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Saturday, November 26, 2016

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live with head held high,my brother... born in the land of telugu,so walk tall among the world... offer prayers with devotion to mother telugufor giving birth and raising you... be proud of this birth... land with three holy lingamsand three holy places... ever beautiful, ever prospering,boon of previous birth's good deeds... land of three dusks... life is fulfilled... lord vishnu appeared as telugu insrikakulam and added glory to your history...

lord shiva has risen like a wall around yourregion as srisailam mallesh, bheemeshwara... satavahana, the lionman who rodeon lion is your ancestor... lord rama with his consort andbrother lakshmana lived in panchavati... that is enough for yourclaim to fame... what you've got is the treasure of manya great people's dedication and sacrifice... even the meekest here is the mightiest,that's the tradition of telugu... the tricolor flag fluttering in thecountry is pride of telugu... live with the respect as theeldest son of mother lndia... with sacrifices of somany great men,

our telugu people who becamerole models to the nation, but today with politics of selfishness, with caste, religious, tribe,regional differences, it is dying...- brother! brother...they are raising downour homes. they are going to build a fab city. fab city!- we don't want! mrs. kalarani, state ministerkalarani! down..down... what's this labour unrest?l told you l don't want any trouble.

what the hell were you doing? you lay the foundation and leave,l'll take care of these filthy people. down with your injustice! we don't want fab city!don't play the lives of poor! ls this your father's property? whose homes will you raise down?whose lives are you pushing to streets? who do you think these people are? they are my elder sisters, my elder brothersand my little brothers. my little sisters, my people.

you're a ruling party mla,you too are opposing me? which ever party l may belong to,can l keep quiet if you displace their lives? we don't want your fab citiesand fashion cities, we are poor people,all we need is food, let us live here in our own places, minister, l'll give my lifefor my people, if you dare to go ahead,be ware! l'll take your life! how dare you threaten a minister!are you such a great man? stop...stop...stop...they are rich people.

we are poor people. they will beat and kill us,can we stand against them? don't get enraged,l'll put my life before yours, minister, you're here to kill us, right?kill me first, l'll sit here only. l'll sit in this ditch only.kill me...fill it with bricks and mortar. come on, bury me alive!build your fab city on my grave. earn millions! l'll give my lifehappily for my people. long live dada!- long live dada! call from party office.

what's this kalarani?what are you doing there? not me, this dada, l promised themgood homes elsewhere, and also jobs in fab city,but still they are refusing. don't know what you'll do,give the phone to dada. why should l stop it? this is my constituency,these people voted me as their mla, if my people are going to get injustice,l don't care about party also. don't get excited and talkbecause of tv news channels, entire state knows what our partyis doing on tv channels,

you come back. l'll come only after this lady ministerclears of this place. give the phone to kalarani. you back off immediately, else l mayhave to report to high command. got me?- l don't like this, sir. but still l'm giving upfor your word. long live dada!long live leader of poor labour! don't worry!your homes are safe till l'm alive! would l leave my familyto the streets?

whether kalarani comes or anyone,l'm there for you all! long live dada! brother, take care of the manwho held my collar. boss. how dare you hold my collar,you stooge of kalarani. lf my madam knows l'm here, your entire family will bewiped out, bloody bastard. do you know who was crying now?- rajesh, right? that's why l like you very much.

how much you want?- rs.200 crores. rs.200 crores for rajesh? not for that, but for yourfavourite fab city. fab city? project cost is rs.5000 crores.using some nrl's name as proxy, government loan is rs.4500 crores,it's all public money, you got it free,how much did l ask from you? just rs.200 crores only. lf you give, people of thatplace will cool down,

or else they will fightfor their homes. l'll give 50!- rs.250 crores! rs.70 crores!- rs.300 crores! she cut the line! what's this man? without shame you come every month totake half salary after losing your gun. tell the lnspector the truth,where have you pledged the gun? thieves stole it, l swear on you.

das got drunk and killed narsingusing your gun, you're narrating tales aboutlosing gun to save him. sir, instead of getting chided by idiots,it's better to live with half salary. you too do something sillyand get suspended, l'll show you how tolive happily outside. looks like he'll spoil all of us,send him out immediately sir. why send me out? l got my money,l'll leave on my own. pk bhai! l'm here! how do you know l got my salary?half salary, let's have a half.

no half bottle, let's celebratewith a full bottle. full? how? pk bhai, land settlement,loads of money, break a man's bonesand get das to do it. rocking golconda,whistling in charminar... break into a jig... naming it after street dog...drenching with filth... dishonouring us in publicto win an oscar... we have become cheap to the white man...kick it off...

lf you go behind the bars forcheating public money... you got rs.7000 crores,whose money is it anyway? shame on you... every party has a newspaper...matter on pamphlets... words are news just lies... are people fools?read it man... lf anyone marries,it's great for the crows... when subbi marries yenki,it's news for the media... shame on jealousy!

just for a warning,it's five grand. for vacating house andcollecting dues, it's ten. for beating up, it's fifteen. for breaking limbs, it's twenty. murder, we don't do it.- now, tell him. someone has occupied my two acreplot in madhapur, you must vacate him,his name is gaja. rs.50000!- rs.100000! one lakh!

dada's son paidamma is behind him. paidamma! then, make it two! have you gone mad?dada is behind this, let's stay out. not dada but his son.- both are same. dada may forgive later but paidammawill never, a crooked bastard! will he pay rs.2 lakhs for nothing? lf you go against dada,we'll lose everything. brother, l intervened without knowingyou're behind this,

please forgive me. shall we seek his forgiveness?curtains down, show is over. you're very cunning, your place isin assembly not here. no need of such tall dreams.take advance. das, stay out of this land'll get your bones broken up. bloody! son, pray to god, dear!- go to your grandpa, dear. come dear...- father-in-law, your bp tablet. l thought a doctor son-in-law willreduce my medical bills,

but your husband has made my homeinto a dispensary, dear daughter. sir, if we see what the child would pick...- as you say priest. hey, give me that knife.- will you keep this knife also? that's a sentiment. nobody in our clan is educated,please pick up the pen, my dear son. stop it, why would he pick up a pen?he'll pick money, he's my son. he's god fearing like his elder aunt,pick up the idol, my dear. he's like his younger aunt,he'll pick gold like me. he picked the knife!

he picked the knife!- dada's grandson picked a knife. my father has come backas my grandson. how can a calf graze elsewhereif cow grazes in the field? shut up, fool!- you took words of my mouth. sl, it's gandhinagar das. put him behind the barsand break his bones. tagore, it seems dada stopped your areafrom raising down for building fab city. yes, he did stop it.- thank god. why do they want to raise it down?

sez means making few richwith many people's lives. long live all lndia party!long live delhi party! are you coming from a party meeting? can't you see?he's fully drunk! not for free, rs.500, a biryaniand a quarter bottle. move out!- what happened? bloody! severe headache.- have a beer, it'll give you relief. have a glass of milk,it'll give relief. making fun of me!

hey mad man, go away!brother will kick you. das, sl is calling you,come with me. brother is having severe headache,he's having a drink, can't you see it? he'll come in the evening, go now.- hey you stop! he said he'll come in the evening.go...l'll pay rs.100, go now. you got suspended for doinglike this, still unresentful. move away! you bloody! get down!- coming!

