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Thursday, November 24, 2016

dog friendly hotels

the fool crashed the car! how did this polecome in the way? who kept this pole in the way?move it. didn't you hear me? move it! shera move that pole. madam, come with us. till then we will siton that bench. how dare you touch me! how dare you hold my hand! don'tyou know, i'm a decent girl?

leave me. -even we are decentpeople, come over there. leave me. help! leave me. one more. thank you. who are you? -talk politely. i took your photograph. and i promise it willalso be published.. the papers tomorrow. -lookat his guts. ask him his name.

tell me, what your name is.-keep the knife at a distance. it will hurt's not a good thing. you want to know my name?i'll tell you. my name is ajay khanna. you were asking my name?my name is ajay khanna. what? ajay. and my profession is to takephotographs of ugly people. rich people.. ..high of money isn't enough..

..that you need liquor also. madam, get up!come to your senses. scoundrel! leave my hand. if i leave it,someone else will hold it. tell me where do you want to go?police station or home? home? how can i go homein this condition? i am a decent girl.-oh, so you are decent too. why? look, at me, don'ti look decent to you? yes, you are very decent.

but i alone cannot take careof so much decency. tell me where can i drop you.-take me to a hotel. please. but in this condition, you won'tget a room even in a hotel. madam! i am doomed! madam,consider this you home and relax. which shabby hotel haveyou brought me to? this bed is so hard.

madam, this is not your father'spalace, it's my bedroom. wrong! this is my bedroomand not yours. -yes? now get out. no one elsecan sleep in my bedroom. forgive me, even i don't havethat intention. lock the door. god knows where shehas come from? what? it is so hot in here. a fan! where is my lighter. oh god.

madam,what should i do about you? good morning. you!why did you come in my room? i had come here last night too. yes. by the way,this is my home and not a hotel. your home?but how did i come here? last night you hada lot to drink. you couldn't control the car andyou crashed it to a lamppost. on a lonely road somegoons attacked you..

..coincidentally i was there andsaved you from the goons. and got you here, to my house. you saved my life? -yes. but you were still high and you.. ..set this room on fire withmy cigarette lighter. thank god, i was in the nextroom. i barely put out the fire. then i undressed you and coveredyou with a blanket. you undressed. yes, i did.

that means that you..-no. i didn't see a thing. i had closed my eyes. oh.. thank you very much.-you're welcome. but where are my clothes?-just a minute. here. oh my god. -i'm sorry. i couldn't save them.-but, now what will i wear? how will i go home?-we will have to do something. since you have the habitof drinking.. should keep an extra pairof clothes in your car. you are mistaken, i don't drink. the condition you werein last night.. ..cannot be because you tried it. last night someone playeda prank on me. they mixed alcohol with cola,and i had 3-4 glasses of it. when i realized i was drunk,i left the party.. ..i remember i stopped the car. i don't remember anything else.

some things are best forgotten. anyway, meanwhile you will haveto make do with my clothes. if you don't mind?-no, i don't mind. but if you could just step out,i'll. of course. take this miss.. -priti. your purse and your car keys. thank you, mister.. -ajay. thank you very much, ajay.

these clothes..-there is nohurry. send them later. okay, i'll leave. i will never forget thefavour you did to me. thank you once again. listen! -yes? i am a press photographer. i don't want these photosto be published.. ..and you being defamed. you keep them.

thank you very much. oh. this is my address.come home sometime. -yes. bye. mr. bhanupratap. the daughter of the richestman in the state. 'what is intoxicating.' 'the drink, the youth or thenight's colorful incident' oh, so you are a poet too?

o god, how did you give oneman so many good qualities? you're very partial. he is brave, he is decent.. ..and a poet too. and also handsome.-she is a goner! look at the condition you are in. poor girl! -why?what has happened to me? you don't know? -no. you are in love.-not love, it's a hangover.

are you a friend or a foe?tell me the truth.. ..who added alcohol in my drinklast night in the party? what? -tell me, or else. i swear, i don't know.but what happened? what could happen? i crashedmy car with a lamppost.. ..on the lonely road somegoons attacked me. thank god,a decent man came and saved me. wow. very interesting. wonderful. but who was that decent man?

you may have his name,address, something? he is the one. he? -yes. he not only saved my honour.. ..seeing me drunk,he even took me to his house. then? -god knows where i gothis cigarette lighter from. then? -then what? i setthe room on fire. then? -he put out the fire andlooked after me all night. darn! he kept you inhis room all night..

..and just looked after you? darn it! he is a decent man. -i know. he is a press photographerfor my dad's newspaper. ajay khanna. he is very decent, independentand never takes on favors. poor man,he is all alone in the world. give this to the press fortomorrow's edition. yes, sir.

and listen, go directly togovernor's house from here. russian delegateshave come there. get such a picturefor our paper.. ..that it becomes a memento of india and russia's friendship. i will try to do that sir. greetings uncle! -come, child. he is mr. ajay. our paper'sphotographer and reporter. and ajay, she is priti.mala's best friend. hello.

take a seat child.-uncle, where is mala? mala is not home. take a seat,she will be back soon. take a seat. -okay. let's have some tea. uncle, let me make it. -okay. sugar? -what? yes. -how much? a little. it's okay. -give it to me. i'llwash and iron it right away.

it's okay. give it ajay. you've to go to thegovernor's house from here. give, i'll take just a minute.-give it. i'm sorry. it's all right.-uncle, i'm sorry. -no problem. she is a very nice girl. she isa daughter of a billionaire. but she does not have any airs. yes. i can see that. you are getting late, right?priti!

oh my god. oh my god. now, what should i do? -priti! yes uncle, i'll get it. god. here. don't wear it here. -why?-just take it. come on, leave it. aren't you getting late to goto the governor's house? yes, but.. my hand! what's the matter?is it fine? -yes sir, it is.

okay, i'll leave sir.-uncle, even i'll leave. where are you going child?mala must be coming. sit down. okay. it's okay. i will never forgetthe favor you did to me. you undressed.. -yes, i did. meanwhile, you will have tomake do with my clothes. if you don't mind.. priti. "yearning of love.."

