without putting on much effort. Besides, your dog will not get too impatient waiting for you to finish. 2. Doggie toothpaste and toothbrush. The toothpaste and toothbrush you are using is not suitable for your dog. So never attempt to use them for your pet. Get your dog its own toothbrush and toothpaste. You can usually buy them at your local pet store. It is required that you brush its teeth every after meals. Once a day is enough. Do this regularly to prevent any plaque and to keep its breath fresh and smelling good. 3. Shampoo. The skin of your dog is also sensitive. So it is not advisable to use any shampoo, soap or detergent to wash his coat. There are especially mixed shampoos for dog you can buy to keep that mane shiny and strong. Do not thrift away if you want to maintain your dog's skin and coat clean and healthy always. 4. Hair cutter. To make your pet's hair looking glorious, it is advisable not to use any ordinary scissors if you will do the cutting yourself. There are blades and clippers made for this task. If you feel that is beyond you to cut your dog's hair, then you need to bring him to a professional cutter. Forget about the expenses. This is not done always. Just as long as you feel that your pet's hair is longer than necessary, then it is time to cut away those ends. 5. Flea comb. Flea combs serve two purposes. One is to maintain the shine and keep tangles away. Another is to remove fleas that might have somehow gotten into your pet's hair. Make it a habit to comb your pet's hair so that fleas will eventually fall out of his hair and prevent uncomfortable itchiness. 6. Liquid dog ear cleaner. You cannot just poke your dog's ear with any pointed object or ordinary cloth. Keep in mind that dog's ears are very hard to clean. You cannot expect them to stay put while you finish poking. Consider liquid dog ear cleaner. It can easily take away hard-to-remove dirt and germs. Have these dog grooming tools in your dog grooming kit so your task will be more enjoyable. To preserve them for future use, clean or wash them before you put them away. Take care of it the way women in Houston take care of theirs and you will be able to make use of this dog grooming kit for a long time.
Boston Dog Grooming Having Fun in Grooming Your Dog

Boston Dog Grooming Having Fun in Grooming Your Dog

Boston Dog Grooming: Having Fun in Grooming Your Dog It's not a choice when it comes to providing your dog with best care. Dogs need also proper grooming and caring as humans do. Dog grooming is an important part of your dog's health as it is to your health. Regular dog grooming such as hair brushing and combing helps to stimulates blood supply to the skin. It also helps to remove dirt and dead hair and puts hair into right formation and as a result, a healthier and shinier coat for your dogs. There is more to dog grooming than just a beauty session for your dog. Dog grooming can also be a bonding time with your dog. Better to schedule it when your dogs are relaxed. It is important to get them used to grooming at an early age. It is better to ask for a professional help when it comes to grooming you pet. Find a dog groomer in your area. If you're living in Boston, there are Boston dog grooming services where you can ask for professional help you in grooming you pet. Your dog's groomer will play an important part in the health and well-being of your pet. Groomer can help in discovering skin and health problems. Regular grooming can be a training process. Dogs might be restless when you were just starting off with grooming. It's better to start at early age of your pet to get accustomed in the world of grooming. You should make them feel comfortable with your touch by making petting a habit with special attention on sensitive areas of your pet's body. Getting them used to the routine of brushing, nail trimming, will be much easier for them as they grow older. Here are the body areas of your pet that should be given much attention when grooming: Hair � There are pet salons that provide full grooming services. Dogs with long hair should be combed and brushed weekly. Short haired dogs should be rubbed and brushed frequently to keep their coats shiny and healthy. Different breeds of dogs require different types of grooming. Dogs with more hair require a frequent grooming to avoid hair tangles and matting. Ears � Dog's ears are usually prone to infection and should be checked and cleaned regularly. Ear infection can be caused by long hair blocking the passage of air and creating a buildup of not only wax but also dirt and debris. Nails � Get your pet used to someone holding their foot. Don't be afraid to touch your pet's feet, this will you or your pet's groomer in clipping your pet's nails. In clipping dog's nails make sure to use nail clippers that are meant for dogs. Take care to avoid veins that run into the nails, just trim a little at a time to avoid clipping the veins. Teeth � For sure you don't want your pet to have a stinking breath. Brushing your pet's teeth is an important part of health care. Try to brush your pet's teeth 2-3 times a week. Use those products that are meant for dogs to avoid poisoning you dog. When bathing your dog, make sure to use shampoos that are meant for dogs and not for humans. Human shampoos are not designed for dog's skin or coats. Shampoos should provide adequate lather and be easy to rinse. Getting dry is the best part of the bath. You can blow dry or use a big towel to dry your pet. If you choose to finish the bath by blow-drying, be sure to cautiously check the heat level. Grooming your dog is also a way to show you care for them to make them more vibrant and healthy.
Basic Dog Grooming Necessities in New York

Basic Dog Grooming Necessities in New York

Basic Dog Grooming Necessities in New York Dog grooming in New York does not mean that you need to find a "beauty center" especially catered for pet dogs. Although there are centers like this existing, it does not mean that you are required to go to one. You yourself have the capability to groom your dog. You only need to know how to do it and do it properly. Dog experts are saying that there are basic grooming necessities that dogs should undergo on a regular basis. Owners need to be aware of these things in order to promote their dogs' cleanliness and health. This is because dogs are like humans. They need proper caring and attention so that they will live a long and healthy life. If you know what is good for your dogs, then you need to consider what the experts are saying. What are some of the basic grooming needs that dogs have? 1. Caring for the ears. Your dog's ears are just like your ears. They have tendency to be filled with germs if they are not cleaned regularly. The worst that could happen is that these germs will eventually turn to dangerous bacteria that can cause illness not only to your pet but also to you and your family. These are the reasons why cleaning your dogs' ears is important. You can start by cutting away hair that is covering that area. Use a clean cloth to wipe its ears. Make sure that it is kept dry after cleaning. You can ask your vet for formulations to remove earwax so infection will be prevented. 2. Caring for the eyes. Always make sure that your dog's eyes are clean and bright. Build ups may occur from time to time. But this should not cause any panic. They are natural and common. You just need to wipe them away once you see that is in abundance already. In case you notice any abnormal discharge, consult your vet immediately. It is better to have them checked at the first sign. You never know what that might lead to. 3. Caring for the teeth. The teeth of your dog should be cleaned to prevent tartar and plaques. Yes, your dog is liable to these things also. Even if you think you are giving your dog good foods, it is not an assurance that their teeth will be maintained. Clean your dog's teeth regularly. There are tools out there that serve this purpose. Ask your vet for suggestions on what best to use. Being aware of proper dental caring for your dog will prevent any future pain and mishaps later on. 4. Caring for the nails. Once you notice that your dog's nails are longer, it is time to trim them down. Remember that long nails are more liable to germs and bacteria. Since your dog is always going off and searching for things, their nails can incur unwanted dirt dangerous not only to them but to you also. 5. Hair care. Brushing your dog's hair will entail that they will be kept clean and shiny. Running a comb on their coat will remove any dirt that has gotten over them. It would also take away unnecessary things that can tangle up their long mane and coat. Focus more on these basic grooming tips. These are what the experts in New York are suggesting. Take their word for it and your dog will be on the way to proper grooming.
After Finishing from a Dog Grooming School, then what

After Finishing from a Dog Grooming School, then what

After Finishing from a Dog Grooming School, then what? For a very long time, man has decided to make dogs their companion whether at work, at home, or for sheer fun. But only recently do men have decided to give their dogs his full attention. This is with the introduction of dog grooming and dog grooming importance. And from that point on, man has provided their pets with whatever pampering available for them, just to ensure that his dogs will stay happy, healthy, and clean. Thus, the establishment of dog spa, and of course prior to that is the establishment of the dog grooming school. Every dog grooming school aims to produce top-class professionals that can provide dog grooming services for every dog owner across the country. And every dog grooming school provides the right curriculum to ensure that once their students finished their course, they will become very competitive in the field of dog care. But where exactly will you end up the moment you finish from a dog grooming school? First is becoming a pet care professional. Since there is a raise of demand for pet care professionals, you can establish your name and start a career on pet care. Equipped with the right training, you can excel on this field. Take note that there are numerous dog shows that showcase the skill and creativity of dog care professionals. Who knows? You might be the next big thing in this field. Finishing a course on a dog grooming school will also take you to become a professional bather. Bathers are those who brush, bathe, and dry dog in preparation for grooming and styling. Bathers are hired in dog salons, boarding kennels, and veterinary offices. Dog groomer is another profession you can enter. The tasks of groomers are similar with bathers plus creating styles and trims on several dog breeds. If you are creative in making styles on any dog breed, then becoming a stylist would be a great career. Here, you can bring out the true beauty of dogs as well as show their expression through your style. Salon managers are in demand today. If you have the right credentials to become one, then you have a great chance to get hired. Here, you can share you managerial skills and your dog grooming skills. If you want to establish a pet grooming business, finishing a course on dog grooming school is essential. This will equip you with the right knowledge you need in to succeed. Becoming a salon owner is another option you can have. Aside from these, other professions you can do after finishing dog grooming school are handler, handler assistant, breeder, dog walker, trainer, boarding kennel owner, boarding kennel manager, boarding kennel assistant, and pet day care owner. If working with the man's best friend is your passion, then enrolling to a dog grooming school is for you. However, if you don�t share interest in entering the dog grooming profession and only want to learn more about dogs and how to take care of them properly, you can also enter a dog grooming school. This only proves that everyone can enroll a course and end up with a greater understanding about the characteristics of the dog and how to take care of them with love, care, and dedication.
A Guide to a Perfect All-Breed Dog Grooming

A Guide to a Perfect All-Breed Dog Grooming

A Guide to a Perfect All-Breed Dog Grooming  - One of the most exciting experiences in dog owning is when you have to spend time making your dog look great. However, for some, dog grooming is a daunting task. Imagine you have to cut, trim, bathe, nail cut, and brush the dog. You don't even have the time to do them on yourself! Well, people who treat dog grooming this way are certainly those who do not take responsibility on their pet. Of course you are not one of these people, are you not?

To be able to keep your dog in its perfect and groomed condition, the following are some helpful guides you should consider:

Understand � If you previously own a Labrador and shifted to a Tibetan Terrier, then you have to realize that you need to do some grooming routine. Why? Because different dogs require different grooming techniques. What you should do is to understand the breed of your dog. Learn about its history and characteristics. Then, you should be able to know from this information the proper grooming techniques you should do as well as the right living environment it deserves. 

Prepare � There are certain breeds that require frequent grooming. There are some breeds that require a once a month bathing. There are some breeds that require everyday coat brushing. These things must be anticipated. There is no better way to fail your dog grooming by not preparing for it. From this important information, you should be able to plan, prepare, and allocate a time where you can bring your dog to a dog grooming shop. Or, make a schedule on when to groom your dog on your own.

Invest � Taking care of a dog can be comparable to taking care of a baby (of course you get 4 legs instead of 2 among lots of other things). You need to provide full attention during the first months and constant care on the following years. Along with this is the fact that you should invest on tools and dog supply that your dog needs to maintain a healthy living. Tools such as toenail clippers, brushes, combs, de-matting tools, dryers, shampoo and conditioner, flea removal and dog food among other things. Allocating a budget and investing on these things is very important in dog grooming and keeping your dog healthy.

Learn � Grooming your dog does not stop once you follow the things given above, you should improve your knowledge about your dog and try to learn more things and techniques on how to properly groom your dog. You can buy books or read articles about how to groom your dog.  

Groom � After you have understood your dog, prepared yourself, invested on the tools and supply you need, and learned more about the particular grooming requirement of your dog, then, it is time for you to do some dog grooming.

All these constitute to one thing: taking good care of your dog. You have to remember that the characteristic of the owner can manifest on the way the dog is groomed. Many would agree to this. And you should be as well. If you see a dog with mats everywhere, you often regard the owner of that dog to be irresponsible, right? So better make sure that you give proper care for your dog at the same time, be mindful of the things that are needed to keep your dog in good shape. 



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hey brainiacs! get ready for a whole bunch of fun learning videos with lizzy about numbers, shapes, colors and more! all right, let's go! welcome back to brain candy tv hey brainiacs! do you like monster trucks? let's review our numbers from 1 to 10 by counting these cool monster trucks! here's monster truck number 1, and here's number 2.

here comes numbers 3 and 4. now we have four monster trucks! there's number 5 and the orange one is number 6. woah, look at those huge tires on number 7! here's number 7 and number 8. look out! here comes number 9 and number 10! now we have all 10 monster trucks! let's count them as they go by. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10!

hey number 1, you'd better slow down! oh no, not that out! uh ohhhh... looks like we're going to need a tow truck! hey lizzy, wasn't that fun? let's review the numbers from 1 to 10 with some fun toy monster trucks! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 5 monster trucks

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woah, look at that colourful rainbow! let's learn all of the colours! this part is red this is orange this is the colour yellow this is green this is blue and this part is purple! let's see if you and lizzy can remember all of

the colours. where is the green bone, lizzy? correct, that bone is green! where is the orange one? that's right! orange! how about the purple one? can you find it? yes, there it is! the bone is purple! can you find the blue bone? show lizzy where it is. there it is! blue!

