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Friday, November 11, 2016

dog and pony show

[ cheering ] - the only thingpeople remember is how you make them feel, and i'm nervousthat if i go up there and i don't believewhat i'm saying, i won't make people feelany type of way. and when everyone saidit was impossible, when i wantedto go on a world tour, every person looked at melike, you're out of your mind.

but i would literallygo to the edge of sanity. i would go to exhaustion. i would go to the edgeof the earth to succeed at what i do. the point of this is to makepeople feel 10 times happier than they were when they firstwalked into the building, and that'swhat i'm gonna do. [ upbeat music plays ] yo, what up?it is super monday,

which means i'm aboutto shoot my new video, and i'm so excited. although, to be honest,i don't really know what i'm gonna make them do. you guys all got my back,so it's all good. what up, everyone?it's your girl superwoman and as per your request,welcome to another episode of "my parents react." - ♪ stand up,can you clap with me? ♪

♪ stand up, can you move your feet? ♪ ♪ one love goin' downthe line ♪ ♪ let's do thisone more time ♪ ♪ stand up,can you clap with me? ♪ [ cheering and screaming ] ♪ stand up,can you move your feet? ♪ ♪ let do thisone more time ♪ - i think thatshe's a big inspiration to anybody who's like

has like less confidencein themselves. and she can reallylike cheer you up, and just is a hugeinspiration to everyone. - she got meout of my sadness. she got me wantingto do things again, to want to make somethingof my life again, to be more optimistic, to be more hopeful,to want to be something, to want to be someone.

- when my grandma died,i would watch her videos. she just makes people happy. - yeah, but that's inside. - and i still do that today.[ laughs ] [ ding ] - i'm in the shower. i don't want to doany simple q&as. i want to spice it upa notch. so i decided to invitemy good friend humble the poet.

for every answerthat's wrong, i'm going to ask jazto throw water into my face. ♪ bitchin', bitchin' ♪ what is my biggestaccomplishment? - being friends with me. - [ spits ] - the way i met lillywas through youtube. i was a local youtuber. she reached out to meto be part

of a christmas specialthat she was doing. she was doing thesecollaborations of christmas. all i remember is we werevery unaccommodating to her schedule and her time,and she waited. i think she met up with meat like 3:00 in the morning. that's when i realizedthat she was serious about what she was doing. and from there,she just kept working hard. - how can you definelilly singh?

she's got thisunwavering passion and this completely transparenthonesty and integrity about what she does. she really, reallyis making an effort to make people happy. - one of my passionsis to spread positivity, and that's what i hope to do in these few minutesto you, my friend. and i'm gonna tell youwhy you can do

whatever you want to doin life. and you might be wonderingwhy would you listen to me? and my response is why not? it's only three minutes, and i did my eyelinerjust for you. in all ways,she's different. yeah. [ speaking gibberish ] if you like it, subscribe. no!

- you know likethere's that one person that you thinki need to meet them before i diebecause i love them? that is the rock for me. [ dance music plays ] - when my dad was very adamanton doing my masters, i knew i reallydon't want to do my masters. it was at that timethat i had a few videos up, and i was heart is just not in this.

- that's maybesome of the reason i put so much effort intoyoutube in the beginning. and even now,it's because otherwise i would have been doinga job i don't like. so if i do havesomething i like, i better workdamn hard at it. - girls over here,guys over there. wait. where arethe principals? hair and makeup.let's go, people.

i wanna see them shine. where's my latte? it's timefor some movie magic. okay, everybody,we're ready to go. you're rich,you're hot, you're sexy. and action! - ♪ $4,000 on a purse ♪ - i grew up from a life i feel that was like notalways glamorous.

i grew up in like a reallyghetto neighborhood, and like a school that was notconsidered the best school. and i identifymore with that and i want to stay true to that,that humbleness that comes from a placewhere i didn't have everything. i want to make surethat i stay true to who i am, which is that girlwho came from somewhere and kind of built somethingon her own. so i don't everwant to forget that.

what up, everyone?it's your girl superwoman. first youtube video is out, so i decided to talk aboutsomething i'm passionate about. i posted my first video, subconsciously knowinglike if i like this, it's gonna be something. and when i posted my firstvideo, i did like it. i liked i could be creative. i liked that peoplei didn't know were watching it,

and i became addictedto that. a challenge to get peopleto watch something when they could watcha billion other things. i remember reaching1,000 subscribers and being over the moon. and it kept goingand it kept going and i becamemore obsessed with it. people started watching, i started listeningto what they said,

and i kept working. i think, more than anything, it really just comes down toi worked really hard. when i could have been sleeping,i was making videos. when i could have been out partying, i was making videos. i started makingtwo videos a week. it's hard to think of two ideasa week to make videos. it seems like it's really easy,but it's really hard. when there's contentbeing uploaded every second,

how do you keepengaging people? it wasn't just like i wasthrowing out videos. i was thinking about them. what can i saythat will evoke attention? what is everyone elsesaying, and what's lacking there? so i try to fill that gap. what up? it's your girlsuperwoman. superwoman. superwoman.

if you don't know me,now you do. we're friends. what's up? pss. pss. lalalala. pshh! so today's super monday,and i asked you all what do you want to see. girls on periods. the realestschool advice ever. types of teachers at school. today's video is gonna bea little bit different.

it's probably notgonna be funny, but i can guarantee you it's gonna bestraight from my heart. now i'm gonna be honestwith you. i've been havinga really tough time recently, and as a result, i'm findingmyself unhappy sometimes aka right now. it was my last yearof university going intothe year break i had.

i was at the pinnacleof my trust issues, like i really trustedsome people. they really superlet me down, and i thinkthat just affected my whole lifeto kind of crumble. i was at a pointwhere i was like i didn't know what i want to do in school. i didn't know what i wantedto do after school. i didn't likewhat i was doing in school.

that period of my life was likea full year of being depressed and that's molded meso much. had that never happened,i would not be superwoman. i might notbe making youtube videos. i might not believe anyof the things i believe, because i was a reallydifferent person back then. if you ask how did youget out of depression, and my answer is genuinelyi don't know. i remember vividly.

i woke up in this room. i had just handed inmy final paper. i pulled an all-nighter. maybe like the lack of sleepswitched something. i have no idea.i handed in my paper. i went to sleep. i remember waking up,and it was 7 a.m. i woke up in this very bedon this side of the bed. and it sounds so dramatic,but it's the truth.