" here also and there also." "how to express it.." "..this dilemma is hereand there also. "no matter what peril comes.." "'s difficult tolive without you." "now we won't be separated.let's promise." "love will always be there.let's promise." "i don't like anythingbesides you." "in the journey of life.."

"..if you ever need me.." "i will even give my life." "you are my destination." "you are my world." "even if atrocities aredone on the heart.." "i won't give up loyalty." "tell the time to stop." "the heart is still not contentwith this meeting." "may this ambience never change."

excuse me. you are mr. bhanuparatap'sdaughter? priti has become very smart. did you see this photograph? she is from a rich family. her photos are printedeverywhere. by the way,who is the boy with her? must be her college friend. yesterday,rohit had called from america.

o yes. he wants to putup a factory here. for him, a finance of 20 millionis always ready from my side. mr. bhanupratap, business dealswill be taken care of later. he was asking about priti. even i am waiting for rohit only. the day he comes back,we'll get them married. did you see the result ofgiving freedom to her? today only dwarkaprasadhas taunted us. later the whole city will read,she has eloped with someone.

mummy, the newspapers needto some scandal to print. now see,it was just a coincidence. i went on the beach for swimmingwith my friends.. ..the motorcycle of a boy in ourgroup, got stuck in water.. ..i was helping him. someone musthave taken this photo then. this is an excuse not an answer. because this photo hasonly you and that boy. i am going to a flower exhibitionto present the award. ask her who that boy is.

and what relationship doesshe share with him. excuse me, dad. child! is it mere coincidence thatthis boy was with you? look, i am your father.don't hide anything from me. tell the that boy just your friend.. ..or do you want to makehim your life partner? okay, invite him to yourbirthday party. only after meeting him,i can decide about your marriage.

no. i'm in no hurry to marry. but i'm. -really? so? -so. we'll marry. why do you want to get married? i'll do household chores.. cooking and cleaning. and? -and..yes, i'll wash your clothes. and fix your bed.

and?-and talk romantically with you. and chew your brains. and? -and. i'll do whatever you say.first meet dad. tomorrow is my birthday party.he has invited you. and from you? love. many happy returns of the day.-hi. thanks a lot. delegates from london have come,so i couldn't come.

delegates keep coming, but don'tforget to come to the club. or else you will be in trouble. many happy returns of the day.-thank you. you are so late. i have beenwaiting for you since so long. what can i do? it's a partof the rich. i was scared. and till now i have neverasked a father.. ..for his daughter'shand in marriage. that's the reason youare still a bachelor. come, i'll introduce youto mummy an daddy.

mummy, he is mr. ajay.-greetings! priti,you had talked about him, right? hello. how is the birthday girl? he is mr. ajay. hello, ajay. -hello. priti has told a lot about you. i would like to talk to you. excuse us. come along. so,you want to marry my daughter?

yes.but you will give the permission. what do you do?-i am a press photographer. how much do you earn? -rs. 850. and every sari my daughterowns costs above rs. 8500. i know. and you may even know what dogroceries cost nowadays? no, i don't know. then go ask and come.and make a budget and get it. that how long can you keepmy daughter alive..

..with your monthly salary. ajay, what's the matter?where are you going? i had come to convey mygood wishes. so i have. how can you go so soon? the party has just begun. it is over for me. "there may be storms.." "there may be lightening.." "don't leave the companionmidway."

"before making youmy companion.." "..i've to think twice." "before settling theworld of love.." "how can i buy silk saris?" "i can't buy bungalow and cars." "i have only this heart.." "..i can offer only this." "but telling you myheart's feeling.." "these colourful life.."

"..will have to be sacrificed." "when my poverty gives tears.." "'ve to cry with me." "but before makingyou cry with me.." "those who are in love.." "..they don't thinkof consequence." "it's such a journey wherepeople don't think." "with lamp of love,we tread on this path." "whether desert or garden.."

"..we don't care forthe destination." "how can hardship scarethe lovers?" "those who can sleepon the rocks.." "..they don't care of thecomfort of the world." "even in front of god.." " doesn't bow." "when love is god, lovers don'tthink of anything else." come, sir. you may be inconveniencedin the dark.

but like happiness, even lightcomes and goes from our lives. candle is enough foryour stature. you're dreaming of gettingwealthy through my daughter.. ..but it won't come true. i didn't understand. if you had been wise.. wouldn't have daredto confront me. this feeling of love is evenin your daughter's heart.. ..and you can't stop it.

you've heard your daughter'sdecision in the party. her decision is craziness.. ..whom she considers love. stop meeting her. take this. how much is it? 50,000. -that's all? to avoid disgrace.. ..i can even give youone lakh rupees. you can even give 10 lakhs.