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hi lizzy! ok, are you ready to start? let's go! this is a circle. a circle is round so it doesn't have any sides. this is a square. a square has four sides that are all the same. here is a triangle. a triangle has three sides. this is called a rectangle.

a rectangle has four sides like a square, but two sizes are longer than the others. this shape is an octagon. octagons have eight sides. next up is an oval. an oval looks like a circle but it's stretched. this shape is called a star. a star shape has five pointy arms. and finally we have a heart.

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it's a red fire truck! the fire truck is red. red! here is an orange backhoe. the backhoe is orange. orange! yellow this is a yellow school bus. when you're ready to go to school, maybe you'll get to ride on a yellow school bus like this! the school bus is yellow.

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fff, fff, f for fire guh, guh, g for gift the next letter of the alphabet is h and it looks the letter h sounds like huh, huh. one word that starts with h is helicopter. let's see if we can land our helicopter on the helicopter pad. whoops! let's try again.

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one sailboat. one, two sports cars. one, two, three tractors. one, two, three, four bicycles. one, two, three, four, five trophies. one, two, three, four, five, six butterflies. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven soccer balls. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight balloons.

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine hamburgers. ten nine, ten rockets. great job! now let's count up to twenty! eleven twelve thirteen

fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty now let's count up by tens thirty

fourty fifty sixty seventy eighty ninety one hundred! nice work, we did it! wow, that was so much fun!

ok lizzy, let's review the numbers by tens. here's 10 balls. hold on lizzy, you have to wait until we finish the lesson. this is 20. here's 30. 40 balls. this is 50. 60

70 now we're up to 80. 90 a hundred balls! ok, lizzy, go get 'em! [panting sound] hey brainiacs, it's time to learn more of the j, k, l and m! alright let's goooo!

our first letter for today is the letter j and this is a capital j. this, is a lower case j. the letter j sounds like "juh, juh," like the word jump. lizzy can jump really high. show them how high you can jump, lizzy. jump really high! oh no, not that high!

another word that starts with j is jacket. why don't you show them your new jacket lizzy? [zipper sound] good girl. wow, that's a nice pink jacket! next up is the letter k and it looks like this. did you know that the word keyboard starts with k? i wonder if lizzy can play the keyboard. wow, that's awesome! ok lizzy, go get something else that starts

with the letter k! [crash sound] that's right! good job! kite starts with the letter k! juh, juh, j for jacket. kuh, kuh, k for keyboard. next we have the letter l and it looks like this. we love lizzy a whole lot! when she wants to show us how much she loves us,

she gives us a lick on the cheek. hey lizzy, why don't you show the brainiacs how much you love them too!? the words love and lick both start with the letter l. the next letter of the alphabet is the letter m one word that starts with m is magic. let's use magic to turn lizzy's toy into a whole bunch of toys. abracadabra!

look at all those toys! another thing that starts with m is monster truck. let's see if the monster truck can jump over lizzy! woah, listen to that engine roar! [crowd cheers] wow, what a jump! luh, luh, l for love. muh, muh, m for monster truck. great job brainiacs! now you know the letters

let's watch lizzy play, and grow from a puppy to 7 years old. this, is lizzy's story! lizzy was born on october 10th, 2006. her mom was a cocker spaniel and her dad was a miniature poodle which makes her a cockapoo. she was born on a small country farm in ontario, canada. when we got to the farm to choose our puppy,

lizzy followed us everywhere we went and ended up choosing us instead. this is our first day with lizzy when she was only two months old. lizzy's favourite thing in the whole world is playing fetch with her ball, but sometimes she gets a bit too excited whoops! let's see that again (chuckling) lizzy loves playing in her pool

on hot summer days, especially when we throw in her ball. she has so much fun bobbing for her ball in the water. one day when i was watering the lawn, she invented a new game for herself! what a goofball! lizzy loves going to the vet. she's very brave and doesn't

even mind getting her needles. she gets really excited waiting for the doctor to arrive. what's your favourite part of christmas? lizzy's favourite part is opening all of her presents the only problem is, she can make a bit of a mess, but look how happy she is! on really cold days, lizzy's paws need protection from the ice, but she's not sure what to make

of her new winter boots yet. [laugh] there is one thing that lizzy loves almost as much as her ball and that's cheese! she'll do almost anything for cheese. and that's lizzy as she is today. i hope you enjoyed her story! n, o, p and q! our first letter for today is the letter n and this is a capital n.

this is a lower case n. the letter n sounds like "nuh, nuh," like the word "night". ok lizzy, it's night time. time for bed! [music switches to lullaby with cricket sound] lizzy loves to snuggle up in her new bed at night. go on, get cozy. that's a good girl. another word that starts with n is nose lizzy has a really good nose

she can smell 100,000 to 1,000,000 times better than we can with her dog's nose. next up is the letter o and it looks likethis. the letter o sounds like oh, or awe. hey lizzy, go fetch something that starts with the letter o. that's right, orange! the word orange starts with the letter o. oranges are tasty and good for you too!

what has 8 arms and lives in the ocean? that's right, it's an octopus! where's the octopus, can you find him? there he is! hi mister octopus! nuh, nuh, n for night. awe, awe, o for octopus. next we have the letter p and it looks likethis. the letter p sounds like puh, puh. one word that starts with p is planets.

planets are so cool! there are 8 planets in our solar system. we know earth is one of them. can you name any other planets? another word that starts with p is pool. lizzy loves to play in her pool on hot summerdays. let's watch her have fun playing in her pool. the next letter of the alphabet is the letter q and it looks like this.

the letter q sounds like qua, qua. the word question starts with the letter q. like when you ask the question "what happens if lizzy pushes over the question mark?" oh no, she broke it! i guess we know the answer to that question. another word that starts with q is queen! hear ye hear ye, i hearby crown thee, lizzy, queen of the alphabet!

puh, puh, p for planets. qua, qua, q for question. great job! now you know the letters n, o, p and q! [amplified carnival announcer voice] come on in, step right up, and try your luck at the alphabet gallery! aha, it looks like we have our first contestant! [fanfare music] [switches to normal voice] alright, let's see if we can get all of the letters!

d for duck...[quack quack] h for horse...[neigh sound] where'd the ball go, lizzy? l for lion...[roar sound] look out! oops, we missed p for pig...[oink oink] go get that one lizzy! t for tiger...[roar sound]

w for whale...[whale call sound] woah! uh oh, that was our last ball! quick get another one! phew, we got it! ...and z for zebra [neigh sound] woohoo, we win, we got them all! ♫ a b c d e f g ♫ ♫ h i j k l m n o p ♫ ♫ q r s t u v ♫

♫ w x y and z ♫ ♫ now i know my abcs ♫ ♫ next time won't you sing with me ♫ and mark hey, that's not even the right ball where did you get that? marker hey, you forgot the ball go get it

[chuckles] marker [misfire sounds] hey, what's wrong with this thing? ooh! [child giggles] hey brainiacs, it's time to learn more of the alphabet with lizzy! now we're going to learn about the letters r, s, t and u! alright let's get started! our first letter for today is the letter r

this is a capital r. this is a lower case r. the letter r sounds like "rrr, rrr" like the word rocket. [echoey nasa voice] uh houston, we are good to go. ready for launch in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... we have ignition...liftoff! another word that starts with r is rainbow. so pretty! do you know all of the colours

of the rainbow? next up is the letter s and it looks like this. the letter s sounds like "sss, sss" one word that starts with s is soccer. look lizzy, it's a soccer ball! go get it! another word that starts with s is spin. why don't you give us a spin, lizzy? good girl! look out, here comes another soccer ball...

and it spins too! rrr, rrr, r for rainbow. sss, sss, s for soccer. next up we have the letter t and it looks like this. the letter t sounds like tuh, tuh. one word that starts with t is train. hey lizzy, here comes the number train! better get out of the way! remember when you went for a ride on that

train lizzy? that was so much fun! another word that starts with t is tennis. lizzy doesn't know how to play tennis, but she sure loves tennis balls. the next letter of the alphabet is the letter u the letter u sounds like "uh" or "you". uh oh, it looks like it's going to rain. better get an umbrella!

the word umbrella starts with the letter u. hey, what's that? it looks like a ufo! ok, one to beam up! tuh, tuh, t for tennis. "uh" or "you", u for umbrella. great job! now you know the letters r, s, t and u! welcome back, lizzy. i hope you had a fun space adventure!

let's learn our colors! [children cheer] red orange let's review! and purple lizzy watch out! silly dog now we're going to learn about the letters v, w, x, y and z!

hey, where's the z? there it is! our first letter for today is the letter v and this is a capital v. this, is a lower case v. the letter v sounds like "vvv, vvv" like the word volcano. woah, cool, look at that volcano! another word that starts with v is valley.

a valley is a flat area at the bottom of mountains or hills. we took this photo of a valley when we climbed to the top of a mountain in new zealand. next up is the letter w and it looks like this. the letter w sounds like "wuh, wuh", like the word web. hey, what does spiderman do? he shoots webs to stop the bad guys!

when lizzy gets thirsty, she likes a nice cool glass of water. the word water also starts with w! "vuh, vuh," v for volcano. "wuh, wuh," w for web. next, we have the letter x and it looks like this. x sounds like "kss, or zzz". one word that starts with x is x-ray. let's use our x-ray machine to see what's inside

this box. hey, it's a xylophone! xylophone also starts with the letter x. let's see if we can play something on the xylophone. the next letter of the alphabet is the letter y, the letter y sounds like "yuh, yuh". the word yo-yo has two ys. yo-yos are a lot of fun, but it takes a lot of practice to get it right.

this yo-yo is the colour yellow, and yellow also starts with the letter y. "kss or zzz," x for xylophone. "yuh, yuh," y for yo-yo. the last letter of the alphabet is the letter zee, which is also called zed. the letter zee sounds like zzz, zzz. one of our favourite places to visit is the zoo, and zoo starts with zee.

our friends blippi and nicky notes made a fun song about the zoo. let's check it out! ♫ blippi! so much to learn about. it'll make you wanna shout...♫ ♫ blippi! ♫ ♫ i'm going to the zoo. would you like to come too? ♫ ♫ so many animals to see. from the land, the sky and the sea ♫ ♫ the zoo is the place to be ♫

that was fun! great song blippi! did you see something else in that video that starts with z? here it is! it's a zebra! look, lizzy, here comes a friendly zebra now! you can tell he's a zebra because of his black and white striped coat. alright! we finished the whole alphabet from a to zee!

i hope you enjoyed learning the alphabet with us! if you're visiting us for the first time, i hope you'll subscribe by clicking on the red button. that way, you can find out when our next video comes out. and if you want to watch more, you can click here to watch a playlist of all of our videos. see you next time and thanks for watching!

dog names

hi! i am max the glow train. when it is dark you can see me glow! look! today we are going to learn the alphabet. let's go find the letters and take them to the zoo on top of that playground ship. hi, letter a. let's go to the zoo! hi, max. sounds great! i am landing the airplane. a is for airplane. look! the letters b and c are fixing the bridge. hi, max! i am b and i operate the bulldozer.

i am c and i operate the crane. let's go to the zoo. i am almost done. the bridge is complete. b is for bulldozer. c is for crane. hi, d. do you want to go with us? sure. let me get my dog. d is for dog. hi, max. i am the letter e.

let's go to the zoo, e. i am almost finished. e is for excavator. hi, f. hi, max. we are going to the zoo, do you want to go too? just one second, let me help the shapes. ok, shapes. circle, oval, triangle, square, rectangle, octagon. f is for fire truck.

wait for me. i want to go to the zoo too. hi, g. let me dump this garbage and we will go. g is for garbage truck. now which way should we go - left or right? i can help you, max. we need to go right. thank you, h. let's go to the zoo! h is for helicopter.

who wants ice cream? i have yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green. and who wants jam? hi, i. hi, j. i want both ice cream and jam. thank you i. and thank you j. i is for ice cream. and j is for jam. hi, letters. let's load the fruits and go to the zoo. k is for kiwi.l is for lemon.m is for mango.

n is for nectarine.o is for orange. pull over, q. look, the letter p in the police car pulled over the letter q for going too fast. i am sorry, p. i won't be going so fast anymore. i was late delivering the quilts. please slow down next time. we are going to the zoo. can you go with us? yes, max. p is for police car and q is for quilt. looks like the letter r is fixing the road.

hi, r. do you want to go with us? hi, max. i am ready to go. r is for road roller. hi, s. are you going to the zoo? sure. let me finish sweeping. oh, no! my sweeper broke down. i will help you, s. i drive a tow truck. thank you, t. s is for sweeper and t is for tow truck.

hi, u. have you seen v and w? hi, max. let me see. yes, i see v and w coming this way. u is for umbrella. look the letter v is in the van pulling the letter w in the wagon. hi, v. hi, w. let's go to the zoo! thank you, max. v is for van. and w is for wagon. hi, x. nice music. let's go to the zoo.

