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Thursday, November 3, 2016

a dog's journey

"i might fall in love." good evening, ladies and gentlemen! "on behalf of prem kumar and party,i extend a warm welcome to you." this is a joyous occasion. "the two lovers, anita and rajwill be enjoined in marital bliss." "friends, marriage isthe sweetmeat that.. " the one who eats it regrets asalso the one who doesn't get it. "if that be the case, no harmin eating it and then crying." "right, mr. batliwala?how do you find marriage?"

terribly hot!- why do you say that? "relax, don't get tense." "sir, how do you findthe desert of marriage?" very sweet!- god! what are you saying? "so friends, marriage issweet as well as hot." but marriage is essential. and that is why youhave songs in marriages. "and where there are songs,prem (love) is ever present." so ladies and gentlemen,let me introduce you.. one and only prem kumar! is everybody in the house tonight? yeah! yeah! yeah! i said. is everybodyin the house tonight? yeah! yeah! hi! i am prem! on my right.. band! on my left..

..the chorus! is my backup ready? oh yeah! so let's kick it! i can't live without you "oh bride, your scarfis worth millions" "the ornament on yourforehead is worth millions" your bangles are worth millions "your anklets, dear brideare worth millions"

but your heart is priceless "your countenance is like a starthat one can never forget" "no, no, no." "this blush, the flush,the anticipation of the union" you can't put it in words "your tiara is worth millions.your rings, my dear, are costly" "your bracelet and yourdress are worth millions" this is the day of separation "you are leaving your home andfriends for your beloved"

"you are going. you are going." "we pray to godmay you always be happy" now you belong to him your nose ring is worth millions "the henna on your palms,dear bride is worth millions" "the blush on your cheeksdear bride is worth a bomb" your ear ring is worth millions "but your heart, dearbride is priceless" everybody!

one more time! thank you! thank you all! "friends, somebody rightly said.. " god makes couples in heaven andbrings them together on earth. like anita and raj. - true! true! over? "friends, this joy willsoon fill my life too." i too have fallen in love. and i too will be tiedin this holy relation.

i hope your blessings are with me. please wish me all the best.because i really need it! thank you! thank youvery much! thank you! "hi, folks. at this momentwe're in tarana bungalow." it's raining cats and dogsand snacks being fried indoors. mummy! mummy! mummy!- hmm! say hi to camera! - hi. i'm very busy now because forthe first time your aunt is coming. whom nobody otherthan prem has met.

go and ask your unclewhatever you want to know. - okay. "uncle, come out, fast.aunt nisha might come any time." "michael, what are you doing?let's go to uncle." okay! okay! - come on! comeon! hurry up! hurry up! uncle. - uncle. "hello, my niece and nephew.- tell us something about nisha." your aunt..- camera.. "your aunt nisha is mind blowing.her face, her figure, her voice.. " hi! - hi!

neelu! hurry.the guest has arrived. just a minute. she's coming. oh my god! she is so beautiful!- yes! i'm not.. i.. don't worry. i'll get you somehot snacks. give her a seat. "yes, please sit down." sit here and sneeze all you want.tell you something. don'tworry! i too sneeze when i have a cold.don't worry.

the kids are here.- wow! aunt nisha! call prem. where areyou going? sit down. snacks! coming up! i'll get you a towel.- no.. "they think i'm somebody else,i guess." "if i tell them my real name,i won't get anything to eat." i'll first eat some.then tell them my name. take some. take some more.

has your aunt nisha come?- yes. she's sitting.- waiting for you. so please tell your aunt nisha thati will be there in two minutes! "aunt, uncle is coming.- prem is coming." prem is coming! - eat peacefully. here! i've got you a towel. these savouries areexcellent for fats. prem loves you a lot. i love snacks a lot.

she calls prem snacks! how sweet! - bhajia! he's always talking of you.- yes. this isn't nisha.then who is she? tell us where you first met prem. in the bus! she's the kidnapper who stolea child in our neighbourhood. "the papers said, she's pretty too." "see, how she's gorging!"

i hope it won't be the turn ofmy nephew and niece after this. "kidnapper, you're going to prison!" have some more! you're not eating anything.prem talks a lot about you. "yes, a lot!eat, it's good for fats." "thief!- yes, she stole your heart." "no, she steals kids!she's not my nisha." what?- what? but she's eating snacks! thank god not your kids!

knife! call the police!- police! get some rope!- rope! what is she saying?- she eats adults too. knife! - knife! tables have turned.- put down the savoury. put down the savoury. put down the sweet.- put down the sweet. tie her up! - tie her up!

oh my god! oh my god! what are you doing?- we've nabbed a kidnapper! "she's my cousin, priyanot a kidnapper! leave her." she's mom's sister. i am vinod! - neelu! i am vinny! - i am michael! i am very sorry! i'm not a kidnapper. i am very sorry!- i am not child thief!

i am not child thief!i am not child thief! they think i'm a kidnapper! your house was lockedso i came to ask them. - okay! the snacks were hot so i ate them.- they are still hot. i'm not a kidnapper.i'm a thief of snacks. priya, this is a mad family! but a very sweet family! thank you everybody! bye! bye! - bye!

she' s taken nisha' s snacks. she deserved that morsel. hello! nisha! hi! but why are you so soft? what? you're in himachal! we're waiting for you here. is that so? what? another 2 months!

this is not fair, nisha! "you went for 2 months,extended it by 2 months." and now you'll extend itby another 2 months! at least talk to my sister. hi, nisha! how are you? hi aunt nisha!- hi aunt nisha! "look nisha, himachal pradeshis a very cold state." "it must be cream, cold water and ice.. " these are cold things. i won't taketoo much of your time. talk to prem.

thank you! - thank you! thank you! yes, brother-in-law. "no, everyone knows he's like this." i love you too! oh! and i miss you too! come back soon. okay! bye! bye!

your aunt will return in 2 months. coffee! thanks! - yeah! welcome! "how's your acting career, mona?" my struggle goes on. forget ittell me about yourself. mummy is getting me married. with whom? how is the guy? is hegood looking, tall, handsome? are you dating him? mummy is looking for a groom.- what?

arranged marriage! - yeah. no love marriage! you know me from my childhood.i obey my mother blindly. i'll marry the boy my mother selects. but i don't want mom tobear my marriage expense. i want to do something.i want to stand on my own feet. "will you help me?- of course, why not?" that's why i've come to you. cheers to that! - okay!

what's the matter?here. scrub your teeth. scrub hard. strong teeth makes a strong body. and a strong bodymakes strong breath. and strong breathmakes life strong. so scrub on. "father, what if thefinger gets scrubbed?" "son, you can do without a finger.but how will you eat without teeth?" "you'll die!- father, how can we.. " pick the food with no fingers?- with a spoon!

how will you hold the spoonwithout fingers? the answer to this isnot in our holy books. not written or you haven't read it? shut up! making fun of me!are you my kids or the neighbours? the neighbours! what's the matter? "wife, how did you give birthto 4 naughty boys?" and the fifth is on the way!how did you do this? am i alone to be blamed?- arguing with me!

priest!- what's wrong? what's this girl doingin our municipality? she's my cousin priya.- beautiful. send me your horoscope.i'll fix you a good match. who looks like shahrukh khanwith a body like salman khan. and walks like aamir khan.- you needn't bother. her mummy will find one. thanks. no problem. use me asa priest for the wedding. my chants will get you thesame groom for 70 incarnations!

these days we get bored ofthe same husband in a few years. 70 births! no way! no chance. hey, mona! - yes! isn't your phone working?- mustn't have paid the bill. priest, shut up! okay! "what's the matter?- what's the matter, prem?" the kidnapper's motherhas called from poona. it's mummy! mother's call! - go! go!

