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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

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i need to go find... "it's so fluffy!" turn your phone off! i'm sorry. i didn't think people were goingto be texting me and facebook messaging me when i was trying to film. gracie, can you welcome everybody? welcome to the gracie and mommy show. we shouldprobably close the door because we have laundry going. we're doing laundry and now the laundry roomis behind us. watch the umbrella light. there

we go.#soprofesh we're trying to work on the echo. we havegot to get a carpet in here apparently. we're sliding. [laughing] we're sliding. i'll try to anchor you in place. look, we have a studio okay? we're not doingit in my bedroom anymore and that's a good thing we're not doing it in guh-guh's old kitchenanymore. no that was nana's old kitchen. oh, guh-guh'sold kitchen yea. so you know you have to deal

with the... we're working on the lighting. we're workingon the sound. we're working on it people! we have a room that was specifically madeto be a studio. except we didn't put any soundproofing oranything in. i mean come on we're not rockefeller so people are looking at the title and going,"are there going to be play-doh ponies?" here's your play-doh ponies. here's your play-doh ponies! please subscribeand comment and like this video bye-bye so this is the my little pony make n styleponies. (speaks in french) so it's this thing and basically...

you can make a small horse. you can make a small pony out of play-dohand we find has the thing too. do you remember how we... i lost my old thing. yea have a new thing. it's the thing thatsquirts the doh vinci dough. and we're out of the box and it's out of the box so it comes... its ages three and up. okayso we're all right. we are way over that.

oh they're so tiny. they're so small. wait are these the molds? yea, these are the base things. and you putthem inside of this thing. oh so to mold around them you put them in this thing. you've got tofill it with play-doh and then you put them in this thing and then you squeeze it okay let's show everyone. so basically thisis horrifying it's like an iron maiden go look it up folks it's a medieval torture deviceso there is this and there is this and apparently

you put play-doh in this which is the moldand then you stick this in there and then you smoosh then you suffocated this poor littleguy with the play-doh. you could suffocate a unicorn, an earth pony a pegasus or an alicorn. you can suffocate princess alicorn twilightsparkle. and then it has the thing so you can makethe ribbons it only has the ribbon adapter sadly. so you get four different molds. earthpony, pegasus alicorn and unicorn this is stupid because you have to line itup with the... and here's the mold so we can drop it. (laughs). drop it on the floor

why do they only give you one of these sowe can only suffocate one pony at a time? that's so wrong. this is going to take forever. (laughs.) i'm speechless right now who can we going to suffocate first? we didn't even do anything and i'm speechless. wait, we've got to open these up. it's theselittle things of play-doh too. we need to abuse the rainbow dash

yes we should do that next. she's still here. we should've use the rainbow dash. would you like to sniff my play-doh. so you get three large sizes someone should make an air freshener thatsmells like new play-doh. and you give it six of the tiny size the small of the small play-doh's so i guess we have to attempt to do why don't you go first. what are you going

make? i'm going to make a bonnie horse. a bonnie horse like a bonnie horse as in thescottish word bonnie meaning pretty horse? so here's what you could potentially make. i don't think there's going to be enough play-dohto suffocate a pony. bare in mind we are not going to make anythingthat even remotely like this. look at how they make that applejack hat. is there a moldfor that? really? where is the applejack hat mold? there's no hat mold on here. they're just really good at play-doh making.(laughs).

they're just really good at play-doh-ing. wait i need my glasses. all my cute glassesare upstairs. i have my hipster glasses. hipster time to go to starbucks time to go to starbucks. i need my starbucks.i'm a hipster. i need my starbucks. you also get a knife so that if it's not workingout well you can just stick it in your head. that's just violent. violent! or you can just... i have the rolling pin from sarah's food case we need to roll anything. but i think we roll plenty in this studio. (laughs)

so what are you doing? you are putting thepurple play-doh in there on the one side. let me show you what she's done. she's putthe purple play-doh inside the mold. and then you are going to put the earth pony in here?is that what's going to happen? yea she's going to put the earth pony in there.and then do you have to put purple play-doh on the other side? probably. i would think you would have to otherwiseit's just going to be a yellow thing with play-doh stuck to one side of its head.

sometimes you know with ms you don't knowhow hard you're going to hit something. owe. (laughs) i smacked myself. i haven't even made a ponyyet. we didn't even make a pony yet and we alreadygot an injury. i know.okay, now she's suffocating the earth pony within a casing with play-doh.there's a hole. they're not going to suffocate. (laughs).what do you mean? there's no hole she's not going to suffocate. if the whole fills withplay-doh guess what? no oxygen. [laughs]suffocation will ensue.

