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Thursday, November 17, 2016

dog dna test

♪♪♪ ♪ got a head of fiery hair ♪ ♪ and a turbo-charged backpack ♪ ♪ his genius sisters use himlike a lab rat ♪ ♪ a neat freak dad at home ♪ ♪ a super busy mom ♪ ♪ the boy's best friendis a talking dog ♪ ♪ talking dog ♪ that's right!

♪ three extreme teensand an air-breathing shark ♪ ♪ mega action game-controller,skating in the park ♪ ♪ a pharabooster,bling bling ♪ ♪ what do we make of this? ♪ ♪ johnny test! ♪ ♪ this is the life of a boynamed johnny test! ♪ (fireworks whistleand explode) (birds chirp) (alarm blares,rooster crows)

(sighs) it's another freakishlyawesome day of summer vacation. (laughs) what should we dowith all this freedom? surfboards or skateboards? both. water balloonsor water cannons? pirates or ninjas?

um... both! (laughing) hazah! ha, ha, yarrr! yarrr!hazah! yarrr! matey! (pretend fighting grunts) (knock on door) johnny...

woof. you can throw all thoseold clothes out, johnny. i bought you brand-newstuff for school tomorrow. wait!what school when what? (bell rings, shriek) school starts...tomorrow. noooooooo! (birds crow) just one dayof summer left.

then it's back to prison. don't you mean school? back to quizzes and booksand studying and tests and teachers and quizzesand studying followed by other testsand... nooooo- dukey:we heard youthe first time. just one more dayand it's back to quizzes and books and studying... and tests and teachers...

both:yes! and this is going to bethe best school year ever because of the time-stoppingstopwatch. mary:utilizing the principalsof randomized chaos theory, the gears inside this watchbring order to chaos and stop time. susan:with it, we can take evenlonger study breaks to come up with the perfectthings to say to gil. (in love moan)

we have been strikingout lately. hi girls i've neverseen before. (moans)make mouth move,think say. i like soup! darn it!if only we had more time! oh yeah,that's all you needed. how'd you sneak in here? i hacked into the mainframe, reversed polarityon the electro-

you left the door open. yeah,there was also that. (gasp)sweet watch! what's it do? susan:with just one click you and whoeveryou're touching can stop time. mary:and no, little brother,you can't have it. that's cool 'cuz i don't needsome dumb watch to stop time,

make summer longer, and never have to goto school again- gil! what happenedto your pants? susan and mary:gil?! ha! coooool. oh, i should've beentouching him so he didn'tget time stopped. c'mon, pooch.

(energy hums) ooh. huh?wait, johnny! stop him! the watch! johnny:oh, this is gonna be gooood! dukey:yeah, i'm not sure- agh! this is all too weird,johnny. more like too awesome!

infinite summerequals infinite freedom. what should we do now,best bud? run thru sprinklers? or have a snacky-snack? dukey:okay, i thinkwe're a safe distance from your genius sisters now. johnny:what are you doing?! if time moves:summer ends. if summer ends:i gotta go back to school!

may i reiteratefrom previous lectures that schoolis a good thing, johnny. uh, i don't likewhere this is going. and there is no way any nothing goodcan come from this watch. ah, that's too bad, because with justone click... you can sniff all the buttsin town. oh, you play dirty,johnny.

whooo!and i like it! i'm in! (dogs bark, dukey laughs) i've waited two sweaty hoursto get this ice cream. sweat no more, sir! i've got a full crateof ice cream to cool you off. ooh,they have my favourite. one of everything!heh-heh. johnny:little somethingfor your troubles.

uh-oh.out of ice cream. no, ice cream? hey everyone,he's out of ice cream! (angry mob shouts) ice cream vendor:ahh! (truck roars) it's gonna be a good timestopping day. (chickens cluck) too young for this movie.

too young for this movie.too young for this- aye! (wide-eyed and scared mumbling) we were too youngfor this movie. my eyes are too scaredto see! johnny:they say it's impossibleto win the grand prize. dukey:oh, you mean that sweetclown costume? everyone loves a clown! no. no they don't.

i'm winning us those twomotorized super scooters. super scootersare nice too. (bells ding) (winning bells ding) jackpot! live fastand ride free dog! (laughing)whooohhoooo! gimme your tokens,little kids. (squeal to a halt)

stealing from little kids,not on my watch. (kids laugh hysterically) bumper:w-what are youall laughing at? ahhhhh! i'm telling my mom! time-stopping stopwatch - (kiss)i love you! okay.i'm bored. what else can we dowith this thing?

okay.lawn is mowed, and now it's time to pop-in this taste-tastic super loafinto the oven. (deep inhale and exhale) huh?(sniffs) what's that? now i could have sworn i...oh well, back you go! ha ha ha!

