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Saturday, November 19, 2016

dog eat dog world

we listen to your concerns. national counseling session! the guests we have today are called the wild beasts of the celebrity world. lee hun! hello. lee hun. kim hyunjung! cheetah!

park jaybum! simon d! jay, is that a new concept? what? sitting like that. it's not that. it's too crowded to sit cross-legged. right. then sit like this.

korea is a country of etiquette. you're all strong people. are you afraid of anything? ghosts. that's really scary. you believe in ghosts? i believe i saw one. i think ghosts would be afraid of you. your hair, too.

make your eyes look scary. see? cheetah could scare ghosts, too. hyunjung, it's been a long time. tell us about your new album. it's pleasant and refreshing like cider. sing a little of your new song. what is the title? "attention".

("attention" / kim hyunjung) she is kim hyunjung indeed. (a cool dance we haven't seen in a while) (hyunjung's dance songs are always exciting) cheetah, your album is being released soon, too? probably around the time this episode airs. you can't show us today? i can, but there's no beat accompaniment. just do it.

just do it? give us a little taste. ("my number" / cheetah) 'i can't expect anything' 'you don't satisfy me' 'there's no chance' 'the guy in front talks too much' 'next to him is a good looking guy' 'one guy offers his car keys' 'tell me, i'll edit you'

'just fix it first, your attitude' 'then i'll think about it' 'no, forget it' (an exciting flow and lyrics with sense) we have new concerns today. the winner will receive a prize worth $1,000. show us today's concerns. (today's concerns) 'husband who disappears every night'

'bloody women'. 'rookie worse than a dog'. there are many men who are lonely because they don't have women. this man is suffering because of three. i'm a 20-year-old man who is suffering because of three women. i have three women. i see them every day.

they don't leave me alone. it's really exhausting. they are 18 and 15-year-old twins. they're my younger sisters. "oppa, give me some water." "give me the remote control." "give me some cookies." "you won't?" "do you want to buy cookies or be beaten?"

to their older brother? the 18-year-old is 2 years younger than me, but she works me like a servant. her older brother? the second one… "do i look pretty? do i look pretty or not? you're not going to answer? i ought to!"

what rough tempers. the third one. "are you going to be like this? i'm on a diet. i told you not to eat in front of me. stuff yourself outside!" that's nothing compared to the day my sisters have their period together. they must get sensitive. just meeting their eyes is terrible.

if they have a fight, it's a sight to see. "did you take my sun block? do you have a death wish?" "did you just swear at me? go ahead and kill me." be quiet! don't fight over nothing. did you ever get your back smashed

trying to stop your sisters from fighting? did you get slapped with a full swing? none of my three sisters is normal. i thought at least one of them would snap out of it if i came on the show. girls, i'm having a really hard time. let's live a quiet life, huh? they must be from jeolla-do. it seems so.

do you fight with your siblings? my brother and i have similar personalities. but when we fight, it gets bloody. let me tell you what happened once. i was lying down and my brother was standing over me and playing the recorder. in elementary school. i didn't think he would get hurt. i kicked the recorder.

it went right through his mouth. he bled? he opened his mouth and blood gushed out. he was injured. blood poured out on my stomach. he said i was dead meat and he was going to tell mom. i ran to my room and grabbed my piggybank.

i said i'd give him all the money if he didn't tell mom. i said that. you made a deal. i remember that. you can fight when you're little. siblings are like that. anyway, let's meet the brother. come on out!

(who is having a hard time because his sisters are mean to him?) (kim chaehyeon) he looks like a nice person. you're a man. isn't it embarrassing to have such a concern? you must be a bit embarrassed. i want to survive. survive…

it's killing you? what do they do? what's so hard? the older one is in the 11th grade and the twins have the '8th grade illness'. when the older one sees me… "oppa, buy me some cosmetics." i asked her why she was ordering me around. she said an older brother could do that much for his sister.

i said no and she told me to get lost. she told me to get lost. she told you to get lost? then one of the twins… "do i look pretty? don't i look pretty?" i said she didn't look that pretty. you were too honest. i said she was ugly. she said i wasn't good looking either.

if i say she looks pretty because she's a pain, she says she knows. it's always like that. the third sister is on a diet, so if i eat something… "hey! don't you see i'm on a diet? how can you eat?" she says that? yes.

the first two wanted fried chicken, so i bought some. the youngest complained. she was on a diet. don't buy anything. if i don't, the first two… why didn't you buy it? i wanted to eat it." if i buy it, the youngest…

"why did you buy it? it smells." there's nothing i can do. really. can't you just scold them? you're the oldest. i scolded them once. i didn't think it was right. show us what you did. to the three of them.