mummy's call! she's taking a picture! hello! - hello! mother? how are you?- i'm fine. why didn't you call one reaching?don't you know i'd worry? regarding your marriage..- you're always talking of it! i'm no kid. i'll get married.don't get tense. "now tell me, how's rocky." rocky misses you a lot.

give the line to rocky.i'll talk to him. hi, rocky! my baby! my sweetheart! how are you? don't do that on the phone. my darling! "take care.- you too, mom." bye!- bye, rocky! thank you!- oh! you are welcome anytime! how's mummy?- she's fine.

and rocky.. ?- he too is fine. that's good! you love rocky a lot? he is very sweet! what does he do? "nothing. eats, drinksand makes merry." oh! very lucky rocky!i wish i was rocky! yeah! he is very lucky! do you know we love each otherso much that we sleep together?

sleep together?- yes. "mom doesn't object?- no, why should she object?" modern family! - yes. "yes, we live in poonabut we're a modern family." tell me now that you're hererocky must be feeling lonely. "no, because rockynow sleeps with mummy." and you don't object?- why should i? a very modern family!- what's modern about it? sometimes we all sleep together.

yes. but.. whom does rocky love more? how can he say that?he's just a dog. dog.. ?- yes. rocky is my dog. but.. what were you thinking?- no.. i just.. "you kept sayingi love you, i love you.. " so i thought he's your boy friend. what?- but..

get out!- but this is my house.. i will kill you! i will kill you,prem! i will kill you! - i am sorry! "sis!- priya, what's wrong?" ask him what he told me!- what did you say? "ask her.- priya, what's the matter?" "i was talking to mummy, and..- tell her. go on." priya! "kidnapper, what do i sayif rocky calls again?" i will kill you!

who is rocky?- i thought her dog was her boy friend very funny! get out! get out! - it's my turn! my turn! get out! very good plants! water is good forthe figure of plants. "the dawn is lovely." she looks gorgeous!

she's looking good.- i think i'm falling in love! "if she enters my life, i'll marryher and settle down. give up liquor." "what?- honestly, pal." let's go.- where to? where nobody is seen. got it in the pocket?- what? money! "money. yes, for the kids' fees.- forget it." fine.

my rival!- my brother-in-law! "shall we.. ?- yes, hurry." where are you going?- for the inauguration. of what?- she has started a new business. business? what business?- don't you understand? you had what he i have it. and he had what i i have it. the fees of my kids!- kids' fees!

what is she doing?has she no shame? don't worry. she'll changeafter marriage. "and if she doesn't, you havesuch friends who'll come home." what are you doing?i had such dreams.. "i'd marry you,settle down, have kids.." we'll discuss it if it's for a night.don't want a life contract! give me if you have a thousand bucks.- i'm going to.. stop!- why? she's acting.- smita patil in mandi!

better than her, priest!- yes, yes! i have to audition for the roleof tawaif no. 1. so i was rehearsing. mona, you are terrific! you are toogood! today you did a wonderful job!- really! just keep it up, baby! wow! you've as good as got the role. we'll see your film as a it adults? i'll watch it twice.- i'll see it four times. quiet.

forget this dream ofacting and marry me. "that would be the best rolefor you, of my wife." i'll first become a starthen i'll fall in love. it was pretense.- how do you know? mona called me up.- what did she say? i'll be the customer andshe'll be the call girl. really? - neelu, i promise you! "after our marriage,i've reduced that expense." "what.. ?- i mean, stopped it."

"beloved." "o my beloved." what say?- great tune. but the words don't sound right.- i haven't written the lyrics yet. how is the tune?- hit. now listen to the words. "stranger.. "i have already fallen in love." i am sorry! i am sorry! i am sorry!

"i said, i'm sorry.- wow!" isn't it? what a couplet you've writtenon seeing your neighbour's face! isn't it?- you're great! what a tune! isn't it?now let's make the verse. okay. - okay. don't feel offended. premdoes this each time he composes. he's danced with me many a times. "i often tell him, i'myour sister not your wife!"

he pays no heed.he's crazy about songs. completely nuts. i see! so you sing! you are a singer! "no, just a bathroom singer." then call me to the bathroom.- what.. ? to hear the song. "sis, kidnapper sings well.- he always calls me kidnapper!" prem! "sis, i'm praising her.she's good." - prem!

stop teasing my cousin. "she's come here for a job.if you can, help her." what does she do?- very good video shooting. "yes, i've done a diploma in it.- very good." as everyone knows i'm thedaler mehendi of the poor.. we'll give her a chance in thepoor soul who's marriage we sing in. thank you, prem!- welcome! thank you very much! your next programs..i mean next program.

our next program is tomorrow eveningat 7 o'clock. so be there. okay. okay. - and by the way, good singing! good composing! bye-bye! - thank you! bye-bye! - bye-bye! hail lord shiva. father!- call from choudhary uncle. he's asking for his money. what do i tell him?- hail lord shiva!

should i say you're no more? what do i say?- father is not at home. you taught us its a sin to tell lies. your father is excused everything. father is a liar! hi, priya! - hi, prem! how are you? - i am okay! how are you? - okay! you were lonely so i gotsomebody to sleep with you.

what.. ?- excuse me. sir.. just joking. so sweet! for you. thank you, prem! because you sang for me yesterday.- tell me how you found my song. you sang well butone thing is missing. what?- feelings. do you love anyone? no.- that's why. look at me.i love nisha

i only see nisha in any song.feelings automatically come. so you too should fall.- where? in love.- forget about me. how did you first tell nishayou loved her? what.. ? where are you taking me?- come on. but.. - i got something importantto tell you. - in this huge stadium? it's a huge thing. come. prem. you're taking a huge timeto tell me this huge thing.

i love you. everybody says that. everybody.. ? i mean all boys tell this to girls.- i'm different from them. they say that too. don't you believe that i love you? "okay, let's do something." do something that will proveto me you really love me. something like i could kiss youand it would begin to rain?

no really. i'll kiss youand it will really rain. great!- i believe it. really okay. i don't believe it! now do you believe me?- isn't it beautiful? it's not's the love of prem. what happened?- no idea. i'll ask the guy above. what's the matter?- the tank is empty.

"i won't find agirl better than you." "a girl less than you won't do." "i have fallen in love with you.let's lock eyes." "flourish my life! flourish my life!" "do it! do it!do it! do it! do it!" "love me." "you are the test of my life." "if i pass, i can rest all my life." "i saw north, east, south and west." "beloved, you are the best."

"i can't entice agirl better than you." "i have fallen in love with you.teach me love." "you touched me andmy heart became radiant." "and my heartbeats became bright." "what are you looking at?" "my life changed." "and at the first time i said yes." "nobody better thanyou will be left." "a guy less than you won't do."

"i have fallen in love with you.teach me how to live." ''i have fallen in lovewith you.let's lock eyes. that's a lot of drama.- have to do it in love. i'll see what you dowhen you fall in love. me and fall in love? no way.i'll marry right away. marry right away? but if you finda boy like me before marriage? then what will you do? stupid! shall i tell you something?- go ahead.

nisha is very lucky.she's got you. i know it. tell nisha.she's simply delaying our marriage. she's coming back afterfour months. will you tell her? sure.- what will you tell her? "i'll say prem ishandsome, sings well.." and he has a wonderful heart.- if you tell her this.. i'll love you for the rest ofmy life! and my wedding is definite. sis.. brother-in-law!

vinita! vijay! where's everybody? neelu! yeah! - what's happened. what's going on? brother-in-law! surprise! what surprise? them? i see them everyday. take another look. please.

let go! move! move! - no! priya! priya! - what are you doing? i love you! what are you doing? stop it. stop it? you went for2 months and returned after 6. do you know how much i missed you? i want to tell you something. the fact is..- i know what you want to say.

but no talking now. i wantdirect marriage and instant kids. what prem? yes. prem can't wait anymore.- hurry the marriage. can't keep a young girl home for long.- first the engagement. i've been carrying theengagement ring for 6 months! "prem, listen to me..- anybody object to this engagement?" no! yeah! please listen to me!- congratulations! thank you!thank you! thank you! thank you!

