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Saturday, November 19, 2016

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vishay nihalani: hi, everyone. thanks for coming out today. my name is vishay nihalani, andi'm joined by flo thng. flo and i are both productmanagers who work at google on admob. so just by show of hands, howmany of you here are familiar with admob? and how many of you areapp developers? excellent.

and how many of you appdevelopers have actually included admob in one of yourapplications, either to monetize, or used admobto promote? flo thng: yeah! vishay nihalani: well, it'sgreat to see that so many of you are active andhave used admob. you guys are at the center of a thriving mobile app ecosystem. and we're really proudto be part of that.

every day we see that users aredownloading more and more applications, and spendingmore time in those applications as well. so at admob, our goal is to helpbe a partner for you, and help you promote and monetizeyour application successfully. the pace of growthis absolutely staggering with apps. and no doubt, that growthcreates some interesting challenges.

at admob we see threemajor challenges. these are around discovery,monetization, and the user experience. there are now over 1.6 millionapplications across the google play and ios app storescombined. that's great choice for users,but what does that mean for you as an app developer? as an app developer, thatmeans that you have to constantly jockey for place inthe marketplace rankings in

order to get your app infront of your users. so it's important to beincredibly deliberate about how you promote yourapp to your users. on the monetization side, asyour user base grows, you expect your revenueto grow with it. and doing that mightinvolve working with multiple ad networks. but working with multiplenetworks can be challenging, both technically andoperationally.

and on the user experience side,it's important to be tactful about how you showadds to your users. a bad experience can ruinthe user's experience. it can put off your existingusers from using your app, and it can turn away new usersif they see bad reviews in the app store. and as a developer, you'reincluding content from third party sources. so you want to make sure thatthe content that shows up in

your application enhancesyour brand rather than tarnishes it. you want to make sure that theads that show up are relevant, engaging, and appropriatefor your users. [break in audio] vishay nihalani: justthis year-- vishay nihalani: this is justthe first step to opening the floodgates of monetization. and we hope to see tremendousgrowth in this area.

and of course, we want to helppreserve the user experience. we have a team at admob that'sworking on building innovative new ad formats that helppreserve the user's experience within your application. we're building ad formats thatinherently verify that the user is actually interested inthe ad content before taking them out of your app andonto the landing page. so with an eye toward solvingsome of these challenges, i am really excited to announce thelaunch of a brand new admob.

this new admob is laserfocused on apps. at the same time, we've broughtthe power of adsense and adwords to mobile apps. we've leveraged more than adecade of innovation and experience to bring you thescale and reliability that google offers across allof its ads products. our goal is to make itincredibly simple for you to promote and monetizeyour applications. the idea is to make it verysimple for you to promote and

monetize so that you, as a loneapp developer with an idea, can go to becoming a teamof app developers working on building a sustainablebusiness like chris in this video we're about to show. we hope that this will be afamiliar aspiration for many of you in the audience. [video playback] -inspiration can come from somepretty unlikely places. but once it hits, there'sa lot of work to do.

designing an app takes monthsof programming, problem solving, and testing. but finally you have somethingyou're happy with. and now, with admob, you canearn a return on all your work by showing relevantads in your app. then, with admob's promotiontools, watch your app take off in a bigger way thanyou imagined. from success at home todownloads online, admob connects your appwith millions of

advertisers and users. so now that you're earningmoney, you'll have more time to build your business,and get inspired for your next great app. [end video playback] vishay nihalani: and with that,i'd like to introduce flo, who's going to talk aboutsome of the features that we've built into the new admobto improve app promotion. flo thng: all right.

thanks, vishay. hi, everyone. you saw some flashes of the newinterface in the video. now let's dive into the demo sowe can share with you some of the exciting features in thenew admob to help you get more users and make moremoney from your apps. we redesigned the ui intothree core sections. home, monetize, and promote. home tab is basicallya dashboard.

we pulled together all yourstats in one place to help you get an overview on how your appbusiness is performing. on the top here, you can see asummary on how much money i've made from my apps today. and how many downloadsthat admob has driven to all my apps. when you scroll down, we can seemore granular stats, like rpm, fill rate, conversion. it's nice to see that we'regetting more and more

conversion here. and the best part, my favorite,is that we've organized all of this by app, soyou can quickly review and figure out the action needed. for example, line up is getting quite a number of users. maybe it's time for us tostart monetizing it. or flooded here, which isactually earning me quite a bit of money.

