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Friday, November 4, 2016

a dog's purpose

surrender your weaponsbefore the inquiry begins. do it. ask them to surrender too. that is what we have whateveryou may call them. ''raghupati naidu, how could''we have fought without weapons? how could men be killed if youdidn't possess weapons. ''kuppuswami naidu, you don't''know what happened here. don't defend your brother-in-lawunnecessarily. last year during thegoddess holy procession...

... one of their village menalmost knocked it in drunken state. they have killed our men forquestioning his behaviour. because of that you boycottour village from celebrations? ''i'll allow you if you promise,''in writing that... ... there will be no bloodshed. why should we obey him? let's see why god's processioncannot reach our village. let's go. i realized why court cases neverreach settlement in this country. may god save them.

wait. proceed now. hold it. ''o god, they are demons.'' what are you doing? look at my guts. look atmy feet on your chest. put it on my head ifit cools of your anger. don't trouble our villagers.don't rape our women folk. for that you have to carry theidol yourself around our village.

will you do it orface our wrath? i'll carry it. wait.''nagamani, give 'aarti'.'' you have been collecting thefunds that came to god's hundi. ''from now on, we will control it.'' they killed my son.but i can sire another. my wife is raped buti will still live with her. our fields are destroyed.we will survive on one meal. but how long do we continueto tolerate their atrocities?

you have been distributingholy food till now. we cannot see anotherperson in your place. - that's true.- what can i do? there are both good andbad men. we are being nice whilethey are being nasty. we believe in god and theybelieve in violence. ''to confront them, we must''have enough trained men. let all of us trainone child from each family. ''let's assume, each family''sacrificed one child.

they will protectus when the need arises. each family has sponsoredone child for this purpose. now it's my turn. ''- don't just stand. go,''dress up the girl. - okay. we are to offer worship at templeat 9.40 in anjali's name. we went to station. her clothesdidn't arrive by train. kuppuswami naidu wants herdaughter wear best clothes on... ... her birthday. how couldhe not send new clothes? ''- brother, call him up.''''- okay, brother.''

''brother, brother-in-law''is on line. - i see. - greetings brother-in-law.- why have you called? give it to my daughter. i wantto wish her happy birthday. why didn't you sendnew clothes by train? your daughter will be furiousif she comes to know of it. they were delivered late to me''so, i sent them by helicopter.'' you send clothes by helicopterspending thousands!! money is nothingcompared to my daughter. go out and see. you can seethe helicopter landing.

come on. unload the luggage. ''unload, faster.'' - we are relieved of tension.- where are anjali's clothes? her father sent themby helicopter. dress her up like a princess. your father sentthese clothes for you. your uncles are waiting to takeyou to temple. come soon. - are you the dance teacher?- i play harmonium. he is inside. ''hey, you, come out.''

our simhachalam told usto bring you. tell him to come to me ifhe wants to meet me. wait. don't be hasty. simhachalam is a big landlord. i agree. he seems to be rich. ''you better go. else, ouridentity will be exposed." i expected to see an old are an young man! - where did you learn dance?- in rayalaseema. we will pay rs.50,000. closedown your school and shift here.

so that, our niece will takelessons as per her convenience. i cannot do it. is a lakh okay? - i didn't mean not becauseof money. - then what? i objection is to teach whenevershe feels like learning. do you think it's a joke? - how do you feel - i'm hale andhealthy. i'm fed on mother's milk. what do you think we werefed donkey's milk? you should know better.

you are after all a dance teacher.why are you being so proud? i'm not just a dance teacherbut can... ... do 'tandav' like shivaif i get enraged. cannot my niece learn dance? ofcourse she can. but danceisn't easy to learn. art is like expressions by eyes,not just sit and dream. it brings awakening in people. that is why many actors couldbecome chief ministers. it is not for arrogantand ignorant people.

you are provoking us. you have provoked me. i've replied politely. one needs our permission toenter or go out of this house. i'm one up on abimanyu wholearnt to break... ... the 'padmavyuh' while hewas still in his mother's womb. you may impress on fools. leave the dogs on him. you first learn from your dogshow to respect me.

your niece can learn dancefrom me later. ''- greetings, sir.''- greetings. - you have already paid your's not mine but anjali's. do you know whom should youpray to before you begin? - the earth godess.- show me. this is to pray to all gods. this to pay respect to teachersand other elders. this is to pay respectsto parents. ''doing like this means, greeting...''