aunt! aunt! aunt! wow! will you only look at each otheror have a sweet too? of course we will. on the lips! on the lips! on the lips! what's going on?- i've got engaged. with whom?- nisha.

quickly find an auspiciousdate for the marriage. what's wrong?- impossible. i've seen your horoscope.this wedding cannot happen. the horoscope says so.who can change fate? "think before answering.if you say no, i'll beat you." "if you say yes, i'll spare you." yes! yes! then who are we petty humansto try to change destiny? thrash him!

come on! come on! come on! but this marriage can't take place.the horoscope says so. you're welcoming us?where is the girl's family? they haven't come as yet.- what? i called them up butnobody took the call. you know bombay traffic.they must be on their way. mr prem kumar!- what's the matter? the auspicious moment will soon pass.- then hold on to it. what's your problem?

where's the bride?time is flying past. you want to being chanting?so go right ahead. i'll sit there with the the time she comes.. you'll finish.she'll escape hearing them. "will she come?- of course, yes." "nisha shouldn't be so late.- yes, it's quite late." tiger. - yes, vinod. don't worry. i've sent balu and jituto her house. they will come. why did you stop chanting?- the marriage vows are done.

then recite prayers for peace.- why? you'll force us to hear itafter marriage. recite them now. i'll pay you double.- he'll have me read till she arrives. "will the girl come?- of course, she will." hail lord satya narayan! prem maharaj..- be praised! nisha has sent a message thatshe doesn't want to marry you. she isn't coming. "excuse me, at least have dinner."

how can we eat when thebride hasn't arrived? what's going on? i feel as ifsomebody has played a rotten prank. how is this possible? - i know. she loves me. and i love her. then? stay right here. i'll bring her.this wedding is happening. why are you crying?i'll bring her. wipe your tears. i am sure! look at me. i'm crying becauseyou gave me away.

you turned the marriagehall into a waiting room. waiting for you a coupleof young pairs got made. i don't see myself lackingin anything. you tell me what youfind missing in me. don't say that. i love you. and i love you too! then why? you don't lack anything.- then? something in my life is missing. "come, i'll show you."

sunil's cancer isat an advanced stage. we'll need lakhs for treatment. that is why.. how are you?- fine. don't cry. i'll get well soon. "then we'll fly kites, playmarbles, cricket and football." but first go to sleep. take care. bye.

he's terribly unwell. you love me a lot. but you don't know how manylives are attached to mine. i'm marrying rahul becausei need money for sunil's treatment. rahul is a rich nri.from new york. why do you have to go far?lam here. i'll take care of you. sunil too. i promise you.i'll make it real big. and if you don't.. ?- more chances of that happening. have you ever seen him?

what if he turns out to be ugly? tell me something.. why did you decide this only today? you don't know i was..- in such a dilemma? "yes, i was in a dilemma." torn between my loveand my family. but now you know yourfamily is most important. we thought you'd becomea big pop star. - like? michael jackson. - michael jackson!

that's what you thought? i couldn't even become thedaler mehendi of the poor! i am sorry, prem. forgive me. on one condition. "tell your nri rahul, all thati spent on our marriage.. " which didn't take place. rs 53000.i want a refund of that money. before you get married. no chance at all? what happened?

she's not coming? you were right.- the holy books can't be wrong. i too wasn't wrong.i loved her. and now she's marrying a rich man.- these are games played by god. "if he breaks up pairs,he also makes them." i'm sure he has thoughtof something for you. you'll see a girl must bewaiting for you somewhere. "come, priya." prem still hasn't returned?

no. he's completely shatteredsince his marriage broke off. he has taken to drink.- yes priya. last night he was so drunkhe didn't know who is what! he thought i was michaeland michael was me! thank god i.. vinod, will you please shut up? don't publicise the factthat my brother is an alcoholic! and he has started drinking. "isn't this very wrong, tiger?" "yes, very wrong."

india lost the match by 7 wickets! india lost the match? yes.. what did you think? i'm referringto my broken marriage? no.. i've forgotten it.- you will forget. it's my marriage that broke! you willsay everything happens for the best. but for whose good? what are you doing?- breaking ice. "my heart is broken, and you'rebreaking ice? put it down!" silence!

have a sip and cool down.- what a friend you are! "making me drink! you shouldbe saying, prem, don't drink." yes. don't drink.- you will say that! don't drink! "what do you care? my marriagebroke off, not yours." what would you know ofthe pain of breaking off? "good grief! now what do i say?- tell me, what this is." don't you know?- i do but i want you to tell me. it's a glass.- wrong. that's me. empty. and what is this?- whisky.

wrong. this is tell me what is this? i don't know. really.- you should know this much. i don't know! it's the rich man. - rich man? "when this meets this,whose will it be?" obviously the rich man's.- does this glass appear rich to you? you've had too much to drink!- me.. ? are you listening to us? you break ice!

let's see how you break ice. wrong! "there's this girl, nisha.she breaks hearts very well." learn from her how to break ice! let's go home. to my house!- what for? am i on the streets? don't i have a home?- then let's go to your house. who is in my house?am i married? no. "ice! are you married?- no, sir." "then today i pray, you get married.may your wife resemble sribaby."

and may the first three ofyour kids look like tiger! thank you, sir!- shut up and break ice! what is he saying! from 8 last night to 5 this evening!i'm fed up! let's go. why go when we haveto return in 3 hours? we'll freshen up.- for whom? these guys don't mindand i don't have anyone. "isn't it very wrong?- yes, my man, it's very wrong!" what are you referring to?- the cricket match.

"you're bothered about the match?here, your pal's marriage broke off!" and you talk of cricket matches?- what can i say? what? tell me what this is.- that's you. this is me?wrong. i'm not so thin. and what is this?- nisha.. ? "no, peanut! you're so stupid.- i see. but you know all?" yes.- what is this? don't you know?- i want to hear it from you. "it's a gram.- no, this is me!"

and like this gram i've had it!i'll hit you with this! the mother equals god.- the mother equals god. the mother equals god. do you know the meaning?- you never told us. this means the motheris akin to god. serve and look after her.she shouldn't undergo suffering. and if somebody hurts her.. ?- beat them. thrash them. but protect your mother.

do what?- protect mother. mother is equal to god.- mother is equal to god. come on! mummy! mummy! what's it?- uncle usually takes liquor with soda right. so?- today he's given it up. he gave up liquor?- no. soda. now he's drinkingdirectly from the bottle! i think his drinkingcapacity has increased.

i don't understand whatto do about prem's drinking. i have an idea. - idea! oh! tell us. quick! what?- come here. great! okay? yes. - yes. but i'll go in first. brother-in-law! brother-in-law!

i too want a peg.- no. why? my heart is broken.what's wrong with you? my heart too is broken.- how? by neelu's foul tongue. my sister!- my wife! okay! no problem! take! no! it's bad for health! then why do you drink?- none of your business. "i too want a drink, prem."

the cost of gas cylindershas gone up. so also vegetables! i'm fed up of inflation!make me also a drink. sorry. whisky too has gone up. "uncle!- hello, michael." make us too a peg. what happened to you?- i failed in history. i failed in maths.- so.. ? the teacher scolded me so much..- that it broke my heart! now quickly make us a peg.- eat almonds then.

can you give me 2 spoons of whisky?i've run out of stock. just 2 spoons?i have a full.. i'll return it tomorrow. was this your idea? yours? sister neelu! brother-in-law! no! you're making fun ofmy marriage breaking up! prem hates you!

tiger! - prem! tiger! - prem, stop! shut up! i'll chop you into tiny piecesand throw them in the ganges! i gave you 10000 bucks lastweek. what happened to them? "got spent. - spent!i'm a priest, not a smuggler!" expense on expense!child after child! shut up! i hate your face!i'll send you back home! listen..- shut up!