x is for xylophone. nice yacht, letter y! let's go to the zoo! y is for yacht. hi, z. we are finally here and ready to see the animals in your zoo. ok, max. let me show them to you. here we have bear, cow, duck, elephant, hedgehog, mouse, pig, giraffe, zebra. we found all the letters! z is for zebra.

run! it's a tiger! uh-oh! it is just a cat. we are safe. thank you for telling us, c. it is getting late let's repeat the letters one more time. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z see you next time!

dog jumping

(car passes) (music) this movie is a tribute to my dogremy martin and when i have traveled a bumpy road to get where we are todayis constant companionship and support makes his story deserving of beingimmortalized and so many ways and means more thanjust here in spite of clothing and certification and most importantly hisinspiration what we all cal the remyline way. he is thepatriarch of our movement

one dog i couldn't find really line i googleroom he tried i couldn't find his dog for nothing man i found it by accident it's not justgonna hop love on the same time is it what youhave some of your family can realign last i was not for everyone we've been having people coming man wellyou ever want to make anyone a change something that's what really didliterally changed my life changed it but a lot of these countless people thatcame with mr. dick

we have our own swag man i really likewe got our own swag it's just that we do we do we stay with the consistency ofthat one dog that that's just what we do so you see one dog one line you don'tjust be a bloodbath but you see a trail really like these a trail blazer with awhole other protein yeah so when i picked up from me at six weeksold this is the house that i brought him tome sick i actually thought about was gonna dieso this brown house right here to my right is where remy first game six weeksold and became part of my family's life

and started the whole movement had noidea that was going to be what it's gonna be but i am i just thought it'simportant that you guys see some heritage over for me line so we can do aquick glance at his house and you have to see where we find first came butactually the side gate right there is where r where r and me and a maximus ata time lived i thing that i think but before any man i actually i'vealways been into dogs and but i had actually would spend more than 300 bucks i spent three bucks in a pit that wastoo much

i'm i was in the internet one night andi came across got a line which is at shepherds yard and saw dogs in blackjack now i went to his yard and when i saw ablack jack i was like like wow that was the most amazing dog i've ever seen inmy life i was the first person to buy a dog froma shepherd cuz he just purchased blackjack so i had the first black jack puppy andi was like man i'm gonna name this dog buddha buddha is about to be the dog mani got a blackjack son and i was just gonna take over the world with that damndog

so as buddha is growing i start you knowbecame my internet and a dick to the game meaning that i would get on somebody'skennel and then from their kennel i'll check their links page then from thoselinks page and check out the links so i'll be putting it like about maybethree four i'll say five hours a day just lookingat dogs and i start realizing as i'm looking at dogs that man you know buddhais a nice dog but he's not looking like these other dogs and that's when ibecame a breeder what happens in this game is peopledon't spend money on a dog and they know

in their heart their dog isn't the onebut they're gonna go and try to make that money back and prove to themselvesthat you know this dog is the one i learned at a young age so at nine tenmonths when i saw buddha and this is a dog that i loved and thought it wasgoing to be the one that's when i separated pets from my from my breedingdogs and then i started talking with a cat named ann williams and he said tellme about razor's edge type of dog and i didn't really care for reasonsthat type of dogs they seem kind of small i live in california so you know wherethe home of the cadillacs would like

some size but i did like their structureso make a long story short again i saw the dog short shot next thing i got intoshort shot band right and i bought a dog named a maximus and i need them maximus aka shorty short shot jr had thetypical head and everything and that was going to take me to the top and then ibought another dog names only and i just started buying a couple dogsbecause now i just became a guide us every time i see a nice dog and will buyit never really had a mentor in it and then my last my last actual purchase wasremy remy came into my life and it just things just started changing from there

and now here i am 2003 - 2010 sevenyears later and remy is is still my dog that i love but that dog has built awhole empire call remy line and it's also built a life style called remy lineweight i saw this post on the e boy and fade on this is a challenge because imean so many people with so much hype about remy and everything that peoplekind of discrediting him so all of a sudden urges breaks out withthis challenge you know what i mean talking about i got a thousand dollars i'm bring itremy took to the east coast at this time you got to keep in mind we have bebatting to time short shot son

hands down on the planet at that timenow with only 24 and a half inch any year old you know i'm saying body was right andeverything but we was like yo we're going down able to collect this easythousand dollars call favorite time bring me out here brings with me i saidwe'll bring them coming to solve with me out like yeah he nice he's incredible but what tipped the scale was when wewhen i had him bring him because of that was time to meet ali at that time in mymind set it was all about head telling me allabout the biggest hey

but that's when i learned that his head it's good but at the end of the day it'sabout the all-around dog and what that all around dog bring and he bought himout and that them to dog stood next to each other now granted ali was holding his old butthen it remy just look into this one block and what you did this ball it changed me for out walk and from thatmoment on i was trying to find my way in the room ela remy story himself forgetthe dog to me is one of the most interesting story because before i gotremy which i purchased for 50 yards from

a treadmill from george from rockwoodkennels is there had three or four guys thatheld him in his hands and they passed on him so it wasn't the case he was born andwhen he was born i was the first person that had access to own him he wasactually born then sold to another individual that an individual had threeor four clients which i personally know now that has bought dogs offer any whichis so funny that actually held a puppy and says no i don't want to get him andthen from there he came to me my kennel name was big feet pits

when i first got into this game i waslike man big feet pits because they call me big fav why i don't know but that's alot of people call me a big fav so i was big fav pits but i can't walk to allthese dogs are gonna buy a treadmill so i want to spend like twenty two hundreddollars from a treadmill place and they shipped me the treadmill but what ididn't realize is if you don't train a puppy from the beginning on a treadmillit's hard to put a grown dog on a treadmill to run so i got this freaking25 is our beautiful treadmill that also started collecting dust in my garage infact it became a storage place so i put it up on my site for sale and this guynamed george from rockwood candles ,

said hey how about you give me thattreadmill and i'll give you a dog he's literally made to that dog blaze off ofblue and sage he said go to ruckus kennels and checkout blue and sage and you'll see blaze so i want to look at that guy looks goodand so he said okay give me five drawers and a treadmill and a stud back to thepuppy and you can have on and we'll make the deal so this was like in decembertime and it was like really really cold i had a denali are our part so i packedthe treadmill but the denali lid have to stay open so me and my two friendsrolled up the drawn up by five or the grapevine heading up to george which isabout three hours away

kind of cold even though the heaters onthe back hood the back trunk into the nollie was up so when we pulled up togeorge's house i see these little i see this little fatpuppy and then i see this probably looks like it's gonna die like it has parvo well the fat puppy was medusa medusa wasremy sister and i kept telling george man that dog has parvo i want to take this puppy i thought iwas gonna die which is remy i'm talking about he's like now favored the guy didn'tfeed him trust me he'll turn out

i said okay well look i'll still giveyou 500 the treadmill but there'll be no stud fee for going to take this off my boys are likewe're not putting that treadmill back and i current freezing are asked to goback home so at that time i called him judobecause i was taking martial arts card judo class shon from to tank showed himthe picture he says man that dog looks like his grandmother remy and i e says you should name himremy so that's when i said okay cool i'm aname of remy martin so for like a week

or two i was just feeding the dogs arefeeding feeding the puppy and so forth and then one day i came home and i wentback there and i'm like looking for a me because also this little fat puppy justcame running up and i'm just like oh wow my wife got rid of the dog got me a newpuppy so i ran in the house and i'm like doorsyou know where to get this new puppy from she's like i don't get your newpuppy and i said i said did you see a littlefun arm phatpuppy back there she went back thereshe's like well where's romania and remy is right there i mean literally this dogwent from skin and bones to this little

take little dog and from that dayforward that dog has never ever ever have alanky stage ugly stage it was just always right people as we like why why do i put onking guide on remy you know first name is king daddy finger daddy he's he's 6040 60 guiding and forty percent ramirez's age he's ready certified you know we went tothe we went to the show up north tom brady with every meal and with theirfamily was there ever since favorite sake gotti i think right idon't know if he's being sent me but he

loves ki gaadi he loves them a lot helikes him a lot you know he's very proud that king daddy has a rain of blood inhim so right away he are you certified i'm igot my certificate on mail so every time there's a rainbow a showdog the rain will ina it's at the shows i try to put them in you know i'm i'm very fortunate to puton my rainy i'm very fortunate to put them on a razors edge and i'm veryfortunate to put them on body so he has a the best blocker so he could go indifferent competition he could go in gaudy competition hecould go around me he go go to raise the

age and so far i have put them intocompetition on kingsburg he took second place and on the fourth of july he tookfirst place are those are the only one that he hasthose are dead because unfortunately i have not gone to shows but i'm gonnastart going out too marshall more often to see maybe i could champagne amount onthe remodeling i met byron who is the producer of remy when remy was 12 or 11months old the misconception at the game that breakfast kennels produced remybroke this camel's didn't produce trami raucous kennels are bought remy and thewhole litter of puppies and ruckus

kennels sold that litter the one thingthat ruckus kennels did which was good is that they made remy's parents andthey made that blood famous because you know they had a good program they put it out there but the actualperson that produced remy is byron johnson i'm really excited because on you know alot of my partner's guys are really really support his bloodline that's on this road trip with us he'sone of the figures that's going to be at the show and is their first time meetingi mean to me it was like an honor

because you know take the dogs out ofplay this is the one that birth the dog of the lifestyle that they follow onthat their life by so i'm excited for them i'm excited for him black letters all my order man this isrembrandt double room yeah i just recently had the opportunitynow to have met byron byron was the individual who actually produced remyyou know when you grow up in this game and you're learning in this game you you think you know you know because i'veheard about the ruckus cannot always

thought that blue and sage was owned bythem then the come to find out that youactually find out the untold story and untold story with no discredit to what tlo did but the untold story of the actual producers almost like finding outyou've been involved in something like an adoptive parent you know you thinkthese are your parents all along just that one day find out that you know what that's not your real biological parentsyour real parents with someone else my name is byron johnson i was alwaysbeen a pitbull guy since i was a little kid and on the internet and ran acrossthese dogs and these particular dogs

just stood out from all the otherwebsites that i went to it was a razors edge kennels so i contacted a wilson from raise theirkennels and i told him i was interested in the dogs i was like one of the first cast in thearea with razor there's dog so i was basically just breathing seven dollars iwasn't trying to trying to keep any dollars on my yard some of the friends i was just trying toget the dogs out there on the first dog that i got was blue

raised him up and little while afterthat i got sage and i bread down and uh they created remy and a couple of losswhen you just start doing now blaze and just a lot of the other dogs out here i came to a point in my life where i youknow i have some some some obstacles in the way so i basically so my whole yardto t lo i ruckus candles and he claimed he had had it out here dad that he was the one that breadblowing sage and that he bred remy things of that nature but those dollarscame off my yard i saw a roomie to t lo that records kennels to those so readyto george and then somehow

george in a favorite hooked up manportugal of five dollars in the treatment of some something like thathe's so ready to faith and once fade got him in a couple months couple of acouple months in the dogs started really changing and he turned out to be one ofthe top dogs in the country and put up for a record not mad at all that i saw a roomie musicroom he's in good hands de he landed into the hands of the right person you know if a new out exactly how topromote the dog and it is what it is you know what i'm saying my relationshipwith favors what it is and you know if i

ever want to get back in the dog game it's enough people out there to set mestraight with whatever i want yeah little demons my name is mike owner of a little demoncandles while regular lino was introduced me about two years ago i gotinvolved with a brand new language throughout through a channel partner forthe name of frank and i we started a little guidance wrapped around me bloodbrings everything that we that we we look in a in a pimple the girth you know career there in those shouldersahead

that's what we want to put produce andtake to our to our to our customers are my way to me and my eyes it's a it's ait's breeding for for that look for just perfect for the for the look of ray methe girl the muscle you know that to me is the red lightweights it's to get every detail of read me i just reproduce it that's that wesurrender and work for the red last call mr. it means a lot to me actually i inherited it is it's almostlike i breathe live it you know and you know i i wrapped in my eyes i party wrapit

one of the the most incredible i youknow i ice around i surana my kids around me and my familymy wife i try to make it a whole family thing my favorite ramen moment was a hat to bethe first time i went to a a red line dog show in a pic silly when i met thewhole family just the whole energy around the whole family you know i just liked in a wanted to bearound him and in my eyes is a rapper intellectuals more of a corruptcooperative it's it's a it's it's everything i lookfor in a min when the show when i was

when i i want out of one in the show rico's my foundation mayo mustard everything i bring too much to the yardi pretty much want to run it through him to meet a really cool just a special dogyou got 17 short back you know big big big hair you know big bone you know i i go i could work with themas part as a as far as you know improving on the rear and stuff likethat so that's where that's not that's rice i said that you know in a bringing moreany blood

you know in a and and just adding orequal to it producer that the the of the final product everybody always asks me like did youknow you know that remy was going to be what he is so as a puppy you you you unless you know what thebarometer is you have nothing to gauge so to me he was just a nice dog the only thing i knew that was specialabout it was that i had two other dogs in the yard but every time people cameto the yard they would always be like men that dog right there is nice

