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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

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we listen to your concerns. national counseling session! two refreshing idol teams are with us today. jisook and woori of rainbow! hello, there's a rainbow in the sky. himchan and daehyun of b.a.p! b.a.p, hello. idol group members have different roles like visual or entertainment.

i'm pretty sociable. i take care of the younger members. you're the role of a mom? - yes. / - yes, she's like a mom. that's a nicer way of putting it. my nickname is grandmother. actually, you're like a sophisticated grandmother from la. jisook, are you still a reporter

for "entertainment weekly"? yes, i've been doing that for over 2 years. you must have met a lot of people. sure. you're a celebrity yourself, but is there anyone who make your heart flutter? if i had to choose one, gang dongwon. someone who looked like a white angel came walking through the door.

isn't he thin? his face was so small. don't talk about the face. i go to the same beauty shop as moon chaewon. a van came. women wash their hair and come with towels wrapped around their heads. she got out undoing the towel. she was so beautiful. all women look pretty after a shower.

even i look really pretty. people faint. i really fainted. out of surprise. (it's as if he really saw it) both groups released new songs. you released new songs. you didn't come because of that, right? no. no. of course not.

then we won't listen to your new songs. - that's alright. / - okay. you can't do that. let's start with rainbow. we don't have to, but… ("whoo" / rainbow) (a sexy introduction) (cute choreography and a nice beat) (have expectations for diverse charm!)

(nice) ("feel so good" / b.a.p) (a sophisticated melody and fine dance) (chic choreography that's sharp) (b.a.p's unique charm) (thank you) he puts me down all the time. do you know what he says when i breastfeed? "oh, my eyes are ruined."

she got stretchmarks from gaining weight. it didn't look nice. he ignores me in front of our baby, too. he raises his voice and yells. if someone yells, the baby smiles. did your husband change? he doesn't answer and tells me not to talk to him, but he's not like that now.

- he answers? / - yes, nicely. what about physical contact? you didn't have any for 3 years. he suddenly kissed me first. he asked if i wanted it that much. your wife put you down a bit, too. did she change after the show? there was a gathering with friends. she didn't put me down.

she made an effort to be even nicer. that's nice. i think she looks like a pig, but i don't say it. - why did you say that? / - why say that? i used to say it before, but now, i just think it and don't say it. i don’t blurt things out. what are you talking about?

(make more of an effort) let's see if this concern wins a second time. the winner receives a prize, right? yes, a prize worth $1,000. we have three new concerns today. show us what they are. ('how that man loves') ('ah, i want to stop') ('what's the problem?')

'ah, i want to stop'. hello, i'm barely getting by every day. i'm lee uiung. just call me ung. i'm sixteen this year. i'll be in the 9th grade soon. let me tell you about my day. my mother texts me. "my son, what time do you get out of class?"

"hurry back and watch the store." (the store?) this is the dad. "hey, where are you?" "rush over and watch the store." it's been 8 years since i watched the store that my parents run. he's sixteen, but it's been 8 years. he did this since he was eight? since elementary school!

i lived half my life like this. after school, my friends want to do things. "ung, let's go ride our bikes!" sorry, i have to watch the store. "again? then let's play baseball tomorrow." i can't. i have to watch the store again. why do they make a kid watch the store? "why do you watch the store all the time?" "you just don't want to play with me, right?"

my friends are all about to leave me. do you know what my dad says? "ung, watch the store." i have to go to the academy. "the academy? oh, no." "just skip it today." his dad wants him to skip to watch the store. his father is cool. is he really good at it?

do sales soar when the son watches the store? "hello." my mom calls during exams, too. "i have to go to a gathering." "come and watch the store." mom, i'm at the library. i'm studying for my exams. "you are? hurry up and come." (what a surprise)

(the store is more important than exams?) did my parents have me to work me to death? the male mcs and pretty female mc. check that. it doesn't say pretty. baaah… the male mcs and female mc. please save me from this life of hell! what do you think?

my father had a hardware store. i was in elementary school. he had me watch the store. i wanted to play soccer, but i couldn't. you can understand this concern. but my father gave me allowance for it. at least you had that to look forward to. that’s why i did it. there was something else.

what? i opened the safe when he wasn't around. i accumulated more allowance. i was the king among my friends. (i'll treat you to anything!) i think he'll hurry out if you say this. one, two, three! ung, watch the store! i don't think he'll come out.

it's ung! he's really good looking. (what is this shine?) (he's dazzling) (it's a good thing he came) he's good looking. i think sales would increase. he has good manners. he put his shoes over there. put your shoes here.

it's alright. he listens well. put them back over there. he's nice. say hello. hello. people will think he's an idol. i can see why they make him watch the store. sales must increase.