that was the first timein a whole year i realizedthat the sun was shining. and i woke up and i was like,oh, my god, it's so hot. it's such a sunny day. and i turned aroundand i was like, wow,it's such a sunny day. and to be honest, every dayprior to that might have been sunny, but that's the first timei realized it.

i refer to oneof my videos to a place. i was like, i'm gonna goto unicorn island. because in my brain,unicorn island is somewhere where there'sno wrong, there's no right. no one's arguing what's realor what's not real. it's just thingsthat make us happy. my unicorn islandis my happy place. it's not like somewherewhere you say, oh, i'm going to unicorn islandnow, don't talk to me.

no, unicorn islandis that state i reach when i decideeverything's gonna be okay and i'm happy,because life is great. - unicorn island, i think,is different to everyone. happy is what comes to mind. it's just a placewhere everyone's united. - ♪ unicorn island ♪ ♪ where we don't meow,just roar like lions ♪ ♪ ride or die,so come at me, bro ♪

♪ this is superwoman300 video ♪ - she's showing millionsof girls around the world that anyonecan get out of depression. - well, i don't knowwhat are the specifics or whatevershe's going through in life, but this was a reaction to whatever she was goingthrough to cheer herself up. i think her usingthe name superwoman was about empowerment,

as well as, i guess, realizing her own potentialon the inside. - she is so incrediblypositive. i mean, maybe she'slike that with everyone, because she's so warmand so loving. - like she'll say somethingor like make a point, and then she likebacks it up. she's so well-spoken, and she's just likeshe's queen, she's queen.

- a very, very old ring. and she says then,and that's it. - i always thought that youcan be your own superhero, and that's becausesuperwoman saved me. it's like christmascame early, and still going. i don't liketo just open them one after the otherafter the other, because i get tired of it,and i don't want to do that.

i don't want to open them when i'm like i'm upsetor i'm stressing. i'm actually liketaking the time and think, oh, my god.i needed this right now. i truly believe everyone hasa unicorn island within them. sometimes we just forget. we get caught up in allthe things that are wrong, all the thingsthat aren't going right.

you forget that there's a happyplace that lives within us. i want to physicallytake my message to the world and remind themthat life is beautiful and that they are awesome and that unicorn islanddoes exist. i remember standing sidestageat one of my recent events, and it was sold out. i was like i can't even actuallyconnect with these people, because i'm onstagefor like a couple minutes.

i wish i could actually connectwith them from beginning to end and take over the showright now. so i went backand told my manager. i was like,i want to go on a tour. - when lilly first told meabout the tour, i was excitedthat she had that ambition and dreams to go on tour, but nervous as to how we were going to pullsomething like that off.

when we firststarted talking about what the showwas gonna look like, i don't think any of usreally understood what lilly had in her mind. - okay, you ready? this is so--look. look at all the unicornthat's happening here. are you excited? - we're so excited.- virtual high five.

so i kind of needtwo things. one of the thingsi need is actual mixesfor like choreography. i need a producer for like,for example, remaking likea taylor swift song. if i wanted to bring props,how possible is that? if i had to describeunicorn island, it would be a mix of likekaty perry meets miley cyrus meets like willy wonka,alice in wonderland.

so very bright, colorful, candy, like imaginativetype of stuff. i really want to do some sortof transformative elements where the stagereally comes to life. that onethat requires animation, i would not be able to do, which is the unicorn islandactually lifting. - she was like "i want to goon a world tour," and she explained to methis very ambitious tour.

and, you know, i've toureda decent amount, and i was like, wow,that's really ambitious. like it's a lot, you know,for a first tour. but, you know, i was like,"oh, that's awesome, girl!like you can do it!" you know, if you believe in it,you can do it if you work hard. - she's talentedin so many different ways, the tour would not just beabout youtube and comedy. but she's so much moretalented than that. there's dance involved.there's music involved.

and she can rap,she can sing, she can dance, she can act. her standup comedyis amazing, too, so how could she notdo a tour, right? it's it feels right. it's that momentfor her to go on tour. - we fought about dancersfor weeks. for weeks,we went back and forth between are we gonna haveeight dancers

or are we gonna havesix dancers? here's what the budgetlooks like with eight. here's what the budgetlooks like with six. lilly, you're not gonna haveeight dancers. yes, i am! she had the visionin her head of what she wantedthat stage to look like, and she was notgonna back down. and i ran the numbers,and i showed them to her.

and i said, you're financiallyresponsible for this. and she said, i don't care. i need eight dancerson that stage. and i said,look, all right. i give up. we'll have eight dancers. we'll try to make it work. and so that's what happened. lilly won,as she usually does. we got eight dancers.

- i don't know how to drawdepth of a stage, so i just made a 3d modelusing cans and stuff. okay, are you ready?are you ready? it's kind of crappy,but it's kind of awesome. ta-da!this is my 3d model. so this is the screen, okay? this light is a screen. this is what i wanton this side. i didn't do color yet.

yeah, and then the banners,unicorn island. and then the foreground. this is melted ice creamwith a pizza bush. this is cupcakes. and then we'll be dancingin there. so that's a very rough,amateur vision of how unicorn islandis gonna look. - i think becauseit was so meaningful to her, it became somethingso much bigger

than any of usintended it to be. - it is my absolute honor, and i'm so grateful to saythat this may, i'm gonna take you allon a trip to unicorn island with my first everworld tour! - you know, we got a lotof stuff to prep for, lots of moving parts. superstarwith the shades on. - ♪ yeah, my name... ♪

- [ laughs ] - we got our professionallittle dance orientation class. jaz is asleep.i sent her three hours. chase is up in here.simone's up in here. everyone's up in here. this is the real thing.i can't turn back now. like there's no turning back.i can't. let me tell youwhat the tour's about. basically, what the tour isfrom beginning to end

in a summaryis that unicorn island is something i mentioned in oneof my videos long back when, and it kind of stuck, and it's become a synonymfor my happy place. so unicorn islandis like my happy place, and there's skittlesand cupcakes. and what i want to dois take the audience on a trip to my happy placeessentially. that's why we havea little airline theme.

you guysare my flight attendants. and i tell them that, you know,i was in a very dark place and discovered unicorn islandas my happy place. that i'm takingyou guys there, but i don't want to tell you,i want to show you. any questionsabout the tour i created? it'll make more senseas we actually go through it. dance orientationwent great. i really likeall the dancers.

they're the freakin' bomb. i'm really excitedto get to know them better. let me introduce you to my girlson the unicorn squad. this right here isanoshinie. - hi, hi. - you may know her.this is kiana. - what's up?i don't know where to look. - this is o'shani.- wha-wha? - anisha.- hi, guys.