do i look easy to you? you look easy. you sound easy. you should get mad! do i look easy… they'll think you're easy. - what i did? / - yes. i'm the oldest. do i look easy to you? stop it. don't be like this.

care about your brother. you don't sound angry. (flinch) get mad. do i look easy to you? - do i look easy to you? / - right. - do it like that. / - again. good. that's what you should have done. let's meet the sisters who think he is easy.

we're going to meet them? of course. please introduce yourselves. hello, i'm the 18-year-old, kim hyeju. hello, i'm 15. i'm kim hyemin. hello, i'm 15. i'm kim hyewon. he's your only brother. you seem to look down on him a lot. why do you do that?

he's very immature. he's the only man. we're all grown up, but he asks our parents to have another son. that's absurd. our mom and dad are old. it's more of a concern for us. that he wants a younger brother? he could ask that.

why do you order him around? he orders us around, too. he orders us, too. he's the oldest son. "can you bring me my bus card?" he asks like that. you could bring it to him. i could, but he could get it himself. you could get it for him.

his room is right next to mine. why is he asking me? it's alright. you can use a dialect. i don't order him around. i ask nicely if he can please give me some water. i ask him. really? she asks politely and says please. it's not like that.

"please. are you upset 'cause i asked?" the way she says it is unpleasant. please! (how cute) i ask nicely at first. i can't go in that situation. why not? why can't you go? i'm in the middle of eating. how can i go?

you can stop eating for a while. it doesn't feel good to stop eating. does it feel unpleasant? very. that's bad enough as it is. but he says i get fat because i don't move. he starts a fight. that's not nice. how can you stop eating?

if i'm relaxing at home, he says i look like lee yeongja. (she makes it sound so respectful) lee yeongja. do you look like me? well… (her true feelings) she's cute. why do you keep asking if you look pretty?

life is really tough in middle school. it's no fun. it's really fun when we tease our brother. oh, boy. he could just say i look pretty, but he's cold. i could say she looks pretty, but she keeps asking. she's not cute or pretty. you're just ordinary.

he said you're just ordinary. it's irritating when she keeps asking. how did you ask? show us. do what you always do. cue. i'm pretty. just a minute. (she almost used a dialect) do i look pretty? don't i look really pretty?

do you know i'm really pretty? yeah, you're pretty. you looked in the mirror, right? do you ask because you think you're pretty? i think she'll be charming when she grows up. (don't say that, it will be hard for me) is the youngest the nicest? no. if i'm eating, she tells me to stuff myself outside.

did you? - why? / - you told him to stuff himself? i was on a diet. it makes me mad that he buys fried chicken. did you complain to your sisters, too? you can't, right? they want to eat it. he has to buy it. you complain that he buys it.

what can he do? the other two are glaring at her. (get it right) he should just buy it. did you tell your sister to stuff herself? i can't talk to her like that. (of course not) (what about me?) you can talk to me like that?

you should be angrier. be angrier. is it alright to talk to me like that? (understand, he's your older brother) when is it hardest? when the three of them fight, they pull hair. it's scary. they fight over sun block. i try to stop them.

it's a lot of work. i got hit. you did? how did you stop them? my sisters break us apart. what did you do? i told them not to fight. i held them. stop it!

(we're busy fighting!) (slap!) it reached a peak. a peak? why do you fight so much? he got slapped trying to stop you. he shouldn't butt in. hey! we fight.

we fight, but we make up. he butts in because he's the oldest. he doesn't have to butt in. he got hit. that's not the problem. then? it gets loud. there's a notice in the elevator about being loud.

what does it say? it asks the residents to be quiet. because they fought? it's that loud? they don't fight quietly. they could kill each other. it's really bloody. what do you fight over? it's nothing big.

if i say she looks ugly, we fight. something of mine disappeared once. it was in her drawer, so we fought. what about the sun block? we share one. she wanted to take it on her school trip. i couldn't use it then. i told her to leave it. it wasn't me.

it was her. it wasn't me. she doesn't think it's fair. that's how it starts. (a quarrel turns into a bloody battle!) (i'm suffering because of you) did you see the notice in the elevator? that's because he plays the guitar and sings. you sang. you played the guitar and sang?

i didn't play that much. he plays early in the morning. it's not early in the morning! i wanted to sing a bit after dinner. i played and sang for about 30 seconds. my mom told me to be quiet, so i stopped. but hyeju… she sang "love of a thousand years" really loud. all the neighbors could hear it.

sing it. sing what you sang playing the guitar. we'll hear it. just the chorus. 'it was like that' 'i loved you' he's good. 'the world…' sweet.