(heart pounding) he has the face of an idol. - hi. / - hello. you're good looking. what store is it? stationery. many students must come because of you. so that's why! a lot of kids come to see him.

i knew it. you can go now. it's not a concern. bye. where are you going? (he's so innocent) say hello to the audience. hello, i go to jeonggak middle school. he has a nice voice, too. we can just call you ung, right?

you should just call him ung. stop treating him like an adult. she's being extra nice because he's handsome. (he caught her) do they make you work that much? well, i'm practically an employee. - every day? / - yes. the entire family has to work just for a stationery store?

it's not just the stationery store. a stationery store, jewelry store and underwear store. three stores? he's rich. she said he's rich. he's good looking and rich. i go to all three stores. they don't seem to be related.

jewelry, stationery and underwear. i don't know. they just have a bunch of stores. they make me work like an employee. what do you do at the underwear store? an older woman brought underwear for the upper body. a bra? she held it up to my face and asked me how much it was.

"how much is this?" i was so embarrassed. i couldn't answer. daehyun said he got allowance. i did, too. $50 a month. when you work? i never received money for working. $50 a month is it? do you take some?

(should i tell you my know-how?) did you ask for some money? i asked my dad a long time ago. he told me to pay to eat then. he told me to pay rent, too. what a strong business mind. did you ever secretly take money? probably. you did, right?

honestly… they don't know if i take a few coins. how cute. four 50 cent coins are $2. i took those before. is this the first time you're telling? yes. his ears turned red. everything will be solved if

your father pays you when you work? no. i should play with my friends at this age. i play basketball with them once or twice a week. they call when i'm playing. i have to go to the store right away. my friends play until after nine. i really want to play with them then. if they have three stores, couldn't you help out when they're busy?

i have an older brother and sister. they don't work at all. my brother is 22 and in college. he's majoring in art and has a lot to do. you should study art, too. my sister plays the cello. she's a senior in high school. then play the cello. when i help out,

it interferes with my school work. be a bit more specific. i'm in the broadcast club and i'm also the student body president. you must get good grades. the president gets good grades. is there anything he lacks? he's good looking, he's rich and he's the student body president.

the president has a lot to do, right? the broadcast club, too, right? we have meetings and activities for an hour or two after school. my parents keep calling then. to watch the store? they ask when i'm coming. they ask if i have to do everything at school. what if you don't answer your phone?

my mom tells me to quit school. she tells me to just watch the store. isn't it the opposite? it's a great opportunity to take the school qualification exam. delinquents. it sounded like they made him work because he didn't study or get good grades. he's the student body president.

let's meet his parents. where are you? wave for us. from the looks of you, he's really good looking. he has my genes. he's my son. he must have just gotten all the superior genes. (he was born well) why do you make him work so much? it's real experience. life is about experience.

who knows what his job will be? it's actual experience. for that long? it's not something he can pay to learn. it sounds most suitable for your oldest son. he's a college student. you should make a college student work. they graduated that. he worked when he was in school?

they both went through it. (is it the fate of the family?) what do you do when he works? work for the merchants' association. he has work as the president, too. i'm also a member of the apartment resident committee. it's a family of presidents. they have a lot of leadership.

you have three stores. the stationery isn't my main job. you know vending machines, right? that's my main line of work. i have several places. how many do you have? over twelve. i don't have enough time, so i ask him to help. family members should help out.

you didn't know he took four coins, right? i let it go since i don't pay him. did you know? of course. he was ahead of you. i can hear the coins when he takes his jacket off. i let it go. mother, what do you do? i started everything.

- you did? / - yes. my main job is the jewelry store. when the commercial building formed, my store was the only one. i ended up starting the stationery store and underwear store. don't you have employees? i do for the underwear store. the economy isn't good these days

and money goes missing, too, so… ung took money, too. it's not the same. everyone was surprised about exams. he could do well if he paid attention in class. helping at the store was more urgent. grades don't come first? he works well and he studies well, too. that must be why they make him work.

how good are his grades? he's in the upper ranks. in the top 10? the top 5? the top 5 and top 10. (he gets good grades, too?) do they tell you to study when they're home? they're never home. they're only at the store. do you study at the store?

you make time to study and became the student body president? that's amazing! who are you? let's say his grades dropped. would you still ask him to help out? - why? / - they're consistent. it's convenient and i don't get bored. you call him, so you won't get bored?

if he's at the store, i can go and look at new clothes and shoes. if the kids want to eat meat, i can go and buy it. you make him work because of that. father, why do you make him work? that's a lie. i never make him work all day. i work about 7 hours during vacation. when i'm in school, it's about 3-4 hours.

