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Friday, December 9, 2016

dog names

hi! i am max the glow train. when it is dark you can see me glow! look! today we are going to learn the alphabet. let's go find the letters and take them to the zoo on top of that playground ship. hi, letter a. let's go to the zoo! hi, max. sounds great! i am landing the airplane. a is for airplane. look! the letters b and c are fixing the bridge. hi, max! i am b and i operate the bulldozer.

i am c and i operate the crane. let's go to the zoo. i am almost done. the bridge is complete. b is for bulldozer. c is for crane. hi, d. do you want to go with us? sure. let me get my dog. d is for dog. hi, max. i am the letter e.

let's go to the zoo, e. i am almost finished. e is for excavator. hi, f. hi, max. we are going to the zoo, do you want to go too? just one second, let me help the shapes. ok, shapes. circle, oval, triangle, square, rectangle, octagon. f is for fire truck.

wait for me. i want to go to the zoo too. hi, g. let me dump this garbage and we will go. g is for garbage truck. now which way should we go - left or right? i can help you, max. we need to go right. thank you, h. let's go to the zoo! h is for helicopter.

who wants ice cream? i have yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green. and who wants jam? hi, i. hi, j. i want both ice cream and jam. thank you i. and thank you j. i is for ice cream. and j is for jam. hi, letters. let's load the fruits and go to the zoo. k is for kiwi.l is for lemon.m is for mango.

n is for nectarine.o is for orange. pull over, q. look, the letter p in the police car pulled over the letter q for going too fast. i am sorry, p. i won't be going so fast anymore. i was late delivering the quilts. please slow down next time. we are going to the zoo. can you go with us? yes, max. p is for police car and q is for quilt. looks like the letter r is fixing the road.

hi, r. do you want to go with us? hi, max. i am ready to go. r is for road roller. hi, s. are you going to the zoo? sure. let me finish sweeping. oh, no! my sweeper broke down. i will help you, s. i drive a tow truck. thank you, t. s is for sweeper and t is for tow truck.

hi, u. have you seen v and w? hi, max. let me see. yes, i see v and w coming this way. u is for umbrella. look the letter v is in the van pulling the letter w in the wagon. hi, v. hi, w. let's go to the zoo! thank you, max. v is for van. and w is for wagon. hi, x. nice music. let's go to the zoo.

x is for xylophone. nice yacht, letter y! let's go to the zoo! y is for yacht. hi, z. we are finally here and ready to see the animals in your zoo. ok, max. let me show them to you. here we have bear, cow, duck, elephant, hedgehog, mouse, pig, giraffe, zebra. we found all the letters! z is for zebra.

run! it's a tiger! uh-oh! it is just a cat. we are safe. thank you for telling us, c. it is getting late let's repeat the letters one more time. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z see you next time!

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