'that was touching' not bad. hyeju. hyeju. it wasn't that loud. he didn't sing like that in the morning. he's into naul these days. he screams when he sings. maybe he does that on purpose. you sing for us.

"love of a thousand years". we'll see who is the loud one. can i lower the key? sing like you always do. it's alright. (at the top of her voice) (that's loud) (she gets really emotional) (what a powerful voice)

hyeju, the both of you sing well. but it sounds like you're the loud one. do your sisters sing, too? my mom goes crazy when we all sing. the four of you together. the brother, too. begin. ("love of a thousand years" + "missing spring") ("you're impressive", too)

(they look like pros) (it's not in harmony at all) the security guard! (stop now) the 9th floor and 7th floor residents must hate it. do you think you're pretty rough compared to your friends? i have good relationships with my friends. we don't fight in school.

he keeps saying oh, boy. they're wild. really wild. i'm not wild. if we're in the room, she quietly approaches. she pokes hyewon. hyewon says stop. she should stop. but a fight begins. "did you tell me to stop?"

hyewon, aren't you afraid of your older sister? she's the most… - she's scary? / - yes. not your brother? not your parents? my dad is next, then my older sister. then mom. then my brother. then… am i easy?

(incomprehensible) did you see her expression? why am i last? do you want your brother to last? he's not the scariest in our family. (you think i'm easy because i'm nice) when don't you want to go home? there is a week of terror for me. it was mentioned.

when they have their period? yes. sometimes, they have it together. i can't do anything i want. if i ask them to do something, they tell me to leave them alone or they'll kill me. "i'm sensitive. leave me alone or i'll kill you." i ask if that's any way to talk to me. they ask if i'm unhappy with that.

are you really like that? you say you'll kill him? he doesn't just let us be. he won't leave us alone. he tries to tickle us in the stomach, but it hurts because he's a guy. we tell him to stop. we're really sensitive at the time. he should just…

he should just stay in his room. is that any way to talk to your brother? stay in his room? he should leave us alone. you shouldn't play jokes when they're sensitive like that. do you have a girlfriend? - you do? / - yes. do you poke her, too?

no. i ask how she feels. sure. did you see him act cute to her? he goes to the bathroom to wash up. he puts his phone on speaker. we could hear everything. i think she was going to sleep. he spoke really quietly. "good night. i love you. dream about me."

our mom heard it, too. it was uncomfortable to hear. look at the second sister frowning. "where are you?" "i love you." it's strange. is it because you don't want him to have a girlfriend? are you jealous?

not at all. how should i explain this? it's corny. i hate it. it's not because i don't have a boyfriend. he does that all the time. did you have a boyfriend before? don't you act cute to him? i'm not good at that. - you can't be cute? / - no.

did you see her be cute? did you have a boyfriend? it was in secret. (he just found out about it now) why are you surprised? i just heard about it for the first time. (stop fooling around and talk more) be nice to them like you are to your girlfriend. that would be much better.

you have three sisters. i tried it. hyeju was watching tv. i laid on her stomach. on her stomach. (you laid where?) how can you do that? you laid on her stomach? why would you do that?

she's my sister. how frustrating. i laid in comfort. i asked what she was watching. it was disgusting. why did you tell him to get lost? he laid on my stomach. can you understand that? no. not on a girl's stomach.

you shouldn't do that to your sister. you can't lie on her stomach. she's at a sensitive age. what else did you do? like you did to your girlfriend. i tried to be nice. i asked how things were in school. that's good. who? the second or third?

the older one. she asked why i asked. did he ask lying on your stomach? he must have been nice. i was eating something. you couldn't stop eating. she can't stop eating. avoid situations like that. don't talk to her when she eats.

there are so many things to avoid. how do they act to your friends? they yell at me, but if friends come… "would you like some water?" (what a transformation!) if i ask for some water, "get it yourself!" they're different. they're girls in front of friends.

it can't be helped. your friend must know. you must have told him. i knew a little. (they listen with their heads down) they're so modest when his friend talks. (stay in your room!) (you're the easiest!) (even the youngest…)

(the brother has no status) (one look from the friend…) (the sisters become gentle) (what am i to you?) how does it feel when they bring you water and act pretty. that's how sisters must be. i don't have any younger sisters. i envied him a bit.

how do you feel now? you know how they really are. do you still envy him? well… i have to think about it. they're still young. can't you just be a bit more understanding? they look down on me too much. - they do? / - yes. they say other older brothers are

good looking and tall and have wide shoulders, but i look terrible. they say it's embarrassing. that's upsetting. he looks nice. i started studying music recently. i said i'd make a lot of money and be nice. my sister said i couldn't make a living with that. she said i couldn't make a living. she told me to just move out.