- she was in my "if youtubewere bollywood" video. that's right.nice to see you. what's up, man?it's gonna be so good. and the boys over theredo some stuff like--pfft. - they don't matter. - ain't nobodygot time for that. look at this guy right here. look at this guy pretending that he'staking a poop in india.

[ all laugh ] i am the least traineddancer of all of you, so i will take the longestto learn everything, and you will make melook great. fuck 'em. - a great're awesome and wonderful. - there's a lot of dancein this, which is why like when we weregoing through the schedules, i kept on reiterating,keep on saying you guys don't realizehow much dance is in this.

there's a lot of dance. - well, i'll turn it overto chase. have him jump right in,whatever he wants to do. - i used to danceevery weekend before, and then when school started,i stopped dancing. so it's like one of thoseuse-it-or-lose-it type things. so it's like my goalto learn it will be significantly slowerthan every single person. i'm scared, but i'm really gonnapretend like i'm not right now.

this is my number one talent,pretending i know crap. - when she's flipping-- when she flips her legs,i'm coming opposite. - yeah. - you want to show meone time? - just like got it? - i make no promises. i'm making no promisesright now. - you know what?just jump her.

- did she sign somethingthat says i'm not responsible? because... aah! - whoo-hoo-hoo! - i thought i hit her. what if i kill her? - get it, girl! get it! - my backup planfor everything is gonna be... a typical day for melooks like

do as many emailsas i can when i wake up, because usuallyi see urgent, urgent, need a reply asap,urgent, urgent, urgent. so i reply to them. i love sleep,so that's hard for me. but really it's being like, no, you gotta get upand get work done. it's the first halfof my day, and then i startvlogging my day.

for the next two days, today,tomorrow and the day after, i'm doing all-dayvideo shoots. that's how i dealwith those. look at this.i got a few things done. i'm heading to an audition. i'm on my first meetingand i'm three minutes late, so talk to you soon. then i leaveto go to practice in the midst of doingeverything.

breakfast on the go! okay, so i am running late,as per usual. i think the only real breaki have is my drive to practice. and then after practice,i usually stay back and practice some more. then i go homeand i work some more. until about 4 or 5 a.m.,and then i go to sleep. and a couple of hours later,my alarm goes off, and i answer emails again.

- lilly really has thisinfectious work ethic and desireto change the world. - just to see heraccomplishing her main goal, which is to help peoplebe in a happy place, which is what unicorn islandis all about, so we want to do that. - the one thing about heris she has such a good vibe and good energy around herthat it helps and motivates you. - ♪ where in the worldis superwoman? ♪

in the land of no sleep. actually messed upway less times than i usually do.i usually mess up on, "what's up?it's superwoman." so i need an animation that'll act as a backdropfor my show. - so the tricky thingabout animation is that it takesa really long time. - i don't have an animationfor unicorn.

i don't have an animationfor unicorn island yet. i'm taking people on a tripto unicorn island. so right now,there is no unicorn island, and people are expectingto go there in a few days. - we need it by wednesday. so it's an animationof popcorn popping and like a river flowing. but we don't have anyoneto do it yet, and we have two daysto find someone.

we have to get on a callto them, tell them our creative, and thenget them to make it and have it done by monday. - okay, cool. okay. well, if you do think of anyone,please let me know. - i'm actuallyreally freaking out. i don't have my visaor a passport or anything, and i've just been liketrying to contact them,

and nobodyis responding back to me. - anisha's visagot rejected, and only one of our dancershas a visa, and we're leavingin three days. it can take timeto get a visa, and now we're in a situationwhere eight-- seven out of eight dancers don't even havetheir passports on them. and my lightingand stage manager

doesn't have a visa either. - costumes? oh, my god. - we're already stressingabout it. we don't even know whatthe costumes are yet. - are you okaywith this one? - yeah. i just don't knowwhat another option would be. we haven't even tried onthe costumes. vanessa doesn't even haveall the costumes.

- this whole time i gotfor this whole show so far was a week to get thingsall together. it's been pretty hectic, and everything has to beprepared and on the go latest wednesday. - when she wantsto do something, whether it's whole-world tour or get chipotle or buying new pairsof shoes,

she has the same levelof intensity, tunnel vision and focus, and just makes it happen. - okay, so nowi'm gonna ask you. do you thinkyou can do it? - oh, man, i mean,it's like super strenuous, and because of that, like it'll probablybe pretty expensive. - mm-hmm.

- our plan b was aneeshagoing to fly to san francisco, go to the consulateand apply in person. but we just learnedthat her parents thought they overnightedher passport to toronto, but it's stillin california. - i can't performwithout aneesha. i need her support.i need her. i don't think i'll have tototally assume this, but i will. please do whatever paperworkwe have to sign,

whatever it isto make mills not liable and i will take liability. - i'll find out exactlywhat's that's going to take. - i'm gonna have to callthe prime minister, and go, hey, i need youto let us into india. maybe i'm justa workaholic that's crazy, and everyone else is normal. - yeah, but the only reasonyou have a workload is because you are crazyand you work hard.

would anybody elseget a world tour without being crazya little bit? sleep and relationshipsis all it costs. that's the price.sleep and relationships. the pressure's comingfrom all different angles. she's trying her bestto deal with it. all it takes is one personto say something negative or one person to throw amonkey wrench in the whole thing for her toslow things down, right?

i can imagine it beinga lot of pressure, but, i mean, that's what--pressure builds diamonds. - you know, yesterdayi was like, no, i'm good. and today it just flipped. but i'm still calm, though. this is natural, you know. there's gonna be days where you can't kicka choreo as fast. - i think i lost everythingthat we just learned.

