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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

a dog of flanders

ahhh....i slept well... oh no! it's so late! okay, let's go for a walk! oh, i wonder.. is that the green village? time to go back and lower the sail! i hope i have reached the green village... okay! let's go visit the green village! yummy! i hope my friends like them! but why are they all so late? i have to hurry! i have to hurry!

am i going the right way? oh no! my map! oooooh! look what you've done! you've made me lose my map! huh? what? what is this? it's a paper plane!oh! my friends are waiting! i must hurry! puppymung, where have you been? where is subin? i haven't seen her. do you think maybe she has overslept? oh, i hope she's alright...

arong, take a look -- i made a paper plane! arong? hey... let's go check on subin./ oh, alright... if you'd watched where you were going, you wouldn't have bumped into me! it was all your fault! you bumped into me because you were running so fast! subin! subin!/ arong hey, subin! what's going on? he bumped into me while i was running! she knocked me down, and my map flew away! what?! you walked into me because you weren't looking!

alright, settle down now, that's enough from both of you. but what about my map!? huh? wait, may i see that paper plane? this? sure, here you go... what?/ woohoo! this is so wonderful!!! yay! this is it - the map i just lost! it is? i though it was just a piece of paper, that's why i used it. that's alright -- thanks to you, i have my map back! oh...i'm sorry i was mean to you. i was just upset that my map was gone.

that's o.k. i should've been more careful. it was my fault, too. i'm sorry i got angry. no, i'm even sorrier! whew! i'm glad it's all the way .. who are you? hm hm. my name is frong. glad to meet you. i'm arong . i'm subin. puppymung ~/ oh! i'm puppymung. now, let's all go to arong's house and talk, instead of standing around out here. yes, let's! we can have some of the yummy tarts i've baked!

yum! it's delicious! so frong, how did you come here? how did i come here? well, let me tell you...first, i had to climb across giant mountains... ...giant mountains?...and then? then i had to swim among enormous waves, as thunder rolled and lightening flashed! enormous waves?../ ...then i had to defeat an evil monster! ...a monster!...and? uh...and...and finally i arrived here! uh! ...and i'd really like to stay. i want us all to be friends! oh.....umm....can't we be friends?

frong! / yes? welcome to the green village. thank you...friends!! i know we will all get along! and now there is a new friend in the green village. who knows what will happen tomorrow? oh, i'm quite feeling hungry! what shall i have today? ah! i know! i know! ha ha! they look so tasty! i'll have one outside. yum, yum! all gone! i feel full now. look, it's frong! frong! what are you doing over there? hi, subin!/ hi, i'm coming over.

ha, ha, ha! oh! subin, watch out! you should watch your step! ooo! sorry, have to run! hey! frong! frong! owww, it hurts! the coast is clear! he he! this is so funny! let's see, is this a good place? looks good...oh! someone's coming! mmmm...smells yummy! my friends will like this very much...ahhh!!! got you! he he! ouch! it hurts!

ha ha! that was funny! huh? what was that sound? oh! subin is coming! i have to hide! arong! are you alright? i'm okay, thank you. pie is ruined! wait...what's this? it's a banana skin.../ a banana skin? i slipped on one too, just now... / you did? puppymung's turn now! ha ha! la la la la.... yum! oh, puppymong is coming! quick, i have to hide!

i think i smell a banana skin! look, a whole banana! banana...banana...baaanaaanaaa..... what was that? oh no! it's puppymung! puppymung! are you okay? uh-oh....frong is being very bad... look, puppymong slipped on a banana skin too! hmm..i slipped, then arong, and now puppymong... do you think someone did this on purpose? oh! frong! do you think he's okay? frong?? let me see...he said he had to go then ran off...

really? what if frong... oooo...they will guess it was me. should i go tell them? you think it's as good as a banana? ewww....this is gross! you can't eat a banana skin!/that's right! hey, guys! what are you all doing over there? oh no! frong! is he okay?/ i don't know...

ohhh....where am i? frong? are you okay?/ frong. are you hurt? frong, please say something! my friends care about me, and i've just played a nasty trick on them. i didn't mean anything, it was just joking around! frong! that wasn't nice and it wasn't funny. someone could've gotten hurt. please don't do that again. i'm sorry! yum yum! these bananas are delicious!