(sniffs) now i know i just put youin there, little fella. wouldn't want you toget cold, after all. this loaf has a mindof its own! hm? ahhhhhh! (johnny and dukeystifle their laughter) time-stop watchfreaking dad is fun. dad:i caught ya! aghhhhhhhh!

johnny - the watch!it's smashed! nah,it's just a scratch. this stopwatch is too toughto stop working, aren't ya, (nervous whimper) (click, click)dad! dad! hello! dad! the watch is broken! we can figure this out, it's not a big deal.

(smashes cymbals) not a big deal?! your dad's frozen. that means no dinner! you mean,no meatloaf? hmm.i'm good with that. the sun's frozen. that means no sleep! sleep is overrated.

the tv is frozen. which that means no tvor video games! johnny:nooooo! you really need somenew material. i got the endless summeri always wanted, but it's become a tv andvideogame free nightmare. i think this is the definitionof irony. what's irony? fix the watch,go to school

and maybe you'll learn it. it. i've got a plan. help!helllp us please! please helllllp me!please! tell methat's not plan 'a'. no.this was plan 'a'. (smashing) (crickets chirp)

dukeyyou just had to goand mess with time! the first thing theyteach you in school is don't mess withtime-stopping watches. no, they don't. and i don't remember youtrying to stop me while you were sniffingall the butts in town! we need to stop worryingabout who sniffed what and fix this watch. okay, okay.

the watch's handsare stopped, so all we have to do isget them moving again, right? well, it doesn't necessarilysound wrong. johnny:the hands won't budge. pull, pull! (effort grunts) it's moving,it's moving! um, johnny.which way did you pull? i dunno, why?

dukey:cuz everything's goingbackwards! dukey:look out! whoa! aghhhhh! time won't stop runningbackwards! if we don't stop it, we'll go all the way backto the to the paleozoic era where we'll get eatenby mega-toothed giant lizards! what's the paleozoic era?

if you were back in school,you'd- yeah, i'm not the only onewho needs new material. we're running out of options. this is chaos! chaos. that's it! the girls built the watchusing randomized chaos theory. so maybe we can fix itusing randomized chaos - like this. works for me.

by the way,how'd you know that theory? i just thought of itrandomly. now hold on to your butt,dog! random! random!random! random! random! random! (lasers fizzle) dukey:whaddaya know, randomly shooting abunch of random rays at it randomly worked.

and in school tomorrowi'll learn why. johnny:yeah, that's cool 'cuzi don't want it. summer vacationcan't end soon enough. both:who are you?! dad:kids, dinner's ready! come and getyour meatloaf! all:meatloaf! ewwww! he's out of ice cream...again! vendor:aghhhhhhh!

nothing like a littleice cream dinner on the last day of summer. susan and mary:to summer vacation! (cheering, laughing) (monster roars on tv) crowd:(panicked screaming) (gasps) uh, should you bewatching this? well, mom and dad didn'tblock this channel so...

heck yeah!we should! hank anchorman:hank anchorman here... interrupting a movieyou shouldn't be watching to report there's a giantrobotic metal mean thing terrorizing porkbelly! (panicked screaming) (screams) okay,i had nothing to do with that. i am see me, right?

i can vouch for you,yes. what is going on?! mary:okay. we had nothingto do with that. susan:we were here, innocently developing atempo-paralysis-memory eraser. mom and dad:what did you do now?! all:we're innocent! if you think for one secondthat we believe you had nothing to dowith this... zzzzap!

johnny:cool. the tempo-paraly-thingyworks. but how do you un-do it? mary:we'll figure it out later. but first we have to savethe town. johnny:what? no.we didn't cause this. dukey:and hello.we were busy. with things that are notsaving-town related. susan:yeah, well we causeda lot of other mayhem and we owe it to the town.

forget it! dukey:i hate this part. (zzaap)aaaahahahaha! johnny xand super pooch away! hank anchorman:wait! it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a super bullet boytype thing... johnny:who the heck is that? (explosion)kaboom!

hank anchorman:unbelievable - the super bullet boything has saved the town. don't worry porkbelly if there's trouble about, just give boy dronemodel x714g - a shout. johnny:who the heck is that?! susan and mary:boy drone model x714g?! general:here's the deal.

johnny, and his secret heroidentity johnny x, is basically unreliableand unstable. so we have created our ownsuperboy to save the day because johnny xand super pooch can't. hey, i'm reliable. general:really, roll the unreliablevideo tape. (click) what are you doing? it's terrorizing the city.

i need nourishmentand this new red gush plus replaces the fluidsi lose in battle! hurry! don't rush me! general:and boy drone model x714g does not need red gushor chips to save the city 'cuz he runs on proton-cadsuper cells. susan:for your information, johnny x is fashionedwith the latest in dna

and molecular enhancements. and he can power poot. (farts) johnnyoops. my bad. general(laughs) are you saying, johnny x is a better herothan boy drone x? susan and mary:we're saying - yeah. johnny:okay, let's not get carriedaway here,

which you all knowwe can do. announcer:it's the x hero factor! (crowd cheers) two super powered teamsagree to test their super heroic pre-teens to see who hasthat x factor. (scoffs) and he saidnot to get carried away! announcer:and three super star judges who will vote which x heroshould protect the skies...