how dare you kick me!- don't pull me, it's paining. come man, three months in jailwill straighten you up. let me see it, hasn't yet come?- das, your bail is on the way. open it!- who will get you out on bail? lf courts are here for punishments,some lawyers are here to bail us out. watch out!- let me see it. watch it! madam lawyer, here! sir, on your personal requestl arranged this bail.

please don't bring suchgoon cases to me. who is she?she's calling me a goon. hello sir, please show some respect. you first learn to respect others. what did l say?- why did you call me a goon? one who's arrested for arsonis known as a goon. wait... take your bail paper. open it.

what about my fees?- fees? lsn't the government payingyou any salary? l'm not a public prosecutor,l'm a defense lawyer. l started my practice a month ago. my father too was...- shut up! pay her.- l too don't have money. he too doesn't have it,l'll pay you later. no way, you must pay me now. we don't have any moneywith us now.

lf you don't and leave now. what will you do if l don't pay now?what will you do? why are you threatening me? lf you threaten a lawyer,it's a crime under lpc section 353. you look like a guava! lf l kiss you now, under what sectionl would be prosecuted? lt's not good on your partto talk to me like that. stop crying.- l'm breaking down. where did you find her?

stop crying first. l'll pay and take it back,till then keep it. ls it gold?- yes. my mother gave it,how dare you suspect it. will you bite to test it?- no sir, my grandma... lf anything happens to it,l'll cut your tongue. take her address.- l know, let's go. long live ntr! long live chandrababu!long live balakrishna! long live lndia!

you rogues! though he's carrying a stick, you're drinkinghere because he'll not beat you, right? bloody sinners! okay, they are sinnersand l'm a great soul! account is settled,you go now brother! the karmayogi will not forgive you. why is he feeling so much? yes, all are feeling thesame in this country. who else is feeling?- who is she?

not neelaveni but aliveni.- not aliveni but lailaveni. lt's kanchuveni.why did kanchuveni cry? brother, never trust a crying lawyerand a laughing policeman. shouldn't l trust? you didn'tcriticize me but entire police. you... what will you do?- l feel like breaking down. all are crying today.why did kanchuveni cry? may be you gave hera duplicate ring. my mother gave it to me,my mother was a great lady.

she'll give gold only.- brother, please don't cry. my name isn't jahangir. not even babar. who the hell are you then?- l'm rehman, brother. a r rehman?- plain rehman! why did kanchuveni cry? l'll give you money, pay her tomorrowand get back the ring, bring down curtains!why are you torturing me? what's it brother?- why did kanchuveni cry?

hey you...go away... bapu....why did kanchuveni cry? bloody goon is here! lf that bloody idiot sees me... where is krishnaveni? where is it?- what happened? what are you searching? l kept a ring here, it's missing now.have you taken it? ring? where did you keep it? ls it missing or you can't find it?gold? silver?

did your boy friend gave it to you?- what? did you take anything from this room? what do you mean by anything?- that is... forget it. may l tell you?- go ahead. shut up! where is my ring?- what brings you here, das? greetings sir.- to meet you, father. to meet me? why?

please don't tell him.- for you only. your daughter bailed me out.l came to pay the fee. didn't l tell you about das?see, he has come home to pay the fee. thanks. okay.- bye sir. my ring! come to the court.- okay father. bloody crook has cometo home directly. where did l keep it? nothing remains in it's place here.- lf you've lost it, he'll give another ring.

what? are you still here only?- what about my ring? first l must find it, right?- then, have you lost my ring? no, l didn't lose it, it's here only.l can't find it now, l'm searching for it. lt means you've lost it. oh god! my mother gave it to me. lt's a sentiment.- l'll buy you a new ring. will you buy me a new mother too? actually, l had kept it in the's missing. l'll call you on finding it.- will you call me on finding it?

do you know my phone number? take down.- tell me. go ahead... 9848002344 l saved my number,press 1 to connect me. lf l press 1 , would it go to you directly?- no need of 98...- no need to dial full number. lf l press 1 ...- no please, incoming is free, right? you mean...?- lt's free. free? please sir, if my grandma sees us,she'll create a scene.- ls it like this?

long live megastar!long live power star! long live mega power!long live shining star! who cut the power?- lt's common here. where has the power gone?- to the fields. they cut here and supply thereand vice versa. temporary power!- free to them. right! everything is free in this nation. my ring queen too gave phone number. for free.- free?

single number, single finger, single line. as a government worker l say...- shut up! as a government worker l say...there's a single window system, but there's no single number. no single number?- no way! why did you call me at this hour? what happened? you gave me the phone number,l was just testing. will you call at will if l giveyou my number?

then, return my ring. oh god! l'll return itas soon as l find it. when will you find it?- how do l know? my grandma is watching,cut the line. what did sister-in-law say, brother? she scolded me freely. why did the phone scold me freely?why did she gave me number freely? how would l know? you know many things,you crooked brain.

why did the phone scold me freely?- answer him, old man. why did the phone scold me freely?- that's it! even police won't torture convictswith such interrogation. got it.- then, tell him. just a minute. he's repeating the same lineagain and again. why did the phone scold me freely?- let's escape from here! gandhiji...why did the phonescold me freely? what's this bloody film shootearly in the morning?

won't you let people sleep peacefully? singing 'vandemataram' songis mother lndia's breath, it is sin to halt it midway. ldiot! go away...- sir, l'm co-director. what?- co-director. l'm next to the director,we have permission for film shoot. do you've vijay wines permission?- vijay wines? do you've new karachi cafe's permission?- new karachi cafe? do you've lndira's permission?- no, who is she?

how dare you come to film shootwithout their permissions? clear out...go away...remove the camera. l'll give if you tell who l'm.- junior artiste in film shoot. lt's shame that telugu people don'trecognise andhrakesari t. prakasham, who once dared to show his chestfacing the bullets of british. forget it, what can you do?our education system is like that. we have permission buthe's not allowing us. you can't film herewithout his permission. who is he? he's bhai!- he?

how much?- rs.15000! rs.20000! rs.25000, totally! are you giving it to us?lt's for the temple of goddess peddamma. for the temple of goddess peddamma?will you give a receipt? will goddess give you a receipt?she'll only bless! your film will be a the cashier. one man to comb, one to put make up,one to put on clothes, one to put on shoes, look at those fans and phones.- that's luck! he didn't even pass 10th class. he was roaming like a loafer.

no need of any educationto become a film hero? shut up! no need of any educationto become a film hero or a politician? what could be the cost of that car? can't you see it? lt's a foreign carcosting atleast a crore. one crore?- yes. how much the hero would be taking hen?- come here... how much the hero takes for a film?- rs.4 crores. rs.4 crores? that's rajmol knife!l'm scared of it, please take it away.

why are you beating me? our boss das must become a film hero. what should he become?- you bloody! what should he become?- he must become a hero! what should we do to make him a hero? free me, remove the knife. do you've any close or distantrelative in the film industry? there are about 60 heroes connectedto members of the film industry. 60 heroes?

how can you become a hero overtakingthose 60 privileged people? what the bloody you're saying? l mean few made it to the topon their own strength, if your boss is lucky,he too can hit big time in films. can you dance?- dance? want to see it? brother, even kids are doing it on you know to fight? brother...l forgot,l saw your fight today morning. you know to use guns also. everyone can do these.

do you know to deliver dialoguesand give expressions? what's that?- don't you know that? great! you're almost a hero! l must make a good photo album of yours.- what's that? we must get him photographedin different costumes and poses. after that?- give it to the directors. where?- ln studios! will you come or not,l'm in a dilemma... what would you do or what you won't...that's a dilemma...

