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Thursday, December 1, 2016

dog house heater

(previously...) i guess 3 birds are out of the picture. i'll kill 2 birds, chairman. if we kill you, yang duhui will like it. it'll be one less person who knows his secret. you'll never get the answer that you want. but i already did. tell me who gave you the order. yang duhui. your hunting dog just bit you.

hwang mijin is gone. what? the detective on duty handed her over to the doctor, but they both disappeared. get a photo composite of hwang mijin's doctor. it'll be perfect if we can find hwang mijin. did you see professor hwang die? i buried her.

i heard that you found the gold with professor hwang. would you like to finish the job? (previously...) if my father did something wrong, he should be punished. if i did something wrong, i should give up my candidacy. politics is about honor, not power. i will give up my candidacy.

dig through my father's past. we can do it. cover them! blood... i'm on the escalator right now. my revenge ends when the truth comes out. you and your truth... your grandfather said, "let's bury them." in the end, both your grandfather

and i have committed the same crime. don't say that! do you want me to tell you an interesting story? (episode 18) people thought that napoleon was 157 cm tall. but when they did an autopsy on his body, he was 167 cm. there's a theory that people mistook the 5.2 pied in french measurement

as the english foot and took 10 cm off. no one knows whether napoleon was short or not. maybe the essence of history is to keep guessing without really knowing the truth. just as no one knows whether your grandfather stole the gold or not. i'm saying that yang duhui may be wrong. are you trying to make me feel better?

i don't do that stuff. then are you persuading me? i don't persuade unless i'm getting paid. then are you deducing? no. i'm asking you. why did you do that? why did you start crying instead of reasoning with him?

i couldn't stop wondering. why did grandpa leave the gold alone for such a long time? why did yang duhui wait so long before he started killing people? the more i thought about it, the more i didn't like my conclusion. that your grandfather might be a criminal too? you jerk.

you shouldn't say it out loud. do you have a logical guess as to why he might not be a criminal? i don't have one. yang duhui might be lying. i wish he was lying. because if he's telling the truth, i can't do anything. that puts my entire life in a new perspective.

did my parents know about this? how about my aunt and uncle? since they didn't tell you, they probably didn't know. maybe they knew. even my aunt and uncle didn't give me the bank note. they tried to hold onto it even when they died. they probably couldn't tell me

because i was family. there's nothing special about family. when they do well, you get jealous. when they do badly, you feel bad. maybe for you. they all went out to make money. my mother was a notorious smuggler in namdaemun. my father was a notorious town drunk.

i was always alone, but i got a lot of allowance. whenever my mom asked me, how much money do you want? i said, "as much as you love me!" that's when i realized that my mother's love for me equals $10 a day. that was a lot of money. all the kids wanted to be with me.

that's when i learned the power of money. my father died in some kind of rehab for alcoholics. my mom was... stabbed to death while trying to get back the money someone ripped off her. she fought for $2,500. that was a lot of money for my mom. that was enough money to love me for 250 days.

did you find the killer? i reported him to the police, but they couldn't find him for over a year. but nakamura found him in just 2 months. you mean that pi from japan? my office used to be nakamura's korean branch. i thought being a pi was so cool. i wanted to be like nakamura too. just because your grandfather committed

a crime doesn't make you a criminal. but if you keep your silence in fear of revealing the truth, that's a crime. think about what you're scared of. is it the crime that your grandfather committed, or the crime you'll commit in the future. isn't this place expensive? it's okay. i ordered cheap stuff. let's start with this.

we'll look through the employee database from yang duhui's old company and then look through yang yeongjun's people. since yang duhui retired, he might've used yang yeongjun's people. okay. i got a call from detective choi. she's going to interview the victim tomorrow. we'll arrest him first and then continue

after we find hwang mijin's body. but this cheap wine isn't good. that's actually the most expensive wine in this place. do you think i'll order cheap stuff on my first time here with you? are you making fun of me? would you like it if two unemployed people came and ordered expensive stuff? why do you think i won't like that?

do you like it or not? i don't know. is that a no? do you really want to know how i feel? not really. this is a list of people who were fired from yang duhui's company. they all harbor resentment towards yang duhui. if we go through them, the word won't get out.

i'll look through yang yeongjun's people. how are we going to meet all these people? do you want to make a toast before we begin, or just get to work? what can i say? let's make a toast first. this is the hotel cctv from that day. - do you want to see it? / - no. this is the victim's testimony.