- i feel likei have no brain. it's liquid for now. - yeah, nothing. - i don't-- wow, i can't even speakproperly. that's where i'm at. - the show is really hard. it's really hard, butit's gonna be really good. it's really hard,but really good,

so that's the situationright now. whoo! - been stressing out? because tomorroweveryone's coming, like from millsto see the show, and we don't actuallyrun the show as if it wasan hour and 40 minutes. i don't know a lot of my dances,i don't know it good. also, they want meto run through my comedy,

which i've never donein rehearsal. i just don't do thatbecause like standup is so awkwardto do it in rehearsal. so i don't knowif that's happening. so it's just likeemotionally, mentally, physicallyjust absolutely straining. [ music plays ] - you know, i got to getused to the counting for that. i always miss it.

it's like, vroom,and i'm like, all right. - a little behind,but, you know. - a little behind. - that's okay.we could be more behind. - we could be more behind. it's moving faster. it's stilla learning process, though. it's still a learningprocess. everyone's just like

we're literallycompleting everything, and we're out. so it's not like there'sa lot of time to retain things. - that was like fine,so don't worry. - but like--see if your right leg is here. - did that hurt you?let me see. i don't want to hurt you. - it's okay.- are you sure? - we found an animator.we found an animator.

he's gonna work like dayand night to finish it on time. thank freakin' god! he sent me a bunch of emails that i stillhaven't had time to check, but i'm gonna do thatright now. the point is,it's gonna be fine. it's gonna be good.praise the lord! message.can you send me emails specific on what you wantthe animation to be?

need it asap. need budget. bullet point of what you want. how long you want it to be?length the whole video? as if that's some sortof simple task. what do you think? - i think she's just reachingthat breaking point where she mightjust like shut down. - i'm way too tired today. like i amso out of it today.

i can't even stand.i'm so tired. um, i need--i need help. i do a lot of this. i do a lotof sitting by myself in this roomlooking at my screen. yeah. i don't know.i feel like my life is slowly becomingsomething no one can relate to. and then in momentslike that, i'm like why am i doing this?this sucks.

is this worth like the... oh. augh. stressed. because i don't know whyi'm doing this. i do know why i'm doing it. i want to impact people, but i want it to not beso lonely and so... it's a combinationof things. there's the tour,but then there's like

i just want to focuson the tour, but then i have so manyother things going on. i don't... i'm crazy.[ laughs ] i'm crazy. - today, so all the productionside is coming down, the entertainment company,to kind of watch, so they can kind of see the run-through for the showfor the first time.

so it's just likea stumble-through, and i'm literallygoing to stumble through it because i don't know it. - because all these peopleare gonna watch, and i'm just like,aah, are we ready? - i'm like 99% worriedright now. but panicking inside, but, you know, you just gottamake it seem like it's-- - like lilly and chaseand everybody there,

i know they want to makea good first impression, so i just want to make sure i get all the choreo donebefore they come in. and i think they're likealready landed in toronto. - hi. how are you? - welcome.- hi. - hi.- hey, lady. - hi. i'm sarah friedman.i am the production manager. i'm happy to meetall of you guys.

- and i'm dave.i'm the production designer and your tour manager. [ cheers and applause ] - well, we're all setfor a run. check that you haveyour proper chitkas on the right side if you don't yet knowwhose is whose. - okay, so, ready? so the graphicis on the stage--

on the screen. takeoff is happeningin five, four, three, two... video fades in. lilly's getting readyin her room. [ sighs ] this is it. five years ago, you promisedto change the world and remind peoplehow beautiful life can be.

lilly's mom yells at her. - [ shouting ] - lilly realizesshe's very, very late. the dancers are waitingfor her at the airport. - she's not answering. - are you serious? - she is so... - wonderful? amazing?wait, wait, wait, sexy. were you thinking sexy?he was thinking sexy.

i see you lookingat my badonka-donk-donk all the time, boy. so after i saywelcome to unicorn airlines, i get offstage. you'll see a planegoing shhhh... so 15 minutes have passed, and i just have learnedthat to be happy, you really have to learnhow to love yourself. and i'm at a spotin my life now

where nothing could take awaymy happiness. vroop! [ trumpet fanfare ] - that would beunattractive. - yeah. yeah.- yeah. - i think we oughtto go to intermission. intermission. take two minutesof an intermission. - yeah, we'll take 'emover here for an intermission. jake, if you wantto discuss that.

we're good. - ready whenever, dancers. - dancers coming up. - so after this--guys. so takeoff, takeoff.that gives us the time for a spotlight,for the lights to dim. i am center stage,spotlight. comedy segment. hey, everyone!

prepare for takeoff. - nice job, guys. - simone and everyone cameand watched it so we could perform in frontof a little bit of an audience, which was cool. i mean, everyone isliterally back there sayingit's a really good show. - good job! - awesome.- cool.

- it's a really good show, but we still gota lot of work to do because this is only halfthe challenge. now we gotta docostumes, tech, and i need to be funny. minor detail.i need to be funny. so the work is not stoppingany time soon. are you allgoing to this pub? - yeah.- yeah.

- well, i mean,i have to practice and i have interviewsfor an hour, but i'll try to stop by. tch, tch. - all right, stop by. - yes, you, too. thank you.- bye, guys. - see you tomorrow.great work. - see you tomorrow. - good work.sweaty, sweaty.

well, chase and theminvited all of our friends. - oh, that's nice. - so we'll see.- i can picture it. - the need for sleepis too real right now. the need to hustleis realer. last day, tech. just got to power through. we just gotto power through it. power through it!

- today is the last daybefore we go. - all righty,with sound, everybody. - check, okay? ♪ fum, fum, fum, fum ♪ bleah. - we're doing whatwe should have done monday, now, and that means we're notdoing a real dress rehearsal. and i hope that we getto still do some sort of a techand rehearsal in india.

otherwise, it will bea cluster [ bleep ] when we try to do itfor an audience. - any concerns with thisbeing the last day? - oh, yeah.[ laughs ] - you have quite a schedule. you're doing some majortime zones and lots of flying. it can add upvery fast on you, so rest is very good. i know you want to do a lot,but also be mindful of that.

you will get, you know,fatigued very fast. - i really feel we needa proper rehearsal again. we like to do things. i don't knowif that's possible or not, but so it's kind of like we stillhaven't done a run-through. a lot of thingsare like just stress, but we're gonna do it. we're gonna pull through.we'll persevere.

i'm in my dressing roomright now, go through the costumesand stuff, and we're leaving tomorrow,and i haven't packed yet. [ exhales ] okay. - we're gonna go cue by cue, so starting right fromthe top of the show. your entrances,any quick changes that are gonnaneed to happen.

we're gonna take itnice and slow. john-- - how are you doing? - good. i'm fantastic. - you're on a world tour. - that has notoccurred to me. - more real. - it will occur to me soon.[ laughs ] - everybody in this roomin one way or another is attached to team lillyin some capacity.

