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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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nithyanandeshwara samaarambhaamnithyanandeshwari madhyamaam | asmath aachaarya paryanthaamvandhey guru paramparaam || 00:42 hindi - 00:52 i welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis,satsanghis who are sitting with us all over the world at this time through nithyanandatv, sadhna tv, eshwar tv, janashree tv, and through two-way video-conferencing havingnayana deeksha in fifty-one cities in many countries around the world. the cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing:bangalore city center which is going to be newly inaugurated, toronto-kailasam, nithyananda nagara-bangalore, ohio-prayag, guadeloupe-rameshwaram,

los angeles-arunachalam, kuala lumpur-palani, hyderabad-gupta kashi, nithyananda nagaramu-hyderabad, dubai-vaidyanatham, san jose-madurai, santa fe-new mexico, tiruvanmiyur-chennai, calgary-amarnath, singapore-singapuram, oklahoma-somanatham, san diego oceanside, scottsdale-arizona, abu dhabi, mollieres-france, san antonio-texas, jorpati-nepal, redmond-washington, tallahassee-florida, oman-sivagangai, enriching temple-bidadi, bangalore-malleshwaram, devon-uk. ramakrishna will not even let you near. ihave no doubt that ramakrishna is an incarnation, ramana maharishi is an incarnation. rama would not have even allowed shakuni to be around him. see krishna's personality, he never gave up on people even who are hypocrites towards him. he continued, continued till the endhe did not give up. please understand, till

the last day of the war, krishna’s armywas fighting for duryodhana, you need to know, the fellow who ordered krishna’s arrest.see, when krishna went as an ambassador, as per the dharma, hindu dharma, ambassador cannot be arrested or harmed. i think, all these laws, hinduism created first: how to interact with other countries. but he crossed that law ordered the arrest of krishna’s. krishnaused his power to save himself; that is secondary. he goes to that extreme! but even duryodhana, krishna doesn’t say ‘no’ when duryodhana comes to krishna for help before the war.actually, this duryodhana coming to krishna for help happens after duryodhana orders krishna’s arrest and krishna saves himself! even the multi-layered people, the hypocrites who behave one way here, one way there, one way there,

even the multi-layered people, krishna didn’t give up. that is why i am saying he is a poornavatar. it is not that i have only vidhura and pancha pandavas around me; i have enough of duryodhanas, shakunis, multi-layered people. but it iskrishna and his inspiration, i don’t give up; i continue to handle, handle, handle.i tell you krishna has set a trend for enlightened beings and incarnations. the ethics of enlightenment,the etiquettes of enlightenment, behaviour, how it should be, krishna has set a trend. how an enlightened being should behave it is he who set a trend. he did not say ‘no’ to duryodhana buthe knows the multi-layered personalities will always be stupid. understand, when you handle different things of your life, if you miss your integrity, naturally with whole lifeyou will miss integrity. and you are not understanding

when you miss integrity with the whole life,you will desire stupid things. understand, the worst curse given to human-beings is having desire for stupid things! you don’t need to destroy somebody; if you make him have desire for stupid things, that is enough; he is destroyed! if somebody likes stupidthings, you don’t need destroy him at all; his desire towards stupidity will destroy him! please listen, when you are not integratedwith life, the curse life gives you is, it makes you like stupid things in the life.i tell you, i have always seen, when you start being disintegrated to life, you may thinkyou are successful. no! you will start liking stupid things which will bring your destruction. see this duryodhana he started liking stupid

things and he was ready to give up his lifefor stupid things. and krishna said ‘thathasthu’! what is the need for bringing draupadi andpulling her dress, which is not required? okay, if you want kingdom, come on take it, and send them out; let them go to the forest. it is actually draupadi’s vastra apaharanathat incompletion only made the whole war. otherwise, the war would not have happened. i have also seen when people start liking stupid violence, very stupidly they will utter words, stupid words, stupid abusive behaviour, i know they have started destroying themselves. but, unfortunately, no teaching of krishna, duryodhana was ready to listen, or dussasana was ready to listen. when you start liking stupidity, the master’s words don’t enterinto you; that’s the worst problem!