you know who kai is, right? this is the doctor's note. this is the knife with your fingerprints. the knife and the victim's wound match. this is an evidence spree. i can just pick and choose. i'd like to make a phone call. you've used your right to remain silent all this time. seal the document with your thumb,

and i'll give you that phone call. this is illegal. you won't even give me a phone call? do you think attempted murder is legal? i don't have a passport, but i'm a good citizen. i've done a lot of work for this country. i want my phone call. tear as much as you want. we made enough copies.

we buy the papers with the tax money you pay. you can't get a phone call before you seal this with your thumb. that looks like a lot of work. if you tear everything at once, i'll let you call. you're interfering with a government official in the execution of her duties. how dare you!

you're also committing an act of violence. do you know who i am? no, right? then bring your chair and sit down! one phone call from me, and you can get fired. i hope my son doesn't turn out like you. do you want to bet? if you can't get me fired after

one phone call, i'll hit you. i'll just hit you once. that's it. and what if you lose? what do you think i'll do to the person who got me fired? hello? is this the chairman's phone? he's in a meeting. who is this? it's me. put him on the line.

who are you? i'm dr. lee. dr. lee? who is that? what are you doing? tell the chairman that it's just a misunderstanding. tell him that the pi played a trick on him. what pi? what are you talking about? do you want to die?

i couldn't even get a passport because of my work for the chairman. tell him that i'm not dying alone. where are you? i'm at the police station. if there's a detective with you, i'd like to speak with the detective. let's listen to it together and see what the result is.

who is this? this is the police. i don't know who is calling, but don't call us over something like this. if this happens again, i'm going to file a complaint. okay, i'm sorry. can i continue interrogating him? why are you asking me that?

that's the police's job. thank you. hello? hello? chairman! chairman! we made a bet, right? come here. contact dr. lee discreetly. tell him that he'll be able to retire after he stays in there for 3 years. yes, sir.

how does it feel to get backstabbed? you don't have to carry the entire burden. just confess. i'll get about 3~5 years. just tell me who gave you the order. if you do, your sentence will get cut down. this is life. i got backstabbed, but i still have to trust him. i'll seal it.

this is how i'm going to save for my retirement. good morning. how is your wound? it hurts like mother, but i'm keeping it inside. you can show that you're in pain. do you feel better now? no, maybe this wound will never be healed. but? i feel pathetic showing this side to you.

i said that there won't be a future if we don't remember and take responsibility, but now that this is my problem, i don't even want to remember. i like how you're being honest. you don't have to pretend to be strong. let's eat. i'm hungry. what would you like to eat? come on in.

what did you order? i didn't order anything. why? i don't know what you like. raw fish, live octopus, hairy pork, and beef tongue. i can eat everything except those. we still don't know a lot about each other. what do you like?

me? i like something that's as refreshing as the winds of a fjord and the waters of lake wakatipu. is it kimchi stew? i love it! should we just stop now? if it's hard for you. what about you? you're on the wanted list.

you don't have to worry about that. that's my problem. i want to send the gold to the bank of korea. it belongs there. the reporters will come. i'll just tell them. things would be easier if i recorded yesterday's conversation, but it's okay. i think that's enough to strike a blow at yang duhui. i recorded everything.

when? did you attach something on me? i sat behind you yesterday. you can hold onto this and decide whether you want to tell the world or keep it a secret. i already made up my mind. you probably won't be able to use it as evidence. why? he confessed everything. yang duhui is smarter than he seems.

he didn't say that he killed him. yes, he did. he said that he killed grandpa. try to remember what he said. that's why i killed him. i killed your grandfather's greed with my own greed. he said that he killed your grandfather's greed. he won't be charged for murder. even if he does, the statute of limitations is over.

he won't be punished. the law won't punish him, but the people will. they won't forgive him for staying rich or let his son stay in politics. of course, i won't be able to live in korea either. do you want to make porridge? excuse me! can you heat this up? okay! but even so, i won't be able to take you

off the wanted list. probably not. you must hate me for being selfish. if i hated you, i wouldn't have come this far. then did you come this far because i'm pretty? no, you were the only client who wasn't after money. yet you paid the highest fee.

you ripped me off. you seemed rich. i'm sorry about kevin, how i used him to make you take this job. but i'll be your good friend until you're taken off the wanted list. a man and a woman can't be friends. then... i'll be a good client.