"on our marriage your dad said,get married, i'll give you a mobike." a colour tv. a computer!what did he give me? trash bin! i please the stars but saturn..but saturn is in my house! unlucky jinx! i hate you! i'll throw you into the well!like a snake on my body! and sucking the blood out of me! what are you doing? stop! why are you beating me? mother is equal to god!

leave him. - mother is equal to god! i don't think premwill come home tonight. "he will. i'm sure. - yes,with the milkman in the morning" priest! - ponga priest. "see, he's come.arrived well before the milkman." drunkard number 1! priest!- bless you. priest..- what's the matter? where's your wife?- at her parents' place.

with whom?- the kids. who is the woman inside?- i'll curse you! "no, give us wine instead." "morning and night, give us wine!- let me go in." where are you going? hi, girls! "this girl, mona will.. ..replace kajol and madhuri." no question.- why?

i won't permit it. you are a good man!- yeah! mona is a good man! but the neighbour..- the one in red? bad girl. know why?- why? because she pokes fun atmy broken heart and marriage. "she asks me, 2 spoons whisky!" how mean! - you.. you think i'm whisky? yes.. ?

i'm a bottle full!i'll come and show you.. mona! mona, wait! mona! you're laughing?you made mine go away. mine has run chapter is closed. your chapter is open. mona! hey, baby! drunkards! your dad and mom are drunk! don't take my mother's name!- you are a drunkard!

kick. turn and kick! he fell down! okay! boss! see you inthe office tomorrow! see you tomorrow! - in the office! bye, man! take care!- be cool! be cool! all right! cool!- be cool! i love you! brother-in-law.. haven't slept as yet?

late night is bad for health! "go to bed, prem." i'll do as brother-in-law says. "sister, i'll tell you something." actually you are my sister.but you're like my mother. you're my neelu sister mummy. good night, neelu sister mummy.i have got to go. get up. i can't lift you. brother-in-law! i am sorry! i amsorry, brother-in-law! sorry!

come! uncle.. mummy is like boiling water! boiling water! what's going on in this house?you come in at any time! hands and legs falling all over! "brother-in-law, i thinkshe's referring to me." "no, dear brother. i'mreferring to my husband!" are you listening?- but i came home in time last night. you still have to hear this!does life end when a girl leaves you?

girl? did my parents leave youin my care for this day? you're talking about prem!- do you think i'm talking about you? don't be so stupid! - no, no, no! "why don't you do something?- what can i do? he's grown up, wise." he was small when we got often you'd thrash him. now give him a belting.- now.. ? that was different. muscles now..- so you won't do anything? nothing! won't do anything?

then hear me out! "henceforth there will be no crying,tension in this house!" i want happiness!i've organised a party on sunday. i've invited everyone.we'll dance and sing.. and he'll drink.- how will he drink? i found all the bottles he'd hidden. what are you doing?leave my bottles! sorry. did i do something wrong?- no, you did well.

let's go organise the party. "dance to your heart's content!" "let's have merriment together." "come with me!amass the colours of the world." "and become bright." "bright." "this world,this jamboree is of no use to me." "it's of no use to me." "if you lie.."

"if you lie, the crow will bite you." "beware the black crow." "i will bring your bride.just watch." "forget it.the ailment of love is not good." "love makes you forget are in trouble." "it's not right tolive here like a recluse." "so what if nobody is with you." "love somebody.take somebody's love." "this is the most adorablething in the whole world."

"my anguished heart sighs." "i was punished for loving." "what crime have i committed?" "i am ruined. i am ruined." "i am ruined in your love." "ant, i am sweet like jaggey." "if you want it, then come.otherwise i will leave." "mother, look.look, your son is becoming wayward." "sister, look. look,your brother is becoming wayward."

"make him give up drinking.kick start his life." "get him married.find a bride for him." "brother-in-law, look. look, yourbrother-in-law is becoming wayward." "sister, look." "look, your brotheris becoming wayward." "my friend is no longer my friend." "my love is no longer my love." "life, now i no longer trust you." "now i no longer trust you."

"be it glass or heart,in the end it breaks." "it breaks. it breaks. it breaks." "just as you are about to sip it,the ocean slips away." "it slips away. it slips away." how many of my bottleswill you break? what right do you have? what do you mean to me?- what right do you have to scold me? "i mean nothing to you?not friend, neighbour? nothing?" but you're an uncle to these kids!how could you make them cry?

and you're her brother. what rightdo you have to make her so sad? "tiger, can't you knocksome sense into your friend?" all of us want to see you happy.but you're enjoying being sad. you are enjoyingmaking all of us cry. drink as much as you want. nobody will stop you. i am sorry! is somebody falling in love? prem! prem!

prem! come quickly!- what happened? the tap broke and wateris gushing from everywhere! i'm coming.- hurry! "prem, you go.- careful. water will be wet!" what happened?- look. how the tap broke! don't worry! mind blowing. you fixed it. why are you dancing?do something. okay!- okay!

all right! hello!- yeah! thank you! - you are welcome! you are welcome! oh my god! what's happening to me? tiger! tiger! tiger! tiger!tiger! tiger! tiger! what's with you?- i'm glad to see you happy. what's the matter?- i'm in love again. really?

but i don't know if it's rightor wrong to fall in love so fast. everything is right in love. forlong you lived with a broken heart. you must fall in love withan open heart. but with whom? the one there. what's wrong with you?- why? "your taste has deteriorated.- no, it's good. why?" with the servant? shelooks good. but.. have you gone mad! servant! then? - i was..

with the owner. you! she is mine! not her.- then? priya. yeah! - you mean priya and you! yeah. - and mona and me. yeah!- yeah! what's the matter? yes? what's the matter?tell me or i'll curse you!

he's in love.- in love? with whom?- priya. "didn't i tell you,you would fall in love?" you'll get marriedand have 10 kids.. "of all, how many willbe girls and how many boys?" that's a trifle difficultbut they will call you papa. and address him as uncle. my fees?- here are your fees. my fees! - take this! be happy. keep giving me good news.- hey you!

i'll curse you! my scarf..- priest.. i'll curse you!- gives more of curses than blessings. lost.. in thoughts of priya? did she say she loves you? she didn't but i see it in her eyes. love is blind. say i love you with your mouth.hear i love you with your ears. propose to of marriage.

priya! - hi! you asked me not to tell anyoneout of the blue you called me here. what's this about?- about love. i'm in love. really?- yes. who is she?- i can't tell. but does the girl know you love her? i see it in her eyes.what do you think? how can i tell?i haven't seen the girl. you'll have to ask her.- that's what i'm doing.

"what?- suppose, assume you are the girl." i love you very much.and i want to marry you. don't laugh. accept it.- how can i accept so fast? you'll have to say something else.something more. come on. don't be nervous! let me hold your hand. i will be the besthusband in the world. really? - yeah. but i have onecondition for marriage.

i will will raise the kids at home. looking after kidsis a full time job. "we don't have to plan the family.10, 12, 20 kids.. " enough!- how many do you want? only 2. a son and a daughter. i've even thought of their names.tiku and tikati. how sweet. - yeah. we'll make tiku sachin tendulkar. now he'll break window panes.tomorrow the world records.

wow! - yeah! what about the girl? don't worry about her.she is now married. she's got 4 kids. she's veryhappy with our son-in-law. will this happen?- sure. your style of proposing is different. i'm in a hurry.- so am i. so we'll meet tomorrow. "my place, at 4.- over tea."

for tea! - okay! done! bye! you mean she too loves you? she's coming to tea at 4:pm really! you are fixed. what about me? have patience.your dream too will come true. and we'll get marriedat the same venue. parem.. she's coming.. coming..