you know like down all the time you know i heard damn so much in my life throughthat dog it's it's ridiculous because rememberi'm gonna i'm not i'm a newbie in the game so i'm gonna i'm more of a fan ofthe game then then trying to be in the game because i'm still learning the game so when i had him i was just pretty muchdoing what i figured you gotta do to get a dog out there not knowing that youknow my i have one one of the nicest dogs i'm assuming everybody else's dogsare like this because remember i by the door for 50 jars in a treadmill

i mean people that coming to me saying ibought a dark 4000-5000 this now blah blah blah blah blah and then back thenwho was blue and who is sage nobody so they weren't like heavy hittername dogs so you don't know what you got i don'tknow what i what i had so until my phone started ringing tostart to him when i say ringing i'm not talking ringing once i'm talking myphone is ringing so a lot of people always ask me aquestion like man how does down how to get rid of me out there you knowhow how how to get them so popular you know how how do you do this how to dothat and a lot of people say well fail

you know your your humble to where yousay it was really remy but you know you have to do things and it's one of thosethings where i just pretty much put remy in right situations and remy did did thework i do believe it's on a higher levelwhether it's godly whether it's spiritually whether it's whatever i dobelieve it's a higher level because when you have man women and children flyingin from across the world to come and see a dog in my backyard that's bigger than just that's a nicedog so remi is just pretty much for me doing whatever he was supposed to do inthis earth and i think i'm lucky to be

able to be part of that and i'm hopingi'm doing it for guiding it right the day that i knew remy was going to bespecial was it was a day it was raining was me crews pratt was there just a realold-school breeders we went to you casey show we're all standing outside andnemesis was there and at that time it was like remy a nemesis and when i hadread me out you know he was just on point and it wasone picture of remy lunging and when i put that picture up on the board from that day on it was like wow and upto now that picture

if anyone knows the history it's just aphenomenal picture ok we're gonna carry all the foolish loversi got love for you but that's where it said your bars and you can throw yourdog your ball freakin a hundred yards in theneighborhood with cars coming it's running around helicopters flyingok the whole nine yards and that dogs gonnago and get that ball come back and bring it i think that'sthe dog first rlc champ in 40 that's right ok haha that's why i herewouldn't live here like this dog to

bother doing until company i friend hideit follows you can find a threat to their shit stay stay stay get the brokers when i think back to see a break we stay with the consistency of that onedog that that's just what we do it's not two or three dollars we justbased everything on one dog just just one down i mean you know so and that's what ilike it ain't nothing that we just

trying to create this and create thatand create this we just trying to take this one dog that that everybody lovedby me and we just making it just evolved me you know where but we still keepingthat really look first first breeding is when i when i bought remy i knew i hadto buy a dog to to make his first breeding phenomenal a lot of the keysand his game is your first three breedings makes you a break you . sowhat i end up doing the end up buying remy's half-sister and as dog namedbella bella comes off a blue rameez dad bread to the sages daughter and nowsages remy's mom so it's actually a really really tight line breeding

now you don't take rocket scientist toto understand pedigree obviously i got remy which is blue andsage going to breathe to a female which is awful blue and sages daughter it's pretty much the same exactbreathing so i knew i was going to get remy's all over again i promoted that breathing from from outthe gate when those puppies hit the ground it was game over because i showeda litter that all the male's look like remy and all the females except for one look like the mom

that one female that didn't look likethe mom looks like remy so here is his first breeding and hestamped his look so i was on cloud nine my second reading i did was with anotherdog i had that i placed my boy skinnies house in cali not kelly was offer somewas off of our sir crush alot did that breathing which has nothing to do withremy and bam produced males looked like remy females look like the mom so at this point i was like i got a dogthat throws males and and and and and only throw small letters and emails ifanybody knows if anybody knows animals a dominant male throws more females thanthey throw males

the reason why a dominant male isn'ttrying to recruit isn't trying to reproduce himself too many times becausenow he's have to deal with that dominant male in the wild again so dominant malesthrow more females but i had a dog i was everything during three males to four tofive six females and was on point yet another breeding to ag a female and bamand hit again at that point it was over because now mydog is was bred to three different types of blood and was throwing himself so nowi knew i had a true stud the misconception that people have is remy is over bread remy isn't over breadbecause that's what the world demanded

that's what the world ask for that'swhat the people came to me none of my breathing was ever forced onanybody all those briefings a person came andasked to bring it to my dog and i'm i will never change that because i wasable to really learn how to breathe to my dog most people think they know howto breach of your dogs and a dog has like maybe 20 puppies and they're basingthat on pedigree you gotta you gotta breed your dog toknow what the hell your dog could do that's what separates remy line from allthese other lines is that they're basing their history on on a path that theyweren't even there

we base remy line on a present and thefuture we don't have a pass our past is remyanything out of remy is you know something that i always pay attention toyou know i i love that dog i love his production saving and i would go wayback way back many many many years back we met in a bbq and i died there was thefirst time that is a remy his dog insane dog gorgeous absolutely right in thisbad i became a big fan of remy it very well put together a dog a complete dogwhich back in the days he you know when called something bully was kind of hard there were some nice bully dogs but nowlike remy at that time my boy back or

summer i parker was just a poppy andrainy was already hitting the scenes making a lot of noise i got something out of his very firstproduction it was a rainy and bella expectation was big basically it wasbased on his beauty you know he was a dog apart back in the days he was a very specialbeautiful dog so you know not every dog that looks good it produces good you know so in thiscase he was a beautiful dog that produce beautiful

i got better my female better atbreathing which was the very compact beautiful little bitch which i which hadlater put in my program with backhoe and i got in same results super super beautiful results theseproven that the combination of ray me and paco was a excellent combination idid follow that with other breathing's after that with better we got superfemales are or super dogs like drama like messenger tie like el patrã³n quitea few dogs out of the first breeding that he just made such an impact in mycandle that you know obviously you know after that i i start to acquire moredogs related with that you know with ray

me so i can bring it to to paco anduntil today you know those dogs have give me thekids out of a bet on paco and you know the kids after that is still producing abeautiful beautiful animals you know and i think that is the base of today forthis dog to be so so claim as one of the greatest in the bullet game this one with the kremlin un i mean willin california and i've been with the regulator since a 2000 i'll say2006-2007 a favor had that day jack and that was the first thing and ii just like the structure on the on the red line dogs

the head the bourne is the total packageis not just one thing it's everything on one duck well we have in the show tomorrow i'mmore nervous because i got people playing for all over the united states it's been a lot of work man it's not easy to put up a show sohopefully we get a lot of people in a nicer now and i suspect in the lastnight sox coming to a two-wheeler first time and will in california we have inour casey show and remy lines last i was not for everyone

there's a lifestyle that you got put ahundred percent into it the benefits don't come like right awayyou got to work into it i like i said i've been with the redline since 2006 and finally the benefits are coming in and to me giving a lot ofsupport from fabian and a chris and the guys there been on top and i gettingfinally son not nice looking dogs i got tripod is coming hard two thousandby the end of the 2010-2011 your yossi tripod everywhere i go be it a roomeline member and you know just doing this movement that matter we i tell you where we are one of the mosthated groups out there man

i mean you say realigning out well thatonly people turning knows of looking to scott walker way they deny it you don't look at your kids remy's inyour pants almost guarantee somewhere somewhere manif you got a nice dog bad dog from using your pit so yeah i mean it's just it's crazy manbut i love everybody i don't want to try to come together ifnot hey we realize that you don't stop moving . the controversy is really abloodline that doesn't want to allow other bloodlinesto become a case in point

rem line based on pedigree is a razorsedge dog it's a lot of drama going on aboutpedigrees and so forth but we're going to base everything on the fact that wehave the fact that we have is remy is a razors edge dog so we'll leave it atthat i took a razors edge dog and kept adistinct look in the dog and evolved that look to where we now can look atthat dog and it's you see remy razor's edge fans and razors edge breeders forwhatever reason i can't get over the fact that somebody came took the blood and went on to do their ownthing

so for every discredit remark for every hate that wasstolen at remy line all it did is make followers of the blood stronger and morededicated hands down the dedication for true remy line breeders not though theones that are fly-by-night the dedication for truman line breeders i would stack up against any otherbloodlines i think the bag except god like this gota line has true breeders that are dedicated to thatcause but this is a razors edge question i would stack up any true remy linebreeders to any true

razors as breeders and if you give meyour 10 best and i give you my 10 best hands down my 10 will give you the samestory and your 10 will give you ten different stories so if i'm going to battle i'm gonna gointo battle with a crew that's telling one story when i turn my head i know the other 10 guys are turning herhead not going to go into battle with a crew that their heads are all turningdifferent directions if you don't believe me do a littleresearch on that and ask a true razor's edge breeder

what are they breathing for and then going to ask a true remy linebreeders what are they breathing for proofs in the pudding we have a slogan at that arm a line that says if you want to makeenemies change something and the one that that we got hated on or get hated on foris the fact that we refuse to allow whatever structures in place dictate howwe want to do run rrr run are our structure not saying our structures theright or the best structure but it's our

structure and i came in the game not jaded or or came in the game you know with any with any cruise i justcame in to get with a guy to set man i love these dogs i could make a little bit of money on itand i'm cool but as i got in the game more deeper anddeeper in the game and watch to grow different elements are going to start topull you one wait now my main my main issue or my main problemin remy line is i went and took a dog literally from a bloodline that that isprobably one of the biggest bloodlines

in the game and i took that dog and saidyou know what i'm a run with this dog and create my own bloodline so i've been fighting these battlesbecause they can't let go of something that they never had i know you've heard about the 500 and atreadmill had nobody kind of want it remy well likewise that's what kind ofhappened with me many can't many candles but i was hot-headed and send it to adegree i was you know i was i was real raw

you know what i mean but a fake sort ofpotential in me and at that time it was many other members that were with himbut you know they decided to go their own way for whatever reasons you knowi'm gonna leave that part out of it but it gave me the opportunity because i ibelieve in something i could see his vision and i'm a firm believer in thisis something i've learned to god is that everybody's destiny is tied into anotherindividual so sometimes to unlock your destiny youhave to help fulfill another individual's destiny so i committed myself and they've saidto me he said chris

he said i'm asking you to do mesomething do me a favor because i was telling all these ideas about thesedifferent dogs that i'm gonna need you to close your eyes give me your keys and let me drive and ipromise you if you let me drive that in two years you'll be where you want to be all right what for me for me in this in in this game and i hate to use the word game because

like how we go into the show and in andseeing the show and i see all the people like at the show like the constant get off sometimes youdon't know if it's worth it you know because like that dog there is the only thingleft that has been like just my only stable stuff and this islike from stuff from family i mean i mean i put so much into building building something through him becauseit was like i didn't really have a

choice man because the demand that doglike put on the world and put on me was like it was unbelievable like i have people come from all overcalling me flying in and these are people that you know i didn't know and ithought okay this is cool man and i'm i'm doing this but the cost that thatfor where remy line is and i see so many people that come to it and and love itand all of all of the the hate and and fights that i have that i had to restartlike my life again i mean i mean i lost my family over these dogs i lost quality friends over these dogs

i lost a lot of money over these dogsfrom businesses and and the one thing that was always stand for me man wasthat dog where me when everything was down was like don't trip man i got you i mean if you guys could only understandhow many how many times but you know the positives and it is like i have like anew girlfriend who loves me you know mike have my two daughters that aregoing to be full time with me but it's like everybody i see the since they wantthis and i try to tell them man you have no idea what the sacrificeto get to this type of level is it really worth it

and we're talking about a dog let's keep it real it's a dog but thedog that got in that backyard man i mean anyone that knows me i'm not areligious type of guy but it's bigger than then a dog and the sad part aboutit is the game knows that and they do every possible thing to just kill thatbut yet he still stands and in the fights that i have with these guys islike it gets the point sometimes where it'slike i do feel sometimes that something isgoing to go down because this is something that that that i get controlthis is something that i channel but it

gets to the point where it's like i haveto be real guarded with everything i do now and this is funny we're talking aboutdogs i got people coming to my life that havehurt me so bad that now with everybody it's it's i got to be so guarded butit's it's it's like when you see remy man and you reallyspend some alone time with remy it is a whole another world and when isee the bullshit in the game and these guys talking all this stuff it's likeyou know what you guys are just it's it's it's it's not that keeping it realis that you're not you're not you're not

making money you're not producing nice dogs you knowand it's it kills me that you try to belittle another dog that's just being adog and doing something great literally doing something great becausehe changes lies what other dog can you tell me that people will say haschanged my fucking life i mean do i i mean if you seen my story that reallyseen my story when it came to money and just things i was there and to now startback over but yet still keep pushing and building this remmy line then i have myfellows in the car and it's like

it took years to finally start gettingguys but i went through so many crews and a lot of those crews i whenever i google remy line or googlethe stuff they say it's like the haight they have it is it's the most testingthing imagine you you you open up a paper and it's just hate about you andyou know you did nothing wrong so it's it's it's for me it's like ihave to be sol sol sol just man you know what just keep pushing keep pushing themfor people that believe in it i got to be strong but sometimes manthey i cry a lot alone because when i do sitdown and like coming into this and just

thinking about it i mean look at what everything you lost you know so i mean i have lost i've lost my identity i've lost my family you know i've lostmoney and in now what i'm great i'm rebuilding i'm 37years old is like a new beginning but i didn't need to make a new beginning so ialready had everything i know that

sounds weird but my new beginning i mustsay like i said is is good but it still hurts to know to have this new beginningwhat you have to sacrifice so here we are it's time well what time is it you guys onthe clock road trips the lame done you got to goahead and park it we got to get up early we got the bigshow tomorrow like i said man if you guys want to get in this game real dog man doing real things a man aswe just came all the way off the plane from vegas

you know good just dropped in so yougonna come get this show you a couple people and then balance and that was game time you know we can get in bed till about fouro'clock because when you're on the road doing some dog work you know it's justeverything goes and and that was like six thirty in the morning as you can see everybody setting up thering for the show to make it nice and we get the ribbons going on right now youjust working on adrenaline you're working on the passion you're working onthe love

i think we have a good turnout man i'mthe one thing that are casey is doing we're hitting locations where normallydon't have shows on our goal right here is not really - we do want a huge turnout but asuccessful show is if anybody comes that never seen something like that that's the way we're going to do it we are thank everybody for coming outwe're getting ready to start arcade show actually think the first marking theshow california we have three show bakkies iwant that walk or anybody win

please you gotta do is show walking to the rnc experience communitywill enjoy it

dog itching

dog itching

marriage unites two strangers, nobody knows when and how it happens, that's why elders saymarriages are made in heaven, shall we see what sort of a brideour hero buchi babu wants? mr.bridegroom is outfully dressed up... he's on the stage forhis princess... enthusiasm won't stop tillhe ties the knot with someone... how long this lonely bachelor's life? l've to take off urgentlyinto the world of married life...