... your seniors and teachers. the last one is to pray tothe goddess earth. this is how you pay respectsto mother earth. you first pray to her to seekforgiveness for any inconvenience... ... you might causeher by your dance. do you understand? ''yes, sir.'' show me what you understood. not like like this.

you should hold your headlike this. stand straight. get into proper positionwhere is your mind? i'm telling like this. you tell her. don't stare at me.stand like this. stand straight andbreath in hard. you have no interest orconcentration to learn dance. ''if you do, follow my steps.''

not here. go do iton that rock. hold the rope. let's go. - what's this? - new clothes.- who told you to bring? i brought. i want you lookdifferent from others. you must look stunning. take them back.get out of my sight. wait there. why did he get angry with me?

it must have remindedhim of his wife. he is married! he has a son too. he is not your son! i'm not even married. where is his wife? let's go to town to buynew instruments. - we will go to buy them.- dikshit is taking care of my son. i'm coming with you.

- play with toys.- i'll play with him. be careful. milk bottlein the window if he cries. get ready. who are all of you? -have you come to join the school?-you know whose school is it? - our teacher's.- know who he is? - our teacher.- no. he is my husband. why are you stunned?did he say i'm dead? all men are alike.i expected to see 12 years old.

you look grownups. you are all young,to be married. cannot you go to a ladyteacher instead of him? don't come here lookingglamorous. my son is crying.''i'm coming, my dear.'' why are you crying dear? don't cry. cannot you see me strugglingalone. come here. - what do i do?- give me the soap.

you look like a good girl.give me a truthful answer. -ask. - is any of the girlstrying to woo my husband? tell me if there is.i'll teach her a lesson. ''no, madam.'' ''o my sweet baby,''want to sleep? take care of him.i'll go take bath. - there is no soap in the bath.- use 'sunnipindi' he wants me use lux soap only. we are meeting after a long time.i cannot spoil his mood.

do you know me came togetherbecause of lux soap? both of us put our hands onone piece of soap in the shop. on what?...on lux... that ignited my love. i got the soap but lostmy heart to him. since then i use only lux. madam! - don't hide it.we know who is your wife. my wife! - what do you think?- she is good.

- what?- your wife. she is waiting insidewith lux soap. go... ''- hello, brother-in-law.''- when did you come? long time back. i gavehim a bath too. you told othersthat you are my wife! i'm your sister-in-law. i'll be the first choiceif at all you remarry. i came here to tell you myfather is fixing my marriage. i told him thati'll marry only you.

i never thought of it. sheloves her sister deeply. she wishes to be motherto her sister's son. ''if you feel it is right,''i'll arrange for wedding. father-in-law.. my life is dedicatedto shravani. she left my son with meas a token of her love. that is why i'm raisinghim personally. i cannot imagine, anyoneelse in his mother's place. - have you heard it?- i have.

am i wrong? he thinks it is wrong. you look intelligent.give me an advice. what advice?- i love him. don'tknow how to make him love me. do you have any ideas? you are asking me, who issailing in the same boat? is this the right proverb? our master told her gentlyas she is his sister-in-law. he would have got angryif it was you.

i'm not an ordinary girllike others. i try till i achievewhat i want. you will lose in this matter. do you want to bet?he tied anklets on my feet. i won't leave himuntil he ties tali. it is not that easy. - what if she wins?- i want her win. how long can we stay with him?she is a perfect match for him. you have a great brain.

government should havesent you to catch veerappan. you would have strangled him. brother-in-law...we meet after a long time. -where is our master? -you lookscared as if you spotted a snake. kuppusawmy came to knowwe are here. i saw him getting down fromhelicopter. let's inform master. we know why our master is here. he will go to kill kuppusawmyif he learns he is here. what to do then?

let's go and inform him. ''why not you stay with us, father?'' i'm hunting for acertain man. i cannot come here untili find out his whereabouts. neither can i take you with me. you want her stay here till yourevange your brother-in-law's death. we lookafter her likeshe is our own daughter. i know that's whyi don't worry about her. i want to give youa precious gift tomorrow.