she's like a mom. he wants encouragement, but you abuse him. everyone has different positions. i work part-time and help out with living costs. he says he'll get paid, but it seems like he's just having fun. i earn my own allowance, but he receives allowance from mom.

mom is having a hard time as it is. i wish he'd wake up. i was mean. i feel a bit bad about that. okay. the twins are young. what do you think of their attitude to your brother? they don't listen to him at all. they listen to me because i give them food.

he always wonders why they listen to me, but not to him. he asks that. i had the '8th grade illness' before. i was really mean to him. he even cried once because he couldn't hit me. during winter vacation, he hit me in the back of my head. he might hit the twins some day.

i want to tell them to be careful. you should scold them if they're mean to him. i don't say anything in front of him, but i tell them not to do that. i tell them not to ignore him. what do you think of your brother? be honest. the twins, too.

i can't express it, but he's reliable. he's a reliable oldest son. my friends envy me for having an older brother. it's corny to hear that. i'm happy, but i can't express it. would you have done better if you were the oldest son? if i was the oldest son? she's the oldest daughter.

what about the second sister? i think he's nice. when we fight, he tries to stop us. he's really patient. that's a bit… he's really nice. what about the youngest? they know. they love him. i don't express it much either.

but i'm grateful to him. what do you think now? i didn't know they thought like that. they all love you. what do you want to say to them? even if you fight, i hope we can be considerate and optimistic siblings. call them by their names. you should tell them you love them.

hyeju, hyemin, hyewon, i love you. she flinched. hyeju flinched. hun, is it a concern? this is no concern! this is a bit… they love each other and are growing up well. what's really scary is disinterest. i think they'll love each other more.

it's not a concern. i don't think it's a concern either. neither do i. i think it's too cute to be a concern. as you heard, it's a pretty concern. let's try to get over 30 votes. this is… if you think it's a concern, press the button!

(what does the audience think?) 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. - okay. / - stop. will the oldest sister say something to him? don't think of us as a concern.

you don't have much sense. there's a lot you don't have, but we'll try to listen to you more. tell him you love him. he said he loved you. the three of you together. tell him you love him. we love you. i wonder how many votes he got. show us.

22. (eliminated) thank you. (survives) i've been a used car dealer for 2 months. i'm a rookie in the 20's. since the day i first started, everyone just asks for the rookie. nothing gets done without me.

"rookie, go clean up that dog poop." "rookie, feed the dog." "rookie, it's time to walk the dogs." "rookie, rookie!" let me tell you again. i'm a used car dealer. why are they treating me like this? they want me to watch their dogs. why do the employees here bring their dogs?

since the say i started, i've been a sitter of dogs. i go to their houses in the morning and pick up their dogs. i feed them, walk them and clean up their poop. i stop them from fighting, too. they fight? i take care of eight dogs like this. eight dogs.

i wonder if i'm working at a dog caf㩠or if i'm a used car dealer. the dogs aren't gentle. they tear contracts. contracts… they pee and chew up cables. they turn the office into a mess. my superiors love their babies and say it's alright. but to me, "manage them properly!

are you going to work like this?" shouldn't they scold their dogs? the biggest problem is that i can't get any work done because of the dogs. "look at your sales this month. get some work done." what is he supposed to do? what am i supposed to do? it's so upsetting.

should i continue working there or should i quit? my mind is full of dogs. why do they bring their dogs to work? let's meet the man who is suffering because of dogs at work. (who is having a hard time at work because his superiors bring their dogs?) (he picks up his shoes)

(he took them off up there) (lee deukhwan) please introduce yourself. hello, i'm from bucheon. i'm a rookie used car dealer, lee deukhwan. lee deukhwan. you go to work with eight dogs? i don't get it. did you know this before you started?

i saw a few dogs. i thought the owners loved them so much that they brought them to work to care for them. i didn't imagine i'd be caring for them. it was really depressing. there must be various breeds. a golden retriever. a border collie. an english sheepdog. they're all big dogs.

medium to big-size dogs. an american bully. a bull terrier. a bull terrier, too? bull terriers get distracted a lot. a shar-pei. a boston terrier. you manage all those yourself? yes, it's driving me crazy.

run a pet store. tell us about your day. i go to my superior's house at 8:30. that superior has six dogs. one person has six dogs? yes, i pick them all up. how long does it take? until noon. all morning. (morning ends taking care of the dogs)

there's a lot of poop, right? - poop? / - yes. it's like human poop. i hate poop. nobody likes poop! i have a weak stomach. some of them have diarrhea. the american bully is called ppakku. he hides his poop.