may be you'll somethingreally great secretly... may be you just keep watchingwith suspicion... come on tell me...take whatever you want from me... shall we compromise ineach other's arms? lf you want to unite with love...o my dear.... think of worst anddo the best, my dear... come my hot chilly...l'm yearning and inviting you... explore me with eyes...kiss me passionately... take me in your arms of loveand let me taste bliss...

l'll tease you to hot out... may be the fight with meknock you out... after getting so far,would l disappoint you? l'm not worried about the consequences... with passionate desires....l'll come to you swiftly... l'll have a blast with you andtake you out of this world... give me yourself to me... brother! l'm a great fan of you!how fat you're? why did you slap me, brother?

throw him out! can't you sleep well withouta fight everyday? am l a fighter cock? he went overboardthough l said l'm his fan. who cares if he's a hero? anyway it's a sin to hurtyour fellow humans. l'm worried about losing a film chance,and you're giving a lecture to me. will you beat me also? l need to be paid for it,l'll not beat anyone for free. stay away from me, take it.

stop...what is this?- fee for your bail. fee bill?have you adjusted with my ring? my fate! why did you increase it? stop...what petrol? for your bail, l travelled from hometo court to police station... were you travelling everywherewith my petrol only? l don't like you inquiring like that. bye.- stop.

what?- drop me at gandhi centre. me? l can't.- why not? 5 litres of petrol, start it now. what man?- what's it brother? what happened?- asking us what? falling prey to the western cultureand ruining our culture. l didn't get you, brother.tell me in telugu. lt's against our culture forboys and girls to date. brother, we are not connected at all.- shut up!

poor girl...- social policing? she's using foreign language.- take out auspicious thread. brother, we are not connected at all.- leave me. no! play acting? marriage vows!- tie the knot. no! no...das... shall l tie the knot orbeat up those guys? you said beating fellow men is sin.tie or beat? beat them!

what bothers you if somebodyloves someone else? lf there's any problem,concerned parents should have it. look at that girl, she's class.look at me, l'm mass. how can we make a great couple,you bloody idiot? shall l kill you?get lost, bloody fool! lf you dare to force marrysomeone again... you should also be in control,don't go overboard, clear out now. got scared? wipe your tears.

dada wants to see you immediately.- dada? why? may be for beating up the film hero. l didn't beat him wantonly. you'll know only if you go to him.big man is calling, we must go. no...- lf that's not the matter. dada knows many big directorsand producers in film industry. lf you ask him to recommend,one phone call and you're a hero. boss, he's das. who are you?

why do you want to meet him?- dada wanted to meet me. you bloody... great sunny! kill him l say! when they said you beat a hero,l thought they were lying, you came to my homeand beat my son, and standing tall,you're a king cobra! sorry brother...please forgive me. l didn't know he was your son,please forgive me. sorry brother...please forgive me.he's furious.

please brother... you beat him without any fear of death,but said sorry on knowing he's my son, you're very clever, you'll go places,come with me. lf you eat well, you'll get strengthand beat few more heroes. l didn't do it wantonly, brother. don't you've shame?- lt's true, brother. l wanted to meet the manwho beat a film hero. you're a good boy, these fightsand troubles are useless. is it necessary for you toface all these troubles?

quit everything and if you needa job, l'll get it for you. brother, l want to becomea film hero. you know many people in films. just one word from youand l'll become a hero. l'm a good fighter and dancer too. will you play the hero or villain? hero! am l not handsome?- eat... lt seems tagore is saying somethingabout you on tv, father-in-law.

dada is making business dealsusing us as pawns. he's playing drama of opposing fab cityas the deal with kalarani fell through. had he got what he wanted,he would've driven us out like dogs? lives of common people has becomea pass time for politicians. many people have fallen to hisspeeches and are with him. tagore has filed a case in the court. will he become a great manif he talks on tv? l'll hack him, bloody!- you keep quiet, paidamma. l'm fighting with ministersfor people's welfare,

such innocents will criticize mewithout knowing it, what can l do? every fool is insulting us becauseof your callous nature. l'll cut the bastard intopieces today. brother, tagore regularly visits my area,l know him very well, he's not that worth, no need to send men,l'll talk to him. he'll not listen to you,he's very proud, he may something wrong andyou may end up beating him,

leave him alone. he's blabbering withoutknowing your good nature. l said l'll talk to him. be careful sunny! our boys didn't like supporting daswho dared to beat paidamma. you say l'm wrong for supporting daswho beat paidamma in my home. l saw the courage of a man who daredto beat dada's son in his own home. lf you feed a hungry manwith chicken biryani, he'll be like a loyal dogserving the master.

watch now, he'll come backafter biting tagore. politics is nothing but using suchpeople for our selfish needs. first lesson in politics is, we politicians can survive onlywith such brave followers only. well said, brother-in-law. only when ants build hills,snakes can live happily. brother tagore, get up!all of you get up! stop this picketing. no need to invite troublefrom big guns, get up.

what are you saying das? what the hell were you blabberingabout dada on tv? no need of comedy here.discussion is not yet over. have you gone mad? do you know what a good man dada is? bloody, can't you understandwhen l say it? we know the how good is dada,how much you took to beat us? should l've to take moneyto beat you? hubby!

come man! go away!how dare you go against dada! we chased out the britisherswhen they tortured lndians, but when goons like you aretorturing us, l'll not keep quiet. l love alluri seetharamaraju. l'm leaving you becauseyou're in his get up. l'm furious, don't play withmy patience. take tablet, father-in-law.

how many more tabletsdo l've to take, son-in-law? won't l ever get well? some diseases are like that only,they go with your body. why is he here? l married your sister butyou've become my husband. sunny, you must be carefulfrom now onwards. who will dare hit back at me? lf he dares, l'll take his other leg too.leave him to me, brother. brother...hero chance...

you'll give up that easily, right? my real estate friends are planningto make a film in two months, l've already told them about you,and you look like shahrukh khan.- brother. shahrukh khan?do you know to deliver dialogues? the man when he beats you, you'll seestars in day light, that's me, das. 'rogue'! go to your grandpa.- come, my dear grandson. tagore is inciting people in theneighbourhood using caste, they are foolish rogues,can't trust them,

to keep out of trouble, l suggest youstay here along with my boys. got it? my hero chance...?- listen to me for once. why did you call me urgently? l got back my mother. sorry, l found it day beforeyesterday itself, but you're always in trouble,planned to return when l come to bail you... feared you may not pay the fee.- why did you return it now? after last evening's trouble in the park,l felt it was wrong. why didn't you tie the knotthough they'd forced you?

lsn't it unjust?we can never make a great couple. what's the difference between us? you're class and l'm mass. no, l can't see anyonemore classier than you. l've met who'd used theopportunity unlike you. you're real class. lt's rare to find a man like youstanding up for a truth. t t t sett what's happening to my heart today?

what am l searching today? my running will not stoptill l stand before you... do you know how excited l'm... my eyes don't dream aboutanything else till they see you... what magic have you spunaround me, o beauty... my heart desires to be with youwhen l'm alone... he will never come to be with me... l'm an infant in ayoung man's body... ask me whatever you want, my dear...