but my love isn't for sale. and remember,we poor give tears.. love.. ..not money like you rich people. you may go. today your dad tried to buy me. tomorrow he'll get strict on you. we met by chance. unknowingly we both becomeclose to each other.

i will be unhappy to beseparated from you. but if your daddy doesn't wantus to meet, we won't meet. no, ajay. the biggest problem of lifebecomes easy in front of love. i will convince daddy. this is not an ageof romeo juliet. today when poverty strikes,love vanishes. i have loved is not so brittle. if you are so adamant,then listen.

an ordinary photographer's job isless compared to our status. tell him to quit this job. no, i can't quit this job. your dad finds my lifeand position inferior. but whoever and whatever i am,i am not ashamed about it. he is foolish. he finds it hisprestige to living in poverty. make him hate poverty. tell him to forsake darknessand learn to live in light. i'm ready to let him live inmy house after marriage.

if he stays with us, even youwill be in front of my eyes. no, i don't want to losemy self-respect. think over properly. if you marry me,you will have to stay with me. if i starve,even you will have to starve. whatever bread i earn,we will share it. it is the job of the cookto count the bread.. ..and not of the wouldbe son-in-law. hereafter i shouldn't hearthat you go to meet him..

..without thinkingabout my honour. no one can stay in thishouse against my wish. where are you going? i mistakenly assumed that thishouse belongs to me too. what madness is this, priti? let her go. she will comeback after 2-3 days. she is unaware ofthose children.. ..who step directly into old age. who can't enjoy their youth.

if this is what iam destined for.. ..then so be it. shut up, and listen. mr. dvarkaprasad's son rohithas returned from america. i have fixed your marriagewith him. dad.-tomorrow they are coming to.. ..fulfill the engagement custom. hello, aunt. -please come. greetings.-greetings. -please come.

please sit. -come, rohit. come. -please sit down. mr. bhanupratap,years of friendship.. changing into an alliance. you had delayed. we were eagerly waiting for rohitto return from america. i have to stay back to finalizesome business deals. i missed you all very much. many a times i felt thati should take..

..the first available flightto india and meet priti. but i couldn't come at that time. but today i have broughtthis engagement ring.. ..from there for priti.please take it. how beautiful! isn't it? -yeah. but kamini, where is priti? call her. so that we fulfillthe engagement custom. yes, why not? just call her.-yes, i'll be right back. you?

what have you come here for? because you have restrictedpriti from going out. perhaps you forgot that you areunwelcome in this house. hereafter i will think so. shut up and get out. i will go, but along with priti. who are you to take pritialong with you? she is my daughter. and a daughter has toget married one day.

priti belongs to me.she loves me. love, romance happens infictions, not in life. but it is in my life. priti,why are you creating a scene? you are creating a scene. wealth is more important to you.. ..than your daughter's happiness. mummy, you know it verywell that i love ajay. that's why i am going with him.

dare if you go ahead. come, priti. come. hey, can't take her away. priti is my fiancã© can't take her away. just english cultureand a diamond ring.. not enough to win theheart of an indian girl. come home someday,i'll explain everything to you. you swine.what do you think of yourself?

as far as using force isconcerned, even i can do it. watchman! ramu! tiwari! stop! move aside, watchman. mr. ajay. it is not so easy to take awaymy fiancã©. understand? priti, come with me. stop it! inspector, arrest this man. you will have to come with us tothe police station. -but why?

because mr. bhanupratap haslodged a complaint against you. but inspector. ##whatever you want to say,say it in the police station. tell me what is my crime?-shut up. after abducting a decentman's daughter.. want to know your crime?-put him in jail. wait, inspector. you can't do this. he did not abduct me,i have left my home willingly.

we want to get married. but your father does notwant this to happen. i am a adult. i can get marriedwith my own wish. and even law cannot takeaway this right from me. what noise is this? good that you've come. come with me. sir,your daughter's statement is.. ..that she is an adult andwants to get married.

and then, that boy has notabducted her either. in that case, we cannot take anylegal action against him. then make a law which willcall off this marriage. sir, keep this money to yourself. and hereafter,instead of bribing the police.. ..try to understand your child. several cases likethis come to us.. ..whose result is only marriage. i am the girl's father,inspector.

i will decide whom shewill marry, not you. i wonder what today's childrenthink of themselves. what do today's parentsthink of their child? you will have to do whatwe want you to do. dad, you have a right on mylife, not on my death. priti, what foolishness is this? this is not foolishness,but love. have you ever thought that evenchildren have their own lives? they know what iswrong and right.

you always considerthem to be a kids. yes, we consider them as kids. because for the parent,kids are always kids. i am your kid,but not your property. our life may be your estate. but at least we have aright on our death. if you compel me,i will commit suicide. alright. some people reform only afterlearning a lesson.

if your daughter isdestined for that.. ..then i can't save her. "your stunning beauty.." '..will dazzle me." "this moment is so alluring.." ' if i touch you, i will melt' "after meeting you,i remember something.." "our love isn't of today.." "..our bond is of eternity."