you don't know where he poops? yes, i have to… look for it? the floor is dark. i have to look for it. they fight, too. they fight during the day. i don't like it when they fight. i'm told to hurry up and stop them. we go home after work.

i bring them all home. then i go home. you bring them home? my superior's house. do i have to do that? why are you asking me? a driver should bring them home. what do the owners do? they work.

if a dog poops, they tell me to clean it up. i silently clean it up. they hired you to take care of the dogs. what were their intentions? let's find out. where are you? how many do you take to work? i bring one. myeongsu the bull terrier. hello. i have six. (the person who caused the concern)

why do you bring your dogs to work? they get into trouble if they're not watched. they cause incidents. i have to have them near me. don't they complain at work? if you bring dogs? the manager brought one before me. your superior likes dogs. what did you do with them today?

i brought them all. you brought them all. who's talking care of them? he brought them, right? let's take a look at each one. it's really cute. (imposing) it's good looking. (aggressive)

it's already hectic. it's only one dog. the name and… it's an american bully. it hides its poop. it's biting. it's like a person. (not there) (a sudden attack!)

(oh!) (what's going on?) dogs are always attacking me. it's really hectic. walk like miss korea. (my baby) what's his name? his name is myeongsu. he turns the office into a mess.

there are only two, but it's hectic. i'm going crazy. look at him. (come on!) don't fight. don't fight. this is bongbong, a boston terrier. it's pretty cool. put it down. it's scary. it's fierce. okay, okay.

this one should go. see? this one should go. (it's so hectic) another dog. this one has a temper. it's fighting. (are you looking down on me because i'm small?) (bongbong, calm down!) it's so hectic.

this one listens best. it's ganji. rookie! do something! what a mess! (guys, calm down) - rookie! / - no, no. stop him! (you can't do this!) rookie, stop him! (what a mess)

what is this? rookie! keep them quiet! why are they barking so much? what's wrong with him? he wants to go. where? he doesn't like large crowds. - he doesn't? / - no.

he… (he's picky) what a mess. there are only four dogs. how charming. is it a hunting dog? he's quiet. he's a sheepdog. - a sheepdog? / - yes.

say hello. - down. / - say hello. bite. bite! no, not there. bite! it was only briefly, but what a mess. it's been like this for 2 months. you lost weight. how much did you lose?

7kg. in 2 months? hyeju, let's go work there. 7kg in 2 months. i can see why. how many cars did you sell? not many. if there are six dogs, shouldn't you share the responsibilities?

i take care of them at work, but the rookie should at work. they're not his dogs. that's nonsense. it became a tradition. did you look after dogs when you were a rookie? the senior next to you. i took care of them when they were babies. - eight of them? / - yes.

when they were puppies? they were cute then. can you understand his concern? when i was a rookie, i wasn't sly about it. he's a bit sly about it. he has to be when they dogs are this big. how can he not? if they poop,

it should be cleaned up right away, but he suddenly goes out to answer a call. even if his phone doesn't ring. the owners should clean it up. i did before. i did that when i was a rookie. (that's a terrible tradition) if we go out to sign a contract, it can be done in an hour or two.

but when he goes out, he doesn't come back. once, he didn't come until it was time to go home. i wouldn't go back either. did you do that? it wasn't like that. you answered your phone when you didn't get a call? my job description is to sell cars. i have to answer calls and

manage my customers. i can't do that when i walk the dogs. i can't even understand what they're saying. i go out to answer my phone when i have the time. you didn't go back late on purpose. when do you think it's really unfair? a dog chewed up the internet cable once. they yelled at me.

they blamed you. they said i didn't manage them properly. i was working. they said i should have watched them. it's not fair. a lot of things must happen when you go out. we almost got into serious trouble once. the man who has six dogs. there's a shar-pei called kanu.

we went to buy coffee. kanu ran to an imported car and started to scratch it. an imported car? the owner of the car came out. i apologized to him. i was doing that. i looked back and he was just standing there. when it was his dog?

the owner? so… it's really unfair. the owner said it was alright. the situation ended well. it's his dog. you're the owner. why did you ignore it? why did you ignore it? i was going to go and apologize.

but he suddenly started to apologize. it was fun to watch. it was fun? won't the customers be uncomfortable? the people who come to buy cars. some people might not like dogs. when customers come to sign a contract… when they come, the dogs are sitting on the couch, desks and chairs.

