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Thursday, November 17, 2016

dog diapers

on your marks. get set. go! [laughing] hey everybody! hello. welcome to the mommy and gracie show, andthe return of the barbie toy rodeo. and then let's meet the announcer people. wait. i have to fix the light. oh no. (laughs) it's still not right. we still can't get thelights right because now the sun came out.

now it's messing us all up. anyway. let's meet the announcers. let's meet our announcers. foxy and freddy are driving the ice creamtruck and puppet man is in the sink. don't ask questions. don't ask questions. the barbie toy rodeohas become a huge hit for us. primarily because it has a whole bunch of different toys init. so it shows up keeps showing up when people are watching videos.

we kind of think it's funny that that's we put together some toys that we think would be really funny to see try to ride jumpson a horse barbie. along with baby glozell, which is a storyfor another day. that's a special thing. anyway we are going to be kind of ridiculoustoday. like how is today different than any other day right? so first of all let's justshow you, because it never gets old, jumps on a horse barbie, do your thing. are youready? she is one of the top toys for 2015 because she does this. that's pretty awesome. and she accuratelydoes it most of the time. it's pretty cool.

actually very cool. so today's competitors... so as gracie pointed out, we've got some fnafpeople who are going to be announcing. we also have mangle. mangle is going to compete. because puppet...i don't even know what'sgoing on with him. we've got baby alive with us. freddy's like, "not me." and foxy's like,"no." we've got baby alive because sara wants todo it again because she wants to stay on longer.

we also have, this time representing insideout, we have fear, but he has no pants because we lost them. it makes sense though. we have orbeez eating dog because, why not? freddy fell out of the ice cream truck! oh no. we've got a tub of play-doh becausewe're too lazy to make something out of play-doh. freddy you're too fat! we've got funko queen elsa. we've got, this time representing the shoppies,we've got bubbleisha.

we have lightening mcqueen. this is radiatorsprings lightening by the way. this is part of daddy's collection of disney car to be confused with sandra's disney car toys. we have mal from the descendants. i'm puttingbig money on her. we have got (cry) bing bong! and if you'veseen the movie you know why we say it like that. representing the disney princesses this timewill be belle who has some moose toys... representing for the lol's. representing youtubers and lol's.

i call this section for the lol's. for the lol's is baby glozell and you willget to know baby glozell a little bit better in our upcoming made by mommy craft you're getting a sneak peak. you get to see her origins. you get to see her origin story. you also get to see my crappy homestuck cosplay. and representing... keywords. keywords! and popular videos on youtube isa my little pony kinder surprise egg. i don't

think that is going to last long on the horse. i think it will last two whole seconds. so let's get everybody lined up over on gracie'sside. mangle's going to go first. okay. mangle's going to go first. let's watchout that we don't break that egg anymore than we already did. after... after it falls and we eat it. mangle's going to eat it.

so in case you don't know the rules of thebarbie jumps on a horse rodeo, we put a toy on the horse, we take barbie off. yes, could you please? i've been stuck likethis for days. you haven't played with me in days. we're sorry! we're sorry, we've been busy. okay, so yousit over here honey. so the idea is that we put the toy on the horse and we time how longthe toy is able to stay on the horse. and the toy that stays on the horse the longestwins and we give them ridiculous prizes and that's pretty much how the barbie toy rodeoworks.

so let me move stuff out of the way here sothat we have plenty of room. we have a somewhat bigger space for them so let's move all thethings out of the way that barbie jumps on a horse horse, also known as grumpfus, couldpossible fall. so baby alive sara would like to go first.she stayed on one second once and another time i think she stayed on two seconds right? yes. so she's going for three seconds this time. i can' do this. i know i can do it. i know,because karma kitty said. karma kitty said. that's right, the karma kitty said. so we'regoing to put sara on the horse. hold on. this

time she might stay. sometimes we have toturn it around and go back the other way because they go for so long. let's clear the deck here. i'm going to ride for three seconds. you're going to ride for three seconds thistime? i believe in myself. alright, i've got the timer, gracie, whenyou're ready. i'm ready! hit her nose. on your marks. get set. go!

oh! oh but you made it two and a half seconds! two and a half seconds! yay! i'm stuck on grumpfus. you're stuck on grumpfus? what fell off ofyou? (laughs) i think i just vomited some play-doh. i think she just vomited some play-doh inthe process. (laughs) gosh! i'm stuck! okay. let me write that down.