"without you everything isincomplete in the world." "you are close,still you seem afar." "those who are in love can'tsee anything else." "this love story won't endeven after our death." "if you're with me,i can go wherever you take me." "let's go to the point wherethe earth and the sky meet." he might fall. were you seeing the same dreamwhich i was seeing? then come, let's bring thisdream into reality.

wake up. hey, what are you doing?leave me. i see!so you won't listen like that. what way is this tomake me wake up? it is the way to driveaway your sleep. to drive away the sleep! what is on your cheek? what? -come here. no, my sleep is gone.

get dressed.don't you want to go to office? i will go. just once. listen. -yes? shall i say something?-yes, tell me. i hope you won't feel offended?-no. tell me. many days have passedfor our marriage. shall we go to met my parents? if i get late, go by a taxi. alone? what if the taxidriver abducts me?

then say your parents'name in his ear. he won't dare to. forget that.tell me, will you come? there's no harm in coming. but your parents don'tquite like me. aren't you satisfied thattheir daughter likes you? no one can get enough of love. now let me go. phone mummy from officeto tell her..

..we are coming in the evening.-okay. greetings, mummy. ajay speaking. how are you? -i'm fine. good. how is priti? -even she is fine. she said that its been manydays since she met you. if you are free this evening,shall we come to meet you? yes, come. is that a thing to ask? what's wrong with you?

use your senses. this evening, mr. kailashnathis coming over for dinner.. ..with his daughterand son-in-law. what introduction will you giveof that pauper to them? that he is our son-in-law? avoid him with some excuse. ajay, i'm sorry. i just forgot. just now priti'sfather reminded me.. ..that we have to go fora party this evening.

never mind. some other time. you are so late. i hope you remember that we haveto go to mummy's house today? how can i forget? but you are not destined to goto your mummy's house today? why? perhaps because of me. because of you? what do you mean?

i mean i phone a little late. by that time then theyhad planned to go out. never mind.we will go some other day. -no. my wife is all dressed up. let's go to a nicehotel for dinner. you will have an outing too. no. there's no need to spendmoney in the hotel. i'll cook food at home itself. because my husband won't likehotel food at all. -why?

because they don't addlove to the food. i love you. enough. take a wash,i'll get the food ready. may i come in, sir? -come, ajay. sit down. winter sports are beingheld in shimla. some foreigners are alsocoming to participate. this will be a very niceitem for our paper. that's why i want you to gopersonally and shoot it.

it'll be a nice 15 days trip. 15 days in shimla? i couldn't take you anywhereto honeymoon. what are you thinking, ajay? yes? -such a golden chancenever comes often. i was thinking thatif you permit.. ..shall i take pritialong with me? i will bear her expenses. i just forgot.

you are newly married,and a separation of so many days? go ahead. -and don't worry aboutmoney. -take it from the cashier. consider it to be yourwedding gift from me. thank you, sir.thank you very much. whose heart are you piercing?-my heart. don't do that. it hurts me a lot. why? -because now thisheart belongs to me. ajay, i want this heart to remainin this beautiful place.. a memento of our love.

and when we will have a son,we will bring him here. yes, ajay. and you know, thisplace will make him feel.. ..his mother's existence. because his mother's heartis present in this place. then come on. let's click a nicepicture of this memento. here madam, your heart.-our heart. here is your balance money.can i ask you something? -yes. are you a professionalphotographer? -yes. you shoot very well.

all my life, i have been seeingshimla's scenic views. but your pictures makeit seem so beautiful. if you like, you can work for meat whatever salary you like. but i'm not just a photographer.. ..but also a press reporterin bombay. yet, if i ever need to take upyour offer, i surely will. promise? -promise. thank you. -come. sorry sister, i didn't getthe time to invite you.. priti's marriage. you know how the younggeneration is today. they fall in love in the morningand marry at night. in america,this is a daily affair. even reshma did just that. she went to the party alone. and when she returned,she was with jackie.. ..and announced shehad married him. aunty, this is the jet age.

quick engagement,quicker marriage. who has the time to think? smart boy. reshma has a good choice. tell me kamini,what does priti's husband do? who, ajay?he has several businesses. at such a young age,he owns a very big newspaper. he owns chemical industries. and soon, he is planning to starta camera manufacturing unit.

oh aunt. he's a big shot. really? yes. but he is a strange guy. he says that before startingany business.. needs experience. that's why, he has begunphotography nowadays. just like me. where is that great man? he has gone to shimla to takepart in the winter sports there.

he is crazy about sports. you mean mad. wonderful. it will be great funwhen we meet. right, darling? -yes, darling. it's a miracle.two men with the same hobby. i must meet him. then we must fly to shimla. so your mummy has reachedeven here. my aunt, her daughter reshmaand her husband..

..have come from america. they want to meet you. besides, it is reshma andjackie's wedding anniversary too. mom has invited us in theevening. you'll come, won't you? i will have to come. i cannot ignore the ordersof mrs. bhanu pratap. why hasn't priti come yet? they will come. ajay is a busy man,he must have got busy somewhere.

aunty, big men always come late. let's have another pegwhile waiting for him. okay. lovely. there they are! oh.. priti. how are you? -hi. i'm are you reshma? -i'm fine. congratulations onyour anniversary. and congratulationson your marriage. thank you.-he's your husband? -yes.

nice to meet you. -my pleasure. mom. -oh hi. hello, aunt. -hello, priti. how are you, dear? -i'm are you? hi, jackie.-hi, baby. how are you? you are very late. -i had someguests, so i got late. ajay,come in, why did you stop there. come, i'll introduce you to them. ajay, she is my sister. -hello.

hello, ajay. and he is her son-in-law, jackie. hello. -hello. they have come to shimlaspecially to meet you. pleased to meet you. you made me wait too long. i didn't wait so longeven for reshma. but, no regrets.come, let us sit there and talk. we'll drink some, enjoy some.