she's here. hi, prem! hi, tiger! - hi! hi! congratulations! you already know? congrats! - thank you! how did you find out? you know prem doesn'tkeep things from me. strange. i didn't saya word yet you found out. how can i not knowwhat's in your heart?

how is it possible? - wow! but are you happy?- yes! even i am very happy! tiger!- yes! and mine?- why do you need a card? what is this?- you tell me. did you tell sister?- no. "okay, i'll go tell her." great! engagement card.printed it so fast?

the girls and boys of todayare very fast. read on. of course! you are cordially invitedfor the engagement ceremony of.. ..priya sharma and pre.. rahul! rahul pogalia! is your real name rahul pugaliya? read properly. it must be prem. ..priya sharma with.. rahul pogalia. your name is mentioned.but at the bottom.

grand musical show by prem and party. you are singing at her engagement. engagement card? but you never mentioned anything. "to give you a surprise. if i'dtold you, you wouldn't be surprised." a surprise should be a surprise. look at them. how shocked they are. don't be offended that i printedyour name without asking you. why are you looking like this?don't i have the right?

of course. "but you must charge for singing.- no, how can i do that?" why not? you tell him to chargedouble for the show. my fiancee is a rich won't matter to him. why is everyone quiet? you surprised uswith this good news. that's a point. mummy too has come!

hi, guys! - hi! this is priya's mummy.- hello. and this is..- prem? - right. "priya told me lots about you.- mom, forget them." first meet prem's sisterand her husband. you've taken good care of priya.she's getting engaged here. you will have to lend a helping hand.- sure. "mother, do you have to say that?- rahul is here!" what looks!

bad looks..he looks so bad. "this is my fiance, rahul.and this is my best friend." hi! - hello! too bad be brave. you still have a chance. sure. she's only engaged. not married "then you'll say, "she's only married,she still doesn't have any kids" ice! get ice!get ice! get ice! - yes, sir! ice!- yes, sir!

did you get married today?- no sir are you celebrating new year today?- no sir why are so many lights burning?shut them off focus a spotlight on my broken heart hey! hello! - hi! let me shake her hand.- did i ever made that mistake? i didn't either.- my point the world is like a stage.god is the director. and we're actors where's the audience?- that's the suspense

"tell me, what's this?" round table. "no! it's a chess board.- yes, chess board" and what is this?- carrot no. our chess beloved priya "tell me, what's this?- a pea" no. rahul our knight.he moves two and a half squares what's this?- that.. ? i don't know.- what?

have you forgotten yourchildhood friend? that's me. someone as insignificantas radishes. and paled of shock! how sad! imagine the carrot and the peagetting together? carrot and radish! now that's a pair! red and white. - absolutely bright! "people will say, look how deeplythey are in love!" just like a salad. but this is the matchthat lit the fire. - match?

not match. it's ma! silent? - silent! priya's mother.greet her greet her "greetings, lady.- keep drinking, son" "keep drinking!thanks, model mom!" but this one.. ..she has never cared forthe radish's love for the carrot! she went ahead andprinted invitations!

"and the radish, oh radish!" lost! oh no! "my dear radish, the carrot andthe pea are getting engaged tomorrow" don't you create a scene there.- i won't just stay mum.- okay my good boy! listen! "when you're sad, have a drink.if you're happy, have a soup"

when in company of rich menthe poor had better shut up! okay, look here!- okay! very nice! all right! friends! "for centuries, foreignershave invaded our country" the most beautiful of our possessionsthey plundered and carried away.. "the koh-i-noor, the peacock throne.and we couldn't do a thing." "today too, it is an alienwho takes away our priya." he is stealing her.but we say nothing

"believe me, today we are.. " very happy. because the one who takesis close to us. and the one.. being taken away is closeto our hearts too mr. rahul phogalia! it's not phogalia! it's pogalia! pogalia! pogalia! pogalia! the great businessman from new york! "he marries our dear friend priyasharma, turns her into a foogaliya.. " and he takes her awayto new york forever!

anyway, ladies and gentlemen! give them a big hand!and let's celebrate.. ..this beautiful holy occasion! by beginning the ring ceremony! come. yeah! -no! no! - prem! no! prem! no! prem, leave her!- prem! prem, i love you! - brother-in-law!

brother-in-law! - prem, leave her! prem, leave!- prem! coming! thanks, prem. congratulations! "this won't do, must say it with a song" i can't sing why not? you were supposed to sing! "sorry, i'm not ready"

come on, man! what readiness do you need to singfor a friend during her engagement? you are such a good singer, man! come on! come on! come on! come on! come! come! come! come! think this is your stage! now give us a lovely song please, man! come on! prem, you are a strong man!

please pick it up! i will arrange a guitar for you. come on! come on, buddy! come on! guitar, please! yes, sir! thank you!- you are welcome! now we have a guitar! "you'll sing now, won't you?" please!

ladies and gentlemen! please givea big hand to mr. prem kapoor. yes! come on! yeah! hey, prem! come on! sing, man! looks like prem doesn't want to sing hey, prem! come on! sing! rahul, relax! "prem, if you don't want to sing,never mind. come down" "no, i'll sing"

are you sure?- yes. "o priya! o priya! priya!" "there is no girl like you, priya." "may you remain happywherever you are!" "this is my heartfelt prayer." "you found your beloved." "and i lost a dear friend." "there are so many things to say,but so less time." "all your memories,that first meeting."

"it will make me cryafter you will depart." "to meet and departis in god's hand." "uniting and separatingis all about destiny." "we all are just puppets.accept this." "lovers have never accepted defeat." "have faith, my friend." "everybody said whatthey wanted to say." "nobody knows what lies in my heart." "nobody knows whatlies in your heart."

"nobody knows whatyou all mean to me." "the past moments, the happy events." "how can i forget all that?" "there is no girllike you, priya." what is my mistake? you didn't do anything wrong. then why did all this happen?that too for the second time! shall i tell you something?you won't believe it. before marriage 9girls had rejected me!

yes! somebody saidi have a long nose! somebody said i have a fat tummy! somebody said i have huge bumps! still.. a girl entered my life..who saw my heart. your sister. and today i have allthe happiness in life. brother-in-law, if a foollike me can get such a nice girl.. ..then why will you, meaning premof prem and party not get a girl! you just ask! there will aqueue of girls waiting to marry you!

yes, uncle!had i not been your niece,.. ..then i would havemarried you right now! uncle.. if i had notbeen michael jackson.. .. and i had been madonna theni would have married you right now! prem! don't worry! you are so handsome thati too would have married you! - yes! you are so nice thati too would have married you! yes, prem. had i not been engagedthen i would have surely married you! so break your engagement.

this is what i likeso much about you! i don't will i live without you. i don't i too will live without you. mad! monday, tuesday, wednesday!january! february! march! hi, prem! hi, tiger! - oh! hi! what a surprise! - hi, darling! i have brought picklesfor your younger sister! but i don't have any younger sister.

this too doesn't have pickle. priest.. brother-in-lawhas send scissors for you! why? if you made any mistake,i will cut your ponytail. priest! priest! - priest! tell me! - fix the wedding date! yes, yes! quickly fix a nice date,priest! come on! come on! come on! aunt. - yes.

it's difficult tofix the wedding date. but mother, everything wasfine before engagement, wasn't it? yes! and priest, rahul is returningto new york in the next month! the marriage shouldtake place by 30th anyhow. there must be some solution. there are two evilplanets on the way. they have followed till here. one is tall and the other is broad. fearing them, all the dateshave gone into hiding in the jungle.

it means priya will livein the jungle after marriage? yes! yes, yes, yes! in this horoscope it's writtenthat priya might dwell in the jungle. i saw exactly thesame horoscope of sita! after marriage 14 years of exile! mother..i won't go to live in the jungle. shut up! nothing will happen! what nonsense, priya!all this doesn't happen! it happens!it happens! it happens! it happens!