like a rain drop that sky toocan't stop from falling down... a mischievous wind isrushing for you only... hot breath which even anger can't hold wants to be with you, please let it... why am l always in tears? who would believe if l sayit's tears of happiness? l got your message,don't worry my dear... my love is yours to leave an imprintof my lips on your cheeks... may l come like a riverto join the sea of your love... may l become a part of youand lose my identity...

may l be ever thirstfor your love... may l make my life full withyou as my partner... dada had the leg ofpicketing tagore broken. lt means l must pay rs.200 crores as dadademanded to build fab city there. he's very fast. dada's son is very short tempered, right? hey, it seems you're talking badabout my father. when did l... call police!and media too! different rulesfor son and others, you say he has committed crime,take him with you, there's court and laws, you go.- l'll not go, father. tv media are focussing you,go with them quietly. you go haven't done anything wrong. all these are conspiraciesof the opposition. we know, we'll take care of go son, you take him. tv media are ready to pounceon poor people. didn't you find any wealthy people?

lawyer, he must be at homeby afternoon. why are you surprized? l don't get anything, brother.your own son... he'll go to police station at tea timeand will be at home for lunch. this is political stunt. politics today is to cheat me? you'll understand as time passes. okay, paidamma is not here,look after the weekly cuts. brother, you too take cuts...- what else?

aren't people taking money from meevery 5 years to cast votes? we must take it backin weekly installments. each election costs me rs.10 you know that? - rs.10 crores? don't go alone,take few boys with you. rs.10 crores?then, it's just to loot people. take out money, bloody idiot! take out money! no change please, only notes. brother, make two shares.

one for the party fund and one for us.- okay, boss. sunny, this is for you. l don't want money,you promised to make a hero. get me a chance, l'll earn money. what's in films? lf film is hit, you're hero,if it flops, you're a zero. now a days film heroes are entering politics. do you know why? power and money, everything is here!

you stay with me. when opportunity comes,l'll make you a corporator. you can mint money. your cut outs will bekept all over the city. when you walk on the road,police who arrested you will salute. what do you way, dear?my little angel. lf you are fortunate enough,you can become an mlajust like me. wonder what luckhas in store for you. will l become an mla?

first become a corporator.- boss... we sent paidamma to jail.l thought dada is alone. but who is this das now? lt was him who beat tagore too. dada is planning tomake him a corporator. tomorrow, all parties are planningfor a march from gandhi statue. dada is sending dasto lead the march. we have got a right chance. you guys take a flag eachand join the crowd.

provoke das,start a fight & kill him. l'll take care of the rest. what's happening, das? l'm the next cm.- cm? dada wants to makeyou a corporator. after becoming a corporator,next l will become a mla. later, l will become mp.then cm. leader of our country!- long live! he not yet the leaderof our area.

but you're calling him theleader of our country. everyone wants to becomethe leader of our country. after becoming the mla,you must become a minister not mp. after becoming a minister,become the cm. you are being jealous thatl will become the cm. why would l be jealous? lf you become the cm,l will be the dgp. what if he becomes the pm? l am the defense minister.- so be it.

leader of our country!- long live. you shouldn't put yourparty flags on gandhi. ls gandhi your father?- no more discussions. you became a leader very recently. we have been keeping this flag ingandhi's hand for the past 40 years. no flash backs. from today onwards,gandhi is ours. you will die if our highcommand knows this. we don't want any fight.we want to keep our flag in his hand.

do l need to tell you separately? only my boss's flag shouldbe kept in gandhi's center. we don't care who you are. only our flag shouldbe in gandhi's hand. lf not, l will break your head. how dare you threaten him?l will kill you, you scoundrel. beat him. thrash them... rascals.

you scoundrel. get me our flag. long live das. bapu... why did you get freedomfor these idiots? you never wanted to see any blood shedand espoused non-violence. but they showed youblood shed infront of you. lnstead of keeping this place pure,they have made it impure with party flags. lf l knew that the flag l createdwould bring blood shed,

l, pingali venkaiah would've nevercreated a flag at all. never. why is he getting so emotional?who is he? who is he?- he is pingali venkaiah. he designed our national flagwhich mahatma gandhi approved. he is our man. our man?does he belong to our clan? what does that mean?- caste. what if he is from your caste? we will tell everyone that the flag wasfirst created by a man from our caste.

believe in waste than gives us electricity. don't drag the mahatma into caste fights. leave it. why are you gettingtensed unnecessarily? do you belong to his caste?- crap! he is getting tensed. which caste does he belong to? what does caste mean?- caste means...? don't cover gandhi. you must take careof yourself mr. gandhi.

he is too cute.- lt's wrong. say sorry. say sorry to gandhi not to me.- gandhi, sorry. l've never apologisedto anyone till now. why did you call for me?- excuse me. do you know why l madeyou apologise to gandhi? lt's because of the fight we had inthe morning near gandhi statue. lf you apply your sharp mind to somethingelse, it would have been better. not again. bk always tell me.

girls appear like flowersfrom a distance. once we get near,they sting us like thorns. then, forget about me. the problem is... neither can l stay with younor can l live without you. trying to flatter me. dear, dada wants tomake me a corporator. that's why l'm doing all this. by today evening,a seat will be given to dada.

once he becomes the mla,he will make me a corporator. greetings...greetings.- long live dada. why do you make theparty office a fish market? look... our state is going forassembly elections. ln telugu please...- long live dada. okay. l will speak in telugu. l've a list of candidates who will contestthese elections from hyderabad. this list was not prepared by me.

our high command prepared this list. l will announce the list of candidates. old city 1 : mr. mohd. muneer.- thank you. old city 2: mr. sultan baig. secunderabad : mr. kalarani. sorry. mrs. kalarani. church gate : mr. sanjeevan thomas. khairtabad : mr. mahendra goud.- thank you. gandhi nagar 1 .

do you know whyl said gandhi nagar 1? due to delimitation, gandhi nagar has beendivided into two constituencies. ln gandhi nagar 1 , the senior partyman,sitting mla, undefeated... mister...- long live dada. gandhi nagar 2 : mr. srinivas goud. who is this bloody srinivas goud? how could you give him the ticket?throw him out. l've been contesting fromgandhi nagar for the past 30 years. now it has be divided in to two.

l will contest from one and my son paidammawill contest from the other. give the seat to paidamma. how could paidamma get the seat? he's facing a murder charge.- shut up. everyone know your history. l'll have you raped right here! you bitch...- sit. you sit. sit man. by fighting among yourselves,you both are bringing your past to light.

you keep keep quiet, madam. look, your son paidamma ischarged with murder. that's a fact. high command has decided not giveticket to those charged with murder. your son will not get the ticket. ls it over? bye for now.thank you. thanks to all. oh my god!where are you? ls everyone at home dead? didn't you hear the child crying?

where were you? take the child & go inside.- go inside. my constituency has beendivided into two. two parts. lf there is a wall constructedin the middle of my house, to whom should l give the other half?- to your son. haven't you heard it,you bloody idiot? they are refusing togive my son a ticket. then your son chargedwith murder... tell me how many politicians haven'tcommitted any murder in our state?

haven't l committed any murder? don't you know how many dead bodieshas these legs treaded upon? take these pills. lf anyone takes the blame of the murder,we can get paidamma out. my tiger. me?- l will give you money. you promised to make me a corporator.- sure l will. you take the blame.l will take you out in 2 days. once the elections are over,l will make you a corporator.