they didn't pay you. after 7-8 hours, you only stole $2? do you know what the minimum wage is? it's $6.03. - for teens? / - yes. his eyes widened. calculate. $6.03 times 7 hours. just say it's $6. 6 times 7. it's $42.

it's over $1,200. you only got $2 a day. calculate that for 8 years. ($120,960?!) is he good at the work? honestly, i don't think so. what aren't you happy with? things get lost and stolen. stolen?

stationery in particular. what does he do? he plays with his cell phone. he doesn't know if someone takes something. do you do other things often? i look at my phone once in a while. things were stolen? a few stickers worth $1.50. my mom had something bigger stolen.

your mom? a bag worth $8. how many? four all at once. four? that's a professional thief. i wasn't doing anything else. that's even stranger. you were paying attention, but you got robbed?

i was watching carefully. it was a skilled thief. they had their mind set on it. (i got robbed by a skilled thief, too) ung's friends are here. where are you? (hello) you can't play with him much? we play basketball or ride bikes once a week. he had to leave before an hour.

what do you say after he leaves? we wonder if he just watches the store. it's upsetting. you're not his girlfriend, are you? no. we're in the broadcast club together. he's popular, right? yes, very. do some kids go to the store because of that? i don't know about that.

you should go and see. it must be upsetting if he leaves like that. we have rehearsals for big events. we have to do his work when he leaves. the seniors don't look nicely on that. how would you feel if your parents did that? i'd be mad. what if they told you to skip the academy? she's cute.

she's honest. mother, what do you think about this? still… - he has to watch the store? / - yes. he should ask them to help. that's brazen. it's his work. work at the store and school work. you're really busy. when do you study?

they let me go to the library 2 weeks before exams. you need approval to go to the library? at least you can go. they still call often. then it's not approval to go. you need approval to study? does he really tell you to skip the academy? i skipped a couple times because of the store.

(that's not good) are they nice about it? do they say you can go to any college? i don't understand. they don't give me time to study, but they want me to go to a high school that specializes in foreign language. you need really good grades to go there. don't you even have to study in the bathroom?

yeah. a foreign language school is tough to go to. you want him to go, but you don't give him time to study. if he pays attention in school… no! then everyone would go. mother! oh… i didn't doze in class.

father, do you think so, too? they have exams at the academy. he does well. he says he was 1st place. i asked him to help once. he said he had to study during exams, so i told him to go home. if i go home 2-3 hours later, he's sleeping. that makes me mad. he says we don't give him time to study.

that's all a lie. honestly, when i work at the store, i don't want to do anything at home. i'm tired. so i slept, but i got up at 4 or 5 to study. they don't know that. your brother and sister are here. can you understand? you worked, too. i studied music, but didn't have time to practice. i practiced at the store, too.

the cello! at the jewelry store? at the underwear store? i really practiced at the underwear store. the cello? i really practiced there. unbelievable. that will be $24. the brother. were you ever in a bind?

i had a girlfriend. we were on a date. i got a call from my mom. i explained to my girlfriend. you shouldn't have done that. you should have suggested going to a jewelry store. do you want to get some underwear? i'll buy it for you. (that's nice)

she complimented me at first for being a good son. but after a while, she said i was a mama boy. it's a concern. do you have a girlfriend? not at this time. what about you? you did before. did you have one before? he must have.

when was it? in the 7th grade. why did you break up? we were going to go to a movie. my mom approved, but she said i had to watch the store that day. i couldn't see her often. i felt sorry, so i said we should break up. a busy man is a really bad man.

(bitter) what could you do if you didn't have to work? my brother and sister work for their dreams. but i… is there something you want to do? yes, there is. my dream is… i want to act. - an actor? / - i want to be an actor.

i think you could with that face. did you know that was his dream? it's the first i'm hearing of it. i asked him what he wanted to be last winter vacation, but this is the first i'm hearing. he didn't ask me for any advice. he must have thought about it. why didn't you tell them? my brother and sister study art.

my brother gets art lessons and my sister gets cello lessons. i told them i wanted to go to an acting school when i was in the 7th grade. - your mom or your dad? / - both of them. we got a consultation, but it was too expensive. you told them before. i couldn't insist on it. i know our financial situation. i couldn't ask.

if you become an actor, you'd be really good at playing a store owner. you'll be the best. what do you want to say to your parents? don't take it as a matter of course. i have a lot of work at home, too, right? like what? - cleaning and… / - you do house work, too? hang the laundry. make me do less of that.

i didn't hear you thank me a lot. what's the thing you hate hearing most? - ung! / - watch the store! okay. tell us what you think. i don't think it's a concern. it seems like it's their way of educating him. but there are certain things he can only do at this age. give him some freedom. i think it's a concern.

he has a life, too. he's the president and he's popular among his friends. you shouldn't force him to work like that. i think it's a concern, too. get ready to press the button. he works well and gets good grades, so his parents think he's superman. if you think it's a concern, press the button! (what does the audience think?)