lt's hot all of smile on my lips... l'm so happy in thelap of happiness... when dreams of fantasy comesin real life as my love... life goes at jet speed...perfect life partner is enough... even if shattering beautiesinvite me... l'm finding a way to findmy bapu's perfect girl... where is that beauty? when will l meet her? a bit of turmeric will brighten face...

a chaste married woman's dotis bliss for life... where's bachi? l told him to bringchillies to ward off evil eyes. he'd have come, he's here! l'm ready with welcome plate, aunty. what's all this even in airportthough he's coming after 6 years? my son is black moon in beauty! thousands of evil eyes arecast on him, right? mother...father!

l'm coming! uncle, look there! did he go to america or africa?he's coming with a family. he did what l feared! l told him to see bride buthe's coming with wife and child. so, this is the reason he waspostponing to see any bride here. may you live long as married woman! she knows our tradition! how cute he is!golden doll!

grandson is just like our son! will be like mahesh babuif not as your son?- shut up! we're seeing our grandsonfor the first time, put your gold chain to the child. yes.- give it to him. my sweet darling!- my grandpa gave me this. your grandpa is giving it to you. your father-in-law is givinggold chain to his grandson. two husbands?

my son! why is daughter-in-law going with him? daughter-in-law?- yes! you called me here to see bride, but dad is calling that ladywith noodle hair as daughter-in-law! lsn't she your wife?- not your daughter-in-law too! l told him you won't do like thisand that you're my son. don't know what sins hecommitted in which life, always hasty!

my gold chain?- gone! you didn't grow an inch too. l'm using high heels. don't wear bright colour saris,wear light colours, you'll look slim, mom.- how do we know about fashion? you run a cloth shop in america. not a cloth shop but boutique! let's go fast, freshen up quicklyand catch a train to rajahmundry.

aunty has lined up, 12 proposals for you ineast and west godavari districts. first proposal is sakinetipallisubbaraju's daughter. sugar subbaraju, sakinetipallihe's famous as sweet man! can't you come to work earlyat least today? l sent an sms about coming late,didn't you see it? paper won't go anywhere, you readit leisurely, brother-in-law. get ready quickly.- eat dear! what did l forget?

people are coming to see anjalias prospective bride, not a thing is moving! calm down son! what happened? bloody crow! lt swooped down onthe kid and took away the sweet. had the crow wiped the mouth,it would've been much better! you've more sugar in yourbody than in this house. will you pluck the sweetfrom a kid's hand? l did ask him respectfully.he said no.

no responsibility about peoplecoming to see your daughter. no need to tell me aboutmy responsibility. they wouldn't have toucheddown rajahmundry station. always late.- train? no, my watch. daddy, tuck in,short people look tall. you're six pack, this is rice bag,it'll not work out. no need to feel jealous. how would our hostsrecognise us, dad?

no need to worry,they've your photo. are you ready with tools?- yes, brother. get it down.- where's puthur raju? who needs my serviceto fix fractures? leg, hand or neck?l'll fix it immediately. cool man! no chicken here andyou're talking about egg and omelette. we haven't yet beaten him,you're worried about fixing it. our contract ends withbeating up men, right? like slm card is freewith cell phone,

why should we fix victim's fractures? people make films because thereare audience to watch it, right? like that since there are peopleto get beaten up, people give us contracts. lt's our policy to honour our clients. brother, there comes our man! l'll start,you come and bash him up. lf you tuck in shirt,you must hit like this. sorry sir, l hit you.

no problem, you hit with bodynot with a lorry, right? what happened to your shirt?where's the other half? other half is tucked inside the pant. have you tucked shirt inside pant? l didn't tuck in.he didn't tuck in. he too didn't tuck in.why did you do it? to look little dignified. you're an outsider like std call,do you want to look dignified? we're rajahmundry local calls,should we look like fools?

come on boys,he's calling us fools! l don't use words likesfools and wastrels. he's calling us wastrels too! lf we wait he may abuseour mothers and sisters too. l don't abuse women. he's calling you women! beat him! not me, him!come. stop...stop... l've taken it out.are you happy now?

you did this now,why did you tuck in earlier? beat him boys! stop! when you decide to beat someone,know who his friend is! who are you? on uttering whose namea tsunami stops! on uttering whose name,earth shatters! on uttering whose name history...- to hell with your punch dialogues! people are vexed with it.

ls it?- catch him, boys. you must beat me firstbefore you touch him. no way!want to get beaten up freely? we'll beat anyone onlysomeone pays for it. beat me, man! where will you go man? my hand! come on, let's decide itbetween us! they're breaking legs andthen fixing fractures, come.

stop...stop! you go that side! didn't see me, right? he saw me!- stop there! who are they?why did they try to beat you? for tucking in shirt.- for tucking in? please don't tuck shirt in,people are beating. you appear handsome.- don't tuck your shirt in. you told me to just now,what happened?

people are beating in rajahmundryfor tucking shirt in. what happened, son? no need to campaign forelections that's over. you said someone would be hereto receive us, where's he? be careful with bags,there are thieves here. aren't you subbaraju's guests?- yes. your name, sir?- b p brahmam. he has sugar and you've bp, great! l don't have bp,my name is b parabrahmam.

by the way who are you?- l'm your father. sugar subbaraju is famous all overeast and west godavari districts. even pentaiah is also famous. pentaiah?- suvarnala pentaiah. surname and name are not matching,who is he? lt's me!- ls raju your relative? he's my boss for 25 years. get the luggage.- yes sir. car is gold and driver is old.

where's he? on bicycle! we'll reach in an hour and half, if you freshen up immediately, you can meet the prospective bride. this is our home.- you want us to get down, pentaiah. yes sir.very nice house. though he stays in america,he takes even pickles from here only. he's very traditional andfollows our customs. our anjali is also same to same.

though she studied in delhi university,she's like anjali devi of old films. he runs a cloth shop in america. my mother, ba of that time.senior of k raghavendra rao ba! please have it. at least you have it, sir.-please have it, sir. my boss loves the food l cook.- tastes differ. keep quiet're too much. they must know your honourand my culinary skill. aunty, you told us not to show ourfaces till they're gone, that's why!

what's it my dear?- that's for later. when you go to somebody's home,there would be children, right? don't you know you've to takechocolates and biscuits? no problem,children, come here. see this! chocolates are getting ready! take it. uncle, we love this chocolate uncle,settle how much dowry he may ask. they say what kids say is god's decision.

lf your son likes my daughter, if you too join us for lord rama andseetha's marriage in bhadrachalam. no problem, near khammam, right? that's okay,the film started long back. hero is here,where's the heroine? a small hiccup, she's suffering fromviral fever for 2 days now, she's fine now but little weak, if you don't mind,if you come upstairs to meet her...

we don't have any objection.- okay, we'll go.- sit down. he must see and marry her.let him meet her first. you go, son. come. looks like brother-in-law is scared. shall l accompany you?- no problem, l'll manage. got caught! steps are here. please come.- okay.

please sit here.we'll come with her. doctor has given her pain killersfor body aches, so she's little drowsy. you don't have anythingto ask her, right? okay, no problem.l'll ask. they'd have told about me. your sari border,it's like american dew, when l see the colouron your feet and plait, l want to say so much!

actually this is my first night,sorry, l mean first time. so, l'm little blabbering. even my room is filledwith bapu's paintings. so, our tastes match. you too say something, please. nobody is here.please say something. she fell without even seeing me. l feel like floating in air... l feel my heart is bursting...

lt's like a stone hittinga honeycomb... chocolate uncle likes sister! bhadrachalam special prayers are about to start,your race names please. my boss is very famous ineast and west godavari districts. this is khammam district. boss' name is sugar subbaraju! why do you use that surnamelike some award? my name is rudraraju subbaraju,paidipala race.

your race please.- vishwamithra race. please tell me your name, please. sister, look at my photo.- very beautiful. sister, look at my sketch.- very nice. you too get a sketch of yourself, sister. me?- please come, sister. come sister.- no please. okay. please come, madam.- you take a photo, sister. look here, madam.

power cut! please come afteran hour to collect the photo. let's go. where's the photo, sister?- not yet ready, let's go. looks like my future wifehas taken a photo. not only she, you too take a photo. ln this studio?- can l bring annapurna studio for you? go...go... power is restored!

please come sir. look here sir. take it, sit.- thanks. l'm here, buchi! l took my photo alone butgot a sketch as couple. ls it photo studio ormarriage bureau? what's that, buchi? god too has decidedshe's your life partner. he blessed you withfamily photo before marriage.

you've to frame it now. lt's true!temple bells are ringing. don't what good deedsdid l do in which life! we're two becoming onewe're one who appear as two! are you such a good poet? l too didn't realise it till now. lt just came out on seeing her. from where?- from my chest. chocolate uncle, sister told youto read this.

l'll read! use zalim lotion for scabies and itching! why did you she send you this? did you scratch whileshe was watching you?- no. there's something behind it. come to boat deck at 5 pm,l want to talk to you. you made her fall flat!lt seems 5 pm! she's making gestures. what would she talk about?

would she appreciate my hairstyle? you wanted to talk to me. l've a doubt, can l ask? we're going to marry,not just one, ask me anything. don't you've mirrors in your home? why not?there are 4 or 5 mirrors. will they be dusty like this?- no, very clean. didn't you ever see yourface in mirror? why did she say like this?

why are you shocked?for smoking cigarette? l smoke only when l've drinks. what did my family tell you? l was drowsy for medicines, right? l was drowsy because of drinksnot medicines. my people made you a scapegoat,you know that? do you drink?- surprized like l've cancer! l'll tell you the real matter,listen carefully. l've a boy friend.

people who tried to beat youin rajahmundry were his henchmen. l gave your photo to those goons. you're a lowly boutique manwho matches clothes, how can you dare dream ofbecoming my life partner? since you created this disturbance, you must tell my people you'renot interested in this marriage, and go back to hyderabad. lf not it's curtains down forthe show and shop is closed down! bloody!

how dare, mr.bridegroom! hail lord rama! bachi, come!l want to talk to you. very important matter,very urgent too, come. she's not muthayala muggu sangeetha but ramgopal varma's rangeela! she's not interested inthis marriage. she smoked right before me.- oh my god! she had drinks too before that.- oh my god!

she has a boy friend too.- oh my god! look how she's cominglike a lady rambo! take offering. how many more days you need tosay l don't like your daughter? don't keep your face like that, my family may thinkl'm threatening you! please smile! do l've to tell theside character also? keep smiling!

you may establish east godavaridistrict on moon also. brother-in-law! what an attractive couple! l feel like lord rama and seethaare chatting in civil dress. lf you don't do as l say, l'll mix poison to theoffering and kill you. got it? great! she's chandramukhi in decent sari! what's my position now?lt's like marble in soda bottle.

our list is very big list...- sir, phone for you. from where?- from phone only. l thought from east or west godavari! who is calling? l'm maryada ramanna...sorry akasha ramanna speaking! ramanna? l don't knowwho you are, sir! my daughter is getting married, l'll send invitation with sweets,you must come without fail. feeling your daughter is burden,

dumping her in the nameof marriage to some man, do you want to wash yourhands off her with marriage? l don't get want you're saying. do you know what your futureson-in-law does in america? clothes shop!- no, it's boutique! he's seen always with at leastsix girls like an arab sheikh. he's very handsome, right?so girls fall easily for him. do you've any enemy? l'm a good man,why would l've enemies?