you couldn't even getpaidamma out... l don't want to takethe blame of this murder. only if you take the blame,he will make you a corporator. they refused to give paidamma the ticket,because he was charged with murder. lf l take this blame now, l will haveto face the same brunt in future. talking against him.don't you respect him. lf you respect him so much,why don't you take the blame? why did you shy away?- stop it. actually, my son...

since you called me son, let me contestin the 2nd constituency. l'll win. we'll let paidamma contest next elections.l will give him full support. let me contest this time alone. l'll get settled in life.please. you've understood politics very well.paidamma is dada's son. lf l pour money,l will get the ticket. but you're a mere beggar. first, you must makea name in public. you must be in andout ofjail often.

lf you contest then, forget about thecorporator, you can become the mla. sounds great. but if l take the blame of a murder,my life is finished. l should go to jail foryour son to walk free. whatever may happen to me,it is fine with you, right? you are great. now l understand what all youwould've done to come to this stage. father! you scoundrel!

lets beat him to pulp andhand him over to the police. lets charge him withmurder & file a case. catch him. you asked me whether l'veunderstood politics well, didn't you? only now l've startedto understand it. we have to hold flag for you.raise slogans. put the blame of your wrong doings.and go to jail. but you will ride on our back.become ministers & mint money. after you, your sonswill take the throne.

and their sons there after. everyone in your familygets in to business. we have to serve your families. but we should nevercome up in life. good politics!- get out you dog! lt won't take me a secondto say that back, dada. how dare you call meby my name! names are there to be called. l haven't committedany murder till now.

but now l will. want to know how? your son will not get the ticketin the 2nd constituency. you contest in the 1st constituency. l will contest against you.l will defeat you. l will sit in the assembly andl will make you sit at home. lt's like killing you alive. a woman should be like a mother. don't make me call you bitch.

to become a mla, should l fall fromthe sky or break through the earth? are the current mlas any big shots? l will also become a mla. l will make it happen. are you fine, my son? what are you doing? move.- brother das... let's go.- where? l'll beat you with slipper.

last night, l planned tobecome mla, didn't l? let's go & join some party.- some party? das, will you become an mla?- yes. lndramma, l request you to cast your4 valuable votes to me & make me win. how is it?- lt's likethreatening her with boots. crap! cast your 4 votes for me, okay?- sure, my son. long live national leader. national goon!- long live!

national goon! long live! what are you blabbering? did l fast unto death for 58 days to getthis state for goons like you? no time to wait. the moment you file your nominationfor the mla post, what will you do? l will again fast unto deathbefore of the gandhi statue. what have you done, das?he suffers from heart pain. heart pain?

they why did you talk nonsense.let's go. lt's not enough if you dresslike gandhi. know to keep shut also. will you become mla? we don't need your album. do you have your caste support? do you have the media support? factionist or mafia background? now even film celebrities areentering politics.

do you have their support? can you commits murders,rapes or create mass violence? can you split parties?can you jump parties often? can't do that too? can you incite violence in thename of caste or religion or area? does your grand parentshave any political support? forget about all these. are you a friend of thecabinet minister's son? do you have any goodwill in your area?

how much can you payto buy the ticket? we do sell tickets. look my boy. he wants to become an mla. do something. biryani for you, brother.- get lost. my mother cooked it. that's good. will you have beer?- get lost.

why are you angry? he went to all party officesand everyone rejected him. that's why he is upset.- bloody politics. they say one thing anddo something else. everyone is a fraud.- this won't work. contest as an independent candidate.- lndependent? these days, lndependent candidatesrule the government. jharkhand, rajasthan, karnataka... parties buy the independentcandidates to run the government.

lf l contest alone, how will lget the crowd behind me? lf you want the crowd,open a party. your party, your make the rules. entire party will be under your control.- wow! do such brilliant thingshappen in politics? only gandhi raised slogans fora free lndia against the british. what happened?entire nation followed him. for instance, our leader started a party.what happened? entire state was behind him.- superb!

like him, let's also start a party. what next? hold a mike,call other parties a fraud. and our party a good one. not only that, make bus tickets,train tickets, plane tickets, rice, biryani, provisions, vegetables, house,cars, phones, current bill, water bill, hospital bill, clothes, jewellery,knives, guns, liquor for free. do l have to give so many freebies?will the public trust me? people are very innocent.

they stand in a queue to takethe freebies & to cast votes. and you will keep winning. after l win, who will payfor those freebies? government has a lot ofmoney paid by the liquor barons. we take most of it andgive a little to the public. our entire gang will settle in life. new cars, new buildings.a wonderful life. game over.- shut the doors. long live national leader!

greetings. he is our leader...never swindles public money... he is young & handsome... never be anyone's stooge... he won't defame our area... he is young leader who hasstolen the public's heart... you brought me gave me a life... you're going to make mewin the assembly elections... l swear on the goddess...l will never break your trust...

l'll provide toothpasteand breakfast for free... also provide mirrorand blade to shave... l'll provide chicken & mutton biryaniand liquor for free... when a baby girl is born, l'll not onlyprovide a golden auspicious thread... l'll find a perfect groom too for her... when a baby boy is born,l will not only provide a seat in schools.. but also provide jobs in future... you're my uncrowned king... provide me a kisswhich sparks the fire in me...

when l see you broad chest,l go mad... when there are men all overthe city, l fell for you... when l become the mla,l'll never grab lands... when l become the cm,l won't usurp millions everyday... l'm not a cheap ministerto built waterless canals... l'm not the mp to make moneyfrom the unconstructed buildings... l'll bring officials whotake bribes to justice... spit on the faces ofcorrupt politicians... l swear on my grandmother,l'll never give tickets to my relatives...

l swear on my mother,l'll never give tickets to my son-in-law... even if it is my own brother,l'll never let him contest any elections... l'll not let even my son tooccupy seat of power... boss, drink beer.- no thanks. drink beer.what are you thinking about? l don't want beer. what should be our party's name?- what's there to think about? what should be the name... everyone eats rice. so, biryani is it?

lf we keep that name,no vegetarian will vote for us. what if we name it as liquor party?- ladies will beat you with slippers. universal hero, padmashridr. nandamuri taraka rama rao. ntr party.- you are too late for it. he started a party 27 years back. then my boss, lion of konadala,padma bhushan dr. chiranjeevi. megastar party. even he has started a party. film heroes are not free.

joined some party.- then you tell me. everyone's god istirumala tirupathi lord venkateswara. devuda party.- go ahead. muslims & christians will walk out.what is he saying! what should be our party'sname to get all votes? he is determined to start a party. lf he becomes the cm, you saidthat you would become the dgp. you make wound andthen apply medicine too. you change sides often.- hey bk.

who is he? mahatma gandhi.- l know that. who he really is? he's...he's...father of... father of ...- he is right for the first time. l might lose my knowledgeif l stay with you guys. he's father of the nation. he is the father of our nation. a man who chasedthe british out of lndia.

mohandas karamchand gandhi, the great. lf he is go great, why is heleft unattended & forgotten? forgotten...? every rupee carries his photo.- oh yeah! his face is printed on every rupee note. lf we make him our party symbol,we will get everyone's vote. l swear on god! what an idea!- well said! our party's name is mahatma party. our party's symbol is mahatma gandhi.

long live mahatma party. long live the national leader. even the big shots wet theirpants after starting a party. but he has started a party andcelebrating it by bursting crackers. lf we leave him unattended,this sapling will grow into huge banyan tree. and people will takecover under his shade. before the branches are broken,we must uproot the entire tree. hey uncle... yes, that is what l mean...