- and with you,it's because i'm your idol. - you are my idol. i look up to you. - true? - everything has a price.everything has a price. and you can be goodat a lot of things, and if you want to be greator like excellent or like world top class, you'll only be greatat one thing.

the one thing that i'mrealizing that she's great at, i think takingthat spark in her brain and bringing it to life. - i just got my tourist visa. - you're're welcome. - wait, that's step one.- that's step one. - there's stillother issues, but for now that's still the best wayto do it. - unicorn power.unicorn power.

- still i love her. at least i can have a wayof getting into the country. i am gonna try my best toabsolutely nail this tour, becausei respect all the dancers. you're all so talented. you make everythinglook so good. and i'm so honoredand privileged to have you guyson this tour with me. i truly, truly am.okay, you ready?

one, two, three!unicorn! - all right! [ screaming ] look at all these people.i love you. - [ singing ] oh, my god! [ shouting and squealing ] - we love you, lilly! - we love you!

- the nerves are real. we're just gonna go out there,and we're gonna be great. definitely drain meof some energy. but no choice. i'm gonna go out therewith my ashy armpits, and we'll get it done. we'll get it done well! the thing aboutlying to yourself, eventually you startbelieving it. [ laughs ]

let's go, team. - this is it.- this is it. - an honor and a pleasureworking these weeks with you. it was all for this, the world premiere,the world tour. unicorn on three. - one, two, three, unicorn! five, four, three, two, one! - do you ever lookin the mirror

and take off your jeans but still see the imprintof your jeans? and on a good day,you'll even see the button. i'm here to tell youit's not just you. it's okay if you gotthe imprint of your jeans! it's okay! it's okay!it's okay! [ no audible singing,new soundtrack music only ] as your friend, i get it. and i know it's so easyto feel like you're alone

and no one gets it,but not only do i get it, half the peoplein this room get it. and whenever you feellike you're alone, you're never really alone. i did the first showof my world tour. for a first show, i wasvery happy with how it went. everyone seemed to really,really, really like it, so...ooh! - we want lilly!we want lilly!

- girl, do you hear that? a lot of people outside. they somehow figured outthis is lilly's change room, and they're bangingon the windows and they're screaming lilly's name and a bunch of peoplestill in the venue. so this is just the nextlevel of pandemonium. - i love hermore than anything. - i loveeverything about her.

she's inspired me. - she transforms everything. she's what i want to become. - we want lilly! we want lilly! lilly! lilly!lilly! lilly! - i don't knowwhat just happened. ever since it began,it was like... i don't remember what's all just a blur. honestly, for real, though,like just as you were saying--

- everyone party?- it was so cool. - we were crying. - we were allon such a high, because to comefrom toronto, where we weren't even surethere was going to be a show, because we didn't have costumes,we didn't have props, to actually perform in front ofa sold-out crowd was awesome. - the tourhas officially begun.

next performance, tomorrow. - we're jumping on a planein two hours. that's it. first show down.we got seven in a row. we got to be in the lobbyby 5:30 a.m. it's go, go, go from here. we go back, we're gonna pack,we're gonna eat. then i'm gonnaget on the flight. that's gonna be our lifefor the next little bit. - we have another showin only a couple of hours.

it's 5 a.m.we are heading to our second destinationwhere we do two shows... - ...back to back,and then we fly out to... i hope your micpicked up that. - everyone'stotally understanding. oh, wait,so the tour has started. - we are doingour first round of press. the first two days, we justdidn't have time to do it. you know, lilly and iargued a little bit

about whether she neededto do press or not. because all the showsare sold out, so in theory, we shouldn'tbe doing press. but lilly wants to do press,we're gonna do press. - i'm gonna ask, whassup? lilly wanna do press,we do press. that's whassup. [ laughs ] - in the studiowith superwoman!

- what does a youtuber mean? - that means i'm a weirdo that makes videosalone in my room, and it worked![ all laugh ] - you get recognizedin the street, i assume? - i do. i get recognizedon the streets more places, depending on where i am,you know. if i'm in indiaor somewhere, of course. in the mall, of course.

- in this wardrobe,what is it going to be? are you gonna be takingall the get-ups that you do of the mother, the father? are you going to beall of that? - yeah. it's literallymy childhood comes to life. [ wailing ] you mean... ♪ you wantto make us so mad ♪ [ cheers and laughter ] i say no!

i won't be your futon, okay? who knows smiley emojis? you know smiley emoji? watch. watch. [ laughter ] who knows closed eye emoji? look. now, hold up. i'm not hatingon my indian parents. you cannot really hateon indian parents.

indian parents, obviously,are doing something right. look at the populationover there, okay? and i'm looking aroundand i see some moms and dads. like, okay, unsubscribeto you, my friend. just hold on!let me explain! some of the clichã© thingsthey say, the cleaning my room,getting married, the whole getting a job,why do i need to? those, of course,my parents have said to me.

some traitsof my genes-- my dad does loveto show off sometimes. these days, you have to bea woman of the world. but i honestly say,a lot of it is made up. a lot of itis me taking traits from every auntie and uncle and everyone's parentsput together. my parents don't dresslike that at all.

my parents are very hip and modern. so i'd sayit's mostly made up, but of course, there'selements that are true. - wait. hello, lilly?- mom, what are you doing? - i'm waiting backstage. whatthe bloody hell are you doing? - i'm teaching themhow to be happy, mom. - her? how to be happy. what do you knowabout being happy, huh? - all right, mom,you're really embarrassing me.

please stop.- go to your room. or your dressing room.go clean that room. - i hatewhen you do this. aah! - hello? hello?where is my room? somebody get me my room. i know i'm performing because everybody'schanting my name. paramjeet! paramjeet! - paramjeet! paramjeet!paramjeet!

- i'm actually really glad igot to start the tour in india because so many of my dancershave never been to india, so they're experiencingthe crowd for the first time. and the general consensusis usually like, no oneever comes to india. and so when you go and performfor these indian audiences, they're so excitedand they're so loyal and the energy is justabsolutely amazing. i know you all thinkyoutube is marvelous.

but...but... too many followers. too many followers. he say, that's right. i don't want youto meet the familia. i say, what? he say because indiais rotten and needs somebody coolto go and feed the place. i think the best thingin the show,

if i may say so myself,is the message. i see people who wereclearly forced to my show. i notice fathers who werejust covering their ears and they're not having it. but by the end of the show,i have noticed after i'm done deliveringmy message completely, i do see everyone totally believingthe message of the show. i used to sayif i was prettier

or talleror smarter or stronger, i wouldn't havethese problems. well, let me tell yousomething. i did not get out of depressionbecause i got stronger. i got out of depressionbecause i realized how strong i already wasto begin with. - we love lilly! i'm in delhi.check 'em out! this is a horrible idea.