i stayed on too good! so she made 2.5 seconds. so that's betterthan her best time so far. yay! i did two and a half seconds. you did 2.5 seconds. yay! okay next up is lightening mcqueen, radiatorsprings lightening mcqueen. he's going to ride sidesaddle. this represents gracie's... it's not looking good. (laughs) he can't even stay on the table. this represents gracie's, childhood toys andone of her favorites.

keyword. and keywords. okay. come on lightening. kachow!come on baby. i believe in you. we believe in you. maybe if you went likethis. oh that's good. okay. wait. let me reset the stopwatch. okay. on your marks, gracie. get set. go! that was one second! (laughs) kachow! well he is the fastest! hahaha! (laughs) sorry lightening. was that not funny?kachow!

so that was lightening mcqueen. one wholesecond. wow. alright. who's next? alright, mangle. mangle from five nights atfreddy's blind bags would like to try. mangle you have to actually get on the horse babe. okay. are you ready? wait let's get the horseslegs straight. get him on there. get him balanced. mangle said yes. we're going to ride sweetie. pick a spot mangle.any spot is good mangle. you just have to stay on there aboutyou kind of like go up here. okay?

you just need to be... you just need to balance so we can hit start. you might be disqualified for no seconds. alright. there we go. can you do this mangle? are you ready? on your marks. get set. go! oh! two seconds! good job mangle! (laughs) alrighty. so we are off to a rousing starthere. fnaf, two seconds. alright, let's get somebody on here who mighthave a chance. we've got... (laughs) are you saying that mangle did nothave a chance?

i'm not saying that at all. i'm saying thatmal from the descendants... actually is articulated. is articulated and has legs and they havea better chance than some of our other contestants. let me reset the timer and gracie, when you'reready. on your marks. get set. go! oh! two seconds? she fell off the horse. really? it was like 2.1 seconds.

gravity must be strong today. must be extra strong gravity down here mal at 2.1 seconds. wow. this might be coming down to tenths of a second. this isa pretty sad crew right here. so next up is fear... (fear) my nerves are shot! ...with no pants, because we lost them, whichi knew would happen. (fear talks) have you guys seen inside out yet? where's the off switch?

he doesn't have an off switch. there it is. oh good. because we don't want him screamingwhile he's on the horse. he has stubby legs. he's got stubby legs. he does not think thisis a good idea. not liking this idea at all. are you ready fear? no. no. bye felicia. he made it...okay.

oh my goodness. i don't think he's going tofall off. i think he's one of those toys. okay. okay so right now he's the winner. we're goingto say, because we stopped it at 22, so right now i think fear might be winning but we stillneed a second place. i really thought you were going to fall off with your stumpy legs. but i have really long arms. oh! so he was able to hang on. it's all about balance. one second. i just need to turn on the airconditioner.

it gets hot in here with the lights. sweaty's. sweaty's. i'm getting very sweaty's. sweatysweaty. okay, here we go. get some air! okay! baby glozell might stay on for a while becauseshe's... baby glozell might. you never know she mightsurprise us. baby glozell is amazing. she's multi talented. baby glozell is justsuper amazing. she's a model. she does everything. okay, let me move...

she's a youtuber. ...barbie out of the way and reset the timer. okay, is baby glozell next? okay here we go. baby glozell. we don't wantto give you a close up of baby glozell because we don't want to spoil the surprise. you willget to meet her in our made by mommy craft challenge on thanksgiving weekend. oh! 3.16 seconds. she's in second place rightnow. baby glozell. her wig is falling off. well you know i did do it but...what did isay? 3.16 seconds. i did do it with glue stick.

craz-e glue it on later. probably. yea. okay. who's next? bubbeleisha? gotta face the other way kid. no the and the horse. are you ready? off to a good start. we're off to a good start. on your marks.gonna go for the side saddle thing? yea, the stubby legs didn't work out so wellfor my sister. true. so true. true dat! your pigtails are...(laughs) just ride backwards.

just ride backwards. that sometimes works. okay. on your marks. get set. go! oh! 1.4 seconds. that at least puts you ahead of...i don'teven know what that says. i think that's sara. was that sara? no the first one was sara.something that started with an "a". (laughs) it's lightening mcqueen. oh lightening mcqueen! thank you. thank you. your handwriting is so bad.

my handwriting is the worst. we have... we've got a disney princess. i thought we were doing... we can do a kinder egg too. we are going to save the strangest... save the strangest for last. or the best forlast. okay, let's try belle. she has no shoes.

here we go. you can do this belle. i thinkyou can beat fear even because you are an articulated, strong woman! (laughs) you're a strong... you're a strong, independent woman! 2.5 seconds. but that does put her right upthere with baby alive who is actually in the running for a change. yea. that's sad. that's scary.