leave me...- stop. come to the police station.- why? what is it? lnternational lt thieves,land encroachers, corrupted officials,murderers, rapists, and at time innocents like usare saved by this saviour... what do you mean?- anticipatory bail. leave me. get gandhi's blessings and leave this placewith the same speed you came here.

l don't think it's wrong toget anticipatory bail for das. you killed your conscienceto work for goons. can you leave your morals & valuesfor the sake of money & family? ls it okay to degradeourselves for mere survival? that's why our society isgetting ruined day by day. ln our country, we have goodmorals since ramayana. since there is no oneto follow them, our country is getting corrupted,said mahatma gandhi long back. l trust das.

one day he will wake us upand make us feel guilty for our acts. morals are good for saying. those who want to do good forthe public are being killed mercilessly. the truth is... l am answerable to dada for your's my ill fate. you must be very alert.lf there are any formalities... l'm a mad man. l don't know whenl will press the trigger. greetings boss.

such a big house. l used to wonder whetherl can enter this house. you offered me foodand treated me as a friend. you treated me like your son. lf you try to put me in jail forsomething l am doing now, and if l tell the policeeverything l saw in your house, what will happen to you? stop speech isn't over yet. from being a goon,l am into politics now.

don't lock horns with me. lf l go mad & dig your past, you are finished. bye. where do you get these guts from?- kalarani. you hate kalarani.l hate you. our common goal is to defeat you. we are into a mini-alliance. stop'll ruin your health.

brothers, for how longwill you hold his party flags? ln our party, poor peoplewill get 80% reservation. anyone interested can join our party. are you scared of him?do one thing. come to gandhi statue in the evening. that's our office.we can decide there. careful boss.bye. he is getting betterand better in politics. he might pull our boys to his side.

there is no evidence or witnessto prove my client's charge. due to political pressures,a case was filed against him. my client is innocent. prosecution could not get anyevidence or witness against my client. so, l request the court to pronouncehim innocent & set him free. so, you are here. why are you hiding away from me? what is it?- the judge. when are you getting released?

oh judge!greetings judge. l've started a new partycalled mahatma party. l came here to talk about license.give me 2 minutes. cast all your votes tomahatma gandhi party. don't forget.- that's enough. for you too.- don't forget mahatma gandhi party. do you have any sense?you can't come to court as you wish. ls that the way you talk to a judge? l know the judge very well, right?- yes, we pay fine every month.

why did you come here? don't get angry, dear? we have started themahatma gandhi party. lt needs a license & registration. you must get all those things ready.there is so much work to do. l must offer a feastfor starting the party. march on the other party men. do the seat sharing.l must become the cm. sit in the assembly.and say ''honourable speaker''.

long live cm! you know this. do you know who mahatma gandhi is?- sure, l do. he is called father... shut up.first, know about him. who is he?what has he achieved? what were his principles?what were his teachings? first know what does ''sathya'' (truth)and ''ahimsa'' (non-violence) mean. ''sathya'', ''ahimsa''?

what are they? you dress up differently everyday.what do you get from that? what did ntr got by puttingstatues on tank bund? to make people rememberthe forgotten heroes. l don't know what you say. where are you going? l've stopped my fasting unto death.- lt's okay. das...lndramma, tell him.das... l won't beat you.

gandhi said ''sathya'' & ''ahimsa''.what do they mean? ''sathya'' means telling the truth.- what does that mean? when the judge asked you whetheryou hit a man, what did you say? l said l did not hit him.- then, it is a lie. accepting the truth that youdid hit him is ''sathya'' (truth). lf l tell the truth,l would be in jail. whether you are thrown out or policehit you, you must tell the truth. that is ''sathya''.lt was gandhi 's principle. ''sathya'' mean telling the truth.

what does ''ahimsa'' mean?come on tell me. lf someone hits you... lf someone hits you,you should not hit him back. how is that possible? our leader starts his daywith beating up someone. he gets money onlyif he beats people. only then we can buy liquor & biryani. but still you shouldn't hit back. hit me once.- what are you talking?

hit me once.- no. lt's okay hit me.- no, l won't. hit me.- no das. hit me l say. this is ''himsa''. and that is called ''ahimsa''. lf he lifts the cycle,it is himsa. lf he drops the cycle,it is ahimsa. ls that all?- notjust that.

like bk said, you must stopdrinking liquor & eating meat. what is there in eating meat?- killing an animal is violence. lf we eat it, we might lose our humanenature and can turn into animals. lt's okay that we can turn into animals if we eat them. but what's there in drinking? your brain will stop functioning,lose your conscience, and will turn into animals.- so, we turn into animals again. what principles are these,mahatma gandhi? so, gandhi wanted humansto live like humans.

ls that all? what did you tell me about gandhi? ''sathya'' & ''ahimsa''.ls that all? no liquor. no meat.and a lot more. stop shouting at us. lf you don't know about gandhi,get a book & read. tomorrow you will not see the sun,instead you will see a different das. your grand daughter's boy friend. you stupid...

gandhi... non-violence! lt was my mistake.forgive me. stop. who run into you?- you. then who should apologise? lt's doesn't matter who apologises. how does it not? l ran into you.l should apologise. why do you apologisewhen l ran into you?

moreover you say thatit doesn't matter. trying to show offinfront of your men. am l a cultureless & mannerless brute? say something.answer me. boss, come this side.let's talk. why are you leaving? when l am asking you something,answer me & leave. won't you answer me? do l look like an idiot?- stop it.

gurka or a watchman? constable.- constable? where is your belt? where is your name plate?where is your cap? are you a constable? l knew it by looking at you.- no fight. why are you falling on me? please understand.- what? are you guys goons?will you beat me?

come on. beat me. why are you wearing gandhi t-shirts? what do you know about gandhi?- what do l know? l'm an english professor inosmania university. why are you crackingsuch jokes at me? get in your benz car & go.- you stop it. do you know why this benzcar has come here? my wife owns a million dollar business.l've a small problem. l've come to talk withgandhi center don das.- das?

why are you so shocked? what do you know about das?- do you know him? l know him since childhood. l gave him rs.10 & made himcommit the first murder.- you? why are you shouting in chorus?why are you guys tensed? lf das comes to know that you hada quarrel with me, all of you will die. actually...- leave it. what? you are stopping him asif he is going to beat me.

take your hands off. hooliganism wear in gandhi t-shirts do you know the principles of gandhi? he said that if someone slapsyou on one side of your face, he wants you toshow the other side. lf l slap you on one side of your face,will you show me the other? ''ahimsa'' (non-violence). what?stop staring at me. will you hit me?hit me.

non-violence. are you teasing me? will you show me another side of your faceif l slap you on the second side? how dare you hit das? who is he?how dare you hit das? move. ls he das? you said you gave him rs.10to commit a murder...- l just said it. tell me the truth, is he das?

are you an english professor?- yes, l'm. ls he really das? he is following the principles of gandhi. he is quiet because he isinto non-violence & truth. what should l do now? hail mahatma gandhi. do you know raghupathi raghava rajaram?you are an english professor. go.l will come by walk. lndramma, 2 cups of tea.

why have tea during lunch time? my mother has prepared biryani.- really? just for you. only she must cook biryani.superb! we swore on gandhi not to eat meat.- we forgot. you must have reminded eat. and liquor?- l will hit you. need liquor along with biryani. elections have ruined you all.