what happened? -feeding bottle ismissing. we are going to buy one. what happened! i got scared byhis nonstop crying. a mother uses many tacticsto make her baby eat food. she coaxes itto eat somehow. i know i cannot feed him. i let him suckle justto stop him from crying. - she impressed on our master!- how did you do it! like this.

my birthday is over. why arethese dresses stitched for me now? you will know whenyou go downstairs. shut your mouth. ''sit down, dear.'' ''son-in-law, look at her well.''i don't want complaints later on. i didn't tell you thathe came to see you. ''why did she walk away, brother?''didn't she like my son? isn't it evident? she is feeling shy that's all.let me talk to her.

why did you walk awayfrom there? - you didn't do it with myconsent. - what! getting a rich husbandisn't great. a father must marry off herdaughter to whom she loves. canceling this marriageis dangerous for us. i won't be alive tofind out the reason. no need to go to such extremes.fate will decide the future. you just keep silence.i'll handle the rest. your joy is evident thatshe agreed to this alliance.

she is my daughter after all. she is feeling shy that's all. ''sister, her wedding will''be very grand. ask me what do youwant in dowry. i want narasimhanaidu's head. you have demanded theright thing. i'll see that narasimha''naidu is beheaded,...'' ... at any cost beforeyour son ties the knot. - what is your wife's name?- shravani. go bring my son.

where is he! ''master,......''the boy is missing. you will decide whatis our future. your father thinks todayis your mother's death day. you have to prove thatyour new mother is born. okay?it is ram and sita's idols. ''touching it, means''your father won't marry me. he will say he is onlyone woman man. ''touching the knife means,''my father will not let us marry.

this is lord venkatesh withboth his consorts by his side. ''touching this means, he''is sure to marry me. ''so, touch it.''''come on, dear...'' come... come... - this is nice.- no. this one. all of them are good.difficult to choose. - daughter's selection is fine...- husband... - you look worried! come us and see for yourself. call me mother.

- who is he?- my son. - where did he come from suddenly?- he is my dance teacher's son. he will become my sonif i marry his father. ''if that happens, your''father will kill us. your marriage is fixed withdivakar.-i turned it down that day. - we ordered for invitation cards.- throw them in dust bin. that isn't easy. - you have to marry him.''- brother, let me handle it.'' - let him go.- uncle...

- my child.....- who is he to you? my son. ''so, you are using your son''to become a millionaire? why do you stare at usas if we said something wrong. you are training your sonto call anjali 'mother'? what happened to his mother? does she too earn money''by short cut, like you?'' - you better control your tongue.- what's going on? he is try to stophim! you want to hit me! do it.

by morning you and... ... your teem must leavethe district. you don't know what willhappen otherwise. - the boy is found.- take him inside. - mercy.- master... don't' kill my brother. let usgo. we wont' trouble you again. ''divakar, phone for you.'' who's speaking. -divakar. haveyou distributed the invitations? my foot. use them tolit camp fire.

what! your fiancee is getting readyto elope with someone here. tell her i'll behead him. we went to do the same.he beat us up black and blue. ''so, come and take away anjali.''we cannot sleep otherwise. search in that room. uncle... anjali went to that teacher. find them.

search all over. don't leave him if you find him. he isn't here. - she left thenote and he left the house. ''it means, they have eloped.''let's move. why are you coming?want your men attack us again? don't play with our master's lifei beg of you. leave us alone. i severed my relationwith them. i'll live where he lives. i came here for peaceful life.

but leaving as there isno peace left here. go away if you respect me. my wife is dead for the world. but she is with mein this boy. i'm living for him. she got on the train.follow it. drive faster. - the train is coming.- stop it. who are you?

- what's this atrocity?- wave the red flag. find him. kill him andbring our girl. we will spare your life if youhandover anjali to us. come out. the train won't move.come out. you get one minute to come outelse the train will be bombed. every one will die.''so, come out.'' run... why do you run away as ifyou have seen a ghost. what's the matter?

he isn't a dance teacherbut narasimha naidu. run... what is your connectionwith appala naidu's sons? who are you?who is your father? speak up. - why did you come? who sent you?- are you mad? why did you come intohis life. had we known you are''kuppuswamy's daughter, we...'' do you know what hedid to narasimha's father? he should have grown up like anormal kid if not for your father.

he took up weaponsinstead of pen. ''he grew up like an animal,''ever ready to hunt. he is sacrificed to the everraging vengeance. ''uncle, the day for which father''''has raised me, has arrived.'' inform appala naiduof my coming to him. raghupati naidu's man hascome with some message. message! came alone? - daring! send him in. tell him to tell us thepurpose of coming. yield from the 500 acres of farmlands belonged to temple of lord....