you know. -mom, where is dad?didn't he come? he is coming tomorrow to attendthe winter sports function. i'll make a drink for myself. priti,deal cards for me until then. i'll just come. priti, they have specially cometo shimla to meet you. and you just bought flowers forthem on their anniversary? couldn't you get a smallgift of rs. 4-5000? rs. 4-5000!you know how much ajay earns.

then why doesn't heleave that job? why doesn't he putup his own studio? your dad will pay whateverit costs. i was awed when i heardabout your business. what did you hear? that you are a big shot. you own a chemical factoryand a newspaper. and that very soon.. are going to start acamera manufacturing unit.

if you like, i am ready to getinto a partnership with you. >>. but tell me. it is not evena day since you came here. so who told you so much about me? i told them.why hide from family? and truth is truth after all. why are you quiet?won't you say something? your mom already said so much. there's nothing left to say now.

you have been offendedby mom's talks? your parents are very hurt aboutyour marrying a poor man? it is me who has married you,not them. it's strange.i am a photographer.. ..but it is your mother whotakes better pictures. she spoke so many lies just toprove that i am a rich man. she made me the ownerof many factories. and your relatives must have beenvery happy on hearing this. why do you take things inthe wrong perspective?

family does have expectationsfrom their children. i think you also expect the same. come, have your breakfast.come on! you are still angry? how am i at fault ifmom said something? please have your breakfast.-i have to go. listen. even i am ready. even i have to attend thewinter sports function. you come with your mom. "o beloved."

"o sweetheart." "may the youth never pass ingetting angry and appeasing." "these are days tosing and laugh." "these are days to fulfilthe promise of love." "i am crazy for you." "don't break my heart." "don't leave the storyof love incomplete." "my life is meaninglesswithout you." "i will yearn in separation."

"how will days pass?" "nights will pine me." "when i'll miss yourbenevolence." "if you still don'tlisten to me.." "..i'll give my life." "o dear, i'll die." our function is aboutto begin very soon. and you will be pleased to know.. ..that to give away the prizesto the winners this year..

..the honorary director of ourclub, mr. bhanu pratap.. ..has specially comehere from bombay. welcome mr. bhanu pratap. ajay. what a surprise! ajay, you? and here? how are you? and how come you are takingphotographs? -oh.. hobby mother-in-law. his devotion and dedicationis praiseworthy. come.. -excuse me,i must go. mother-in-law.

hello, mr. bhanu pratap.-how are you, mr. thakur? you have forgotten thepeople of shimla. you got priti marriedand didn't.. ..even invite me to the marriage.-actually. everything happened so quicklythat we didn't get the time. that's alright. but at leastintroduce me to your son-in-law. even he has come, hasn't he?-no, he hasn't come with us. sit. it is difficult to evenmove around in society.

for how long can we hidefrom the people.. ..that an ordinary photographeris our son-in-law? we saved our honour somehowtoday. thank god! but what about the future?we will have to do something. we will have to raisehis status somehow. those who are used toliving in shanties.. ..feel suffocated in mansions. you dad may be a rich man.. ..but that doesn't mean he canhumiliate me whenever he wants.

i agree that i don'tearn lots of money.. ..but i work hard and honestlyfor whatever i make. shall i say something? -yes. what is wrong if you startmaking more money? priti, do you have any problemsliving with me? not at all. i was only thinkingabout your progress. instead of working, why don'tyou put up your own studio? mom was saying that dad willeven help us with the money. we can return their moneygradually over time.

i don't want my progressas a gift from someone. love, we will even havechildren in the future. shouldn't we think for him? my child is my responsibilitynot of your parents. understand? ajay, take me back home. how was your trip to shimla? it was's a beautiful place. even the photographs sentby you were beautiful.

and you will be pleased to knowthat one of your pictures.. ..has received an award fromthe international.. ..photographers academy. -welldone, boy. i'm proud of you. thank you, sir. -come. take your seat. ajay, i have one more good news. you are aware that we wantedto start a sports magazine.. ..since a very long time. the finance for ithas been arranged.

we can start publishing themagazine from next month. that's great news, sir. you will be more pleasedto know.. ..that we are giving you thecharge of this magazine. you will be the editorof this magazine.. ..and you will be givena salary of rs. 4000. where are you? what is the matter?why are you so excited? priti, i love you.

what's wrong with you?-promotion. i have been appointed the editorof our sports magazine. and your husband will earn asalary of rs. 4000 a month. 4000? oh ajay, love knew it!this day had to come. even rs. 400, 000 is less foryour hard work and talent. no priti, i'd not have beenable to do anything.. ..if you had not supported me. you never complained,and always encouraged me. you're very lucky for me.

let's celebrate.-of course, champagne. whiskey? -no. -beer? -no! alright,then let me sweeten my mouth. my lentil got burnt!-did you have to remember now? mom. oh mom. what a pleasant surprise! how are you, priti?-i am very happy today. why are you standing outside?come in. where is ajay?-he has left for office.

do you know,he has got a promotion. pleased with his work.. ..his boss has made him theeditor of their sports magazine. his salary..-must be rs. 4000 a month. yes.. but how did you. what do you think? that he has got this promotionfor his capability? no, my dear.this is your dad's doing. but why? -so that you canlead a relaxed life.

so that this house becomesworth living in. and so that we are able to keepour prestige in society. mom,dad should not have done this. if he comes to know. what calamity will befall? you are his wife.this is your house too. anyway, i had only come to saythat your aunt and reshma.. ..are coming to yourhouse for dinner. i have arranged for thedrinks and music.