worst thing that can happen to a human-being is liking stupid things. worst thing that can happen to a disciple is master not being able to tell what he wants to tell directly to you, because of the way you behave. if master is not able to tell you what he wants to tell, then no one can save you, no onecan protect you. master is cosmic life insurance, understand. the master is cosmic life insurance!krishna was not able to tell duryodhana because the way he behaved with bhishma’s advice.i tell you, liking for stupid things, uttering stupid words, behaving in a stupid way, isthe self-destructive component of you. it is like a cancer. nobody else is needed to kill you, destroy you. nobody else is needed to destroy you. krishna, the most powerful incarnation, most complete incarnation, the poornavatar, he

did not give up even on shakuni! can you understand? embodiment of stupidity, shakuni, he did not give up on him! hero is a person, whether you like him orhate him, you cannot avoid him. i tell you, krishna is the greatest hero happened on planetearth. people of his time either liked him or hated him, but can’t avoid him. likedhim or hated him, but can’t avoid him. what an amazing personality! when i try to enter into krishna’s personality and explain, i feel like i am standing in front of himalayas! the whole of hinduism is only these three:ganga, gita, gayatri. that’s all! the essence of the whole of hinduism is these three only – ganga, gita, gayatri. gayatri is the upanishad, embodiment of the vedas. ganga is the geography of hinduism. gita is lifestyle of hinduism.

that is all. ganga, gita, gayatri. in thesethree, krishna’s contribution is one-third – gita. but lifestyle itself is not just one-third of us; it is 99% of us. krishna, it is not that he was supportingonly pandavas; he was supported duryodhana also as duryodhana wanted. whatever duryodhana asks, for that he said ‘thathasthu’! his story is the one of the powerful success stories of an incarnation. not even one line can be edited he has not missed a single thing. he has completed everything, for everything he happened. embodiment of completion. amazing ability to play with multi-layered personalities. people abuse krishna, saying that he is cunning, he was so cunning. no, krishna was not cunning. he’s embodiment of love. he was never cunning, he can never be cunning. he was able to handle

multi-layered personalities. his ability tohandle multi-layered personalities and not giving up on them. it’s not that even pandavas were completely listening to krishna; many times they did not listen. he has to struggle, convince them.he organized everything, giving up his whole life. the last moment, when the war starts,this fool arjuna is telling, ‘i am not going for the war!' krishna, what a personality! he was able tohandle simple beings, as simple as gopika. and he was able to handle complicated beings,as complicated as shakuni. as simple as the gopikas, and as complicated as shakuni, for both he stood as a great “thathasthu”.

when gopikas approached him with a simple,beautiful, innocent romance, love, he said, ‘thathasthu!’ when shakuni approachedhim with a multi-layered complication, violence, abusive nature, stupid behaviour – it isshakuni who instructs duryodhana, ‘arrest him!’ – he was able to handle even then. every character in the mahabharata teaches so much. actually, you don’t need to go to study the human psychology to any other country, any other book. see, if you want to learn about business, if you want to learn about human psychology, if you want to learn about the best lifestyle, if you want to getenlightened, for all these purposes, if you want to learn about administration, you don’t need anything other than mahabharata. just

mahabharata is enough! study each character.i tell you, you will not find any more characters described in the mahabharata in your life.any character you see in your life is mapped to mahabharata’s one character. all thecharacters you see in your life are either half or full representation of some characterin mahabharata and you know how to handle, just see how krishna handled them; start handlingin the same way. even if you want to handle yourself, see how krishna handled them. he knows where violence should be used and where anger should be used, where peace should be used. he was able to speak into the listening of the listener. listen, ability to speak into the listening of the listener causing everyone’s reality. krishna was the embodiment of causing everyone’s reality and he is

the embodiment of ability to speak into the listener’s listening. 20:22 hindi - 26:27 this great book, mahabharata, i can say this book is a kalpataru. again and again and again, you should read this book to understand the intricacies of life, complications of life and ability to handle life. if you see mahabharatathat is the physical visualized presentation of the gita. all the principles explained in gita are portrayed in the form of characters in the mahabharata. it is like if you take a movie of all the principles i am teaching – integrity, authenticity, responsibilityand enriching – how it will be, exactly the same. all the principles krishna is teaching in mahabharatha, mahabharata is a movie of those principles.

all the principles he is teaching in the gita, the mahabharata is like a movie of those principles. krishna is an amazing personality. he knows what should be told to whom in what way. he speaks the great truths – bhagavad gita– in the centre of the war-field. you should know, very funny thing, only three people heard: krishna, krishna spoke. arjuna heard, bhishma heard, sanjaya heard; that’s all! nobody else other than these three. nobody else other than these three. and he makes dharma speak, yudhishthira speak as very secret, ‘ashwatthama dead!’ only drona heard,nobody else heard. and that also he did not tell, dharma did not directly tell drona no. as if he is speaking to somebody else and drona overheard. he knows what to speak to whom and who should be overheard. drona is

thinking as if he got a very valid, importantinformation, state secret about him and his family. he knows what message to give evento spies. krishna will speak exactly what he wants, what message he should send to the opposite guy if opposite guys spy is sitting next to him. what a play. i tell you, after reading krishna, his workslike gita, anu gita. krishna has opened his mouth to give the essence of life five times.five times he opened his mouth. all the five teachings and his whole life, i tell you,anybody who reads his life and his five teachings will enjoy his whole life as a leela. sometimes among my sannyasis, i will call “a” and tell him something to go and tell