5. 4. 3. 2. 1. stop! is there anything you want to say? ung! i'm sorry.

i thought you were going to say watch the store. i was surprised. use a different tone. ung, get some rest. dad, too. i admit it's a concern for you. i'm sorry. i love you. this is all i can give you. this is all. i love you.

what did you want to hear the most? go home and rest. after working? good job, thank you. say it for him. if you're done working, go home and… if he's done working… good job. how many votes did he get? show us!

how many people sympathized with him? oh! it's over 100. out of 200… 100! 100 points. ung, you got a perfect score! tell him good job. good job!

(survives) the production staff was confused as to whether this was a concern or not. i think it is. i'm a housewife of 22 years with three children. all my husband cares about is me. he shows affection well and always lets me sleep on his arm. (i want that, too!)

"where's my baby? i don't want to be apart." living with a husband like that is hell. i feel locked up. if i want to go to the grocery store… "you can't! you have to stay with me." if i go for coffee with my friends… "honey, where are you?" "hurry back. i miss you." "are you coming? when will you arrive?"

"why aren't you coming?" "i won't let you go out again!" i'm forty-six and i can't even go out freely. i'd like to watch tv in comfort. "honey, i'm sleep. let's go to sleep." it's only 8. go ahead and sleep. "what?" "i'm going to sleep. you should sleep, too!" "don't you know i can't sleep without you?"

he dragged me to the room and told me to sleep. i can't sleep then. why does he do that? he wants to do everything with me. "honey, i'm going to work. come with me." he does heavy equipment work. i was dragged along to work. "you should help when i work." "it's nice for a married couple to be together."

he put me on a crane and lifted me 5m up. i was scared to death. please give me freedom. it's the opposite of last week's winner. it's torture if you're forced to sleep. it's been 22 years for her. let's meet her. come on out! (who is suffering because her husband is so obsessive?)

(gwon yeongsun) this is a counseling session. you didn't come to boast, did you? other people say we lived like newlyweds for over 20 years. i feel confined. you have to live with my husband to know how it feels. it's not often, but i want to meet my friends. he calls in less than 30 minutes.

to come home? he asks if we're still talking. it's not like i'm that pretty. no, no… you're not bad. stop it. you thought you're pretty. keep going. i say it's only been 30 minutes.

he tells me to hurry back and gets angry. he says he won't let me go next time. did you ever go on a trip? overnight? once… you did? - yes. / - oh, that happened. my friend wanted to go to jeonju for 2 days. my husband said no way. he told my friend to come and spend the night

at our place. - at your place? / - yes. she had no choice, but to come. how long has he been like this? ever since we got married. for 22 years? he loves you that much. it's confinement for me. she can't meet anyone.

if you couldn't go to jeonju, then overseas… she couldn't have gone overseas. i formed a secret gathering with the wives of his friends. we planned to take a trip to hong kong. - the wives? / - yes. we made plans in a chat room. he secretly went in the chat room. he said we should stop this gathering.

(that's serious) the other husbands aren't like that. they'd be happy if their wives went. most husbands want their wives to go. dongyeop, what if your wife wanted to take a trip overseas for 2 days? i'd miss her, but i'd let her go. we went. we made all the reservations. you went?

congratulations! how was it while you were there? the other husbands didn't call at all. but my husband… the other husbands were happy. he kept sending texts and calling. if i couldn't answer, he left messages. it was uncomfortable. did you ever tell him you didn't like that?

if i do, we fight. he gets mad, so i don't tell him. let's meet the husband. i can tell who it is. it's me. (full of leisure) isn't it too much? my heart is burning like the furnace at the steelworks in pohang. how can she say this is a concern?

it's been 22 years. it's still burning? it's still burning. even if that's a burden for your wife? how can it be a concern? he's not accepting it. no, he's not. what do you call her? i call her by her name, yeongsun. i call her honey, too.

sometimes, i call her my baby. i want to carry her around in my pocket. call her by the most affectionate name. my baby. it must be really hard for her. (hang in there) why do you call when she meets friends? because i really miss her. you should let her talk with her friends.

how did you get by when she went to hong kong? i almost went to hong kong. my wife wasn't at home. i couldn't reach her. i think i should leave home. i could go and see kkotbun or eonnyeon. i think i should go and be comforted. do you meet friends often? i do.

you just go? (what's the problem?) i want to ask the wife. is there anything else he interferes with? i can't wear anything i want. clothes? i wear shorts in summer since it's hot. he won't let me wear shorts above the knees. i can't wear tank tops or skirts.