.... lakshmi narasimha sincethe last 15 years comes to... ''... rs. 1,54,76,396/-'' you have taken it. deposit it inthe temple during the celebrations. you have held the neck ofour village head by you foot. ''so, you touch his feet''and seek forgiveness. wait. that's all or doyou have more to say? you have to do 1000 sit upsfor disrupting the procession. ''wait, my son.''what if i don't do it? he said he will behead you.

- who said it?- narasimha naidu. wait. my son who challengedyou is in prayers. - it is not right to disturb him.- that's none of my concern. - let's go up.- you cannot. - who are you to stop us?- wait. i'll bring your son down stairswithout opening my mouth. beat him up ruthlessly. his son must come outon hearing his screams. shout for him.

shout for your son. call him out. call out him name. he must come before the'aarti' is given. father... you did the same to myfather when i was a kid. ''now, you shout for your''sons to come and save you. - come on. - threatening witha weapon is not heroic. fight with bear hands ifyou have guts.

eldest son has to performthe last rites. we are not in a may continue. stop it. i say stop it. ''sister, i swore on my''brother-in-law's pyre that.... ... until narasimha naidu isdead you won't break your bangles. will not wipe off your 'bottu'. will not break the 'tali'. you won't do any of it. greetings mr.hanumath shastriwelcome. how are you?

- you are an idiot.- why do you bring him along? what to do? when it's a marriageproposal 2 brahmins have to come. that is what scriptures say. - why did you call us? -shravaniisn't approving any alliances. i'm afraid she will remaina spinster for life this way. don't worry when i'm there. i'm expert in fixing matches.where are the girls? - inside. subba naidu's eldest sonis handsome. working in military''earning 25,000 per month.''

he is a best matchfor your sister. such alliances arerisky. talk of others. other alliances? then listen to me. lakshmi naidu's eldest sonis ips officer. he is a terror to the dishonestand corrupt officials. he can be killed anywhereanytime by anti socials. my sister will become a widow. that's your opinion?

''okay, listen.'' there is a messiah of the masses. he joined politics to help them. he is going to become cm soon. politicians have many vices. i've told you of so manyproposals but... ... nothing seems to beappealing to you. you inform me when sheis ready to marry. i'll conduct her wedding.

today seems to be your bad day. how can it be good when''you accompany me, rascal.'' he is bringing proposals for me.why do you get excited? i know your preferences. ''you are allergic to military men,''politicians etc. ''- is marriage compulsory? - yes,''if you want to become a mother. ''or, you may marry someone''but i live with him. sit down. it is my 1st time toconduct a death ceremony.

i called you for a good deed. i called you to findan alliance. for whom? for narasimha naidu. narasimha naidu! he is dedicated to thevillage to protect villagers. how can you get him married? ''shut up, you rogue.'' he is ruining my reputation...

... by his nonsense talk. ''i understand, the bride''for him... ... is expected to bringfat dowry isn't it? i don't need money. i only want a girl who isdestined to have long married life. good. i'll show you abeautiful girl's photograph. look. she is beautiful. no needto follow formalities. fix the wedding directly.

i can do it. but there is a problem. she doesn't want to marrysomeone who deals with weapons. - who said narasimha is such atype. - it's a known fact. - i want her as daughter-in-law.- what if she refuses? sampat shastri do you knowto conduct death rites? - i can.- you are going to curse me. even if the world goes haywire... ... i'll fix this wedding.

- when will they recover?- soon. remove it and hanggandhi's photograph. - remove the tiger skin.- it's a gift from peddiraju. would be daughter-in-lawis afraid of such things. - i see. store them in godown.they are going to come. bride's father iscoming with her. - greetings. - greeting.- how are you? - fine. she is shravani. my second''daughter, sandhya. - greetings.'' he is your would befather-in-law.

what are you looking for?they have removed everything. what is he talking! ''he talks all nonsense,''useless fellow. he meant they have dustedand cleaned up the house. ''go inside, you idiot.'' you will find idols everywherein this house. this place is as holyas a pilgrimage center. - tiger skin!- tiger skin! he doesn't know what he talks.look there.