i know, but as you can see there's no play-dohcoming out of the hole. i can't see anything without my glasses. letme put on my hipster glasses. oh, i do see some yellow. okay. so, as longas the pony can breathe out of the top of its head. it's okay. if it's trying to breathefrom its nose where we covered it with play-doh. (breathing sounds) right now. okay?unless we didn't put enough play-doh. we didn't put enough play-doh? oh, clearlywe didn't put enough play-doh because you opened it up and nothing happened.[laughing] were there instructions? was this more complicatedthan we thought? ages three and up my butt. (laughs) fill each side then insert the ponybase. close book mold, oh it has a name, open

and remove excess compound. so, you need a lot play-doh because... i am out of purple play-doh. (laughs)she's out of purple play-doh. how's this supposed to happen?we need our other play-doh. no you have to use what it came. you haveto. mommy says. i hereby decree that you have... how do they make this rainbow...look at thisrainbow! seriously? do you know how hard that's going to be to get play-doh in each one ofthe little stripes on the rainbow mold? okay ready?the poops. it's like when the winx have to do their harmonics.i think the pony is now dead. we think the pony is completely devoid ofall oxygen.

okay now we've got to're supposed to remove excess stuff before you open's like surgery. i know. slice away the excess ooze of play-doh.and now let's open the mold it up so the camera can see it. let's reveal the horror. ready?i'm scared to ruin it. how could you ruin it? it's play-doh. andit's the mommy and gracie show. oh! look, you made a little ponywait you got to remove the excess play-doh. remove the excess play-doh so she doesn'thave the excess skin. because that's gross. nobody wants the excess skin. save this, wecan make something out of it. i broke her nose. (laughs).oh no she accidentally removed her nose. well

you can just squish her back in again.(laughs). why, i wonder do you have to have the form?like why do you need this thing? let's try to do it without the thing.yea, i mean i think you would probably need more play-doh, but we have plenty of play-doh.(laughs) how is this for kids that are three yearsold? ages three and up. three year olds right nowwould be so raged. i'm 12 and i can't do this. she's like 47and she can't do this. no, i can do a lot of, now just pop it out. there you go. oh! (laughs)oh, come one. wait we've got it. come on.

there you go!i'm going to do... oh! (laughs)isn't she pretty? she's so pretty. she's really is a bonnie horse.she's so beautiful. look at that smooshed face she's got going on. how'd that happen?what did you do? [laughing]i think this happened when i broke her nose. oh, okay. i am going to try and make a hotpink alicorn. it's all my fault!it's okay. so this is the alicorn, and this is the hot pink and i'm just going to... andyou really need to... and you know what's kind of a really a bummer is that they onlygive you three big tubs and these aren't even

big tubs of am i going to make a bonnie horse when i don't have any red?well, you're going to have to go steal from our...i can't even get the play-doh out inone solid block. no, you said we had to use...i change my mind all the time. okay, i tried to fix her ears and this happened.(laughs) [laughing]it looks like a sleestak. does anybody remember sleestak from the land of the lost? they usedto horrify me as a kid. okay, this isn't as hot pink as i thought it was going to doesn't even look like enough to fill the mold. so i'm going to split it in half, rollit into like a doody because that's how you

do it. everything with play-doh begins withrolling it into a doody shape. so i'm filling up one side of the mold withmy play-doh. let's make a need to make a tail. do you want the extruder? i'm going to pick the most clashing colorthere is in the rainbow and make a beautiful pony.and make a beautiful beautiful pony. i don't think that this is going to be enoughto make a bunch of stands of hair. i don't even think this is enough to makea pony. these tubs that come with it do not seem to be adequate in size. i'm using thebig words. i'm busting out the big words. i just realized how long my hair is.your hair is crazy long. to make up for my

addition error in our $10 dollar toy huntchallenge. complete and total fail. i'm editing it and listening to myself and i'm like, "allright, so $6.50, so all we need to do is spend another $1.50 and we've done it! $10!" andi'm like, "on what planet woman, does that add up to $10?" that was so embarrassing.all right so i've put pink play-doh all up in this mold here and i'm going to stick thisform in here and i'm going to close it and i'm going to squish. you can see all the play-dohsquishing out. it's squishing out. see? look at all that play-doh squishing out the sides.i think you just murdered that pony. i totally murdered this pony. i murderlizedit. see, this is hard. this is the problem. the nosepiece is's hard to getthe nosepiece right.

okay, now it just kind of looks like an alien.(laughs) yea, pretty much. none of them are going toend up looking like...and so she's going to have purple wings because her wings stickout so her horn and her wings are going to be completely different color than her.this is a battle scene. we are creating battle scenes.i don't know what we're making. here we go guys. how bad do you think this is going tobe? are we ready? dun dun duni don't know what that noise is. oh look at that. it's beautiful. it's a prettypretty pony. this looks like a knockoff.oh man, this is so not good. why? why? why

doesn't the play-doh cover the wings? nowi have to just sort of blob play-doh onto her wings so she doesn't look weird.ew! it looks like cheeto. oh, yum.i'm making jasper! i'm getting hungry for some cheetos now.i'm making jasper! i'm just going to put some play-doh up inhere and make wings. (laughs) i already used up all of done did it now. yea, it's hard to cut away the excess without damaging their nose.especially when your chair keeps rolling! i'm going to shave off the excess play-dohhere with my scissors. yea, that's like really hard to do without destroying their nose.emo pony. (laughs)

really hard to do without destroying the nose.see, now i messed up mines nose...mines? i messed up mines nosesyou should name this pony mines. this is mines pony. (laughs)now i'm rolling. they see me rolling. wow. this is bad. wait i've got to get yousome close up imagery of these bad ponies. post it on instagram and be like, "sneak peekof the newest video." [laughing]yea, this is a fine...this is one fine looking pony right here. that is one fine lookingpony. looking at it straight on you wouldn't belike, "oh yea, that's a pony." mine's pretty looks like figment.