you can't wear skirts? she does. - what? / - she does. she does? (gee, can't you understand?) she does at home. whatever she wants to wear. why can't she go out like that? i don't want my wife's flesh to be shown.

i'm sure other men feel that way, too. how can she show her face then? he wanted you to sleep at 8. it's torture to lie in bed when you're not sleepy. he sleeps early often. sometimes at 7. i tell him i'll sleep after watching tv. he pulls me by my leg. your leg? if i don't want to go, he drags me.

he has me lie on his arm. i can't sleep, so i just lie there. what if you sneak away? he snores as soon as he lies down. i try to sneak away when he snores. he grabs me and asks where i'm going. you can't leave? you have to stay? there was a program i really liked. i told him to go ahead and sleep.

he turned off the circuit breaker. the circuit breaker? he turned off all the power in the house? so i couldn't watch tv. you might think it's love, but it's obsession. i don't think so. - you don't think so. / - no. you don't, but she's having a hard time. it's obsession.

it's like he's being scolded. why are you doing this to me? (he doesn't understand) let's talk to the daughter. hello. does he call you like that, too? when i was in middle school, i had to be home before the sun set. i got home at 8 once. i was grounded because of that.

- 8 o'clock? / - you were grounded? does he still do that? i'm twenty now. she's smiling… what time do you get home now? i live far away on purpose. i got a job and moved out. aren't you worried about her? she's an adult and she's working.

your wife is more of an adult. (how much more do i have to grow up?) a 46-year-old minor. a friend is here, too. do you think it's excessive? some married couples went on a trip together. there was one room and a living room. the wives and husband slept separately, but the two of them slept together.

wasn't it embarrassing? he comes where i sleep. he has to hold me even if there are other people. other women? he doesn't care. she might not sleep well. if you don't hold her? right. i should let her lie on my arm.

we have to be together to sleep in comfort. i don't know what to say. if she tells her friends this, they'll tell her to stop boasting. it's a concern, but she probably had nobody to talk to. tell us everything. we'll listen. other people think he's really nice. i have a lot stacked up inside.

i work. when i get home, he leaves his socks anywhere. he doesn't help at home. it's irritating when i get home. i'm tired from working, but it's a mess. he doesn't do anything. i have to have dinner fixed when he comes home. if i'm a little late, he gets mad at me for not having dinner ready.

you love her a lot. you should understand. you said you really love her. you should help out at home. she shouldn't say that. go ahead and tell us. don't try to slide by. why don't you help? i should. - why don't you? / - how frustrating.

you love her. why don't you help? maybe i will… what else? it would be nice if comes and eats in the kitchen. he doesn't. i have to set it up in the living room. i have to walk about 50 steps. your house must be big. it's not big. it's long.

it's long? i'm going to make her one of those restaurant carts. so she can just roll it along. this? - at home? / - yes. at home? just carry everything for her. (what a strange conclusion)

i think you're asking for her out of convenience. i don't let her clean or do the dishes when i'm at home. you should help her! she has to do it when you're not around. what kind of thinking is that? you don't make her work when you're home. she has to do it when you're gone. you have to do everything.

yes, because he doesn't. (this is really serious) i have to start the car in winter while he eats. you have to attend to him. i have to have his toothbrush ready after he eats. (unbelievable) if he wears new pants, he has to put his belt on. he could do it himself, but i have to do it for him.

he just stands there with his arms spread out. that's what a king does. when he changes clothes. she's an attendant. well… what's your excuse now? a man who is treated like that is different from a man who isn't. a man has to take charge and be bold at work

to get his work done. does a belt do that? i'm able to work well because she supports me well. she doesn't stay at home. she works, too. how would she feel after working like a servant? wouldn't she be tired? - i'm sure she's tired. / - she makes money, too. (that's right)

tell us. you're not being considerate at all. you're right. you suddenly stopped using a dialect. why did you suddenly stop? she goes to work at lunch and gets home at 7. it's still hard. does he ever get home late? he never came home late once for 22 years.

that's really tough. what time does he start nagging? i get off work at seven. other places stay open until ten, but he allowed it on the condition i end at seven. what do you do? i work at a snack place. you close at seven? - you don't serve dinner? / - no.

he calls at six and tells me to hurry home. it's only been 6 hours. it's a place with food. you could eat there and help out, too. that's a good idea. (oh, boy) he's making me mad! what are you doing? what's the problem?

it's a good idea. you should do that. you know what i couldn't believe? you took her to work and put her on a crane. why did you do that? to raise her up? he wanted me to help him. i wanted to rest on the weekend. he wanted me to go, so i did. he told me to get on the crane.