here we are so tenseabout priya's wedding. and you are winking at me!aren't you ashamed! try to understand! try to understand! what try to understand! i told you! first i will become a star!then i will fall in love! why are you laughing? in the horoscope it's writtenthat she can never become a star. very good!very good! very good! - tiger! very bad! - aunt!

priest.. we want the marriageto take place as soon as possible. do something. what to do, aunt? all the planetsare infuriated. they are furious. but.. what if we performveneration to please the planets? i mean.. calling a nice brahman..performing veneration.. if we donate 5000-6000 rupees? 6000 rupees! yes! aunt.. i too am a brahman.i am nice too.

if i get 6000 rupees,i will calm down all the planets. yes, aunt! he is a learned priest. do you remember the scissors? you gave me 1500 rupees.she is offering me 6000 rupees. i will pay you ininstalments of 200 rupees. i don't accept credit system. i will cut your ponytail. i will grow it again. what is going on, priest?

i was trying to pleasethe evil planets. but will you fix the wedding date? surely, aunt! money is very powerful! the marriage will take place on 30th! good! the date is fixed! prem! from today you will have to handleall the responsibilities of marriage! wow! - yes. yes, aunt! your daughter is likedaughter-in-law of our family! - what? meaning wife.. she is like a kin!

yes! - a kin! let's go! let's go, priest! i.. i will go walking. we too are going walking. if we walked together,then all of us will get tired. we won't let you get tired!we will carry you! you are carrying me!god will not spare both of you! priest, what food do you eat? oh my god!

i will curse both of you! bye, darling! - bye! come on, rahul! hurry up! quick! what are you doing in the office? first come with me! - but where? forgot? today we haveto do our wedding shopping! now don't ask whose marriage! listen! listen! darling, inside an importantmeeting is going on!

i can't come! you go! please! shall i go alone for shopping? no, i mean, take somebody with you!take some of your friend! mona or prem! and take as muchmoney as you want from the cashier. shop for me too.please! darling, please! mr. sharma! rahul! - yes, sir! darling, listen to me.i am really sorry. i can't come. look, i am starting sucha nice project in your name! i can't come!i will see you in the evening!

okay! good girl! bye! hi, prem! i.. i had to go for wedding shopping. rahul is i thought i will go with you. but my luck! you too are busy! who said that i am busy? let's go. what about your rehearsal? cancelled! - yeah! let's go!

listen! - bye! prem.. how are these earrings? very nice! but when you are buying..then buy this one! diamonds! because like true love,diamonds are forever! okay! please pack this! pack 4-5 sets! becauseher future husband is very rich! show me this. - sure! what's the price? 19,500 only!

keep it back! buy it! it's made of gold!gold! gold! does it play? prem! - yes! i forgot to ask you! - what? that day in the restaurantyou were talking.. ..about proposing that girl.what about that? she too got engaged. what?

i am happy. this time i didn'thave to incur the marriage expense. and i didn't have to gohome alone from the pavilion. prem! when i will goto america after marriage.. ..then there i willfind a nice girl for you. will you find a nice girl for me? yeah! of course! but what kind of a girl do you want? like her! i wish you could hearthe voice of my heart.

o beloved. "beloved!" "your eyes are mesmerising." "your fair arms are beautiful." "your appearance is alluring." "your attitudes are charming." "beloved, you are so mind-blowing." "o beloved." "you stole my heart, o beloved."

"your talks are nice." "your youth is charming." "your charms have smitten me." "i am in a trance, o beloved." "beloved, for the first time youhave struck the cords of my heart." "your waist is charming." "you dwell in my heartbeats." "you dwell in my breaths." "you reside in my slumber,o beloved."

"you dwell in my talks." "you dwell in my memories." "you reside in my oaths, o beloved." "your age is mesmerising." "your effect is beautiful." now be coy like a bride. o priya! priya! priya! look!you are the bride. i am the groom. and the camera is on!okay! now bow down your eyes! now slowly look at the groom.

priya! please be serious! how can i be serious? you are a girl and you are playing therole of a guy! this doesn't happen!- this is just a rehearsal. hi, prem! - hi, prem! here are rahul's clothes. oh thank god you are here! you have come atthe right time! - hey! you will make my work easier! - sure!

okay! now you just stand here! okay! perfect! what's perfect? what perfect? tomorrow i am givingthe test shot of a bride. so i am making her the brideand you the groom. do you mind? i don't have any problem. - okay. hold her! she will flee.already my gal has fled. oh come on! okay! are you serious?

i am! okay, priya! he is agroom and he is a guy! do you mind? priya, for my sake!it's just a shooting! please! please! okay! okay! great! let's start! one second! now both of you tie the knot. prem.. prem, now fill priya'sforehead with the vermillion. yes! now both of youhold each other's hands! that's it! now both ofyou begin the nuptial rounds! what is going on? what is going on?

i.. - rahul! - hey! rahul! rahul, just relax! okay! relax? what relax?what are they doing? rahul, they are just acting for me. tomorrow i have to givethe screen test of a bride's role. so i have forced themto be a bride and a groom. it's just a shooting!look, the camera is there. it's just a rehearsal happening!nothing else! just a rehearsal! rehearsal? - yeah!

oh god! i am so stupid! ithought you both are getting married! baby, i am really sorry.i am really sorry. its okay! prem! thank god! i thought i will have tofind another bride for myself. who tied this knot so tightly? we! - we! you have tied it really tight. i have kept the clothes.

thank you. - thanks, prem! - bye-bye! prem! how can i letyou go so easily? mona! yes! - call hisbest friend tiger too! because.. because.. because..because tonight i am giving a party! party? for what? you know, prem..yesterday itself i have.. ..started a new businessin priya's name. and today i receivedsuch a big contract! she is very lucky for me!

she is! so let's celebrate! it's my party! hi! - hi, vicky! how are you, buddy! i am fine!anyway, meet my friend sunita! hi, sweetheart.- hi! - come on, buddy! let's go! come! prem.. please don't drink. who are you to stop me?friend? neighbour? what? but prem.. why are you asking this?i am your friend, am i not?

so today is my friend's fiancã©'sparty. today i will drink. no, prem! please! you areunder my oath! please don't drink! i shouldn't drink? - no. all right!do you see what is going on? your cousin priya and prem,something is going on between them. hey! don't be silly!she is going to marry rahul! and prem is just a friend! you don't believe me? - no! then go and bring prem on the dancefloor. and watch priya's reaction.

prem! hey, prem!please come and dance with me! come on! get up! okay! hey, priya! that's my good girl! i think prem hastaught you everything! stupid! - hey! i want one more drink! why not? - even i want to dance! relax! relax!

priya! are you fine? priya! - priya! are you okay? prem! you dance really well!very good! oh god! - priya! i am not feeling well! - yeah! yeah! mona, just take herto the ladies' room. please. carefully! she has drunk for the first time.

that's why she is feeling know! tiger, enjoying the party! loving it! - it's my party, man! pinky! how are you, baby?- i am fine! you know..she was with me in goa last time! i can arrange for you guys!do you guys want her? it's my party, man! it's my party! prem! prem!she is really drunk! let's leave! rahul, let's leave!

what, mona?the party has just started! come on, man!it's my party! you know! the party is just finished!she is not feeling well! she has vomited! let's go! - vomited? 3 times! go, get the car please! but i want to dance! - yeah! yeah! tiger! tiger! - yes! just settle the bill for me!it's my party, man! it's my party!

you! he is saying it's my party! you danced well! and he told me to settle the bill!i have only 250 rupees! you do something.i will escort her. - okay. waiter! priya! - waiter! come! great! i am yelling and nobodyis coming! what's the matter? anyway! it's not my party!it's not my party! here comes the car!

tiger, i am sorry. bye, mona. come, baby!come! come! - bye! - i am sorry! easy! easy!easy! - its okay, baby! its okay! your bag! - sorry, prem! bye! bye! - bye! - bye, guys! bye! bye! - bye! bye! - bye! prem! what are you thinking? i am wondering what priya sawin rahul that she wants to marry him? very simple!you know rahul is very good looking!