- i think we definitelywere like, ooh, we can kind of justsit back like this and everything will be fine, but that hasn't beenthe case. every single stop has beensome sort of hiccup. - i thought i broke my nose,and i was like really scared that i wouldn't be ableto do the next few shows. that was likethe first time, i think, i realizedwhat a family we were.

because everyone was justso extra like helping me and making sure i was okay and like driving meto the hospital. i wanted to watch them because i didn't dothe rest of the show, and they're all likepointing to me and like yelling onstage. this one's for ki! - lilly didn't even knowthat happened

till the end of the show,you know. and we just like messed upall the formations, putting it back together, and like, you know,without lilly even knowing. we all knowwhat our role is and what we're supposedto be doing. - hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! - and it was really cool. so that was kind of likeit was a low point,

but it wasa high point for me. - are you okay?are you okay? - i was so surprisedhow close we all are. - somehow like the teamreally came together like very smoothly. - as dancers, we neveractually get to slow dance. this is where it's happeningright now. there may not be music. the music's happeningin my head, though.

- before every show,we have a group huddle, and johnwill give his thing. then she comes in therelooking fabulous in her sparkly uniform. and she's like,all right, unicorns. - do what you do best. it's gonna befreakin' awesome! and afterwards,we gonna get drunk. - she's really goodat being like the boss,

but also a team playerat the same time. it's really awesome.she's pretty incredible. - i don't knowif you know this, but did you know my boyhumble the poet? now we got a new song now. - oh, yes we do.- yeah! what's it called?"ivivi?" - "ivivi!" - i need you to screamso loud,

and raise your hands! - whoo![ music starts ] here we go! - ♪ all around the world ♪ ♪ all around the world ♪ i'm gonna need you to scream from the topof your lungs now. - ♪ ivivi ♪- come on. - such a cool experienceto be a part of something

that affects so many peoplein a good way. - everyone will stop her. like she generallymakes conversation. she generallygets to know them. - ♪ london in my city,ivivi ♪ ♪ trinidad in my city,ivivi ♪ - welcome.whassup, baby? - ♪ and i'll send it tothe girls who be reppin' it ♪ ♪ i love 'em black, white,puerto rican and haitian ♪

♪ somali, tamil, desisand all my asians ♪ ♪ yeah, i love all races ♪ - i think that's probablythe highlight of this tour for meis the people more so than anything else. - what i'll takefrom the tour is mostly the experiencewe've had on the way. - everybody now. - ♪ malaysia's in my city,ivivi ♪

♪ mumbai's in my city,ivivi ♪ ♪ berlin's in my city,ivivi ♪ ♪ la's in my city,ivivi ♪ - i don't want to seem like some unattainable,untouchable, unreachable person. i think instead what i've doneis i've said come to my show, because for an hourand 40 minutes, we're gonna be best friends and have the time of our liveshanging out together.

if i had to pick a facebookrelationship status that applied to me, it would be like"castaway" movie. why do you think my happy placeis an island? do you see howthis makes sense? huh?- everybody now. - ♪ birmingham in my city,ivivi ♪ ♪ punjab in my city,ivivi ♪ ♪ auckland in my city,ivivi ♪

♪ new york's in my city,ivivi ♪ - what makes me happyis living out my dream traveling around the world, and doing what i love, sharing the stage with thisbeautiful lady right here. - ♪ i always takea part with me ♪ ♪ the six, t.o., the cold ♪ ♪ last t silent,toronto, you know ♪ ♪ when i leave the y.y.z. ♪

♪ i always takea part with me ♪ ♪ ivivi ♪- come on! ♪ ivivi ♪ ♪ ivivi ♪- everybody now. ♪ jamaica in my city,ivivi ♪ ♪ d.c. in my city,ivivi ♪ ♪ melbourne in my city,ivivi ♪ ♪ philippines in my city,ivivi ♪ - rexdale, where you at?

scarborough, where you at? north york, where you at? toronto, where you at? - we took a flightthis morning when we got herea couple of hours ago. didn't getthe greatest sleep at all. this jetlag is reallylike kicking in now. some of us are actuallygetting sick as well, too. - i'm so sick i'm gonna die.

- well, she can't speakanymore. she speaks in head nodsand shakes. she gonna save her voicefor tonight. - [ sighs, then whispers ]here we go. ♪ you want a melody ♪ ♪ people fly to see me ♪ i didn't die.- yay. - all i want to dois put on a good show. as long as i put ona good show, it's all right.

- you killed it. - i was extremely sicktoday. literally, the hour beforethe show, i was just crying because i was like stressedabout not doing well. i went to the hospital after and they stucka bunch of needles in me and i got some i.v. i definitelydon't feel good... and thisis just the beginning, so...

- we have a performance today,we have a performance tomorrow. we have a performancethe next day. - the amount of stress,the amount of work. being on tour, it really affectsyou physically, emotionally, and it's notas easy as it seems. - day and night likedoesn't really exist anymore, seeing as how sometimesthe plane that we take, it follows the sun, and then we landon the same exact day.

- just as muchas we are jetlagged and tired of all these shows,like i can't complain because this girl is doingso many more things than us. - there's beena couple of shows where she has gottenvery upset with how things have gone, and because of that,she's had to like step in and be like, okay,this needs to change. - we all need to doubleand triple check everything,

whether it's hair ties,whether it's whatever. all the props,the wings, whatever. please, if you know it,double check and triple check. okay? because i feel likeeveryone, including myself, we're gettingway too comfortable and there's way too many thingsthat are super avoidable. - i think before she wasafraid of doing that becauseshe didn't want that image. but i think nowwe're at a point

where we'recomfortable enough that it is easier to do it, and that's why she'ssomewhat okay with that. - someone started moppingin front of-- one of the workers startedmopping in front of her while she was doingone of her comedy sets. - i feel likei seldom get angry, but i got so angry i literallyalmost snapped onstage,

to the point where i wasgonna break something. yo! you! why don't you waittill the ending, bro? don't worry about it. there is momentsof the tour where i feel my vision'sbeen compromised. it's actually exactlywhat dwayne texted me. like dwayne's textkeeps playing in my head, which is no one'sgonna take care of you

the way you cantake care of yourself, and i feel that's the story. no one cares about the storyas much as i do. no one cares about allthe little details like i do. people, little details,so many times-- oh, we messed upin columbus. oh, we messed up this,we messed up that. it's not a big deal to them. for me, it is a big deal.