he suddenly raised it 4-5m in the air. he asked me to cut a few branches. my legs were shaking, but i did. i can't even go on rides at the amusement park. i scare easily. it's hard, but if she helps, my work is reduced to one hundredth of the work. if you help at her store, her work will be reduced to one hundredth the work.

you were injured before? i got a fracture in my rib. i couldn't even walk. he asked me to help. he said i just had to sit. i went along. i had to catch bees and put them in a bottle. they flew around freely. my body instinctively moved. the injury got worse.

i had to go to the hospital the next day. (you said, you loved her but is it love truly?) did you ever say you couldn't take it? it was summer and i was wearing a white t-shirt. it wasn't thin, but he could see my underwear. he got angry at me for wearing that. he yelled at me. i said everyone wore clothes like that.

he said i was wrong and told me not to wear clothes like that. i got mad in that moment. i packed up when i got home. you took action. i went to the train station and went to seoul. good. i didn't have anywhere to go and i was scared. there was a dry sauna, so i went there.

i spent the night there. when i turned on my phone the next day, there were over 50 missed calls. there were dozens of text, too. the last text told me to be at court by six. he wanted a divorce. since i didn't spend the night at home. did it make you that mad? her underwear and flesh showed.

it drove me crazy. you love her so much. you wanted a divorce because of a t-shirt she wore? that's not right. she should be considerate of me in the way she dresses. she shouldn't wear it if i tell her not to. why didn't she listen to me? don't press the button yet.

(ooh!) if that's consideration, your shirt is sticking out. it looks terrible. (show some consideration for us) (oh…) (the king's belt shows) (i put that on for him) it's like her asking for a divorce

because your shirt is sticking out. what's the difference? i don't do things i'm told not to. oh, boy. (where is the button?) what do you think love is? interference. interference? love is interference?

what is interference? if you love someone, you get greedy. it's the same for women and men. don't you think you're forcing your ways using love as an excuse? i really love my wife. i'm satisfied with my life. how warm. you're satisfied, but she's not. it's the same as locking up a pretty bird

in a cage and loving it. you feed it and love it, but a bird has to fly. you should let the bird fly for one day. but you keep it locked up. the bird is feeding you. that's funny. it's hard, but the bird is feeding you. it's not funny at all.

everyone laughed. what are you most concerned about? when you get to be my age, you want friends. i want to go on trips and talk with my friends. i wonder what my life is about. you get depressed, right? i think i'll get depression. both our children moved out. i'm depressed a lot. (the loneliness is hard to endure)

let's vote now starting with jisook. their definition of love is different. woori. i jumped up earlier. i got really mad. being a woman yourself? himchan. daehyun. it's definitely a concern. she's loved, but it's frustrating.

(they press like crazy) it's a serious concern. do you think so many people would press? a lot of people pressed the button. how many votes do you think she'll get? the people who pressed will be blessed. why? i'll interpret. he means be careful at night.

say what you want to your wife. i never thought i'd be 50, but i'm in the 50's now. i have a bit more leisure now. when i'm in the 60's, i'm sure you'll be able to do what you want. it's too far away. she has a lot stacked up inside! this is an important time for women.

give her a day of freedom in one year. she just wants one day. can't you let her go on a trip for one day? no matter how busy i am, i'll try to go with her. it's not the same as with friends. she went to hong kong. you can't let her go for one day? a 2-day trip once a year.

just tell her she can go. if she's going to go, she should go for 4 days. she can go for 4 days? i'll let her go! (unbelievable!) (she won a 4-day trip free of her husband!) say hurray for the show. hurray for "hello counselor"! (is she that happy?)

i wonder how many votes she got. 'nobody is like this' received 173 votes. show us the result. be careful at night. be careful on your way home. is it 174? (a new winner only after a week?) (well?) ('how that man loves' is the new winner)

(gee…) (the winner by 1 vote) she's 1st place. father! that's how serious it is. be sure to let her go on a trip. their concern was really serious. it was about verbal violence. this is indirect violence.

it seems like you're good to her, but it's tough. change your ways a bit and you'll be happy. 'how that man loves' is the new winner! (they take the winner's seat) 'what's the problem?' hello, i'm a 24-year-old man living in daegu. my life is ordinary except for one thing. it's my friend who has a terrible illness. what is the illness? it's the 'mc illness'.

he likes to take charge. we went to eat meat. he was eating well for a while, but suddenly… "ladies and gentlemen!" "attention, everyone. are you tired of" "just eating meat?" what's wrong with you? sit down! is that a gangwon dialect?

(isn't he from daegu?) "i'll start an event for meat." aren't they strangers? yes, customers. "everyone, clap!" then everyone claps. i clapped, too. on the bus on the way home… "isn't it boring to just sit on the bus?"