he too is good looking! rahul is very intelligent!- he too is intelligent! rahul has a nice sense of humour! he too has a good sense of humour! rahul loves priya a lot! he too loves her! oh! i see! oh! he is a drunkard!he too is a drunkard! he is an nri!

he is not non resident indian.he is non reliable indian. remember? what he wasdoing with the waitresses. he was flirting with them.- he was flirting with them. but he is rich! - he.. you know he has loads of money! honey, money talks! you know! what money talks! what money talks! can't i toil and earn money? yes, you can! - then?

then earn! - i will do it! priya, drink lemon juice. you willget rid of your hangover. come on! oh god! i am feeling dizzy! i told rahul thati don't want to drink! still you drank! why? the taste was so bad! just a sip was so bitter! bitter! there you are, lady! you were jealous of me!so you drank! right?

what? - yes! envious of you? - yes! what nonsense! yes! yes! because i was dancingwith prem! you know! close dance! so you were feeling jealous!so you drank! mona! i will kill you! mona! stop!stop! what all things you talk! stop! stop! mona! mona! mona! wait! tell me! what were you telling me?

come here! i want to tellyou what your heart is telling you! okay! now swear on me! when i was dancing with prem,did you feel envious? by the way..even prem was asking about you. what? what? what? what? what? why areyou concerned about prem? let it be! mona, please! tell me!tell me! what was prem saying? what should i tell you? by the way he was sayingthat priya is such a nice girl.

i don't know how she will spendthe rest of her life with rahul. so what did you tell him? i.. i told him that rahulis such a nice guy. he is an nri. he is well to do. he is well settled.what else does a girl want in life? but why did you say this to prem? so what should i have told him? should i have toldhim that the guy whom.. are going to marry,you don't love him? and what your heart yourself don't know that.

mona, what are you saying?i don't understand anything! is that so? or you don'twant to hear what i am saying? but at least hear whatyour heart is saying. "heart, tell me.what has happened to you?" "why are you so fervent?" "the one who has startedcoming in my dreams." "he seems like a dear one." "the one who alwaysdwells in my eyes." "i find him adorable now."

"for the first time for thesake of his love, i have decked up." "i feel like lovingher to my heart's content." "my love should never wane." "i should remainlost in her thoughts." "i will find the destination there." "i am always waiting for my beloved." grams for 50 rupees. grams' price hasescalated so much? - yes! impossible!- you can ask the grocery vendor.

hello! hello, sister!this is priya speaking. hi, priya! where is prem?you didn't give him my message? i gave him your message. then why didn't he call me? priya.. prem leavesearly in the morning. and he returns late at night.why? anything special? yes, sister. it's something special.

then tell me! no, sister! first i will tell prem. then i will tell's a big surprise. is that so? priya.. at times do comehome. this is like your own house. okay, sister. that house is mine.and someday i have to come. bye, sister. - bye, priya. listen! listen! listen! what? he is openly stealing my tune!and i should keep quiet! that's why i am giving you500 rupees! keep it! you deserve it!

look, i want to become successful!i don't want to sell myself! but listen! listen! this is the problemof talented people! since so many days i have beensearching for you! where are you? didn't sister give you the messages? yes. - then why didn't you call me? i was a bit busy. yes! that's whyyou are never at home! in the morning,at the music director's office!

and in the night,singing at some wedding! what is all this?all the time you are on the run! i just want to earn money!any problem? but why?why do you want so much money? to win love. you will win love with money? why not? but why areyou asking me so innocently? you too are marryingrahul because he is rich. you mean to say..i am marrying rahul for money?

then what? mummy saidhe is a rich guy! marry him! and the daughter said okay!the card was printed! end of the game! am i right? yes! yes! you have understoodme perfectly well. i am marrying rahul for his money! you are right! bye! what have i done? tiger! - yeah! girls, have a good time!

see you later! tiger, come and sit besides me! increase my frustration! i don't have even one!and you roam around with two gals! double! - you won't reform! and i can't become wayward like you! but no matter what you say!you have a great style! tiger, hi!- roaming around with girls.. ..and having fun! look!

some other time. - sure! excuse me! 2 minutes! - no! no! okay! double, sir! thank you! here! and i.. i consider each relationshipso seriously. and i give my heart. and girls.. break your heart!like some fried snacks! cheers!

cheers! - cheers, tiger! tiger.. do you know whati wanted to be since childhood? what? doctor, singer, pilot? no, friend! since childhoodi wanted to be like you.. a playboy, casanova, super stud! change your shirt and pantevery evening and change your style! you confuse your friends!who is sister-in-law? i like your lifestyle!okay! i like your lifestyle! free bird! flying bird!

don't fly so much! you will fall! i fell without gettingthe chance to fly! but i am happy for you! happy! what do you think.. i am very happy? yes! you are very happy! no! not at all! youth doesn't last for long! when you reach 40-45,you are all alone! you don't feel like going home!

and then.. who will marrya person with such a reputation? when will i have children? won't children considerme their grandpa and not father? do you understand? what? try to understand. there should be somebody at home.. who comes and tell you..everything will be fine. everything will be fine, darling! it happens!

i have seen enough life! you shouldn't delay sayingwhat lies in your heart. no, no, no! go and tell priya that you love her. what? you didn't understand?shall i explain? this is my future!do you want such a future? no! i will just go and tell her! listen! don't tell herthat i have told you this! tiger! - yes!

your jacket is very nice!give it to me! - here. i will give you my jacket! - no! take my jacket!if not my jacket, then take my cap! hi! pleased to meet you! i am mrs.. rahul pogalia! pogalia? hello. nice to meet you.i am mrs. priya.. pogalia! priya.. pogalia! first i will give her the flower.then i will tell her. mrs. priya.. pogalia!

priya.. priya.. pog.. i am mrs.. prem kapoor. hello. nice to meet you.i am mrs. priya kapoor! hi! nice to meet you.i am mrs. priya kapoor! i think you are very happywith rahul! be happy! be happy! i will always love you, priya.always love you! bye! i am mrs. priya kapoor! again your heart broke!control yourself! control yourself! i can't control myself!i can't control myself!

i.. i want to beat somebody!whom? whom? beating! fights! fights! no! no, no! i want to go to the bathroom! - no! come on, guys!come on! come on! come on! look who has come!- prem! how are you? rahul has come! rahul! prem! - control! - prem! prem! how are you, man? have you guys come hereto sing at some wedding?

yes. girls, meet my friend!actually my fiancã©'s friend! prem! you know he is a damngood wedding singer! - hmm! he is poor people's daler mehendi! you know.. this man makeseverybody's wedding so lively! but at his wedding..his bride didn't come. oh! so sad! so sad! poor guy! actually my fiancã© priya..he likes her a lot! - oh! you both are always together!no girls!

have you both married each other? hey! today we don'thave dolls meaning.. meaning? girl! gal! damsel! you didn't understand?you didn't understand? girls! girls! man, girls! girls! doll! which doll do you want?this doll? this doll?which one? which one? tell me!

this one!- no, no, no! she is mine tonight! mine tonight? mine tonight? then what about priya? she is so nice! cultured! beautiful! strong! dependable! she is a homely girl!and you are saying mine tonight! prem! prem, relax! relax! i am now relaxed!- now tell me! we are now relaxed! now tell me!

come on! - tell me! tell me! prem.. this is between.. not priya! please! i will tell her! - tell her! prem! come on, man! - shoulder! what's happening, man? cheeks! prem, please! please! jaws! out of control!beat! beat! beat!

rahul! - yes! excuse me!excuse me! i have to punch him! he hit me! bye, daler! if we had not been drunk,then could he have beaten us? he can beat us becausehe knows kum-fu and karate! he can keep priya happybecause he is rich! got it? whose friend are you? - yours! then how can you say this!- i am telling the truth!