everything is a big deal. and i feel likewhen it comes to priorities, like no onecan relate to me. - from what i saw,it was not a bad show. - we don't work9:00 to 5:00. we work wake to sleep. how many people actuallyget that, you know? we all started thinkingthat this is a lot better, more fun, easier,but it's not.

this is way more work. it's more fulfilling,but it's way more work. - i think i had this ideain my brain that if i worked so hardand i hustle and i pull all-nighters and i put my blood, sweatand tears into something, that i will enjoy it. i think i had that ideain my brain. i don't know why. it just seems like that'sthe way things should be.

but i feel likethe past couple days, i'm like the person whoworks hardest in the room-- well, at least i think so-- who's worked the hardest,who's slept the least, who has putthis whole thing together, but i'm the person that's havingthe least fun in the room. what ifthat's just how it is? what if i've convinced myselfthat you work really hard,

you get to have this reallyfun life with a lot of memories. but what if that'sjust not what it is? what if you'll justalways be the person that works the hardest,sleeps the least, stresses the most, and hasthe least amount of fun? then why am i doingwhat i'm doing? i'm super scared that this isthe life i've signed up for not knowing what it is. i've unwillinglysigned up for a life,

and i don't know what it is. i don't know. i feel like i'm so alonein my experiences. - nobody gave her a manual on how to be going onstagein three minutes, at the same time,dealing with three problems that you know are happening. there's no training manualfor that. superwomandoesn't get time off.

dealing with fans, you know, how many selfies can you take? how many smilescan you--can you put on before it gets in the way, before it starts killingyour motivation to do what you have to do? - i don't mindtaking pictures. if they come up to meand say, hey. tell me you found me.

tell me how my videosmake you feel. say something to make mefeel like a human. like you wouldn'tgo up to anyone else and say, selfie,and walk away. then you come up to me. i would love to takea selfie with you. i know how it is.i'm a fan of people. i want to make this momentmemorable for somethingbesides a selfie.

what's really gonna count,and here's what i do. you know that memory i haveof you and that person? that was really cool. i just wish i couldcommunicate that to people. that's really what matters,not that two-second of a selfie where you didn't even havea conversation, you know. i just--i'm a human. this isthe part of the show where there's no music,

there's no dancers. there's no peoplerunning onstage. there's not--what are you doing right now? you're interrupting.come on! how could you not stop that girland let her onstage? - and then let hertake the photo. because he did get to her. unbelievable. - yeah, i was really closeto totally losing it.

just to let you know. is the cost of my show,the message of my show really worth a selfie? i have a meet-and-greetafter and before the show. i'm a little hurt at that.i'm not gonna lie. not mad.i'm a little hurt at that. - we've faced a decentamount of obstacles. things happenin every venue. - our first show in adelaide,australia was in a bar.

the dancerscouldn't fit onstage. we didn't expect that. - we don't know howthis venue got approved. - we're gonna have to go throughevery single routine and change everything. the stage is also carpet. - today's a challenging dayfor sure for many reasons. - it was smallerthan this hotel room. like it was brutal.

- we went from performingon these like big theater stages to literally performingon an area like that's likea walk-in closet. - we were literally likein the wing of the stage like fixing formation because somebodycan't go on. - i don't careif there's 300 people here. i don't care if there's30 people here. every person hereshould experience the show.

it's not fair that,oh, you're a smaller city, so you'll experiencehalf of the show now. no, nah, nah. - i think the goal is always tobe proactive and not reactive. but the environmentsforce her to kind of speed upher own personal growth. - what she's been tryingto focus on is just, okay,what's the solution? 'cause let's not go downthe path of who to blame.

- i'm generally not havingtoo much of a good day today. but then i realize,you know what? every night i preach aboutgoing to unicorn island,going to a happy place, and through days like this,i learn i'm not perfect. i'm not perfectly happyall the time. i know it seems like thatbecause i'm so like unicorny, but i'm not perfectly happyall the time. and when i take youon a trip to unicorn island, i'm also taking myselffor a reason.

leave it on the stage.- hey! - unicorns on three. one, two, three,unicorn! - it was interesting to seelike everyone else push through. - and thenwhen the show was all done, it just seemed like the crowdthinks it went so smoothly. - this tourhas been so hard. it's been really tiring andreally exhausting mentally, emotionally, physically,spiritually and every such way.

but, honestly,it's been so worth it. i'm doing thisfor the same reason that i startedmaking videos. i want to be that switchin people's lives that i didn't havefor so long. i know there's gonnabe people in the audience that are depressed and aregoing through hard times and whodon't love themselves and who are feeling badabout themselves

and who are listening toother people judge them, and i want to bethat switch. i want to be that voice telling them to goto the unicorn island. and i really believethey should. i truly believe every singleperson in the audience deserves to be lovedby themselves, and i want to take themto that place. i want to make themunderstand.

i want themto believe that. and if even one person loves the reflection they seein the mirror, i am... i love it.that's all i need. what show is this? - the last show, show 30. - show 30. that's so bittersweet,i can't. we are getting readyfor our very last show.

and i just finishedmy last meeting and this isthe last braid-up. yeah. - the big climax is whatit all boils down to. - unicorn island was somewherethat lived in my brain, and i was so scaredto put it in anyone's hands. i was terrifiedto trust anyone with it, and i truly mean when i say i made the best decisiontrusting all of you. so thank you so much for takingpeople to unicorn island.

it means so much to me. thank you, thank you,thank you. i want to remind you, moreimportant than anything else, take yourselvesto unicorn island today, because you friggin'all deserve it, okay? you deserve it so much.thank you so much. and aside from all thatright now, i'm gonna saywhat i've said before. this is our first show,okay?

we just spent weekspracticing in toronto, staying up late, trying on horrible mother-effing costumesthat didn't fit, okay? blood, sweat and tearsright now. this is the first timethey're ever seeing it, the first timewe're performing here. go out there and put your allonto that stage. leave it all on the stagetonight! unicorns on three!let's go!