you make all the otherarrangements. i'll be going now. mr. saxena.-yes? -love am leaving. send these photographsfor today's edition. they are urgent. -i'll send them. boss is inside? -yes, he's in. thank you very much,mr. bhanu pratap. it is true that if youhad not financed us.. ..we would never have succeededin publishing this magazine.

mr. mathur, i want to see ajay'ssuccess in your success. he is my son-in-law now.i want his status to grow. so that he is fit tomix in our society. you rest per your instructions.. ..i have raised his salary. i have even made him theeditor of this magazine. sir, that means my talent, myhard work, means nothing. it's only his money thatis worth anything. my promotion is not my own,it's charity from this rich man.

you will not pay my increasedsalary, he will. ajay, you misunderstand. i have always respected yourtalent and hard work. and you sold that respect at thefeet of a rich man today? touching parents' feet enhancesone's respect. and whatever i am doingis in your interest. no sir, whatever you do, isalways in your interest. to keep your fake prestige. you are afraid someone may askwhat your son-in-law does.

that is why you want him towear a cloak of riches.. ..and present him to the rich. yes, that is what i want. because the rich and poor cannever share the same platform. we hold a position in society.. ..which we cannot surrenderat the altar of your ego. but you just don't wantto become rich. this adamancy which youthink is self-respect.. not self-respect,but your misfortune.

it is god who writespeople's fortunes.. ..not rich men like you. it is your fortune thati am your son-in-law. but perhaps it is my misfortunethat you are my father-in-law. hey.. here is ajay. i am welcoming youin your own house. come, come, come. here is ajay. ajay, you are very late. right. but we really enjoyedin your absence.

we danced, we had drinks.we really enjoyed. but priti did not join us.i don't know why. if you wanted, you couldhave bought a big house. but no. even in the west.. ..there is a craze of livingin small huts and cottages. what a glamorous place. beautiful furniture. and sweet mother.. whiskey. what more does a man need?

you're very lucky man.i tell you. very lucky. yes. the man whose wife isa rich man's daughter.. ..such things just come toenhance their status. this is a house, not a bar. you are my wife,stay as my wife.. ..not as the daughter ofthe rich bhanu pratap. i am your wife, not your slave. if guests arrived at home,would i have thrown them out? how many times have i told you..

..not to make me fallin my own esteem.. inviting people whoare richer than us? you fall in your esteem overevery little thing. you just don't like mixing withpeople above your status. is that why you told your fatherto give me a promotion? so as to raise my status?make me a richer man? that's not true. -it is! when your father's money couldnot buy me before marriage.. could you assumei will sell..

..myself now or breakmy principles? what is wrong if my dad triedto do something for us? you unnecessarily exaggerateissues. so you want to end this? why don't you tell me clearly? are you ready to live withme the way i am, how i am? what is the point inliving in a way.. ..where one can only be unhappy? i feel suffocated living..

..with your adamance andyour wrong principles. you feel suffocated? then whyare you living in this house? why don't you go and livewith your parents? the pain you give me,i would have gone long ago. but i think that the parentsi fought with to marry you.. ..if i go back to them,what will people say? oh. so you are living with me.. ..only for the fear ofwhat people will say. not for the honour of this house,not for me.

i have realized thata rich daughter.. ..can never live witha poor husband. you leave for your parentshouse right away. i don't even want tosee your face.. ..when i get up in the morning. your head bent in shame.. ..and the tears of helplessnessin your eyes reveal.. ..that what we had expectedhas happened. have you realized now thatparents are important too?

go to your room and think over.. ..what you have lost and gainedbecause of your stubbornness. as the gas was over,i called the food from a hotel. i'll do the cooking as my bossis not fond of hotel food. why? -because they don't addlove to their cooking. what's the matter, son?-i'm not hungry. you're used to her cooking. i know you are missing her. it's been a week sincepriti left.

it was just a minor fight. it's not that you've swornnot to see each other. son, go and bring her back. why should i go?can't she come back on her own? isn’t this her own house? had it been my house.. ..then for a trivial matter.. ..he wouldn't have asked meto go to my father's house. he must've said it in anger.

but you shouldn't have left him. it's a woman's dutyto make her house.. ..and mollify a sulking man. doesn't he have any duties?he too could come for me. it is his right if he wantsyou to take the first move. it's been fifteen days sinceyou left your home. if this continues,the bond of love you share.. ..will weaken and finally snap. your salary?

salary? -yes. i've got a job elsewhere. i'll be leaving thistown in the evening. i've no right to interfere.. ..but will you take my advise,son? what?-meet priti before you leave. i'm sure she too must beregretting leaving her house. and perhaps then you maythink against going. and once again harmony willprevail in this house.

dear? -nanny! you also know that you cannever get over him. just imagine what hemust be undergoing. he has nobody except you. call him up.he must be in the office now. go! yes. is mr ajay there?-he left the job. he has left the job.

what brings you here?-i want to meet my wife. all this while you'vehad your way. now let her have her way. what does she want?-she wants a divorce. i'm surprised how she could livewith you for that long also. she was never used to hardships.. ..and so got over her love fever. here is your pass-portand ticket for london. i've arranged for pounds for yourshopping in london itself.