whom did you beat? him? he.. is your future! reform! bright future! look at your future! nisha, you? how are you, prem? i am fine. i am good. how are you? come in! come in! come in! how is your brother? now he is fine!

at least something good happened!where is your husband? what happened?does he know that you have come here? prem.. i didn't get married. what? why? he is marrying somebody else! i am sorry! very sorry! your fate and my fate,both are so similar! after you left..i fell in love with priya. before i could express my love..she gave me her wedding card.

i was sitting here only! shall i tell yousomething interesting? even her fiancã©'s name is rahul.and he too is an nri. nisha, why are nri rahuls after me? don't they find any nri girls? with great difficulty i entice girls. and they easily take them from me.and they don't even marry. what does god wants? maybe god wants..both of us to come together again.

no, nisha.whether priya loves me or not.. i love priya. and you.. look in my eyesand tell me. do you still love me? no. but we can be friends. of course! - that's it! rahul! hi, darling!i was thinking about you only! oh, rahul! come on! be serious!i want to marry you! today!

what? today? yes! today! priya! priya, what joke is this?are you going to marry rahul? priya, you love prem, don't you?why don't you tell him? mona, i had gone to prem's house. nisha has returned in his life.they both are very happy. good for prem.some relationship are formed to last. but i am very happy for prem! you? what about you?

what about me?i too will be happy with rahul. but you do tell tigerthat you love him! he loves you a lot! go, mona!tell him about your love! go! go, mona! otherwise like me,you too will lose the chance. go! and yes! if you meet prem, thentell him.. that he is a bad singer. and he looks ugly too!and i will never miss him! "if you have mylove and i gave you.." it happens! it happens! it happens! but why does italways happen with me?

is my heart india's governmentthat it breaks all the time! your heart has broken only twice. my heart has broken 263 times! but.. did they ever love you?did you ever love them? then? that's why i am alone! and i drink liquor everynight and i go to sleep. and i think that i willgive it up tomorrow morning but.. but why does a person drink so much? good question!

a man drinks liquor so much.. ..because how longcan a man drink only soda? no! it's not about soda!it's about quantity! if anybody who loves me abit tells me to give up liquor,.. ..then i will give up liquor.- then give it up! the man who has been drinkingsince childhood, how can he.. give up so easily? so you won't give it up? i will give it up!say it lovingly! i will give it up!

please give it up! really? you and me!i love you! - tiger! later! - enough! hello! enough!why are you making me feel jealous? you both have fixed your matter.but what about me? oh by the way, congratulations! for what? - you and nishahave patched up! right? nowadays it happens!in tv serials they say.. we will meet after the break!the same is the case with them.

today priya told me thatwhen she had come to meet you.. she saw you and nisha in your room. and priya thoughtthat i and nisha's love.. yes! - tiger, you know! - yes! i only love priya! but she too loves you!today she had come to say this only! what? she loves me? - yes! tiger, she loves me! but what about nisha?

oh! oh my god! what? - oh my god! tiger! what happened?- you know.. priya will ruin her life! you know.. you know rahul, don't you? yeah! yeah! that bad boy!- she is going to marry rahul! what? - oh no!- they both have left for the airport! and they are going to agra! prem! - taj mahal! - pleaselet's run! come on! - let's go! hurry up!

passengers travelling fromflight 216 are requested to please.. your boarding cards as usual. please shift it to j class. flight is full as usual. try to understand!i don't travel in economy! then go have a good company too as usual. have a nice journey as usual. tiger, drive fast! faster than this?- we are still in the village.

i am driving, man! i will call sister! - okay! hello, sister! sister, i am goingto agra from delhi's first flight. are you going to admityourself in agra's mental asylum? only this was left! because..priya is going to marry rahul there! and i am going to break the wedding. sister, i have foundout that priya loves me. okay, sister! bye!

prem! prem! listen, prem! vinod, let's go to the airport! nisha! - rahul! what a surprise! agra! to get married in taj mahal!what about you? agra! but for a job in hotel taj! by the way.. how is your brother? he is fine. after yougot him treated in america.. he has got cured completely.

thank you, rahul! congratulations! congratulations for your wedding! thanks! come, i will introduceyou to my fiancã©. come. - let's go! priya! - hmm! - meet nisha! priya! - nisha! you both know each other? - yes! same to you! i am very happythat you and prem have patched up! no, priya! maybe i was too late!prem loves somebody else. and.. maybe you know whom.

excuse me! are you all together? yes and no too! excuse me. you know priya..i was going to marry nisha. and today i am marrying you.but she is perfect for prem. she is a nice girl. the entire airport is vacant.i think delhi's flight has departed! listen! what is delhi'sflight's position? it left half an hour ago as usual. have patience! have patience!

when is the next flight? it will leave afterhalf an hour as usual. book three tickets for third class. this is not vt station.its mumbai airport! here only two classtickets are available. economy and j class as usual. you are lucky thatjust now 5 tickets of.. ..j class have beencancelled as usual. 3 tickets! 3 tickets!

not 3, tiger!5 tickets! we are with you, brother! right on time! did you hear that?5 tickets as usual! - as usual? sir! - no thanks! sir! i have! thank you! prem.. - the pilot isflying the plane very slow! he is not eating!i will go and check! prem, eat your food!it's really nice!

it's good for health.and it's for free. you are mad! he is sad!and you are talking about food! tiger, we have to findpriya after landing in agra. not here amongst clouds. you are married that's why! listen! if you both are not eating,then i will eat your share. vinod! coming! don't forget, prem! take it! its okay! its okay!

excuse me, ma'am!you are a very good looking girl. please don't misunderstand me! you see.. i am director,producer, dinesh kapoor. oh! you are mr. dinesh kapoor! - yes! the famous film director! - yes! oh sir, i am a big fan of yours! thanks. - how are you? fine! will you be theheroine in my next film? sir! heroine in your film?- yes! - definitely! why not?

here is my card!- since when i wanted to be a heroine! okay! - yes! here is my card! - oh! do contact me at my mumbai office! oh thank you so much!thank you! tiger! did you hear? tiger! tiger! look at this! i have got the chance to bea heroine in dinesh kapoor's movie! can you believe that?can you believe that? oh my god! 5 years' toil in waste!

so you won't be theheroine in my film? i want to be the heroine intiger's life and not in your film. yeah! - yeah! don't worry! your work toowill be done! be strong! strong.. excuse me! - yes, sir! can you please shiftthese two seats in j class? i will try, sir! - thank you! sunil! - yes! some economy class passengerwants a seat in j class.

i will try. what name did you say? some pogalia.- okay. - what name did you say? mr. pogalia! not pogalia! phogalia! prem! what happened?- tiger! they both are in this flight! then what are you thinking!go, break it and tell her! break? is the planegoing to be hijacked? no! somebody ishijacking his girlfriend! oh! its matter of love! - yes!

then go on! excuse me, ma'am!- yeah! - can we have.. ..the announcement mike please? yeah! sure, sir! - thank you! fast! fast! come on! attention, ladies and gentlemen! a j class passengerwants to sing for you all. he wants to entertain you all. this is not just a song..its his life, his love.

it's the voice of his heart. "stranger.." "stranger..i have already fallen in love." "i wanted to tell youbut i couldn't tell you." "today i had to tell you." "embrace me. you are my life." you can sing such a long song!but you can't say i love you? i love you! do i have to say this? priya! i am not jealous!

i got my nisha! by the wayyou guys are made for each other! congratulations! - oh! congratulations to you too! even you guys aremade for each other! even we are made for each other! is that so? - my wife! all of it! great! 3 marriages together! excuse me! excuse me! you all please go to your seats!and tie your seat belts!

forget that!tie the flowery veil on their heads! flowery veil! thank you, god!

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