excuse me! heat this up for us! by the way, where's the gold? people need to be clean. look who we have here! it's james bong. i heard that you found the painting. you should go back. then why are you still in korea? i had fish sprinkled with gold powder today for lunch.

golden fish. it was... it was awesome. don't even talk about gold! you've backstabbed me once. i can't trust the iapi. that gold is worth at least $10 million. i would backstab you a thousand times if i have to. you can't share $10 million. that's just wrong. at least i don't betray my colleague for money.

i betray my colleague for money. if i betray him for any other reason, then that'll make me a bad person. did you even see the gold? yes... but it disappeared right in front of my eyes. where's the gold? it's not in this office. i can tell you that. the gold is in the office?

that's why we're going to the office. where in the office? james and nakamura are probably at the office right now. it doesn't matter. yes, it does. those guys are vicious. no one will be able to find it. where in the office did you put it?

it's not in this office. then where is it? you can't leave korea because you want to find it. then what should we do together? nothing. we can't do anything together. never! this is why i love you. then let's each look for the fruit,

but don't touch the fruit. don't beg me for some of that fruit. you'd better not touch my food. my gang is very scary. it's over for this office. jiwoo will wander without a home until he has no choice but to sell a gold bar. and that's when i'll come in. let's each take a pick. i'll take jiwoo.

i'll take jiwoo. we can't share him. give up on him, unless you want my gang to shoot you in shibuya. all right then. i'll just go after jini. i think this will be good. postpone the meeting. you've already postponed it for too long. have you heard from nakamura?

don't schedule any public events for now. first things first. do you have anyone you can trust? i'm sorry. professor hwang hired everyone. hwang mijin was a good worker. leave her alone. you don't seem to be doing well. you're still alive. thank you for taking interest in someone

as petty as i am. not everything that is petty can be overlooked. a bear can die from a fishbone. i have something to tell you. it's important. i apologize for not finishing the job. i see. i fell in love with kai. i was worried, but i didn't know someone as cold and smart as you are would do that.

i'm sorry. it's too late now. kai now has poor judgment. he'll do anything to save jini. but no matter what he does, he won't be able to beat you. you've figured that out too late. he seemed like such a fool that i told him that love isn't sacrifice.

what's your point? maybe i'm an even bigger fool. i'm here to kill you. if you die, kai will live. you... hey! did kai tell you to kill me? this was my idea. how could you?

please don't kill kai. get that out of here! if you don't stop, then i won't stop even after i die. today's press conference is important. include in the speech that we'll stick to the principle and that the candidates won't make any deals with one another. as for the reporters... i never thought i'd see you again.

i met my father like you asked. he admitted to preferential treatment and privilege. i told him not to do it. he said that he doesn't know who jini is. i'll continue. he said that he doesn't know her, but i investigated on my own. she's the granddaughter of a man named jin junggil who received

a medal with my father. and the gold, the events surrounding the gold, and the murder... look, i have a plan of my own too. can't you wait just a few more days? i need some time to take care of this too. no, that's not how i do politics. i'm going to take this head on. i won't forgive him just because he's my father.

i'll take care of everything. please wait a few more days. are you really going to do that? come in. calm down. they're the prosecutors. they'll help you. we're the prosecutors. come with us. i'm trying to protect you. please trust me. escort him.

let's go. where's father? all right. tell him that i'm on my way to meet him. he couldn't sell the gold in the market. everyone thought that the us and the north each took half. i sold the gold through my friend in japan, but your grandfather didn't have an outlet.

he buried the gold and made his money during the currency reform with the bank notes. don't make up stories because no one else is alive. that's an even bigger crime. the crime was committed a long time ago. only the beneficiaries are left. the gold was very useful.

i was able to open any business and buy anyone. boss! boss! i told you to guard this place well. we moved the hard drive and the important equipments. be quiet! hey there, jiwoo. how dare you use me! just open your own office in korea.

how can you mooch and not pay rent? jiwoo! you're always talking about money! if you got what you wanted, then leave. at least pay me the cost to repair the painting! wire him the money! according to international standards! yes, sir. i'll go to the bank. i'll go with you. i don't have the gold.

jiwoo, stop talking about the gold. from now on, i forbid you from saying or doing anything regarding the gold. i came here for only one reason. pi code 11: when a pi is found to be doing his job through unethical or illegal means, his fellow pi is to file a report to the iapi, but not to the police. but you reported me to the police.