but yours is cute.i made figment or like a spiro pony. mines horrifying. why is mine so scary?well, her body is getting split in half. but i put in the requisite amount of play-doh.the requisite amount of play-doh? (laughs) the requisite amount of play-doh!wait let me make her tail. is there a tail maker?no you just got to use the extruder. oh, i have to extrude a tail.yes. oh, all right.i don't think there is enough play-doh to put in the extruder.why does the extruder have a splitter down the middle? i'm very confused.i don't know maybe that's how they make the...

am i doing it right?isn't my pony shmexy? why is it...does it always look like that?what's that blue thing in the middle? you got to match that up with that.[laughing] where's the pink?i don't know. we're just getting more orange.we don't want an orange tail. can i have it?you can have the orange cheeto color but where's my pink?i did it mommy. i did it. and it's still coming out orange.[laughing] where is this orange play-doh hiding? whenyou look down there, there's nothing in there.

oh the blue and the orange are mixing.oh! look at this. it's like inside is the blue. look at that!we made like blue-ish green-ish. we made candy!yes! making my tail. (singing) making my tail inthe world. give me this knife. i need to cut my tail. owe. (laughs) there we go.isn't it beautiful? there is my pretty pretty pony and her tail.i'm making some accessories for my horse. she's beautiful.oh here is the cutie mark things. oh look. the cutie mark molds are on the bottom oftheir legs. so, let me... i'm making some flowers....drop the play-doh. let me make a cutie

mark for my girl.i'm going to name her flower eyes. she has flowers for eyes.oh, that's creepy but wonderful. so see i smooshed it in there and now i'm going totry to get it out. oh, look i got it out. and then put it on the part on her butt...seelook now she has a cutie mark. and she's also an alicorn.horrifying alicorn has a flower cutie mark i'm going to make mine an alicorn.she's so scary. even just the eye many'sjust really creepy. well this was a cutie mark, but the pressingit down on her flank i made it blank. so now she's a blank blue flank.[laughing]

she's like princess luna.there she is. that's my girl. i'm going to name my girl rainbow butt. it's like rainbowdash but different. she needs a mane though doesn't she?this is flower eyes. she turned out less of my little pony and more of a (??) but that'sokay. that's okay.(laughs) it's okay. wait my girl needs hair. i can't do this withoutgiving her some hair. we need some fan art of these ponies.we do. if you can make some fan art of princess alicorn rainbow butt and flower eyes thatwould be awesome. let's give you a close up look at the beautiful.oh this is going to be fun to clean up.

this is going to be awesome to clean you go. there they are in all of there of her eyes is higher than the other. this is flower eyes. she is beautiful. andthis is princess alicorn rainbow butt. they are both beauties. we would love to see somefan art of these girls. wait i think they need to go this way.let's give you a close up...we keep sliding (laughs) in the course of making videos. iwas editing the other day and i was like, "there's nothing on that side!" (laughs)you know what, i'm going to put the garbage can here to keep me from rolling and if ican't roll then you can't roll would be the i said you make start

out by making a doody. that's how you do anythingin play-doh. make a doody shape and work from there.make a doody and you will get anywhere in life.if you can make a doody out of play-doh you will get far in life.[laughing] obviously. look at that. there we go. nowshe's got a tail or a big white doody. it all depends. (laughs)it's like that (??) that we saw. what? is it a doody or a big white tail? idon't remember that one. awe. look at her hair.oh no. maybe it was a doody. (laughs)too blue!

awe! it's too blue. here give her some whitestreaks. we'll make super skinny threads and we'll give her some highlights.she's isn't franken-pony, she's just blue. no she was looking very franken-pony. she'svery colorful. smoosh that on her eyeball. (laughs)okay, look she's got some highlights. she's beautiful.wait pooping pony! pooping pony. (sings) you're so beautifulin every single way. look at her. come on. she's lovely.i feel like this video is going on forever. this video is going on forever because it'sus with play-doh. whoops, something fell. (laughs)our one play-doh video goes on for like 34

minutes or something.anyway, thank you all so much for watching. gracie can you tell them where to follow us?facebook, instagram, periscope and twitter. follow us those places and don't be a hater.thank you so much for watching! make us some fan art of these beautiful horses.if you enjoyed our amazing play-doh talents please subscribe. we enjoy the play-doh weare just not good at it. until we see you next time, comment, thumbsup and all that good stuff. we love you! bye! oh no! (laughs)

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