- they're everywhere. / - right. i told you before. if you touch them, they growl. an uncomfortable situation arises. once, a customer came. he stepped on poop and fell. (oh, no!) - a customer? / - yes. that sounds like a cartoon.

he slipped on poop and fell. what could we do? everyone apologized together. what did the customer do? he just left. he just left, right? he stepped on poop. i would just leave, too. that's serious.

the person in the end. he's the manager, right? the president didn't come. he's the manager. if the customers don't like it, shouldn't something be done? you should do something. some people don't like dogs, but some people do.

it could be good for sales. some customers come because of the dogs. only a couple left after stepping on poop. that problem will be solved if the rookie cleans it up well. you're saying it's helpful for sales? it's very helpful. nine out of ten people like them. women love them.

if it's that helpful, shouldn't you get someone who trains dogs? it's the rookie's duty. that's their history. it's our tradition. it's your history? how long does he have to do this? until someone else is hired. how long did you do it?

the last person? 2 years. 2 years? you did this for 2 months? he doesn't have to sell cars? he just has to take good care of the dogs? he has to sell some cars. he's a rookie. he can't work because of the dogs.

is that an excuse? we all did it, too. doesn't it affect your work? i have to answer my phone, but i can't because of the dogs. i make calls until ten at night at home. it's exhausting. you lost 7kg in 2 months. how are you doing in sales?

i'm last place. i'm last place at work. they're laughing. the one who did it for 2 years. how did you do? i was in the middle. - the middle? / - yes. they were puppies then. what about the owner of the six dogs?

1st or 2nd place. - 1st or 2nd place? / - yes. you leave them to someone else and work. (i want to work, too) is it a fine job? if not, just quit. i'm sure everyone is thinking that. why go to work there? except for the dogs, they're all nice.

they're good with their work. it's nice to have the dogs. it would be alright if everyone helped, but i have to do everything. i wish they weren't brought to work once or twice a week. twice a week. they all did it. they might be a bit upset.

are you alright? i couldn't understand how this is a concern. i'll walk them with you. you're selfish. you'll walk them. that's easy. he said cleaning poop is the hardest. getting help with that would be good, right? just clean the poop. i don't have the time.

poop… (forget it) (do you think i have time left over?) let's start with simon d. is it a concern or not? it's a concern. it's a concern. of course? he lost his appetite and lost 7kg. his life depends on it.

buy him nice food or give him a bonus. i think it's a concern, too. we have two dogs at home. they're small. it's still hectic though. before… four dogs. it must be really hard. hyunjung.

i don't think it's a concern. i was a promotional ambassador for pets until 2007. i have a pet business. it can't be a concern. hun. the people are nice, right? you have a lot to learn? endure it. if you sympathize with his concern, the owner of the six dogs, say something.

deukhwan, i'll clean their pee. you clean their poop. pee can be harder if there's a lot. i don't have much time. i'll help when i can. how many votes did he get? show us the result. the last digit is 3. it's over 100.

it's over. the rookie is so down. how many votes? 163? 153? 163? 153? 163. 'husband who disappears every night'. this is a really suspicious husband. he disappears every night? yes, the husband disappears every night.

i'm a housewife in the 40's who has a concern because of my husband. my husband goes out at night. he parks the car by the dark river and looks for this. at the river? fish? he looks for freshwater snails. freshwater snails.

he goes out every night to catch snails? look. look at this. they get caught well at night. what's the big deal about freshwater fish? he goes out all the time. sometimes, it's 3 days a week. when he goes a lot, it's 7 days a week. he goes out at 9 and comes home at 4. he must supply freshwater snails.

even if he's too sick to go to work… "i'm dying. honey, i'm dying. this won't do. i'm going to catch freshwater snails." i never saw anyone spit up phlegm when they were acting sick. he ends up going. he goes to catch freshwater snails.

even if there is a typhoon. are you crazy? a typhoon is coming. don't go. "it's alright. i can go in the shallow area. i'm going to go now." he loves it. it rained like crazy and i couldn't reach him. i wondered if he got swept away. i was really worried.

he showed up at a.m. 4 soaking wet. are you alright? are you hurt? "the water swelled up. the car…" (was there an accident?) "you almost became a widow tonight. but look at this. look at this, honey." "i caught these despite a typhoon. isn't it awesome?" it tastes good.

"isn't it good?" freshwater snails are going to kill him. please stop him. he catches freshwater snails every night. they're really good. soup made with them is really good. freshwater snail soup. let's meet the wife. (who has a husband who loves catching

freshwater snails?) (jeon gwisuk) does he really go out every night? he disappears 3-4 times a week. what time does he go out? he goes out at nine. when he goes late, he goes at eleven. he stays up all night and comes at eight. catching freshwater snails?

how long did he do that? about 8 years. he liked fishing before. people who love to fish. he suddenly got into freshwater snails. he goes by himself? isn't it dangerous? yes, but he goes by himself. he leaves me.

what does he do? it must be exhausting to go every night. we have a small library. he teaches children, too. when he goes to catch freshwater snails, he gets sensitive and tired. i think he won't go that night. but he gets a bright expression and suddenly goes again.