ask priti if she wants anything. dad. come, dear, we were in facttalking about you. if you want anything from londonthen write to your mother. i came to ask if i couldgo and meet ajay. in spite of the wayhe's treated you? he is my husband. -so what? those days are gone when womenidol worshipped their husbands. these days husbandwife are a team.

had he missed you,he'd have come here to take you. dear,after your marriage, we wanted.. to be happyin your new home. but unfortunately it was not so. anyways, i'll meet ajay.. ..after dropping your motherto the airport. if he's missing you,i'll bring him along with me. let's go, kamini. why did you take the trouble?-i'm the girl's father.

priti's persistence compelledme to come here again. last time you camein the night and.. couldn't strike a bargain. what do you want today? your consent. -for what? what is this?-the divorce papers. once you sign these allarguments will be over. here is the price. thank you. -wait!

keep this money. you'll need it for yourdaughter's second marriage. oh, why does the clockmove so slowly! do you know who's coming? he's come! dear, you are waitingimpatiently, isn't it? today i realized that only youloved him and not vice versa. had you heeded my advise.. ..then i would've beenspared all this.

what did he say?-he insulted you. he's ruined our family prestige. see this. he refused to accept yourpresence in his life. and he wants a divorce. mr sharma, don't trouble mefor such trivial matters. okay,send a quotation for rs 5 lakhs. yes, doctor. don't worry, she's alright.

but, where is your son-in-law?-why? if he's out of town,send him a message.. ..that priti is pregnant. congratulations, sir! may thechild re-unite the parents. where are you going?-i'm going home. now he can't divorce me.i won't let that happen. he'll be elated tohear this news. don't be silly, priti. -i'llbe reunited with my husband. dad, let me go.i'm going to my house!

ajay, open the door.look, love've come. dinukaka, where is he?-you are too late. he left this city yesterday. where did he go?-he didn't inform us. he said he'd go wheredestiny takes him. no. priti has come back. but this child!what are you thinking? turn the hands of the clock back.

nanny! -yes, sir. pack our bags.i'll take priti to the hills. she'll deliver herfirst born there. this is murder.i can't abort this child. you have to do it.-it concerns a life. and it is a pre mature baby. we may have to operateon your daughter. do anything but save me fromthis stigma, doctor. sir, i am a doctor.

and a doctor's duty is togive life not take it. the child will be born. if you don't want it,put it for adoption. shankar kaka,the doctor has assured.. ..that you'll recoverin a week's time. i'm managing the shop well. i'm not worried about that, son. since your arrival,we've only prospered. this time a lot of touristshave come.

i think we'll have briskbusiness. i'll leave now. i've to develop the pictures.-okay. work comes first. i'll see you again tomorrow.-okay. priti. priti. what are you doing here?-sir, what's wrong with priti? she's fine and pregnant. what?! -yes. she could've deliveredin the city also, but. but, what?-priti wants to re-marry.

and she knows that this childwill hamper her happiness. won't she accept the child? you can't love anythingof the person you hate. what will you do with that child? i'll put it in an orphanage. no, sir. only a rich father canthink of bringing up.. ..the child in an orphanagewhen the father's alive. let her rich mother re-marry.

the poor father willrear the child. sir, please give me my child. i'll be always obliged to you. you can get the child,but you have to assure me.. ..that hereafter you'll nevermeet priti. -okay. don't behave so stupidly,bhanupratap. ajay can bring this childin priti's presence. and can ruin her life. and what if he later claimsa share in your property?

sir? dear, your house is a poor man'shome not a rich man's palace. where is my child? sister, why are you silent?answer me. tell me, where is my child. tell me, where is my child? father, where is my child? father, answer me. please. dad, why are all of them silent?

dad,you tell me, where is my child? you gave birth to astill born child. no! my child can't die! my child! no! no! dear, stop crying. perhaps you are cryingfor your mother. assume that your motheris dead for you. "after meeting you.."

"..i remember something.." "you are souvenir of the onewho broke the bond of love." "how can she love me whenshe left me pining?" "the heart cowers to thinkit happens in love." "i hid my restlessnesswith my silence." "if you hadn't been with me.. ..loneliness wouldhave pricked me." "the heart finds peacewhen you smile." i can no longer bearmy daughter's pain.

i'd gone to her room. same craziness. she was comforting hermotherhood with toys. on seeing me,she hid the toy with her veil. i think she's starteddespising us. she thinks we are lying thatshe had a still born child. why is my son angrywith his father? father, where is your watch?-here. is it two hours behind time?

oh.. sorry. i am again late. i'm sorry.-you've again boozed, father? yes. -why do you drink, father? do you also miss mother? give me her address,i'll bring her back. come, i'll put you to've school tomorrow. father, wake up.won't you go to office? the tea will get cold.

oh, so you won't listen! is this any way towake up a person? this is to rid you of your sleep. i'm sorry, sir. but i haveno cure for your daughter. if you also give up then..-we have only one child. doctor, you can ask forany amount you want. but, we cannot bear to seeour daughter cry anymore. we want her as chirpy andfull of life as before! sir, science can give youhope and confidence.

but, it cannot heal the woundinflicted on her maternal love. she is not willing to acceptthat her baby is dead! you try to convinceher with love. my baby! don't snatch my baby! come to your senses, priti.this is not your baby. no, this is my baby! you will kill my baby.give back my child!! priti, your child is dead! no, this is my child,give back my baby!

what you consider your childis just a doll, look at it! no! -and this doll will notlet you live nor us! no, give back my baby.-leave it, priti! no.. -leave it. -no. my baby!! priti, my child. priti reacted in an unusualway seeing this photograph. after a long time,she has sobbed! where was this photographclicked?