so i could consider actuallypromoting it even more. which brings us tothe promote tab. promote tab is the hub foradvertising with admob. one of the advantagesof advertising with admob is our scale. because we work with appdevelopers worldwide, like yourself, we have billions ofusers in the admob network. and we've designed it so thatyou can create a campaign to reach all of those users withjust a few simple steps.

so i'm going to createa new campaign today. and the first step is tojust pick a campaign that i want to promote. i see a lot of you enjoying yourchrome pixel, so i will, in honor of that, promotea chrome app. all you have to do is just typeit in, and you see that we pull automatically from thetwo major app stores the most likely app that iwas looking for. which in this caseis chrome beta.

so i will just select it. no need to put any package id. and you can do imagead or text ad. i didn't have time to create animage ad, so i'm going to go with text ad today. good thing is admob is going tohelp me make this text ad more engaging and informative. so all i have to do is createa campaign name, an ad name, put a bit for a cpc.

so i will put in $0.08. we pull in the destinationurl directly. save you some steps. and the best part here is we canpreview what it looks like in different formats. in tablet, in phone. and we've made this a lot moreinformative and engaging for the users, because you can seenow, there is that chrome logo, the review information,the rating information.

the goal is to make this appinformative so that users will click on it and then download. the next step is figuring outwho do i want to target with this promotion. so, because this is i/ospecific, i might want to target just peoplein san francisco. and each of these targetingsettings is very easily editable. admob also, because we'reconnected to google play, will

know automatically that chromebeta requires android 4.0 and up in order to run properly. the os setting iscorrectly set. this is only going to getshown to users who are eligible to download your app. now i just need to set a dailybudget, name this. and i've just create thechrome app promotion. now what i want to know is howeffective is this campaign? how many users is it goinggenerate for me?

and how much are theseusers going to be? the good thing is we'veintegrated conversion tracking into the campaigncreation flow. so if you are promoting an app,all you have to do is hit confirm and finish here,and you're all done for android app. or if you happen to haveanalytics data, and you know what is the value for conversionfor your app, you can put in this optionalvalue here.

i'm going to put $2. and just with that, admob willautomatically start tracking the users who have clicked onyour app and then download it. for ios, it is a littlebit more involved. you will have to include a shortcode snippet in your app, which you can access fromthe app conversion tab. if you click on edit, thisnice little pencil here, you'll be able to getthat snippet here. and we've made it easy, becauseyou can just email it

to yourself. which i'm going to skip now. if you're an app developer,and i'm sure many of you actually have multiple apps,not just one, you can jump start your new app bycross-promoting it to your existing user base. and admob allows you to do thateasily with house apps. so when you create a newcampaign, you can also select to create a house app.

for example, if i want topromote the chrome app here to labpixies users, i'm going tojust do the same thing. all of these is thesame as before. the one new step is we nowdisplay all of the add units that you have createdfor your app. so i'm going to select colordrips and flooded, which means that this chrome promotionis going to show in these two games. i save it.

and because this is house app,and we're promoting this to your own inventory, you don'tneed to set a budget. we can actually dothis for free. next is you just allocateyour inventory. so don't forget to dothis so that your campaign will start serving. once everything is set up-- i've set up house app campaign,regular campaign-- you can monitor the performancesof all of these

campaigns through our reportingsetting, which is in these all apps table. so i can easily see which one ofmy apps is converting well, how much it is costing me toconvert, and what is the cost per conversion. so this is really cool, becausei've set up conversion tracking for all of this app,i'll be able to know how much it's costing me toget somebody to download a chrome browser.

the next step isto optimize it. so if you click on any one ofthese apps, you'll be able to see that i've set upmultiple campaigns. some of them are doing betterthan the others. and i've set up multiple ads,and some are converting better than the others. so i might want to actuallyoptimize. and we allow inline editing, soi can just go in here and say, maybe i need toactually bid higher

and get better users. or i can go to campaign tab andsays, the second campaign is doing really well. i want to actually increasethe budget. this is all, however, quitemanual you have to actually go in there, figure out whichone is doing well. maybe create your own model. so today we're really excitedto announce a new feature in admob, which is calledconversion optimizers.