to “b”; but that lesson is for “a”. i’ll tell him, ‘go and tell this to b’; but that lesson is for whom? i tell you, all this you will enjoy and learn only if you read krishna. only if you read krishna, you will enjoy all this. but with all that, his tremendous compassion and not giving up on people. he could have been like rama, black and blue, black and white – either we beat you black and blue, or we give up, go. krishna was not like that.i tell you, his compassion is unimaginable. even to the worst layered personalities hewas only trying ‘i won’t give up! let me play their same game, but i won’t give up.’ i tell you, he is the most honest insurance agent. see, all incarnations are insuranceagents of life; but at one point everyone

gives up. but nothing like krishna who never gave up! remember very clearly, whenever i am sending some message through you to others, it is for you. if it is only sealed letter it is for others. if it is unsealed letter, it is for you and the other person! krishna. i tellyou, if you decide honestly, ‘i will only be a catalyst for causing people’s reality’,your being will become so vast, you will be able to play this game; you will be able todo this leela! i have decided with all my sincerity, completing completely with myself, that i’ll be a cause for everyone’s reality. i tell you, immediately the huge space and the ability to play this beautiful game happened in my being. i tell you, just decide sincerely,authentically, ‘i’ll be a cause for people’s reality’;

you will become krishna with thespace of krishna, and the tools krishna had to play this game, everything will happenin your life! if people come to him as simple as gopikas,he lives with them as simple as radhakrishna. if people come to him as complicated as shakuni, he plays with them as complicated as gita krishna. i tell you, whether he is radhakrishnaor gita krishna, he doesn’t give up on people. he doesn’t give up on people. shakuni’s intention is not to make duryodhana king, be very clear. his intention was to destroy the kuru vamsha and duryodhana was also loving his destruction! he loves his destruction;that is self-denial. he was very clear, ‘i may die, but i will not give up!’ it means what? you have already made a first statement,

‘i will die but i will not allow pandavasto live!’ then what to do because you made the first statement. krishna says, ‘thathasthu!’pandavas are saying, ‘we will live!’ then krishna says, ‘thathasthu!’ aligning everyone’sstatement and giving a huge “thathasthu!” i can go on and on and on, on krishna. most complicated personality and most simple personality. i can put it in this way: most complicatedpersonality and most simple being. he is more innocent than mahadeva, bhole baba. he is the most complicated personality. i can’t even compare in the “complication” krishna with anyone else. at least, in “innocence”, i can compare him with mahadeva. in “complication”,i can’t compare him with anybody; he is unmatchable! i tell you, having krishna’s inner space is “enjoying the life as leela”. having krishna’s inner space is “enjoying life as leela”.

i tell you, when you bring sincerely into you, just bring this one decision, ‘i’ll be a sincere cause to everyone to realize their reality. i will be a sincere cause for everyone to realize their reality. i’ll be a cause for everyone’s reality. whatever i do is for that. if i build a house, for that. if i get married, for that. if i buy a car, for that. if i start a business,for that. if i get a child that is for that.’ anything you do be very clear, causing others’ reality is the goal, is the purpose, is the context. that will heal you so much, i tell you. the most hurting emotion in life is violence,whether you carry it towards you or others. and the most healing emotion in the world,or the truth in the world, is being a cause for others’ reality. the greatestpoison in the world is violence. the greatest

medicine in the world is being a cause foreveryone’s reality. the greatest “amrita” in the world is being a cause for everyone’s reality. ganga, she is just a cause for everyone’s reality. that is why she is “amrita”.she is the “amrita kumbha”, “amrita kalasha” because she is just a cause foreveryone’s reality. if you just decide, ‘let me be a cause for everyone’s reality’,suddenly you will see so much of healing inside you. such vast space happens to you. you see vast space means ability to handle any situation and courage to do anything. you will not be tired at all. you will have the ability to do the “poorva paksha”, the initial steps, againand again and again. anybody who retains his ability and enthusiasm to start anything againfrom the scratch is a leader. if bill gates

retains the ability to do a start-up now,intense enthusiasm and excitement to do a start-up now, he is a leader. i know he isretaining. even after you become billionaire – becoming billionaire does not make you a leader– ability to retain that intelligence and interest to be a beginner. that will happenin you only when you have a large “krishna space”. this is the greatest blessing you can have in your life. so, sit, meditate on krishna, kalpataru. decide sincerely, authentically, you will be a cause for others’ reality; you will be a cause for others’ reality. sincerely, with integrity and authenticity, decide you will just be a cause for everyone’s reality. namah shivaya!

let you all achieve, experience, live, express, radiate, share and explode in eternal bliss, nithyananda.

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