lnfact my friends call meas anna hazare. who this man is?he's talking bad about your son. talking bad? give me the phone. l'll switch on the speaker, listen. his mother is like thelady villain of tv soaps.- right! after marriage your daughterwill face trouble. this is lie! bp brahmam is worse villainthan mother and son. he's a playboy!

even if you tie a sari to tree,he'll stop to ogle. he's wipes out the livesof girls like an eraser. his sexual activities haveonly commas no full stops. lf your daughter goes to that home,you'll shed tears of blood. l think it's better to findanother proposal for her. almost the marriage is cancelled. has she ruined this proposal too! l'll kill myself! people don'trespect me in this house.

whatever it is, l'll die today! no... he wants to eat sweets andkill himself, mother-in-law. you mustn't eat sweets, subbu.please listen to me.- brother! get me jangri!- no brother, you've high diabetes. more than her arrogance? lf your sugar goes uncontrolled,it's difficult. my daughter has lost control. will you make me a widow at 40 years?

she made me a fool in public, l don't care if you becomea widow at 40! get things from under my bed,l'll die! no sir, death to great manlike you must be great! how can l face if you diecheaply by eating sweets? l'll die! that's all! anjali, promise to do asyour father says. lf not he'll die.- he won't do it. he used me as ruse to eatall the sweets he likes.

just increase his insulin dose,that's enough. do you know l took sleeping pillsto stop meeting the bride? he liked me though l was sleeping. l gave him a real shock! l smoked in hostel for fun,it helped me now. l told him l had drinks too. with that shock that american justvanished with his family. b p brahmam's residence, hyderabad what did you accuse me of?

will you damage our family honour? lf you don't like, you should'vetold me face to face. am l a playboy? l still feel shy to remove my vestin bedroom before you mother, am l a playboy? l close my eyes when sex bitsare played in english films, though l'm readingswathi magazine for 10 years, l still don't know there'ssex for happy life on page 56, without knowing all this,did you rip the pages and bound it?

l'm a perfect gentleman in that! there's no smoke without fire. he may have got some news,so he said like that. nothing like that, l said likethat to escape from there. l told him that girl isn'tperfect match for you, don't know what sin hecommitted in which life, he's always decides hastily!- me? l said let's have children aftersome years but you didn't listen. ls andhra starved of girls?

lf not this anjali,some other gitanjali. there are 10 ready proposals. for my son, come son! my daughter, her mother! good family! seeing the girl bow head, l feel she'd make our familykeep it's head high. little too much! lf you want to ask anythingwith her, carry on.

what did you study, dear?- every magazine in market. how about cooking? she boils water very welland makes curd perfectly. l think makes water too! lt's tv soap time, l'll get them. serial family! l begged the priest to arrangethis meeting during power cut, he said this is auspicious timeand fixed it during serial time. l don't have any connectionwith this murder.- l too!

you know the reason for this murder. we don't know!- l know you both know it. lf you've anything to askmy daughter... lf you tell if she likes him or not... saying she likes him, is it correct for the mother-in-lawto poison son-in-law to death? why do you think mother-in-lawmurdered him? may be elder sister would'vemurdered him for property. watch out! you'll understand.

what's there to see?l've watched 2222 episodes, according to my opinion, american son-in-law's deathis suicide not murder. no, mother-in-law murdered him.- no, sister! l'm your mother, are you telling me? l'm mother of your husband!that's suicide! when the serial ends,whether l'm alive or not then, you'll know it is suicide then! what would l know? my foot!

as if you know everything, damn it! you keep quiet, mother.- shut you, you little brat! how dare you call my fathera brat! you old hag! l'll call him.- all because of you! why are you holding my neck? stop it! don't beat them! not them! come, let's go!

has my 6 year absence broughtso much change in women? women don't serve food also tohungry husbands while watching serials. what a great tv serial family! don't worry about this proposal,l've 6 more proposals for my son. karimnagar tirupathi nellore bapatlarajahmundry again... you took me to differentplaces for 20 days,

like a circle you brought meback to rajahmundry again. l don't want to marry at all! don't say like that son. ln future if you get bored, you need a wife to scoldor get scolded, right? life is full of twists.a twist will change your life too! go fast! stop near that coconut push cart. l worked hard to become a leaderfrom student leader,

l made you my deputy, but you sold party secretsto opposition party. leave him, brother,he betrayed for money, fool! though he did that, he was yourfriend till yesterday, right? l can take an enemy's stabface to face, but l can't toleratea back stabbing friend! ls it rajahmundry orrajasthan desert? don't know what good deedsdid l do in which life, isn't the girl very beautiful?

lsn't she like goddess lakshmiplaying veena? small change, it's goddess saraswathiwho plays veena. then, goddess lakshmi? what's your name?- veena. l know that is veena,what is your name? my name is veena. l've a son and daughter.she's my niece. her parents diedwhen she was a child, l raised her,

we plan to get her marriedto my son. take veena inside.- okay. l said about daughter veena.- this is daughter's veena. l said daughter! take it.come dear. my son!he's in politics. you keep discussing,l'll be back in a minute. always meetings and fights! a youth leader in on road tochange fortunes of the country.

first be a good son to home. people are here to see your sister, can't you stay at homeand be responsible? what's there for me to do? you're here to show andthey're here to see. lf there's any problem,tell me l'll take care of them. will you use violence for everything? go and kill everyone you hate! uncle, he may cut legswhen asked to wash.

what about tying the knot?- he'll behead! lf you want to ask anything else...- now l... can l go out to make a phone call?- go! view is fantastic! l wanted to talk somethingwith you downstairs itself. but you came upstairs. l can't avoid smokingwhile l'm tensed. parents would feel badif l smoke there, so l came up. l know it is wrong.

you tell me. you didn't want to hurt your parents and came here to do this mistake. l too don't want to hurt my parentsand committing a big mistake. are you committing a mistake? lsn't it wrong to come to see a girlthough l know l won't marry her? didn't you like my sister? your sister is an angel.- any love...? l too don't knowwhat exactly that is!

the first girl l sawas prospective bride, l felt she's my wifebut l failed! something is pricking my conscience. l feel it is not right to hurtso many girls for parents' sake. you don't need to tell me this. lf you go back home andinform on phone you don't like her, but you honestly told me everything, l like that! l wish my friends to be like you!

bp brahmam's house, hyderabad again... l don't get you, son. didn't you like even one girl? already you're getting old.- may be some problem! lf you've any problem, tell me,l know dr.samaram very well. no need, for the present postponethe bride hunting program. book a ticket to america immediately. one thing is decided,

you're going back to americawith your wife only. lf you've any other idea,give it up now. he's struggling a lot toremove it from his heart. look at my son!what does he lack? as a young boy, people used tocall him as black sobhan babu. my son...- don't say my son, he's my son too. look at that photo, his friends relangi narasimha rao,

muthyala subbaiah, boyina subba rao,all are married! cool, nair standing nextto me isn't married yet. nair! you?you've a long life! what happened to nair, mom? nair...- nair? nair's marriage too is fixed! l'm in hyderabad now. can't come suddenlyto attend your marriage. l'm leaving to america now.- give the phone to me.

buddy, it's me bachi! how can l not attend your marriage? ls it a week marriage? nair, he grew up here andwe know him very well. lt won't be nice if we don't go.- yes. uncle? he's not well,he can't come. l'm coming with buchi! l've seen shakila only in films,never seen her directly. l'll meet her personallyand shake hands with her.

no...- we're going, that's it. kerala looking at atmosphere,l feel it is nair's home. let's ask them. brother, l'm bachi.- gochi? not gochi, is this nair's house?- house? your language isn't working out here. l'll try my body language. we're nair's friends,

came from hyderabad for his marriage, ls this his house?- nair's friends? did you see it has worked?- he got you right. nair's friends, beat here! what's this drum beat? why to ride on elephants? l think we'll reach hospitalbefore we meet nair. this is kerala tradition! hey, your friends fromhyderabad are here!

nair, we're here! hi buddy! lt's been many yearssince l saw you! how are you, bachi?- l'm fine. you're getting married. father, they both are my collegefriends from hyderabad. greetings.- greetings. we'll take leave now. tea...tea! tea! tea!- why is she like this?

hot kerala tea!l'm hyderabad mutton dish! lf we both unite, it's bliss! this is kerala, if anything goes,they'll trample us with elephants. girl is from andhra andyou're from kerala. how did you fix this coconutand pickle combination? l went to delhi to attenda friend's marriage, l saw pavani as bridesmaid movingactively like upcoming heroine, l put kerchief andshe confirmed it.

train has arrived. he's overdoing it.- he did trap her well. my brother-in-law tarakam.he runs a pizzeria. looks like a strange animal. my friends were excited to meet you.- ls it? give me the bag.l'll take the suitcase too. he's my uncle. greetings uncle.- greetings. he's fresh like unopenedscotch whisky bottle.

girls are gone, free your stomach.lf not you may die. pot bellied man! she's my close friend anjali. my bench mate in delhi university. he's my close friend buchi classmate. that's glass mate! greetings. stop that waterfalls! he's my cousin jallandar.- greetings.

are you telling truth, bachi? she's in his heart is as trueas getting kick after drink. leave it, all wishes won't come true. you're here endowed with luck.lf not how can she appear here? get up...get up... where?- to guest house. why?- to meet your love. l want to see my love.- she has a boy friend. girls having boy friend is ascommon as having a cell phone.

kerala man is right. pavani too had 3 boyfriendsbefore marriage, didn't she fall for me? come...come...- no please. why are you leaving withoutgiving company for last peg? may be not good to go at this hour. shall we ask priestto fix time to go there? come...come... so, that boutique buchi babuhas made an appearance here.

why not marry him? lucky to get a husband who candesign your saris and dresses. shut up! light it!- back to college days again! what are you doing? lf anyone sees,we'll be in trouble. don't crush the cigarette. you were a firebrand in college, right?- lt was fun! now she's a bride!- after marriage nothing!

college days were the mosthappiest days! cheating boys who followed us madlyand ditch boys who love us. why do boys always chase girlsin the name of love? why about boys? look here, a mare will unitewith a horse only. but a male horse willchase ten mares. horses and boys are same. ls your nair too a horse? shut up, he's too innocent todifferentiate rubber and coconut.

l still can't understandhow could this baby face trap me. just a minute, l'll come now. what's he doing in medical shop? what did you buy?- nothing. you bought something. no, something else. what's that?- what you thought! what did l think?- what l bought! that one!- that one only!

what is he doing here? uncle!- mosquitoe! you can have scotch without soda, you can have drink without water, but if you ogle withoutknowing the mater, bottle of life wouldbreak into pieces. uncle!- mosquitoe again! can't you tell without slapping me? l didn't slap you but mosquitoe.

let's go to room anduse mosquitoe repellant. who is it?- your cousin horse jallandar. he's ogling like hell! who is it now?- your horse. you scapegoat buchi is also there. come...come...- where?- boating! what?- boating! wait, l'm coming. come.- why me?- come l say!

do you want to talk to pavani alone? how could you guess it? you've been scratching my legthinking it is her leg. pavani, let's go for a little stroll. what's there?- lf you come l'll tell. why not tell me here?- please try to understand me. come. l'll go with him, anjali. you can go any've license, right? l'll beat you.- okay, go.

cool moon in the sky,cool breeze here, boating in moonlight,warm campfire, leaving us together here,they both going away, you had it set upvery well, buchi babu! me? did l set it up? just for joke! still didn't find another girl?- no. did your family accept marriagewith your boy friend? boy friend?

the man who engaged mento beat me in rajahmundry. lf you take his name,l'll kill you. moreover friendships andbreak ups happen in minutes. take it easy! that mentality is your character. how you know about my mentality? l could tell with thecolour of your dress. ls it? do you knowcolour psychology too? l know a little bit.- then, tell me.

how would be people who like blue colour? they'd be cool and intelligent. what about green?- somewhat balanced. very emotional types. overreact for simple things too.- ldiot! why are you scolding me?l'm sure she's red. no need to react so muchfor this small thing. what do you want?- what happened? stop! how dare you are?

lf everything happensbefore marriage, will you spend honeymoondoing nothing? lf l tell my people,they'll rip out your skin. be careful!come, let's go. get in.- they must come, right? let them die here all night.only then they'll get sense. what happened? he wants kick before marriage. stop, you devil! bloody bitch!

what happened?- that only.- you mean? what you thought!- l didn't think of anything. that medical shop matter. that one?- that one only. you said he's too innocent,but he's like villain gabbar singh. you said he's baby faced!- what did he say? did he say these arenot hands but legs? he begged holding my legs too! why didn't you say okay?- what should l say?

useless man! he only begs,does nothing. he says please...pleasebut never dares to kiss me too. how long can l wait?l got angry and slapped him. forget about him,what about you boutique buchi babu? did she say take it easy onasking about her boy friend? lt means her heart is vacant now. she didn't tell so clearly. women never tell anything clearly. lf they say a,we must go to zee.