"thank you for taking bus number 305." "let's play a game of balancing" "without holding the handle!" (surprising and dangerous) he didn't have a drink. it was so embarrassing that i got off at the next stop. that's not all. if things don't look good, then he just starts.

"things seem a bit down." "there's someone here who will bring things up." "he lives and dies for dancing. the dance king!" "choi jindae! give him a round of applause!" is it him? i'm choi jindae. (i'm the dance king?!) i grabbed him by the collar. wake up. what's wrong with you?

"did you just grab my collar?" "this collar…" "how much do you think it is?" he goes on even when we're fighting. what's wrong with him? please fix this. i can't believe the game on the bus. mcs have occupational hazards. we go to church together. people pray out loud.

her son was in the 12th grade and had an exam. "he did his best. he worked hard for a year." "it's your turn!" all of a sudden. god, tell me! god's decision is? if you love my son, press the button! let's meet him. come on out! (who is suffering because his friend

always acts like an mc?) (choi jindae) how does he act like an mc? we read your concern, but tell us. he gets everyone's attention by saying ladies and gentlemen! he starts events like that. if we go for hamburgers, he walks up to a woman and says max-ham-many.

max-ham-many. how many hamburgers maximum? he starts a conversation like that and gives prizes. the store lets him do that? i think he asks for approval ahead of time. did he ask the bus driver if you could play the game? it's dangerous. people could get injured. what is that?

i think he would be a fun person. i'm pretty shy. oh, you get embarrassed. i thought a lot about coming on the show. he gets everyone to applaud saying i dance well. i have to. it's more awkward if i don't. sure, everyone is waiting. i have to dance. i'm not even good.

but i have to dance. he's unique. his concern is about a friend. let's meet the friend. that must be him. (who has the 'mc illness'?) hello! scream! (huh? that's him?) (a surprising appearance) i thought it was the man wearing sunglasses.

why is he sitting there like that? hello, i'm kim chanhui from daegu. he's buried by the sunglasses. he's the owner of the meat place. he's the meat place owner. why do you keep acting like an mc? i always liked to take charge. i went on a 3:3 blind date in high school. i hate the awkward atmosphere.

i asked blood types, ages and what not after that. they really liked it. the response was good. a lot of people want me. you lost your voice from talking so much. i yelled a lot yesterday. it's because he talks a lot. you're like an mc on blind dates? yes, i go to do that. i'm happy if my friends find new love.

you like doing that more than meeting a woman? you never met anyone while doing that? i did a few times. some women might like that. the love it. six out of ten like it. the other four frown a bit. or they glare at me. a lot of people tell me to be quiet. i focus more on people like that.

you try to be funnier. you have to beat them? yes, i get greedy. i think the store owner is funnier. - hello. / - hello. is there a reason you're wearing sunglasses? no, it's just a concept. he must have done that at your store. what was the situation?

i sliced some pork belly. he came up to me. he asked if he could do an event asking how many 1cm slices you could get from one piece. what detail. i didn't say it, but i thought he was crazy. i was surprised, but i thought it could be fun. i was curious, so i told him to do what he wanted. when he started, the atmosphere heightened.

everyone seemed to enjoy it. i have part-time workers. i was willing to pay him double to work for me. he's here because he liked it, but some people must not like it. the bus or… bus drivers hate it. thank you for taking bus number 305. let me tell you who i am.

i'm the bus driver's son. i lie like that. i can see the bus driver glare at me. but that doesn't stop me. (you should stop) let's balance without holding the handle! does anyone participate? about two. who are they?

you should have brought them. i demonstrate first. then i present a prize with my own money. i give the driver $5. do you carry prizes around since you might need them at any time? pretty much. (he's unnecessarily prepared well) he sent a concern because

you keep getting him involved. he's my closest friend. if i make him, he dances with passion. he could be my assisting mc. he's very passionate. he's passionate? you said you weren't good and you were shy. no, no. that's what he thinks. i don't enjoy it.

don't you want to see him dance? (that's how it was going to end up) here is the dance king, choi jindae! (ah…) (embarrassed) (twist, shake) (i saw that somewhere) (he has the eyes of a dance king) (show us a bit more)

(he dances again) (he's diligent, but…) (effort isn't good enough) (it's 0% fatal) he's really terrible. he's not good. but you seem to enjoy it. he makes me do it so much. i hated it most when… - a woman? / - there was someone i liked.

we went to eat. we ran into her by chance. - the woman you liked? / - yes. he promised he wouldn't do it. but he suddenly made me. i wasn't going to, but everyone was waiting. he said she would fall for me if i did. not with that dance. i danced. she laughed and cut off all contact. yeah, that dance wouldn't do it.