well we picked some real... strange... ...strange folks this time around. alright, bing bong. are you ready bing bong?(chants) who's your friend who likes to play? bing bong! bing bong! we've got to arrange his horns. we've got to arrange his tusk...his thing?his...thing. there we go. oh my gosh! what is that called? it's the...

trunk! elephant's trunk. thank you! hmm...doesn't bode well does it? no. you go. on your marks. get set. go bing bong! go! oh! 1.8 seconds. poor bing bong. once again, poor bing bong.that's all i can say. he is not lucky. it's just not in the cards for bing bong.right now sara and belle are tied for 3rd place and glozell is in 2nd place. wow. idid not see this coming. did not.

okay now we're going to try elsa. elsa funko.let me reset the clock. just like that. oh that's got possibilities. on your mark.get set. go! oh! 1.8. 1.8 not bad. not bad. same as bingbong though, which i kind of thought she wouldn't even last that long i'm just throwing all the toys right there. so who's next? orbeez dog? alright. orbeez dog. so these are the threethat we think aren't even going to make it a second.

(laughs) we just put them in for the keywords. we just put them in because we were goingthrough the toys and we were like, "oh that's a good keyword!" can you put orbeez dog up on the horse please?let's put it over this way so that if it falls it will fall towards us and we can catch orbeezdog. okay, on your mark. get set. go! 1.5! not bad. not bad at all. (laughs) it's in the pile of worms. 1.5. okay.

now for the second strangest... now for the second strangest thing in thetoy rodeo today. is a kinder egg. it's a kinder surprise egg. it's a kinder egg. and it's a little crushed too, which mightgive it an advantage. it might have more leverage. because it's not perfectly egg shaped. egg.

kind of put the odd part on the... oops. you see how it's got the sort of divot init? like if we went sidesaddle like... wait. wait. on your mark. wait wait. okay. on your marks. you have hasto be standing on it's own before you hit play. you have to let go of it. will it not stand on it's own that way?

oh. hmmm.... i think that counts as a zero becauseit doesn't stay on the horse by itself. and now, the one we're really curious about.will a tub of play-doh stay on grumpfus in the barbie toy rodeo and how long will itstay? i was thinking the same thing. i was thinking...that'sa good try. come on. we can do this. oh! oh! this is a novel approach. first i have to take a picture of it becauseit looks like he's wearing a cute little hat. there you go.

post it on instagram. oh i will. sneak peak of the next... sneak peak of the next...okay but now let'ssee how long it can hold on? are you ready...oh, okay well. already i'm thinking not too long. that didn't even make it a second. i'm calling 0.5 so...unpredictably the winner is fear withno pants. what happened to fear with no pants? whooooo!

and in second place is baby glozell. whooooo! baby glozell! yay!! and tied for third are, baby alive sara. yay!!! i actually won. and belle! yay! they have the same color hair.look, they have the exact same hair color. how cool is that? well that was certainly exciting. now for the prizes that we are just goingto get from around the room. yes. let's go find some prizes.

okay, third place prize. we need two of them whatever they are. you each get...ummm. umm. something. something. grab anything. there's a room full of toys. you get... (laughs) you get to share the broom that mommysweeps up the studio with.

yay! i love to sweep! not so much. me? not so much. you can haveit all to yourself. aww! thank you. yay! i love to sweep up all the confetti worms. second place. second place for baby glozell. mind you she'sa baby, it has to be something that she can't swallow and choke on. (laughs) oh i like thatidea vroom vroom. yes i think that's a good idea, gracie. you win...

vroom vroom. a motorcycle. vroom vroom. vroom vroom baby glozell! vroomvroom! look i can hide in the little shield. look i fit in there. look at me! vroom! vroom! vroom! oh i like it! good one. and what is the grand...oh!and the grand prize is your very own, and you're going to like this, healthcare consultant. baymax! he will always let you know when you're sick.

i feel so safe now. dude can you get me somepants? i am not programmed to get pants. but i willhide your underwear. thank you all so much for watching the mommyand gracie show barbie jumps on a horse toy rodeo. we hope that you enjoyed that. what did you think of our amazing prizes? what did you think of our amazing prizes?and we will see you all again very soon. please comment, subscribe, thumbs up this video... please give it a thumbs up so i get to doit again. next time i'm going for three seconds baby!

you might make it. you never know. you might win. you've had this confetti in your hair throughthe whole video and i didn't even notice. nice. (laughs) nice! nice mate! gracie, can you say goodbye to everybody. bye!

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