nobody must break the rules. you must do whatever is writtenon the slip you pick. lf you can't,you must do wall chair act. l thought it's medley of songsfor entertainment. you're still in last century,this is new century! ogler! jallandar, you're the first. crack a joke andmake everyone laugh! try it. one elephant and one ant, both were going on a bike,

a bus hit them,elephant died, but ant didn't die, why? ant was wearing a helmet. got it! wall chair! dance like senior ntrfor pavan kalyan song. girl, life without you isplain white paper... girl, life without you is worse thanhaving drinks without pickle... do head down exercise! blow a whistle!

no problem. what's your program tomorrow, superman?- nothing. l want to go on a sightseeingspree of kerala. will you take me? are you my dream walking with me? are you my dream come true? are you a boon unexpectedby this little heart? do you know this mischievous age? this is my routine now...

my heart is unstoppable...because it doesn't know what it is... your eyes are the bait which trapme whatever you may be doing... can your smile be mine thoughyou're baiting and teasing me? when wishes take on me,l came to you like a boon... my heart is unable to believe it... though a new world isright before me... l'm not unable to go away from you... l'm unable to come near you... what am l to name this relationship?

there's little friendshipand little love... but there's no answerwhat would it end up as... only when the masks are out,the real face will show up... till then, if you doanything in haste... can she recognise thelove hidden in your heart? why don't you try some oil? l tried every oil in market,this is the final result. may l know who is speaking? calling my boss' home andasking who pentaiah is?

servant! what were you doing withoutlifting the call? l was eating a sweet.- give it to your boss. take it sir, order to give you. didn't l tell you to giveit to your sir? l did give, he has already eaten it,he has diabetes too. l told you to give the phoneto him not the sweet. can't you tell me that first? phone for you, sir.- from where?

from phone only! who is it?- your well wisher! good film, recently l saw it on tv. lf you come to kerala,you can watch better film. should l come to kerala to watch film? yes, your daughter is theheroine of the film. film's name is anjali andbuchi babu in love! what are you saying, nair? ls sugar subbaraju's daughteris in love with my son?

they're singing duets too. going out to watch films,sight seeing and visiting temples. ls she roaming so much?with whom? come again! l told you already,boutique buchi babu from america. really? lf you delay, your daughterwould become an unwed mother. then, you've to clean your grandsonbefore washing feet of son-n-law. what shall we do now? conduct their marriagetoo along with mine.

come immediately. conduct our marriage too,sorry son's marriage with his marriage. pack your bags,we're going to kerala now!- kerala? l'm ready! don't know what good deedsl did in which life, my son is getting married. lf it's good deeds,its yours and sins are mine? why are you still here?let's go!- l'm coming! what's your name?

my name is bachi! bachi? what bachi? can't understand telugu? my name is bachi, what is your name? didn't you ever see girls in andhra? ls your name so long? anyway names are not hurdles for love. lf we set up, states too are not hurdles. l'll tell you!

l'm mohan lal!- you? me?- you're meera jasmine. me?jasmine? lf we both unite, it's superhitmalayalam-telugu dubbing film! l think father-in-law!- l'm prakash raj! oh no! dog! there's a dog! shall l get it?

stop ogling!even dogs don't like his face. won't you stop ogling? did you have breakfast? tonight it's bachelors party! men would drink to their hearts! what else they can do? nair, bachelor's life islike cadbury chocolate, married life is like chewing gum, first it'll be sweet,then it'll be tasteless and bland!

do you think so?- there's lot more to say! bachelor's party comesonly once in life! why are you scaring him withoutletting him enjoy the evening? you don't take his words seriously. he said that for fun only. so many are married hereand happy too! l don't think you're so sensitive. he's not crying for your dialogue.- then? your chair leg is on his feet!

oh no! l'm sorry! serve all of them!- you too have it, uncle. very good! he has arranged bachelor'sparty very grandly. look at them!how nicely they're enjoying! come, let's also havea peg for fun. what? no way! ls bachelor's party for men only?not for us? no, please listen to me.

lf they enjoy life with pegs,should we have milk and sleep? do you've any sense? once l commit myself,l'll not listen to myself. l want a peg! what did you ask now? finished! hearing you say that is likelistening to divine music. have it. today's peg will becometomorrow's jug!

l'm crazy about you! do l need your permission for it? l'm elated, l'm getting kickwithout having drinks... l want to get mischievous,l want to have fun... my heart is flying like spiderman! feelings are popping outlike champagne... enjoy this evening with smile,this bachelor party is big hit... come on buddy, let's rock! let's put an end tofriend's solo life...

let's wish happy married lifeto our friend... lf you've a loving heartas your life partner... life is a journey of happiness... leaving everyone behind, lady luck isbecoming your life partner... your freedom will end withmadam's arrival... so, do whatever you wishto do today itself... your birthday will come every year but bachelor party will not come... let's uproot this hut andput a marriage canopy...

l, 2, 3, 4...l'm on top gear...l'm going out of control... l've forgotten this world,l'm fully drunk... l want one more... l'm enjoying never seen before funand carrying happiness in heart... this bachelor party isn'tpolitical party to change colours... we wish you a happy lifewith wife and kids... why did you come here, mother?who called you here? someone unknown caller invited us. should we've to tell you that also?

why did you invite my parents here? shouldn't you tell me first? did you go out with herafter telling me? l don't know how to tell you! there's nothing between uslike what you think! okay, l accept the mistake is mine. problem with catering people.let's fix it, come. you go, l'll wait here. are you scared of meetingyour heroine?

come silently. you're here at right time. can you please take usto beauty parlour? l can't, you go on your own. when you were in love, you took meto ice cream parlour any time. will you say no after marriageis fixed for beauty parlour too? l said no! at least you take us, buchi babu. take them, he's a superstarin social service.

you don't do it anddon't let others also to do. buchi babu, you're taking us.- okay. l'll get ready here, you carry on. what happened to you now? l don't know why everyone'sgetting mood off here? come, if not l'll marry withthis oily face only. lt seems they do nail art tooalong with facials.- ls it? come.- l want to talk to you. l hate people who takeadvantage of situation.

sit in the back seat.- there? you sit in the front. why are you leaving becauseshe's feeling bad? lf she doesn't like herparents here, she must leave. not just to her, everyone hereis disturbed because of me. what will you tell nair?won't he feel bad? he'll understand later. come with my parentsafter marriage is over. they came from hyderabad,can't they go back?

do you know how your decisionare affecting life? whatever you want to say,tell me straight! uncle and aunt told me everything, if you still want to enjoycollege days, it's meaningless. l don't want any advices.l know what l'm doing. there's no one here smarterthan you to advice you. anyway, what's your problemwith buchi babu? you said he's good man who made himselfbad and cancelled the marriage. your entire family loves him,he runs a boutique in america,

very good family,what else do you want? just because l was close to him, will he invite his parentsand my parents to fix marriage? do you know who called them? nair called buchi babu's parentsafter seeing you together, some stranger called your parents. she's a world beauty andmen are queuing up to marry her! anyway buchi babu is very lucky. he's leaving without gettingtrapped with a girl like you.

ls he leaving? where? to hyderabad in train andthen to america in flight. where are you going?- l'll come back soon. can you take me to railway station?- okay. are all my tears yours, o my love? are you a never quenching desert? o love... no please.- still thinking about her? ln the train we go, so many boardand get down in every station.

would everyone come with us? anjali is like that. lf you're so sad, how sad shouldl be for missing my tea? how romantically she said tea! tea is rs.5! rs.5?- yes.- go away! anjali is coming.- stop joking! not joke but shock! see to your left.

do you know how tensed l wasfearing missing you? will you leave without informingeven if you're angry? l was little disturbedseeing my parents here. these ear rings were selected by you. l'm wearing the dressas suggested by you. l want to tell youan important matter. my boy friend is cominghere tomorrow. we're marrying tomorrow evening. please stay back till

ls it my fault to bring you? do one thing, get down in the next station, conduct her marriageand feed milk to her children. my back is burning hot. won't it burn if you sit on tea can? go man! please listen to me. one more word andl'll push you from moving train.

will you? will you push me down? will you kill me for saying no berth? l didn't say like that, did l?can't you help me please? l'm travelling with wife and kids. do you only have, don't we have? at least give seats for kids... seats in this train ison demand for your situation, my children need to pay fortheir engineering seats. you've to take it out from pocket,

l've to take money in gunny bagsfor their admission. we had asked before him, right? you did ask! lt's not important when you askedbut how you asked is important. bad situation! bad situation is yours!- how can it be bad for me? ls it rtc bus to stopat every station? no way! you'll know who situationis bad if l throw you out! you are...?

how come you're here? we came to kerala fora friend's marriage. we're returning to hyderabad. l was going to kerala, l got down at a station to buymagazine and boarded a wrong train. l tried pulling the chainbut it didn't work. that's why...didn't he give you berth? so, buchi babu is love struck!- he loved her so much. she gave him a shockingtwist at interval.

with that shock he's going home withoutattending friend's marriage also. ls she the same girlyou told me about? don't take him seriously,she wants to marry a man she likes. what's wrong in it? girls' hearts are plain papers,if anyone scribbles on it, we must wipe and write neatlyand make it our own. l told you not to take him seriously. let's do one thing,let's go to kerala. l've work there andyour heroine is there,

let's fix it. l'm nair, babji. that minute,buchi will talk to you. talk to him. l'm warning you,if you don't come back, l'll not ride on elephantand tie the knot. please listen to me...- you're here by evening. that's all!- no... where's uncle?- outside. he's raja, my friend.we met in train.

what? he's my friend raja,fix a room for him. okay, please come. hey you bloody! what are you doing there? lf you leave without attendingmy marriage, l'll break your legs. he's scolding us, he's using malayalamso that we don't understand. he's my friend raja, anjali. did you see that?- l enjoyed a lot!

l loved the cultural about you? would sir come?would he offer a drink? would sir come?would he drink a full bottle? uncle, you mustn't attendmarriage after having drinks. who are you to stop me fromattending my niece's marriage? you're drunk so... l'm a man who respectsdrinks like tradition. look at my dhoti. have you fallen down, my dear dhoti?

how can you fall down? you'll become public property. let me tie you, come!let's tie up, come. let's tie, come.tie like this! you mustn't fall down! mustn't fall down!like this... this is systemic way of tying dhoti. l'm coming! leave me! take him to hospital immediately.

lf not he may die!- what happened? what has to happen? he saw you and pulled uphis stomach inside, you didn't move for hoursand he got stuck! what are you looking at? lsn't it like our son's marriage?you too see it. oh my dear anklets... a flower blossomed in my heart... will you be with me always?

do you also see them in bridal finery? still in bridal finery,they're on honeymoon already. then, it's a duet! you're the smile of my face... a bird that has perchedon my youth... hereafter l'm all yours... my world is with you in dreamsas well as in real... whether anyone agrees or not,l was born for you only... when you combine all thecolours of the rainbow...

lt's pure white andthat's your heart... what's that is seen endless everywhere? lt's you and your love... what's the raga that playseven in silence? lt's the raga of love between us... you're my moonlight... uttering your name isdivine music to my lips... ls it possible to livetwo lives in one life? lf we both become one!

ls it possible to see two as one? lt's possible in love... does my heart know you'remy destination? we were destinedby lord brahma to meet... you're my breath... you're my lifeline, my dear... all are there,why are you standing here alone? l want to tell you something.- what's it? l told you l'm here forsome work, right?

my work is done here only. l came here for her, my heroine! l didn't tell you morningbecause her parents were here. hers is very difficult character. nobody knows when she gets angryor when she loves! she stopped talking to me fornot coming to kerala with her. she came down afterl begged her on phone. one more thing, today evening at 5.30 pmwe're marrying in registrar's office.

we had planned to meetat registrar's office only, but we had to met because of you. you're my friend andmarriage conductor. conduct our marriage. pavani is calling you, anjali. l'll go. when are you showing your heroine? she has left!- left? don't worry,

l'll find her aftermy marriage and fix your marriage. ls it lawyer kamath? greetings name is bachi. l want a small clarification. a murder is about to happen here, l'll tell you later who the killer isand who the victim is! ls it better to surrenderor get arrested for easy bail? okay sir. l'll meet youin delhi after the murder. fix two bombs in those garlands,l don't mind the cost.

take the garlands and go. what's this magic createdby the silent heart? this is an evidence of mad love thatonly knows to give and not take... lt'll never care has its own way... heart is nothing but sweet pain... what are you telling?marry again? l'm already deep down in troublewith one marriage already. what?did you get divorced because of me? daughter-in-law and mother-in-lawfight ended in divorce, right?

lf you call me now to meeta bride at 6 pm, what's that? he's chennai man! are you the marrying couple? we too are telugu people. tell me the name of the boy.- buchi babu. l mean bridegroom! what?ls the bride like a princess? you're right, mother.l would become an ascetic if l marry. tell me the bride's name.

ls the bride's name archana?ls she beautiful to look? she'll look like thatbut later she'll turn ugly. bride's name is archana...- not archana but anjali! what are you saying, mother? will you die if l don't cometo see the bride? lf l come then l'll die. ls there anyone to sign as witness?- what? l mean are they here? he's witness.- he's...