the mayor, speed mccool, and pretty choreographer lady. and it's all brought to youby red gush plus. the plus is electrolyteswhich does stuff and things. first up our heroeswill face off in the x singand dance off! johnny:the x what and what off? (hip hop beat plays) (rapping)♪ i got the thing you want, ♪

♪ and that thing is x ♪ ♪ the one boy herothat can truly protect ♪ ♪ i save you from monsters ♪ ♪ and crime on the streets ♪ ♪ and do it allwith my fresh rhyming beats! ♪ yeah! pretty lady:boy drone x clearly has music running throughhis circuit board, but now it's johnny's turn.

(dukey beat boxes) (raps)♪ if you're ever in trouble,call johnny on the double, ♪ ♪ i'll pull youfrom the rubble ♪ ♪ and what elserhymes with ubble - whoa! ♪ (howls) (jeering) (disappointed groans) the mayor:wow, johnny x was... bad. let's hope he does betterin the hand to hand

combat challenge. susan:just blast himwith power poots. it is truly your weapon. mary:just melt the x jerk's circuits and prove that the tests rule. (ding) (rocket booster whooshes) (straining grunts) whahhhhhhh!

in our last contest, our heroes have to chase downa runaway missile, dismantle it and stop itfrom destroying a fake city. the mayor:this should really determine who truly has the x herofactor. (missiles whoosh) boy drone away! super pooch away! ow, don't jump so hard?

choreographer lady:as you can see, boy drone x has rocket feet and johnny x needsan ugly dog to fly. dukey:i heard that! now let's stopthat rocket! (laser hums) the mayor:wow! boy drone x blew upthe missile before it reached the city. he might be the perfect boywho's not a boy,

but a boy drone who might bethe perfect not real boy. dukey:use your laser eyes. i don't have laser eyes? then use your shape-shiftingpowers. johnny:how does me as a lionstop a missile. (watch rings)pull the coveroff the missile, disconnect the wiresand dismantle the war-head. johnnyhah, this will be easy! mary:now slowly pull outthe blue wire.

yeah, that's not good. whoaaaaa! (explosion) boy drone model x714g wins. susan:i can't believe we lostto the general and black and white. i can't believe no morestretchy costumes. (sniffles) yes, i liked the costumes!

and no more lighting thingswith my butt. but the good news is, no more general,black and white screaming for us to savetheir butts when they mess up. they are probablyhaving a blast with boy dronemodel x714g right now and gloatingthat they beat us. mr. black:ha ha! we finally beatthe test sisters! general:it was a kinda embarrassingrelying on teenage girls

and a wild 11-year-oldfor our defense. but now we have an evenbetter boy! and a year's supplyof red gush plus. score! (fizzles) turbo missile modeactivated - target porkbelly. pawhoosh! general:yeah, that doesn't surprise me. all:come in test kids.

repeat -come in test kids. johnny:why? did you call us upto gloat? mr. black:no we called to say. heeeelp! we were toastingour victory with red gush... when boy drone model x714g uh, sorta turned intoa deadly missile and is heading downtownto well, (nervous chuckle) what's the word -destroy it.

susan:you didn't water proof him and the wetness shortedits circuit board. general:yeah, that sounds about right. let's save the day! we have to dismantlethe missile like we failed to doin the competition. dukey:uh-huh, yeah.but how do we do that? i don't know. i still don't know!

i've never seensuch bravery, but let's face it... we're all doomed if we don'tget out of here fast. susan:okay, this time start slowlywith the blue wire. (whooshes) (alarm blares)yeah, that didn't work. mary:okay, um... yeah, we got nothing. dukey:wait. i know what to do.

ahhhhhh! that's not helping! well, either is johnny x. what's your plan super hero, sit and blow power poots into it and possiblyresodder his circuit board to repair the red gush damage? start pootin', boy! black and white:ah, what's he doing?

both:he's power pooting! general:i did not need to see that. dukey:hurry johnny! (loud fart) (metal clinks) i'm okay. johnny x savedthe day again! (cheering) johnny x:the town is safe and secure,general.

thanks to usand not this! general:i'm sorry, johnny. you really do havethe x hero factor. and that is,amazing sisters, a brave poochand a butt that blows fire. dukey:still, i feel we forgotsomething. susan: (gasp)oh, right mom and dad. i can't get itin reverse. well, did you trythe red button?

how about the blue wire? general:come on, we just savedthe town, we can figure this out. should johnnypower poot them? all:noooooo!

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