you even framed me. the wapi cannot forgive such an act done to a fellow pi as well! what about spraying sleeping gas and stealing his data? that's even worse! let's say that i reported you to the police. but i know that you're capable of getting out of that.

then why did you do it? didn't you hear what i said? are you deaf? oh, the sleeping gas. why did you do that for? james, don't dig any deeper. i am now about to break the pi code 12. if you do, it's over. it's already over between us. what's code 12?

our code 12 is the client's fee must not exceed 300% of the wapi's set amount. code 12: one must never disclose the office of a fellow member. from now on, you'll never be able to own a private office. i'm going to follow you to the ends of the earth and report it to the police. if i press send, a text will be sent to the police.

wait! i heard that you solved jiwoo's mother's murder case. jiwoo wanted to be like you. jiwoo? you? yes, he said that he wanted to be a pi like nakamura. what? i thought you wanted to be like me. jiwoo, did you really say that?

i was very young at the time. that's right. even sherlock holmes can't measure up to me. father, did you do it for me? what are you talking about? did you kill people because they might prevent me from becoming the president? where did you hear that? i told you not to listen to those people.

i've turned you into a murderer. who is confusing you? did you see kai again? i heard the conversation you had with jini yesterday. how? i'm your son. i need to know what kind of a person my father is in order to teach my son. no, what you heard is not true. it's not true.

it's over now. i came this far because i didn't compromise with anyone. i stood up against the party's leaders to bring reform and true politics. but it's over now. i can't send you to court or cover for you. defending you is a crime. not defending you is a moral sin.

what am i supposed to do? it'll be over soon. you just need to do your part, and i'll do my part. that's the way it should be. history will not forgive this. who is history? i'm history! from now on, history will be yours! it's ours!

please don't make that kind of a history. i'll carry the weight of your sins. please stop now. i can't do that. if you don't stop now, i'll stop. i'd rather die than see you do that. since you started this for me, i should die. (gangnam-gu cheongdam-dong 2010-9 trump building #29)

we're almost done. we'll be done in a day. we might even finish tonight. you know that jiwoo is on the wanted list. if the police get here, he'll have nowhere to go. i'm sorry, but this is my case. i have to do whatever my client says. jiwoo... run away. i pressed the button.

i'll make you pay for this. yes, that's the spirit. to where? we're running away. you're a scary man. you saw that too, right? he left without reserve. that means the gold isn't in this office. he'll approach the gold sometime later.

then i should get going. - wangpo! / - yes. hurry. jiwoo, a sure enemy is better than a vague friend. it'll be over in a day, but you couldn't wait. get up. father. do you want me to die?

in that case, i'll die too. do you want me to leave the country? so that's what you want. i'll take care of the rest. how? with what means? i'll do it my way. tell me now if you're going to run for the candidacy. if you give up, i'm going to die.

i'll get going. it's me. yes, chairman? i'll send the pi's office address. clean it up. yes, chairman. i won't be asking you for any more favors after this. you know what i mean, right? it's okay. you can ask for more.

thanks. i'm counting on you. manager baek! yes? call up the officers. where are we going? here. did you make any progress? yes. what about you?

i got this. what's that? how come you don't know? yang yeongjun listened to this and destroyed it. are you crazy? do you know who he is? don't spy on the politicians! he listened to this right after meeting kai. is this repairable? it'll be hard.

let's try. you know the experts in this field, right? yes, although they're on ex-convicts. put it back together. what about the facial composite? that too. do you want to rent an office? this is too tiring. detective do!

what are you doing? there are people here! stay still. so what if they look? we won't even get fined for this. that hurts! it's supposed to hurt. - does it smell? / - yes. does it smell a lot? yes.

did you give foot massages to all the women you've been with? you're the second one. who was the first? was she your first love? you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. it was my mom. yeah, right. you've driven on the freeway, right?

after a while, i find myself driving in the fog. it seems like it'll never end, but the road clears up before i know it. let's hang in there. we got one person. do you want to go on a trip after we're done? somewhere that's not foggy? i wonder why we don't have a house. you don't have a house? i was renting a place, but i ran away

before i went to japan. i used to have a house, but i can't go back there since i ran from the police. let's sleep here tonight and go to the bank of korea tomorrow. let's call the press too. why don't we keep one gold bar just in case? it belongs to the bank of korea. you can't trust the bank.

do you trust me? then i'll take care of it. you can't come to the press conference because the police will be there. i'll have to do this on my own. i want to help you carry it because it's heavy. i have a way. who? i'll call you back after i think about it.