you don't die, mother! l'll die! do you've a pen? do you've a pen, buchi babu?- pen? pen? l'll come mother,you come to achutanandan centre, l'll join you there.l'll come. don't you've a pen?- no, sir. tomorrow l'm on leave,day after tomorrow is second saturday, after that second sunday...

you ask us to come on monday, right? come on monday!l'll register your marriage. okay? l'll take leave now. l came here for my marriage,why are you boring us with your marriage? without even having a good pen.- why are you talking about rules? this is govt. office, you came late.what can l do? hey you...- will you kill me? kill me, it's better to die nowthan marry and die at wife's hands. what the hell is there in marriage?my foot!

every man is killing mewith marriage. take out the car. l can understand if marriagestops without sacred thread, how can a marriage getstopped because of a pen? lt's surely bad time. l'm contractor krishna here! my good wishes for your marriage. l'm lighting up entire rajahmundrywith crackers for your marriage. but party will be on your account, brother!

let's see when marriage happens! what? didn't you marry?did anyone stop it? send me his photo,puthur raju is ready with weapons. use on yourself, cut the line. marriage must be grand, l don't understandwhat's this simple marriage? you go to sleep dear. don't we wish for a grand marriage? my father insists l mustmarry my aunt's daughter.

she said her father would dieif she marries against his wish. that's why l'm marrying secretly. let's go to the placewhere we came from, relax and think leisurely. okay, enough! hello queen!why did you vanish suddenly? where did you go away? l eloped to marry! lt didn't happen! l'll break your teeth.

you can marry andget ready for first night. should we stay like this only? do you need so much make up? anyway inside...- get lost! shameless girl! after hearing you,no father can dare to refuse. but, do you think this is rightin my daughter's case? you're elder andyou're not unaware of it, think over it again, sir. okay, do it as you like.

don't scare him. why? your father has agreed foryour marriage with raja. lt's my responsibility to getraja's family's approval too. we're leaving tomorrowto your place, be ready. why aren't you ready yet? we decided two day ago, now engagementand marriage immediately. we've lot of work to do. you don't worry,everything will go on smoothly.

once you get dressed,it's engagement. lt's here, see!- lt's there only. l can see it so clearly.- what's there? wipe there!l can see a mark there. the mark is there only. the mark isn't therebut on your glasses, grandma. see now!- you're right! she has been taking my lifesince morning about this mark. lf l hadn't told her,you'd have wiped entire place.

look at this!- no! this will be fine.- take it easy. you're always adamant thatyour decision is right. nobody can change you,go to hell. excuse me! can you do me a small favour? you've done so much,won't she do a small favour to you? ask her. no, it's difficult for you.

l'll do how difficult it may be.tell me. till this engagement is over...- till it's over? you must feel shy like normal girls. ls it true that her imageis embossed in your eyes? yesterday you dreamt... ls love so strong to make youstand like a statue today? under the shade of smiles... a life she wished to sharewith another man... this marriage is beingconducted by the lover...

hey mammootty, take it. that's not a cool drink!lt's medicine! now l now why they call itas medicine, it's bitter! do you need to start drinking now? when you've bitter experiences,this bitter drink is unavoidable. you have my drink. looks like he wantsto become a devadas. nothing like that everyone hereis celebrating the engagement, l'm also joining the celebrations.

are you so happy to fix themarriage of the girl you love? are you a man? we can see moon in themirror we hold, but isn't it our mistake tothink the moon belongs to us? anyway anjali is marryingthe man she loves. then, l'm not her choice. don't you feel sad? sad? nothing! there's no sadness in your heartbut there are tears in your eyes.

l'm also human, right? stop! that teddy bear is mine! l told you to stop...stop! sister along with chocolate uncle!- let's do one thing! sister! we've a gift for you. give it! not a kiss but a photo. photo? this photo was inchocolate uncle's suitcase.

come, brother. why are you so shocked? buchi babu is mad! though you've refused him,he still loves you. take it easy. but... when we went to bhadrachalam,l got myself photographed. but don't know how we both appearin the same photo. give it to me.

now they're separated! sorry, it was with me by mistake. stop...stop...give my chocolate! this is mine.- give me l say! what will you do if l refuse? l'm little mad andthere's a calculation for it! but there's only one chocolate. but l want that chocolate!give it to me! chocolate is mine!

he took away my chocolate. then, let's turn thatchocolate into two! can you double anything? can you make this rs.500into rs.1000? children, watch carefully! lt's rs.1000! can you make this rs.1000into rs.2000? lt's gone! govt. hasn't yet startedprinting 2000 notes,

come back to collect when it starts! this is cheating. not cheating but magic.l mean myth! lf you do it on othersit's magic, if you do it on yourselfit's cheating. can you deny it? l did it for fun. take your rs.500! look here, anjali loves this colour.

jewels look grand in this!- what are you seeing? buchi babu has designedour marriage dress. lt seems this is your favourite colour,see this! you wanted to go to vijayawadato buy dress material, right?- yes. l've a small request.- what? l wanted to take anjali to vijayawadato buy jewels and clothes. but just now l got message, that my party leader sudarshan is coming here. lt won't be good if l'm not there,

please go with anjalito vijayawada to buy it. anyway you know betterabout it than me. sister! duck fell into a hole! please come out! come out!- how did it fell into it? l'm unable to take it out. what can l do? move! no, stop!

open the tap.- okay sir. duckling is out! when are you leaving to vijayawada? didn't you like the song? l want to ask you a thing. don't you want me to interferein selecting bridal finery? no, what did you tell my father toget approval for this marriage? that one! parents who are happy to see theirchildren stand on their own legs,

but they say they've no maturityif they decide about their marriage. elders just see only two familiesbefore marriage. lovers see only two hearts! marriage is between two heartsnot two people. marriage without loveis just adjustment. love marriage has attachment. lf you take a wrong decision,it may hurt you for sometime only, but if it is marriage,it may hurt entire life. doors of the heart are open forthe guest who refuses to come...

though you love rainbow,you can never catch it... why are you swimming againstthe tide in the river of love? are you moving like a characterwithout a story, o friend? your ring. lt's the engagement ring, right?- yes. ring fell down! lt's there! l'll get it for you! babu, no...

l got it! please listen to me, come here! be careful! lt's lunch time, let's go! why did you come up?be careful, you may fall down! have l come down? you're fine, right?- l'm fine. you're fine, right?- no, l'm fine. really?- really, l'm fine. you be cool.

do you know how anxious l was? take your engagement ring. like political parties who fight beforeelections get together after it, one who paid to beat him and theman who got beaten up are friends now. l must tell this to brother! just a minute. l'm contractor krishna here.- tell me. was it necessary to take so muchrisk for this little ring? marriage brings together two hearts,

engagement is the first step towards it, this is engagement ring, right? why do you call it little? you had a pen in registrar'soffice, right? when my parents told me to marry, l had imagined a wife, you were exactly the samewhen l saw you, l fell in love with youat first sight! till you asked me did l eversee my face in mirror?

then l realised only handsome menhave the right to fall in love. l pacified my heart. but when l met you again in kerala. l was as happy as a kid gettingback his lost kite! lt was sheer madness,can a marriage get stopped for a pen? l feel like laughing at myself now. whatever it is,everything happened was good! let's go. when did you come, raja? please move, sir.- go...go away!

why didn't you tell me buchi babucame to see you as bride? l didn't feel it was important. you told me everythingeven about cough, hiccups too! didn't you feel it importantto tell me? lt's nothing wrong for ordinary girls, but everything is wrong for a girlwith a wandering mind! you mean?- what's wrong in it? you liked a cricketer, then a singer,and you liked another man too! you saw my poster andheard my speech,

and in just 5 minutescalled me to tell you love me. that's why l'm marrying you. what has happenedto tell me this? l'm telling you to avoidtrouble in future. lt's difficult if women change heartas easy as changing colours. do you know what you're saying? l know what l'm saying. american isn't it? what's the guaranty thatyour heart won't change?

lt's your habit to change in minutes. since you're talking aboutbuchi babu, l'm telling you, there's lot of differencebetween you both, you want everyone around youto be as you like, buchi babu honours others' wishthough it may hurt him. stop talking about him. l'm the best man fora woman like you. bull too would make fuss initially. but once we control it,it follows the orders blindly.

woman too is like that! once l marry and arrest youwith domestic work, you'll change. what if l don't change?- l'm not a useless man! change, l'll change your attitude! sister, he tore my kite.- l cut it. sister, you promised to apply henna. anjali, get ready quicklyand come for dinner. l don't want, mom.- what happened to her? what's your problem?

everyone in home is doingas you like, right? you're marrying the man you love,why are you still irritated? marriage is happeningwithout any big fuss, do you feel it's thrillingto elope and marry? who are you angry with?- no... you don't know how you changeyour behaviour suddenly! we're mad for cancellinghoneymoon for your sake. we're leaving right now.- just a minute. you didn't do anything wrongby cancelling your honeymoon.

filling it with emotionsand hurting it too, o heart... o plotting heart! l take decisions without much thought. lt can be about my studies,clothes or friends. l liked raja in one such emotion. l thought it was love andgot ready to marry him. but l came to know from you thedifference between like and love. likes can change but not love! you told me a wrong decision inmarriage will hurt entire life.

that's why l'm asking you,you can double anything, right? can you unite these two? tell me, buchi babu! do you still love me? tell me. l always love you! l like your chocolate uncle,help me with dowry! as your half sari flutters,my heart is flying away... say l'm your queen andcome to me...

take a step towards mecalling me your queen... l'll walk the seven stepswith you only... hey thief! my colourful ranga,show me your love... l've kept ready the marriage band... l consider you as mineand fondled you... will you love me all the way? l'll get you fresh rosesevery day... l'll serve you like a goddess... l'm all yours, take me...

don't disturb the dream,make my heart your permanent abode... we've been fated tobecome a couple... o my dear, l'll becomea jewel on you... my feet wish toe rings,my heart yearns to sleep on flower bed... l'll fall on you likea rain of pearls.... take on me...l'll give myself to you... what moves heart andlips refuse to say... what lips refuse to sayheart realises it... this is enough for my life...

what are they saying, buchi babu? l agreed for this marriageon your recommendation, right? marriage is tomorrow morningand you want me to stop it now. what can anyone do if brideisn't interested in this marriage? how can she say not interestedon the eve of marriage? you're right but it's aboutour children's lives! you must think aboutmy family honour too. won't your family honour goif she applies for divorce in a week? what are you saying?- what are you saying?- stop!

l fixed this marriageto avoid a mistake happening, if this marriage happensthe same mistake would happen. are arrangements over, father-in-law? marriage must be grand. my party leaders are attending.ensure everything perfectly. no, what l'm trying to say is... who placed this here? you're late already,you'd have lot to do, go home. go!

let's meet tomorrow in marriage hall. marriage dress! lf you give it with your hands,l'll sit under the marriage canopy. how do l look to you? what the hell? would we chicken out if you threaten?- stop! l can understand your anger, raja. l made your parents agreesince anjali liked you. now l know she just likesnot loves you,

l took this decision! sit down! lt was my mistake! that's why l'm asking youto forgive me. lf you'd really loved me, the last thought before you sleep, the first thought on waking upnext morning, it must be about me! do you really love me so much?

we both don't love so much. buchi babu loves me so much. love isn't necessary to marry, but for successful marriage,love must bind them together. think over it.- why should l think? l came here to stop your marriageand take revenge on you. l came to know that she haschanged the groom. good! you needn't worry,tie the knot bravely. l'm there for you.

no, l wanted to marry with raja'sacceptance not by hurting him. we can discuss and settle the issues. please don't create trouble here. a twist again!l want to see him cry out loud! hey, see if you like the girl! super!- then, tie the knot with her. brother, stop...we're friends,please listen to me. grown up like a bull,can't you understand? l told you we both are friends.

who the hell are you to interfere? how dare you beat me! l got tensed and beat you.please forgive me, brother. l told you to forgive me, right? l beat you, you beat me,account is settled, stop it. he's finished today! wait for some time,your guy's body will come out. what account is settled? unless it is unavoidable,l don't encourage violence!

so what? will you beat me?beat me! beat me! come on! you won't satisfied till l beat you. sounds from inside... father, buchi babu... sorry brother, any man if heworks out can get six pack body. lf you use your power on people,you're called as a rowdy,

if you it for people,you'll be called great! brother, nothing had happenedbetween us here. you left me for my goodbehaviour, right? okay? tell others like that. won't you listen to me?shall we start it all over again? come, wear your shirt. brother!- stop boys! nothing happened between us,he's too soft! no fights please, take it.

l meant pain reliever. you're fine, right? the decision is yours, raja! ever since anjali compared mewith you, l was thinking about you only, when l left for this marriage,my parents too refused to bless me, because they thinkl'm doing the wrong thing, but here everyone from little childrento anjali were worried about you, l was ready to commit mistakedespite knowing anjali loves you,

you know the reason? my ego! you love your enemies too! you consider a man like mealso a friend. buchi babu, you won! do you remember? l promised tounite you with your heroine. l'll keep my promise. anjali is yours. will there be any better couple than this?

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