8 years… once, his back… did he get inured? (did he injure his back?) he was so focused. he had his back bent the whole time. with goggles. his back got stiff and he crawled around for about two days.

i thought he wouldn't go. you liked that. he said it wasn't because of that and he went out again. he went to catch them again. okay. let's meet the husband who loves to catch freshwater snails. (who goes to catch freshwater snails every night?) do you go all around the nation?

no, but i've been to a lot of places. i can understand going once or twice, but you did this for 8 years. why is that? the feeling is great. i can't stop. if you lift a rock and there are a bunch? it's awesome. i know the feeling.

like the feeling you get from fishing. it's different from that. how does it feel? it's different from fishing. you just pick it. there's a feeling? they are diverse in size. he's really enjoying this. it's a thrill to pick them off the stone. it's a thrill to pick them off?

yes, it's awesome. (oh…) when gyeongsang-do people say that, it means it's the best. it's a concern for your wife. can you go less? no. it's… no? i can't go less.

it's peak season. it's peak season for freshwater snails. when is the peak season? from early summer to late fall. it's hot in daegu. sometimes, until early october. right, late fall. april, may, june, july, august, september, october…

i want to move to the north pole. how do you feel when you catch snails? that's when i'm happiest. he's the happiest then. what about you? it's when i suffer. there was a typhoon alert once. i told him not to go. he snuck out.

he forgot to take his phone. he didn't bring his phone. i saw news of rivers swelling. he appeared with a bright face at four. "you almost became a widow tonight." - that's the first thing he said? / - yes. you almost became a widow? he boasted that he caught a lot and returned alive.

how did you feel then? i was going to kill him. why did you go that day? tell us about it. it rained a lot that day. the car suddenly stopped on the expressway. your car? yes, because it rained a lot. because it rained a lot.

the steering wheel wouldn't even move. i couldn't move. and? there was someone from the expressway corporation. he helped take emergency measures. that was fortunate. didn't you think that your wife would be worried when you were gone? i was really scared, too.

(i had to survive) i was scared, too. she only knew about the typhoon. were there dangerous times that you didn't tell her about? rocks are slippery because of algae. i could fall and get injured or swept away. if a stone gets stuck between my toes, it tears my skin.

did you experience that before? were you swept away? a few times. (oh, boy) you heard different things today. what do you think? he didn't tell me, so i didn't worry. he always came back. but hearing that…

how much does he catch? about a basin full when he goes. about a basin full. a few thousand. more than a few thousand. isn't that good? 3-4 times a week. that's 3-4 or 5 basins. i'm a full-time housewife.

even so, i can't handle all that. what did you do with them? i gave them to my parents, his parents, the grocery store owner, the neighbors. elderly people liked it at first. but not after a while. again? you kept giving it to them. my husband told them to just taste it.

they're good with a drink. all the men in the neighborhood drink. i want to eat it right now. you're going to move, right? you'd like it if he gave it to you for 8 years? can we see them? you brought them, right? he caught them yesterday. the size. they're really big.

(everyone takes a look) (the husband loves freshwater snails) it's big. look at the size. you caught all these yesterday? where are they stuck? on rocks? they're on rocks, under rocks and between rocks.

there are stones here. they're stuck on stones. there are stones in here. they're stuck like this. these are small stones. will you show us how you catch them? think of this as a river. there's a tool to catch freshwater snails. place it on the surface.

use a flashlight. how deep is it? about up to my knees. there's no special way. just pick them off. (it's easy) the posture is important. there's a current, so you need recoil. (endure with the knees)

think about that. think about that and pick them. show us how thrilling it is. your expression. (very happy) it feels great. pick it. a snake is passing. (go away)

(an lively reenactment) (who's going to stop him?) he's going to cook for us. what do you normally cook? a variety of things. soup, seasoned snails, fried snails, everything. you're going to cook? it looks like a lot of people here like to drink. (food made with freshwater snails)

seasoned freshwater snails. they're not cooked then? they're cooked. taste it. the smell… it's going to kill dongyeop. just the smell sobers you up. this is good. it's even better because it has water dropwort.

dongyeop normally carries on quickly when there is food. aren't you going to be the mc? i have to taste this. shall we go slowly today? unbelievable. how do you make freshwater snail soup? it's simple. remove the meat from the shells.

and then… (suck, suck, suck) take the water and… (surprised) (they keep eating) (everyone loves the flavor) (this isn't good) it's really good. did anyone have a drink yesterday?

who had a drink? everyone had a drink. the person in the glasses over there. taste this. (yeah!) (come and taste it) he's a pro. slowly. slowly. it's hot.

how is it? is it good? (wow) you didn't even chew it. try the seasoned freshwater snails. i drank since noon yesterday. how are the seasoned freshwater snails? i sobered up with the soup, but this makes me what to drink again. he wants to drink again.