what should we do now?/ throw your garbage into a trash can! throw your garbage into a trash can! let's all do it the count of three: one...two...three! it is not nice to play tricks on your friends! okay, so this goes here, and that attaches there... hmm...oh...that's how it goes...and it's finished! tada! oops! aww...start again.... turn here, connect this to! he he! now it's really complete! i can't wait to show this to my friends!

let's fly! whooosh! why aren't they coming!? hey! subin! where were you guys? sorry we're late, we had to get something./ what? wait for it... that's why we were, what do you think? do you want to play? doesn't it look like fun? let's go somewhere where we can have some space. yay! that does look like fun! let's go play!

arong and i will show how to play, watch closely. frong, please please throw slowly. of course. ready?... catch! got it! get ready frong! were you paying attention? here subin, try to catch it! ah! look, i caught it! catch! hey, you're really good at this! let's go faster! not bad. now catch this!

la la la la! oh, there they are! come on frong, can't you throw faster? no i can't, i don't want you to get hurt. i'll be fine. throw it faster, please! okay, you asked for it...the fireball!!!!! noooo!!! puppymong, are you okay? this all your fault, subin!! what!?you threw it too fast! it would've been fine if you hadn't missed it!

you can't even throw a ball straight!/ what!? that's enough, both of you! look, puppymung is crying! sorry puppymung, we'll fix it. really? you can really fix it? of course! it's easy if we all work together!can we do it frong? yes we can! screwdriver./ here.. wow! we fixed it!/ yay! we fixed it! oops...

oh, no! now what? band-aid, please. / here you go. now it's finished, for sure! i'm sorry, puppymung. i can't do this... subin, why are you so clumsy? whaaaa..... puppymung, please don't cry! i'll fix it, i promise! you will? i will, just trust me. ahhh...okay, let's try again!

and here it is. good as new!/ hurray! you did it! see, i told you that you could trust me! here you go. thank you so much, arong! arong saved the day!/ oh, it was nothing! he he! no arong, you're the best!/ come on, let's go try it out! yes! let's go! hurry puppymong, let's fly it now./ okay. wait, are you sure it can fly? sure it can! arong fixed it!

puppymong, go for it! okay, i'm ready -- weeeee! look, it flies so well! puppymong, you won't cry anymore, will you?/ no! i think this goes here.../ no wait, try it here... it fits! i found it!/ me too! there.../ got it! good job!

let's finish the rest together. ah! we're missing a piece! where could it be?i don't know... puppymung!?/ what? don't look at me, i didn't take it! guys!/ yes? let's not fight, let's all look for it together! hmm.. but where could it be? it can't have gone far... ha! i found it! look over there, it's on puppymung's bottom! huh? on my what? where?oh, look, here it is! ha ha!

so let's finally put that piece in... perfect! but where's the last piece of the puzzle? why it''s...where is it? oh, i don't know.../ where did you get this puzzle? oh, that's right! i brought it from home. why don't we go to your home and look there?/ that's a great idea! let's go home and find it! it is so messy, isn't it arong? i'm afraid it is. when was the last time she cleaned? what is it? she hasn't cleaned the house?/ nope!

i'm sorry, i know it's a bit messy.i don't really know how to clean it up myself. so subin doesn't know how to clean either? subin, it's okay. don't worry. my house is really messy too. really? okay, let's all help subin clean up! we'll never find that missing puzzle piece in this mess! let's start cleaning and the puzzle piece will be found. alright everyone, let's do it! i'll go wash the windows.

okay, so what shall i do?frong! what can i help with? please sweep over there, in the back. / okay! puppymung!! watch that broom! oh, i'm sorry. he he... that's okay, just be careful. puppymung, why don't you go clean over there?/ alright. look at that pile of books! puppymung!/ yes?

puppymung, what are you doing? everyone is cleaning, you have to help too. i know, i'm sorry. one-two, one-two...oops! ..and...lift! wow! the house is really cleaning up nicely! good work everyone! oh, that desk hasn't been tidied yet! i'll do it myself, really quickly. ah! it's the puzzle piece! look everyone! i found the missing piece!

now, why don't we finish this puzzle?! hurray! it's finished! ...and now i have a surprise for everyone. / you do? ta-dah! i've baked some yummy cookies! thank you for helping me clean up today! i'll try one first. wow, it's so good! i'll have one too. mmmm...delicious! ooo...i'll have two, then! yum yum! these cookies are awesome! as always, laughter rings in the green village.

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