have you come to test me? l love biryani prepared by his mother. but l quit eating it. for gandhi. take out the party papers. we can talk about theregistration papers later. you stopped eating's okay. what about liquor? can you live without liquor?

watch me now. can you? gandhi...l shouldn't drink. go & close that shop's wrong. l'm being tempted. he has bribed rs.10 lakhs toset up that shop, poor fellow. poor fellow...- gandhi... gandhi...non-violence. l will request themto close the shop.

long live jayaprakash!long live symbol whistle! long live...! liquor! haven't you got drunk yet?- l'm on the path of non-violence. why are you raising slogan for them?they won't give you money. he wasn't corrupt and neverpromised anything free. l liked it. l borrowed money to drink.for today, long live lok satta. look, he borrowed money to drink. think again.

buy a full whiskey bottle,- 2 soda bottles, clean the glasses,- pour liquor in it, mix soda,- put ice in it, cut onions & add lime to it. you guys are luring me...stop it. from today onwards,even you guys shouldn't drink. how did it get in to my hands? wonderful! this is your true colour.

you couldn't stop yourself fromdrinking forjust one day. will you open a partyto reform the nation? when you can't stand by your words, why talk about gandhi? though you are a big idiot,l thought you had a good heart. mahatma gandhi party. you don't have to respect gandhi. atleast don't use himfor your selfish needs. you can never become a gandhi.

throw away the mask of gandhiyou are wearing. what are you talking? we can't be gandhi just bywearing the photo of gandhi. then, there must be manygandhis in this country. there are none. why is it that he is only one?everyone uses gandhi. what's wrong if l use him too. get me a bottle of beer. l will drink wearing thephoto of gandhi on me.

l will eat meat, l will lie& l will beat others. l will rename myself as das gandhi. what will happen? beasts like you will neverunderstand about gandhi. slapped sister-in-law...- get lost, you idiot! lord rama, the merciful... lord rama, the protector... you're lord shiva and allah... lead everyone into theright path, o lord...

gandhi isn't few peoples'exclusive property... gandhi doesn't end with naminga street in every town... gandhi isn't the statue we see onroad or on currency notes... gandhi is the god who wrotethe fate of mother lndia... gandhi is a boon to this nation toprotect us from many disasters... he chants lord rama's name andhis heart is full of compassion... a messiah who came with idealsof freedom and asceticism... his story is rare and divine... he was a karmayogi all his life...

his life is a fight fortruth and justice... lord krishna promised to appear in gitaand this man is it's manifestation... this smiling grandfather... wasn't gandhi born to a motherjust like us? won't his life inspire us to raiseourselves from ordinary to greatness? a man who lead us into the pathof non-violence and truth... prologue to a new era... just with grains of salt,he aroused a nation... a hero who lead the nationwith his dandi march...

an inspiration to the world... with an ordinary 'charka', he taughtthe nation of self reliance... father of the nation controlled therogue elephants with cotton spindles... with the strength of determination... britain which ruled the earth was cutto it's size by this revolutionary... he's the first ray of light to a nationthat got it's freedom at midnight... a humble man who never desiredany position of power... an emperor who ruled the hearts... such a great man livedin this nation...

tell your future generations beforethey think it's unbelievable tale.. my religion is welfareof all people. my life is dedicated to removeuntouchability and religious intolerance. how dare you kill gandhi! das, don't beat him.this is just a drama. play on gandhi. l'm playing this gandhi dramafor 30 years now, l always saw people clappingwhen gandhi dies, but first time l saw youturning against godse.

we were living like slave dogsfor 800 years, waging a war of peace for us, and making us live withour heads held high, and he gave his life for us,mahatma gandhi, today he's just a photograph, he has become justa national holiday, gandhi isn't that, gandhi is an ideal, gandhi is a philosophy,

gandhi is a religion, gandhi is a truth, dream of gandhi was ramrajya,it must come true. his dream of equalitymust come true. one whose ignorance isdriven out by wisdom, wisdom of knowledge will light uphis life with divine bright sunlight... gandhi is a truth... l'll cut your hand if you daretouch that flag, bloody! sorry brother, no fight please.- go away.

will you put your flagon gandhi statue? let no party's flag be on gandhi. please don't bring gandhiinto our petty politics. bloody bastard... no... violence please... get up...aren't you a big goonin this area? will you remove the flag?go ahead and do it. move away...if anyone dares comeforward will lose his legs.

hey stop...go...go... lf you fire, it's a caseand if l fire, it's duty. lf you don't go, l'll blow yourhead into smithereens... call the ambulance! das, a goon of gandhinagar,who terrorised people in that area, surprisingly today hasturned into a gandhian. das's lover and acclaimed lawyerkrishnaveni is behind his change. to save father of nation who was forgottenby this ungrateful nation, he staked his life and cleaned his statueand spirit with milk consecration.

the final touch is lawyer sharmawho is right hand of dada, he's father of lawyer krishnaveni. l told you many times,but you didn't care. he's feeding many bulls at home. this man is with us and running parallelstory there with his daughter. what's wrong in it, nephew? entire state politics is beingrun from our house, father and daughter in two differentparties are working in tandem. your daughter is likea concubine to him.

stop that nonsense, daughter. may be the salary we offerisn't enough for him. can't find anotherjobbecause he's old. he was worried about future andsaw his two daughters at home, they looked like tickets to future, he's using them to makefew extra bucks. sir, you're saying... lf l had been in your place andmy daughter in your daughter's place... l would've shred her into pieces.

don't you've any shame? sit down. l'm not here to saymy daughter is dead. l'm here decided she's dead. he'll leave you anyway afterusing for few days, but please don't come backto my house. you did a good thing bybringing her home. why did her father leavesister-in-law on street? come to my house.

lf you want me to cometo your house, you must surrender your gunand join the duty. lt'll be the biggest help to me. close it...close it... stop...stop it... how dare you close down my shopafter having free drinks? l let you run the shop thoughyou didn't have a license, now l got sense that l'm here to dosomething good to the society. long live mahatma gandhi!

he's a man of gold. l'll leave it to you whether you marry dasbefore he becomes an mla or after. o girl wearing blue banglesand half sari... o my krishnaveni... l can't hold on myself seeingyou in half sari... bewitching smile anddazzling waist... l can't stay away, o my girl... your eyes and smile israking up desires in me... grooming your dark black hair...

adorning it with strandsofjasmine... finishing with yellow flowers... applying scent all over your body... when you walk before me ravishingly...l can't hold back myself... your eyes are intoxicating needles... they have pricked my heart...your words are like bullets... your upper cloth has slipped away... l'm yearning to see your beauty...turn towards me for once... what's the time now, brother?

how many times will youask the same question? what will you do knowing it? time is 9.30 now. l'm getting late, do it fast. come fast...getting he works here,is he attending school too? he's son of tagore,whose leg our das had broken. tagore has been bedriddenever since then, running home has becomevery difficult,

his mother has sent himto work here. l made a mistake,please forgive me. you come inside son! he's a stooge of dada.he's here again to cheat us. kill him! no!- leave my hand, l'll kill him. we all make mistakes but you needgreat courage to accept it. l'm there for you, dada, kalarani, police,let anyone come here,

l'll sacrifice my lifeto save your homes. long live das! there's a saying fromsri krishnadevaraya's time, lf two dogs fight,a monkey takes it away. how can we fight like dogs? you want the fab city, you...don't stop with few 100's of crores. look, you'll get 2% share in fab city.- l don't want anything. you please don't say no,give me your hand. deal is sealed.