conversion optimizers will allowyou to set the bid based on a target cost peracquisition. basically, you just tell admobhow much you're willing to pay for users, and let us dothe heavy lifting. we are going to look at yourconversion history. so we look at your campaign,which one is performing well. and we look at a bunchof other signals. and we have very complexmodel in the back end. all of these so that we canpredict when an impression

comes out whether it's going tobe very valuable for you. so we're going to bidhigher for it. and then for the less valuableclick, we're going to bid lower for it. in order to do this,you just have to click edit on the campaigns. oh, sorry. ok. we're having some--

so when you click on thecampaign, these are-- we're having somenetwork problem. but you should be able toactually switch bidding from bidding on cpc to bidding on-- i'm going to show itto a different way. sorry. this is what happens whenwe run a live demo. quite exciting. so you can see here, you will beable to switch your bidding

option from focusing on clicksto focusing on conversion. you can put in a target costper acquisition here. i'm putting in $1.08. that's how much i'm willing topay to get a user on chrome, because my rpu is really,really high. i can put in a lower number andactually reduce my cost per acquisition. just keep in mind, that meansthe number of downloads that i'm going to get isgoing to be lower.

if i had put in a larger number,like $2, i will get a lot more download. what we recommend is actuallyput in a conversion cost close to what you have right now. so conversion optimizer, it'simportant to keep in mind, it's not the same as aguaranteed cost per install. the result is going to vary. however, most people who haveimplemented it have seen really great results.

so our early testers haveseen reduction in conversion costs by 20%. we work with gree, one of thegame developers in japan. they implemented conversionoptimizers across multiple of their campaign, and they wereable to reduce their cost of user acquisition by 50%. basically the same budget, theyget twice as many users. who doesn't love that? so with this, hopefully, all ofyou now can create your own

app promotion campaign. we strongly suggest when youdo that, set up conversion tracking so you'll be ableto know how much it costs to get a user. and please try out conversionoptimizer so admob can help you optimize your budget. with that, i'll hand it back tovishay, who is going to go through monetization tab,and help you make more money with your app.

vishay nihalani: thanks, flo. so now that you've promotedyour application, you've gotten tons and tonsof downloads. the next step is to considermodernizing those users. so i'll quickly walk you throughwhat it's like to set up monetization in oneof your applications. so let's say we wantto monetize the same chrome beta app. so first select theapplication.

as you can see, one of thechanges from the legacy admob to this new interface is thatyour inventory is actually organized by application. this is great for you becauseit adds organization. but it's also great becauseit allows us to run some interesting quality models toreally optimize your apps, rather than arbitraryad units. so let's say we want toset up an ad unit. it's quite simple.

let's say you have a banneron the bottom screen. you can create this ad unit, seea nice preview of the ad unit, save it. and just like on the promoteside, you can easily email the instructions on how tointegrate the ad unit to your developer. so once you've done that andreleased your application, you'll start to see revenue pourinto your application. it's fairly simple.

now, the thing to consider ismaking sure that you're showing the right adsto the right users. so with our new publishercontrols feature, we allow you to very easily categorize all ofthe ads that are showing up in your application, and allowor block them by category. so as you can see in thisinterface, we launched the ability for you to sort yourads into hundreds of categories, so that you canmake sure that only appropriate ads showto your audience.

we also have the ability tosee how much revenue is actually coming from eachcategory of ad, so that you can make an intelligent decisionon the risks versus rewards of blocking certaincategories. many of you also may havea concern about showing competitors' applicationsadvertisements in your app. so with this new feature, weallow you to actually block ads by the landing page url. so for example, if you're chromeand you want to block--

let's use an arbitraryexample. let's say you want to blocka particular game. you can grab the url from theitunes or google play store, drop it in here, andclick block. and we'll make sure that thatcompetitor's apps don't show up in your application. so now that you've set up yourpublisher controls and your filters, you may find yourinventory start to grow. and in that case, you may wantto work with multiple ad

networks to monetizeyour inventory. so we've made it incrediblysimple to add multiple ad networks to your ad source. so assuming that you've droppedthe sdks into your application already, it's verystraightforward to add more ad networks because each adunit, by default, is configured for mediation. so to do that, simply addanother ad network. let's say in this case we wantto add the admob ecpm floor.