i think when she went to shimla,she had clicked it. if priti is taken back to thesame place then perhaps. her attention may divertto something else. and this will also help toreduce her obsession. my baby! are you hurt, my child? are you hurt? here, take this, father.-come on, run after it! child, are you hurt? what happened vicky,are you hurt?

father, look at this tree, iheard some voice from here. what happened, father?-nothing, my child. isn’t this a heart? -yes, child. whose heart is it? father,tell me, whose heart is it? it's your mother's heart, my son. father, i just heard her voicecoming from this heart. she asked me,are you hurt, my child? no child,this heart doesn't beat!

you will never hearit beat again! excuse me, have you seen asimilar tree in this forest? sir, there are many suchtrees here besides. the trees even get cut,who knows if it still exists. thank you! let's go, child. father,do you know what my teacher said? she said that my uniformis very clean. and my mother takesgood care of me. i told her that it's my fatherwho does everything for me.

i don't have a mother. go son, you will get late. bye, papa. sir, couldn't you see the ditch?you've ruined my clothes. sorry is not enough,how will i go to school. everyone will laugh at me. take this and get it washed. such a terrible place! you?!have you punctured this tyre?

yes! take this and getthe air filled! how long will you wanderaround with priti? this kind of strain isnot good for her. your daughter has becomevery weak physically. we thought a change of climatewill do priti good. and she would becomenormal again but. according to me, you shouldtake your daughter back. i fear that this winter may proveto be hazardous for her.

you are right doctor,we'll return back today. where is priti? stop there or you will fall! i'll get your doll. take your doll. you are so big and youyet play with a doll? he is my son!-this is just a doll. if it was your son,he wouldn't be like that. then how is a son? -just like me!

but i don't have a mother.-where is your mother? i don't know,my father has never told me. but,my mother's heart is with me. i mean it,when i miss my mother a lot. i go and see that heart,i feel very good. will you like to seemy mother's heart? yes. -then come with me. priti, my child! thank god, we found you,we were very worried.

hey! you are here too?come on, scoot! come on, priti. -son! he's not your son. -he's an imp,he punctured my car. go away! -come on, child! daughter. -come, daughter. papa. papa. what is it, son?-how does my mother look? how did you think ofyour mother today? father, i met a lady today,she was very good.

i felt as though shewas my mother. who was it? -i don't know but,she was with one rich man. with a rich man? probably,she was that man's daughter. and these rich men's daughtersgive birth to children. but, they can never be a mother! then how does my mother look? please tell me, father.-your mother is dead for you. she can't be dead,you are lying, please tell me. or even i'll leave you and go!-vicky.

do you miss your mother a lot? because she's my mother! and i am your father, my child. then why don't you tell mewhere my mother lives? please father,tell me who my mother is. you are a poor man's son andthat's why, it's you. who misses the one whohas forgotten you. mother. mother!

stop the car! "o mother,take me in your arms with love." "the childhood yearnedfor maternal love." "let me play in your lap today." "how can i tell you howmuch i miss your love?" "o mother.." "am i in your heart?" "you are the only one ithink of all the time." "i cry and laugh for you."

"i am your child." "recognize me." "i am your son." "try to recognize me." "the closer your are.." "..the heart gets more restless." how are you, are you fine?-and you? i hope you're fine. yes, i am alive but i'msure you must be happy. who are you to be concernedabout my joys and sorrows?

i generally asked forcourtesy sake. why? when you have severedall ties then. why did you think ofbeing courteous? did i sever all ties? you asked me to go back to myparent's house, didn't you? i said and you did it! why don't you admit that you madea mistake by marrying me? i went away because, i thoughtyou would come to pacify me. yes, i did come to pacify you!

i put down all my self respectand came to your house. but your father told me thatyou wanted to divorce me. i wanted a divorce?this is a lie. i sent father to your houseand you insulted him. you signed the divorce papersand gave it to him. i handed him over thedivorce papers?! and it was my cheap move to comehere and deliver a baby? because, the child come in wayof your second marriage? that's a lie!-no, it's the truth!

your rich father went and leftmy son in an orphanage. if fate wouldn't take me there,your son wouldn't only be. deprived of mother's love butalso from father's affection. priti, instead of milk, i havenurtured him with my blood. i've been a father as wellas a mother to him. and i've been cheating my loveconsidering a doll as my child. whenever he asked about you,i couldn't stop him from. mentioning you whereas, your lovewas buried under riches! tell me,how could i answer his questions?

my father lied to me?! father, you told me thatmy baby had died. you told me that ajayhas divorced me. why did you lie to me?why did you ruin my life? please stop crying, priti! our wealth had turned us blind. we could not see anything else! child,if possible, please forgive me. i tried to buy your happinesswith my wealth.

because, wealth only was theprinciple of my life. but today, all my principlesare of no value! father, one should notform such principles. which will not help the childto live peacefully. which makes their lifea living hell. but ajay, i had loved you. i had married you then why didn'tyou come to meet me? why didn't you make aneffort of coming back? you were the only man in my life.

and after you,there will be only death, ajay! death. i've cried a lot for you, pleasehold me in your arms, ajay. i wish to die in your house,not in my father's house. if you have cried priti then eveni've been tortured a lot. now that you've come back,don't ever leave me and go! don't ever leave me. ajay. -priti. father, i got mother hereand you are hugging her?

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