did you ever really punch him? i'd like to, but i'll lose. you'll lose? he looks strong. (i feel smaller) did you know the woman left? yes, i did. you must have felt sorry. did you apologize? my friend, there are a lot of women.

you're still young, you'll meet someone. i comforted him like that. no. i was dumped 2 years ago. why were you dumped? for talking too much. (we can understand) she said i wasn't sincere at all. that's true. you have to meet a girlfriend.

did you think about talking less? not yet. being an mc is more fun than dating. it's a fun experience. some friends are here. hello. you had a hard time because of this, too, right? it's very excessive. when was it tough? the tram started running in daegu.

he started again. like always, he started with ladies and gentlemen. he asked what station the most people would get off at. i hated it. i hate it. i hate him. does he make you dance? did you dance? what about the other friend?

it's the same for all of chanhui's friends. you all danced? everyone did at least once. - did you dance, too? / - yes. did you take recreation lessons? no. i watched show programs and take notes of good ad libs by mcs. i memorized them. do you have a role model?

dongyeop's rival, yu jaeseok. (he looks unaffected) you should be a comedian then. i don't care about comedy. it's just fun to be an mc. were you ever an mc in front of such a large audience? you have a mic. you want to, don't you?

yes, i do. come out and try it. (i'm sick of it) (this is so exciting) face the audience and start an event. this is the last concern. hang in there. ladies and gentlemen! we will start the first dance competition on "hello counselor".

please give a huge round of applause. if you think you have talent or your friend has talent at dancing, raise your hand. i knew nobody would. so i prepared something else. he can break dance. he can… (i have a bad feeling) (please don't let it be me) a dancing machine, a rising dancer.

(who is the dance king today?) jindae, jindae, choi jindae! (he accepts fate / relieved) give him some music! (how should i dance this time?) with passion! (full of passion, the disco) (the nice idols respond) now for the next person.

(what?!) psy's daddy dance is hot these days. forget about world star psy! he can dance. he has strong thighs! kang byeongeon! (please don't) (come on out) he's coming. he comes when he's called.

(it's like a magic spell) wow! please give him a round of applause! (the music plays…) (should i do it?) (he becomes a different person) (since i'm doing it anyway) (who is he?) (why do i have to do this again?)

(he's good) i have strong thighs. i have nice thighs. he's good! (what puppets) okay. thank you. (that was fun) he's good. there's something i want to ask him.

did you ever practice just in case? yes. oh, what am i saying? (he wanted to do a good job) you seem to be enjoying it. me? not at all. come on! (keep continuing to do well) is there anything that worries you?

he's a bit slow. he shouldn't if we tell him not to. we got into a fight at a bar. someone said they didn't like it. he continued and we ended up at the police station. - what? / - the police station? did he act like an mc there, too? (he wouldn't…)

he started acting like an mc there. - really? / - tell us about that. i was curious what would happen. welcome to the police station. let's meet some special k-cops. how long did you work here? did he answer? no, he said to quietly write my statement. that must have been embarrassing.

i was there. he started an event. he asked the woman how many men she dated. he asked about her boyfriend's faults, too. the boyfriend got mad. he punched him. $100, $200, $300, maximum $400. an agreement has been reached! he said that.

he does that all the time, so i'm worried. the most important character of an mc is to know the mood. he has no sense. everyone should enjoy it, but you were the only one who got excited. since i had that experience, it won't happen again. such new experiences are helpful for me. it has to get that far for you to know?

there must be something you really want. i rely on him a lot when things get tough. i talk to him about family problems, but he uses that for events, too. i wish he'd be a bit more serious. it's really upsetting when he does that. you did an event with that? that wasn't my intention. he was having such a hard time.

i wanted to show him everyone suffered like that. we were at a restaurant. what did you say? show us. okay. with his family problems. hello, everyone. let's play a simple game of truth. if you think it's no big deal, raise your glass.

four people raised their glasses. i told him see? it's no big deal. it was personal and it was a concern for him. you must have felt hurt in that moment. i wondered if he was a true friend. is this a concern or not? he's sincere about his dream. stop. say something to your friend.

i won't make you sing or dance anymore. it's boring, so practice voice imitations. since we're on tv now, i'd like to do a national tour with you. i hope our friendship lasts forever. thanks! (it's going to be hard to fix) show us the result! (what is the result?)

oh? it's three digits? (who is today's winner?) is it three digits? (eliminated) thank you. 'how that man loves' is the new winner. she receives a prize worth $1,000. until the day korea has no more concerns,

"hello counselor" is here to help. thank you! ("you are the best" / mamamoo) ("sympathy" / jung joonyoung / feat. suh youngeun)

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