who was that? yang yeongjun. yang yeongjun? he wants to meet me, just the two of us. you almost ruined everything. it's already been ruined. shut up and listen to me. we are... listen up. they're not prosecutors.

hwang mijin... she's alive. i'll tell you everything. so stop getting in our way. who are you guys? we're a lot like you. we need to eliminate yang duhui too. so stop messing with us. just stay put. where to? to meet professor hwang mijin.

you can go now. for my country and my people. i'm yang yeongjun. did you come by yourself? i didn't, because i don't trust you guys. nice to meet you. i'm yang yeongjun. i recently found out about my father. i'm sorry. i don't want your apology. i know that my apology won't make up

for what happened. i heard the conversation you had with my father that day. i think we need to mend what the past generation did. we already made a decision. i'm going to return the gold to the bank of korea tomorrow and hold a press conference.

the people will be the judge. of course, i know that my grandfather and i will be punished as well. i need to be punished as well. why did you ask her to come here? i thought i should apologize. that won't do any good. i know. some things are irreversible,

like what happened to kevin, jang shifu, and jini's family. were you spying on your father? i've been getting some reports lately. so you were spying on him. i needed some time to think. i thought i had accomplished a lot, and that i could do greater things. but once this news gets out,

i won't have a future. that felt like such a waste. i was scared. i understand, but it was built on the wrong ground. i've made up my mind. the truth needs to come out, and history will be the judge. i'm going to hold a press

conference in an hour. i'll make an announcement. i'm going to resign from my candidacy. i'll prepare a press conference for the two of you as well at the same time. the prosecutors and the reporters will be there. please bring the gold and tell them everything. what will happen to yang duhui?

he's probably on his way to the airport right now. so you're going to hide your father and make a compromise? he's an old man. he doesn't have much longer to live. the news of my retirement is enough to make him feel that he lost everything. people died. and yet you want me to end it at that?

i'll take the punishment as his son. i will reveal the truth and serve the community for the rest of my life. please forgive my father. i'm sorry. i ask for your forgiveness. it's not our right to forgive. are you asking me to hide your father's crimes? no, the truth must come out.

by carrying the debt of our past generation, there must be no more killing or revenge. i think that's the way to the future. when is the press conference? it's at 9:20. it'll be televised live. where do we have to go? at my party headquarters' #2 briefing room. i'll give you the address.

i'll be there with the gold. this is a list of the people who will be there. you can invite more if you'd like. (attendees at the candidate's press conference) jini, thank you for giving me a chance. please remember those who died without a chance to live. i'll keep that in mind. the names and their affiliations match.

as a citizen, i'm sad that we're going to lose a good politician like you. i'm not a good politician. search the entire place! maybe he got away. then lie in ambush until we get him. i don't care if it takes a month or a year. i think it's odd that he's too humble and apologetic.

i don't know if i'll be able to seek forgiveness and take responsibility by throwing away everything i've got like what he did. i think we should still doubt him. let's go. it's almost time. you're really going? do you want me to go by myself? if the client asks, we can go anywhere,

even hell. is the press conference ready? did my father leave the country? tell his attendees to take him somewhere safe. he'll never be able to come back to korea. and check if the other team is ready. is that gold? you're petty. let's go inside. they're waiting for us.

i'll help you. like i said before, the primary election is the heart of democracy. i can tell you that no negotiation or compromise was made in this election. the primary election date is coming up. i'd like to make an important announcement. maybe this announcement will be more important than the election.

i will meet harsh criticism because of what i'm about to say. but it's my duty and obligation for the future of our politics. i... i am going to increase the party's membership fee in order to realize true party politics. i'm going to make a clean and healthy party

that runs only on party membership fees. maybe i'm dreaming the impossible dream. get the stuff. i am going to be korea's first presidential candidate who does not receive donations from businesses. this is not the way to the airport. hey. it's plan b.

i think he's yang yeongjun's attendee. he was gone for a while, then he showed up again. do you know who you're up against? everything will be okay. i'm always with you. i thought she was dead. hwang mijin is alive. this is what you have to do. why would we do this? because we want the same thing.

we want to destroy yang duhui. whose idea is this? the old man was too greedy. where is the rest of the gold? why are you so persistent? why is everyone so gold crazy? the gold! you can't trust anyone in this world. come to the party.

you know that i hate parties. plan b. don't trust anyone.

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