one, two, three, unicorn! i'm nervous to not changethe way people feel, because one of the things i saybefore i go onstage is, people will not rememberif you forget a joke. people will not remember if youforget a dance move. the only thing people rememberis how you made them feel. and i'm nervousthat if i go up there i will not make peoplefeel any type of way. every single time i dothe inspirational segment

where i'm sittingon the chair, i really mean that part. like i really, reallymean that part, and that servesas my pick-me-up. and that's where i wantto thank my fans so much, because so many peopletweet me after the show saying, your show saved me, and your videoshave saved me. i just feel like telling them,hey, and you saved me.

because those momentshelp me as well. they don't just helpother people. everything i sayon that stool helps me every single day,every single day. well, one of my biggest fearsin life is that years from nowi'm gonna wake up and realize thatthis amazing dream is over and i'm not superwoman and you're not team super

and we don't get to sharethese moments, and it makes me so sad. that's because in this moment,you are not my fans, you are my friends. you are my friends, and i go to you every timei feel down, and you come to meevery time you feel down. you are my friends. seeing their faces,it makes it so worth it.

there's no feeling like that knowing thatyou're making a difference. or at least, goddamn it, trying your bestto make a difference. and it's beenso, so worth it. i will never be that personthat sits here and tells you, if you believe in your dreams,they'll come true. when the time is 11:11 or when people make a wishon their birthday

or when peoplesee a shooting star, some peoplewish for their dreams. other people workfor their dreams. be that personwho works for their dreams. and nowi want to tell you, and i'm speaking from theabsolute bottom of my heart, and thisis what i've learned. that fighting for happiness is one of the hardest thingsyou will ever do in your life.

but...happiness is the only thing worth fighting forin your life! and do not let anyone,including yourself, let you believefor even a second that you don't deserveto be so happy. because you all deserveto be so, so happy! so stop everything. you know i got to do thisright now, right? you know i gotto do this right now.

what up, everyone?i'm superwoman. i'm in socal.check 'em out. we're here at yoursuperwoman party. check 'em out! i'm in bangalore.check 'em out. manchester.check 'em out. mumbai, sydney, hong kong, dubai, new delhi, ming yue kok.check 'em out. - superwoman!superwoman!

superwoman! superwoman! - let me tell you, and i want you to payclose attention. you do not need me or my showor my videos. you do not need anyoneto be happy besides yourself, okay? that's right. - lilly is not just a youtuber. youtube was the first trampolinethey let her bounce on,

and she bounced so high. and whatever trampolinethey give her next, she's justgonna jump higher. - people coming up to youin tears and parentscoming up to you in tears telling youhow you are the reason. your videos are the reasoni decided to love myself. seeing your showis the reason i decided i don't wantto be depressed anymore.

it's so worth itstanding on a stage, no matter how exhaustedyou are, no matter how muchyour feet hurt, no matterwhich injuries you have, no matter what you'regoing through emotionally and physically offstage,when you get on that stage, it's so worth itto be there in real time. no screen, no comments,no analytics. just be there in real time.

say something and see the magicon these people's faces. see them genuinely reactingto what i'm saying. - ahh! look who it is!it's mom! - hi! - yay! - how are you? - good. how are you?- good, good. hi, car. how are you,my baby, my car?

i forgot how to drive you.i'm sorry. aha! - she's setting these goals, and she's justblowing through them. - you think what is left?this girl is on fire. - she's the only person i knowthat's made a vision board and went throughtwo of them already. - and thisis my vision board that i always look atevery time like i'm sleeping

and thingsi want to accomplish. yeah, yeah, that's right. - i think when she metthe rock, she had like, you know,an existential moment where she was likewhat else was i dreaming of? - we were all at dinner,myself, my daughter, simone, girlfriend lauren. and simone had just told me, hey, listen, you know,you tweeted superwoman,

and everyone went crazyand she loved it. i thought,oh, i don't remember. i didn't remember doing it. because in my mind,lilly wasn't a star and i didn't havethat connection yet. and she goes,well, when we get home, i'm going to show youwho she is. and about an hour laterof watching lilly videos, i was hooked.

- he's sucha good, good person. - that's the winner. he had his dna drippingon the side of your face. - that's right. - if you could likegrate that and make a baby. - i don't want his baby. i just want his happiness. he deserves to be happy. - look, when you make peoplelaugh, you make people cry,

and you make themleave your show feeling betterabout themselves, that's a wrap. that is a wrapand it's very special. and she does does that in spades. - y'all can't be seriousright now. y'all so, let 'em know! - ♪ $4,000 on a purse(leh) ♪ ♪ still got tuition billsto pay (leh) ♪

♪ swipin' daddy's cardat the club (leh) ♪ ♪ tweetin' 'boutlife bein' hard ♪ ♪ (leh) ohmigod, this is hard,say you hate mom-- ♪ - i was shooting a collabwith selena gomez today, and i'm gonna dieand pass out, spontaneously combustbefore i get there, so that's my emoji. - ♪ omg, lol,you gotta say leh ♪ ♪ you ridiculous as hell ♪

♪ omg, lol,you gotta say leh ♪ - ♪ $300 headphones, leh ♪ ♪ always spending all yourmoney on some stupid shit ♪ ♪ drivin' roundin your mama car (leh) ♪ - i'm literally overprepared for everything in lifeexcept this moment, because i really didn't thinki was gonna win. - ♪ internet the only way yougettin' with 'em (leh) ♪ ♪ you really, really thinkin'that you pimpin', boy, ha ♪

♪ 'cause you rockin'a haircut from "mad men" ♪ ♪ grow a beard, sucka ♪ ♪ omg, lol, you gotta say leh,you ridiculous as hell ♪ - ♪ booty shortsin the winter? (leh) ♪ ♪ rockin' open toesin the snow? (leh) ♪ ♪ makin' out withyour friend's man? (leh) ♪ ♪ but then you saythat you hate hos ♪- (ohmigod, i hate hos) - ♪ instagram pics,no filter? (leh) ♪ ♪ tryin' to get all the boysto double tap ♪

♪ lookin' like casper,duck lips, quack ♪ ♪ blurrin' everything in the picbut your rack (leh) ♪ - so it's two months later. i win. turn it up! and let's do it! - ♪ you ridiculous as hell ♪ ♪ you ridiculous as hell(leh) ♪ ♪ omg, lol ♪ ♪ you gotta say leh,you ridiculous as hell ♪

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