warning to all residents of ntr colony. lf you don't vacate this colonyin 30 minutes from now, we'll be forced to takepolice action against you. brother! long live the leadership of das! a history rowdy sheeter,who took to gandhian path dramatically, his life taking new turnslike a suspense film. he shed blood to remove a party flagon gandhi's statue, and consecrating the statue with milkand staking his life for residents,

and is now fighting deathin hospital, let's ask tagore about his conditiontagore, please tell about his condition, any leader would sacrifice a worker'slife in any agitation, but our leader das tried to givehis life for our sake. we'll not his sacrifice go waste. residents of all colonies are cominghere to support our cause. we'll lay siege of assemblywith a million people. finished...we are all finished.- all this is drama. find him.

why do you want to meet him now? nobody leads an agitation by arousingcommon people for people's welfare. first power and then money. he's also one such man. we must take him beforeother parties make him an offer. he came to our party officeseeking an mla ticket. ls it?- yes sir. which area?- from dada's area. gandhinagar?- yes sir.

what if we offer him that ticket? how can you?that seat is mine. look dada, there's a proverb in epics, a dry leaf must whither orelse it'll harm the tree. you've grown old. he's dynamic youth. your public image is zero.he's a hero in public eye. party needs such people only. party is above all of us.

we can be fine only ifour party is in power. dada, please take care of your health. bye.greetings. find in which hospital dashas been admitted to? o lord mallikarjuna!by your grace he's saved. l'm very happy. one phone call to me and l'd havesolved the problem easily. look, how many crores you want? 10?don't want?

15?don't want? you came to me seeking mla seat, right? okay, directly mla ormlc through backdoor, district council chairmanor mayor of the city, make your choice,everything is in my hand. make your choice. l don't want anything. give land documents to residentsand regularise it. 40 years of political experience,

everyone had asked for their self only, first time l'm seeing a manasking for public. you're the right choice of leader. you mustjoin my party,please don't say no. after elections, first signatureswill be on land documents. first land documents,everything else after that only. first land documents, right? okay done. l'll issue land documents first.

happy? a young man is joining our party, he's also one of my boys, l'll give him my full support. okay bye sir. what happened, father? they got scared of das andoffered my seat to him. what a tragedy!his victory is our defeat. have you promised to issue landdocuments before elections?

what about my fab city?lt's 1000 crores! for you it's rs.1000 crores, but party has gone back by 100 yearsfor your squabbles. we can't even a single seatin this city, you know that? l'll pay more to the party fund,let's buy up everything. party fund?no seat to you also. already your seat has beenallotted to srinivas, l came here to tell you that. what? denying me a seat?

then rs.50 crores youmade me to give dada, rs.5 crores you took from me... which 50 crores? got stolen!thieves stole it! bye...greetings. lord manjunatha, protect us! greetings...greetings madam. rs.10 lakhs...for you only. l'll make you a corporator too. what should l do madam?

lnvite das to our home. he loves me. he'll definitely come if l invite him. when he comes here...- stab him to death. no, stab me. stab you?- father! what are you saying father? stab right here,without wounding kidney, without cutting the intestines,

just a small stab. paidamma must stab me. what are you saying, father? lt's politics...politics of violence. das will go to jail for stabbing me. l'll go in an ambulance and filenomination papers as an lndependent. l'll win hands down with 50000majority riding a sympathy wave. bhai! why are you also late?

krishnaveni too hasn't come yet. l'm getting late to file the nomination.- got late because of this. oh no! biryani?gandhi is here. lt's pudding, bhai!- pudding? l'm getting late, l'll have it afterfiling the nomination. lt's my birthday today. oh brother! boss! father has ordered you all to be atcollector's office shouting slogans.

l and my father will cometo file nomination later. okay?- okay boss. you may go now.- let's go boys! mother sent it for you. fully. mother sent it, right?lt's sentiment, l'll happy all the day. you didn't inform father-in-law,why did you send away all the boys? why are you so tensed, paidamma? has father gone madto talk like that?

l can't understand anything,are you able to get him? yes, l too feel the same. he's blabbering getting dejectedfor not getting the seat. you must do something. l've two problems, uncle.kalarani and das. das has become a hero in publicby playing to the galleries. kalarani is waiting foran opportunity like a jackal. we've lost a seat already. to tide over this crisis,we need to keep both seats with us.

both constituencies?ls it possible? lt'll happen...if father dies really. kill brother-in-law? your birthday gift. what's this money for?- take it, buddy. why are you giving me money? all others have settled down in life. you're wasting your lifespending time with me. start a petty shop with this money.or buy an auto.

take care of mother well. bhai...bhai... why am l getting stomach pain? people have seen many cases of stabbingincidents and bullet missing the targets, they will not believe it. father must die really. only then they will be shocked. using his photo l'll contest from one constituency, and sisterwill contest from another one.

riding sympathy wave.crazy people, they will not think. they will vote for usand we'll win. yes.- good idea, what if an old mandies earlier by a day or two. heard everything, father? father, you must dieto keep us alive. paidi, it's me your father. that's why, we are asking youto die, brother-in-law. you die, brother-in-law..kill him, nephew... you're doing's a sin!

catch him! no son...please don't... you said you've work,come straight to the office. l'll not file nominationwithout you... why are you crying, buddy? bhai...l made a mistake...- what's it? what happened? kalarani paid me rs.10 lakhs. rs.10 lakhs?

why did she give you rs.10 lakhs? lf l kill you and blame it on dada,she promised to make me a corporator. how can you kill me?calm down. calm down.- l fell for the money, buddy. you falling for money? what have you done? l mixed poison in the puddingyou ate just now. l mixed deadly poison. go to the hospital immediately.consult a doctor urgently.

brother... sunny, paidamma is tryingto kill me. why is paidamma tryingto kill you? das, come fast, they have allganged up against me. l'm coming, brother. paidamma is trying to kill dada.- don't believe him. they are cheating you,they are crooks. don't trust them.- no, dada is crying on phone. they are playing cheap politics.

he fed who feedsis equal to mother. bhai, they will kill you. l don't mind dying. father, here's your grandson. you named him after yourfather venkatapathy. l'm going to kill venkatapathy. lf you don't open the door,l'll kill your grandson. open the door, the door. sunny!

brother!- son! you devil! sunny, kill him!he's not my son. kill her too. das...why are you vomiting blood? nothing, first let's get out from here. what happened to you, das? das, l'll not spare you... come..come l say...

come... get in. doctor, he must live at any cost. he must file the nomination. p. sashibhushan, las,dist.collector and magistrate. not there, a proposer signs here. that means l'll sign there. you must sign're the candidate. l'm not the candidate, brother.

our tagore is the candidate. tagore? me?- yes, it's you. l become a leader midway,you're a born leader. you're educated andknow good from bad. you know the needs of people. you're amongst peopleand live for them, leader like you must representpeople in assembly. well done!

you're the only one to practice gandhianprinciples in true letter and spirit. had he wished he could'vebecome the president? or could've becomethe prime minister. he said no to seat of power,that's why he became father of the nation. you're the only one to say no tothe seat 62 years after his death. you're son of the nation. why did you bring me here suddenly? my mother is dying to meet you. this is my village.

go left and take right,that's my home.

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