click save. and essentially, theway mediation-- vishay nihalani: --thatnetwork doesn't fill the add request. we'll kick it down to the nexthighest paying ad network, and so on, in order to maximize yourrevenue per impression. so simply set up what you'vebeen getting paid from each ad network. and by default, we'll startto optimize your revenue.

so we hope these features willbe incredibly useful for you as you monetize and promoteyour application. just to recap, we've kind oflaunched five key improvements in this new interface. these are smarter app promotionand conversion optimizer, simplifiedmediation, robust ad filtering, intelligentreporting, and some of you in the audience may be reallyexcited to hear that for developers who are outside ofthe united states, we are

launching local currencypayments all over the world. we hope that this will make iteasier for you guys to get paid and to start spendingyour money. so with that, i'd like to showyou some of our really exciting new app formats whichwe believe are really innovative and will really catchyour users' attention. so the first-- i often play this game. it's called line up.

and the basic concept is toclear all these blocks away. i often play this game while i'mkind of waiting in line at the cafes at google. and so in between levels--let's say i'm done with this level. i start a new game. i think we're having somenetwork connectivity issues. there we go. and so just like with trueviewon the web, we've introduced

trueview on the mobile apps. so in this particular case, inbetween the levels, it's a natural time to show an ad. we can actually present thisvideo ad to the user. they can watch the ad, see ifthey're interested in it. if they are, they can keepwatching the video. in this case, i'veseen this ad. it's pretty cool. it's the chrome ad from paris.

it's pretty sweet. but i've already seen it before,so i want to skip it, and i want to get backto playing this game. so to do that, i just click theskip ad button, and just like that i'm backin the game. so we hope that ad formats likethis one will help to preserve the user experience,and also increase the advertiser roi, so that they'reonly receiving clicks, and they're only receivingusers who are actually

interested in the contentthat they have on offer. so with that, i'd like to showyou all the story of toni fingerroos you might have heardof him from the game hill climb racing. in three months, working longhours by himself, he built an app that now has tens ofmillions of downloads. we believe our new platformwill help create many more success stories justlike this one. -i like cars i built myself.

that's one of my hobbies. i own this old toyota supra,which we put the engine and all that stuff into. i guess it's a little bit in methat i want to do something on my own, build things. even it's a game or a car. my name is toni fingerroos. i come from oulu, finland. we have a start up therecalled fingersoft.

it creates mobilegames and apps. after developing several yearsfor a playstation game that was still unpublished, i justwanted to see some results, and get my work shown to peoplearound the world. so i started working on hillclimb racing alone. i spent like three monthsworking on it, about 16 hours a day. the character itself, it'sactually drawn by my fiance. hill climb racing has had over60 million downloads.

that's quite a lot. that's really startedgenerating revenue. about 40% comes fromadvertisements, and admob is our cornerstone. with admob you have severaldifferent ways to show advertisements. so we place them on the bottomof the screen, and during game play we hide all theapps so it doesn't interrupt the user at all.

we have users all aroundthe world. so we have to feel advertisements in global scale. and i think admob is doinga really good job. i got enough money from admob soi could develop fingersoft applications and gamesfull time. if i show it like this-- see? -yeah, that's great.

-this is office we started. just a room from my place. you can see me there. this is the new office. there's the work stations. that's the pool table. and then, of course, the finnishstyle sauna which we can relax in and design newproducts and ideas. so have a few beersand take it easy.

i think it's awesome when youget to create something, and you get it finished, and thenyou receive customer feedback. and if they like it,it's really nice. and people like it,and we like it. that's great. [video playback ends] vishay nihalani: so i hope youguys are all as excited to access the new admob asi am to share it. we'll be rolling out this newinterface to new users.

and if you have an existingaccount, be on the lookout for an upgrade notification. you can upgrade to the newadmob without making any changes to your existingapplication. so you don't haveto go through an extensive release process. and with that, we'll turn itover to q&a. go ahead. i think there's a mic there. audience: while we're waiting,just real quick one.

if you're just totallynew to ads-- you've been a developer for awhile, but totally new to the whole ad world, what's a goodresource just to kind of start to understand what cpm andall that stuff means? vishay nihalani: wehave extensive documentation on our website. i can point to the supportsite offline. audience: my question ismore on the video. so the interstitched video adsbetween say a click and

something else that's comingnext, like you showed there. is there a way thatkind of works? maybe this is more of adouble-click question, but can you run your own videoads within that? is there a way to control thatinventory, or is that all sourced inventoryfrom adwords-- or what you guys are doing. vishay nihalani: so today, allthe inventories source from adwords and the youtubenetwork.