(oh, dear) oh! oh! this is a first. i can't believe it. i can't believe it. they ate it all. remove it like this. turn it. like this. (i'm going to eat it)

(in a daze) you should change your mind. start a restaurant. yes, that would be good. not anyone can do this. start a restaurant? it's unbelievable. (it's good!) their neighbors are here, too.

the people who received them. raise your hands. my husband loves to drink. when he sees them, he says he got a nice side dish and drinks again. give us less next time. - give you less? / - yes. your husband must not be here. did he drink last night?

yes, a lot. with freshwater snails? who is that next to you? hello, i'm the niece who lives with them. did you eat a lot of freshwater snails, too? yes, food goes bad in summer. a lot of food is made. i have to eat it every day. he should eat it, too.

but he doesn't eat it. he doesn't eat it? he just gives it to other people. i eat it, but… (he doesn't) your niece said you don't. i like watching other people eat it. he doesn't eat it. he cooks to give it to other people.

but he leaves the kitchen a mess. he doesn't clean up. we have to do the dishes and clean up. we're not happy about that. they fight all the time because of freshwater snails. it's loud at night. he comes home late. i wish they'd stop fighting. bring your wife with you.

it would be nice to go together. how about going with him? i went with him about three times. there was nobody there. it was scary. he caught snails and i stayed in the car. you can catch snails, too. there are bugs and there could be snakes. he said he'd be back in an hour.

he came back after 4 hours. he said he was only gone for an hour. how spiteful. after doing that three times, i didn't want to go. why didn't you take care of her? nobody asked her to come along. i like going in the water. it only feels like 10 minutes, but an hour passes.

(it's a serious problem) what was most upsetting? my mom really loved him a lot. my mom and father are really old. he did something to upset them. she got emotional. my mom wasn't feeling well. she suddenly called. i couldn't reach my husband.

he was in the water, so he wouldn't answer. he showed up late. he got angry saying he wasn't the only son-in-law. he wasn't the only son-in-law. (that's mean) why did they only ask for him? he said he was really good and i was too greedy. he said we only asked for him.

that was very upsetting. about 2 years ago, she passed away. we got home after the funeral. my mom came over often. there were things that she used. it makes you even sadder. but he went to catch freshwater snails. right after the funeral. i shouldn't laugh.

husband. you were nice to them. i know you like catching snails, but… i left my phone in the car. i called in a hurry. she was already mad. i felt really sorry then. she was sad about her mother. you should have stayed with her.

you went to catch freshwater snails? you wanted to? do you love it that much? what are freshwater snails to you? small creatures that give me pleasure. they give him pleasure. what is your wife to you? a big creature that pleases you? she's just my wife.

his mistress. (they stole her husband) i can understand. freshwater snails are mistresses. like they said, you can do other things that you like. it's nice that you enjoy seeing me with the children and working hard. i don't want to lose you or worry.

but you go all the time. okay. she can't talk. she loves him a lot. she must be worried every night. i wish you'd only go once in the week. we could go together and enjoy it. let's start with hun. i can understand the husband. he must be stressed,

but he can't relieve it at home. hyunjung, it's a concern for the wife? i never imagined she'd think of them as mistresses. it seems to be really stressful for her. they should find something that's relieving and comforting for the both of them. i think it's a concern. simon d. simon thinks it's a concern, too.

why? he's making her cry a lot. (he aims for women's hearts) that alone. it's a good thing you're not my dad. if you think it must be hard for the wife, stop. say what you want to your wife. i feel very sorry that i upset you like that.

i'll think of you more than freshwater snails. don't be so vague about it. set the number of times. don't try to slip by like that. your wife wants you to go once a week. during the day on the weekend. (he doesn't like that) that's too much too sudden. i'll try to cut down.

how many votes did she get? show us. how many votes? the last digit is 9. is it over 100? a lot of people pressed the button. (will there be a new winner?) 129. 'man who changes' wins a fourth time. he receives a prize worth $1,000. congratulations.

until the day korea has no more concerns, "hello counselor" is here to help. (who is the king or reaction today?) (the ladle can't rest) slow down. (you are the king of reaction today!) ("because you're pretty" / you seungwoo)

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