but we're working on ways tokind of improve our house ads functionality to allow you toserve your own video ads into audience: thanks. audience: my question is about,you mentioned that you're enabling payments inlocal currencies, in quite a number of countries. i'm interested in knowingwhat countries they are covering in africa. vishay nihalani: that'sa great question.

we have a huge list. i don't know it off the top myhead, but i can certainly point you to the resources. we are launching local currencypayments just all over the world. so we'll definitelylet you know if your country is supported. audience: i have a questionregarding the convention tracking.

let's say when i'm anadvertiser, and i want to advertise at admob,but i'm also advertising in other ad networks. so how well does the new admobwork with like third parties for conversion tracking, andall these kind of things? flo thng: so if i get thequestion correctly, does the new admob support conversiontracking with other networks? is that the question? audience: yeah, so wheni want [inaudible]

admob, if i can use third partytools for conversion trends so i can integrate, orif i can use admob to also track the conversionsfrom other networks. flo thng: that's agreat question. so for now, we only supporttracking conversion tracking for admob. and the url conversion trackingwith third party url, we're going to support veryquickly after launch. audience: thank you.

audience: hi. i have a question regardingthe filters. is it possible to use wildcards to block certain keywords, or does it haveto be that exact url? just in case that url changeson the other end from the advertiser. vishay nihalani: that'sa great question . for now, we don't support justfiltering by keywords. but the urls are pretty--

we use regular expressions tokind of match patterns. so if you put in a regex,it should work. so i'm pretty interestedin the video ad. so if you just skip the videoin like the five seconds, so that's not counted asa valid ad, right? so you don't have topay for that, or-- vishay nihalani:that's correct. audience: yeah. and another question is that thein cost marketing, so we

should be in the same admobaccount, right? so if i want to do the inhousead, so we should in-- flo thng: yes, house ad willbe in the same account. but sometimes in our firms,so each person has his very own account. how do you solve a problemlike that? flo thng: that's agood question. if you stop by the sandboxlater, i'll actually just address that with you.

audience: all right, thanks. vishay nihalani: cool. well, thanks, everyone,for coming out. flo thng: wait, i think there'sone more question. vishay nihalani: oh,one more question. audience: is there possible toinsert animated ad banner? flo thng: yes, animated bannerwill be supported. audience: which format? for example, can is insertthe flash ad?

flo thng: i can getback to you. i don't think-- it's justa regular format. i don't think flash will be. do you have any sort ofrecommendations on different ad formats? so between banners,interstitials, what performs the best for differenttypes of apps? vishay nihalani: yeah, that'sa great question. i think there are a couplethings to keep in mind.

typically, you want keep the adplacements in places where it makes sense for your users. so for example, if you'replaying with a game, as you saw from toni's video, you wantto keep the ad in a way that it's not going to interferewith the experience. so in his example, he's kind ofgot it on the menu screens. for different apps, differentthings work. we typically find thatinterstitials have higher conversion rates andclickthrough rates, just

because there's moreof a canvas to create an engaging ad. but it really dependson the applications. so definitely play aroundand experiment. audience: ok. hi. i'm not really avid with admob,but i have a question about offline applicationand your admob. we have a connection for thepeople who don't have wi-fi or

a connection. what happens-- can you explain ita little bit? vishay nihalani: yeah. so that's a great question. we've heard this feature requesta number of times. we have nothing to announce justyet, but we're certainly kind of thinking aboutthis use case. thank you.

i'm curious about whether thissystem is compatible with these new regulations that arecoming into effect in july, related to advertising tochildren under the age of 13. or whether you have, in fact,terms of service that would say you can't use thissystem with children under the age of 13. c-o-p-p-a, coppa regulation. i'll have to follow up withyou offline on that one. in general, we always keep theuser experience at the

forefront of what we do. we want to make sure that we'recompliant with all of the sort of legal regulations. and just kind of keepingusers in mind as we develop these ads. cool. well, thanks a lotfor coming out. definitely come and visitus at the i/o booth we have just outside.

and we're happy to answer anymore questions you might have. thanks.

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