he meant lord shivawho wears tiger skin. - he is a fool. - right.- come in. welcome. why do they keep a gun? it is a toy gun. my ancestors used to hunt. it's kept as a tokenof their valour. - remove it immediately.- some one remove it. where is our brother-in-law?

he is fond of music. he must beat the folk songs competition. - let's go there.- is it okay? - sure. - thank god it's a toy gun.- of course not. it's a real gun.old man has lied to her. - why will such an old man lie?- test it. shall we test?am i dead? one of them is my sonnarasimha naidu. recognize him. narasimha naidu refusesto enter the pandal. come to the pandal.

i won't marry withoutmy brothers presence. it's your marriage notyour brothers. you know nothing. marriage isonce in life time event. it won't take place withoutmy brothers. all invites are waiting.auspicious time is approaching too. ''whenever my brothers come is,''the auspicious time for me. no one can trust thepunctuality of trains and planes. they can arrive any moment. - let's begin the proceedings.whoever wants to wait may wait.

i'm your father obey me. - no.- they won't come. - father! they are not coming. i didn't want to tell youas it will hurt your feelings. here is their telegram. they are from your brothersand brother-in-law' from abroad. they will come whenthey get leave from office. he has great affectionfor his brothers. ''but i realized, now,''how great it is.

you've to realize one more thing.i'll have to commit suicide... ... along with my daughterif this wedding is canceled. don't say so. don't you have respectfor my words? he is coming. be seated. ''- priest, proceed.''''- here is the tali, tie it.'' play the music. you have to wait tillauspicious time approaches.

auspicious time is 10.30. - you shouldn't be here at thistime. - you shouldn't be here. - where is your sister?- there. - wait. - don't be scared.''- get in now, with right foot.'' come in. - why to carry it withyour pallov? - milk is hot. let me cool it first. you will burn your fingers! there is still 10 minutes more.

there is still10 minutes more to... i screamed as a lizardfell on my right shoulder. i see. let's find out the resultof lizard fall on her. turn it the other way. what's written there? i underlined it for yourself. what's written? it's good.

- greetings.- greetings. what have you done!! - what am seeing!- i don't know what you see. but i've seen whatshe has taken away just now. - when did she come in?- when your wife went out. -when did my wife go out?- whensister-in-law entered the room. - what do you think has happened?- we have to wait to know. take coffee.why are you stunned? wait. drink this coffee.

don't you know whyi've brought coffee? no. you always putmore sugar. that's why. i know your taste. will like it. taste and tell themwhich one you like. he drank the one i brought.i'll drink the rest. you mustn't drink it. what happened last night? we will know onlyafter 3 months as you said. - greetings.... - greetings.

why do people touch myhusband's feet instead of god's? your husband is a hero here. the demons have come. take daughter-in-lawto pray to god nagendra. - we have not completed...- take her. it's our customs to seekblessings of nagendra first. come. since when is this customfollowed? - from today. ''so, you don't want her''know about it! snake won't come out of pitif weather gets hotter.

- brother-in-law! - what?- narasimha naidu. he killed your brother-in-law. you go to temple.i'll handle him. a pallov providesdecency to women. a 'pancha'(stole) gives dignityto men. don't lose it. ''my name is kuppuswamy naidu,''brother-in-law of appala naidu. he is dead now. i won't sleep untili kill his murderer. -what is happening?- that's the''way people greet others, here.''

your brother-in-law is deed ashe raised hand like this. ''this is a temple, else...'' shall we fight on yourhome ground? ''or, anywhere, anytime''as you wish. my anger is enough to kill need of weapons. break the coconut. move a side. she is a widow yet dressedup as if husband is alive. we might become sinnersif we join her in prayers.

i don't know who are.people are criticizing you. a widow shouldn't wear 'bottu'.remove it when you go home. i'll do it when your husbanddies because he killed my husband. how can you say hatabout my god like husband. god gives life yourhusband takes life. killing men is easy for him. you and my sister will dress uplike widows from the same day. wait for that day. you want to know whyi lied about him.

i appreciate your upbringingfor not asking that question. we after milk to snake.for us he is snake god. ''but for others, he is''a dangerous snake. ''similarly, people have''seen only angry part of him. no one could see thetender heart inside. ''so, no one dared to give''their daughter in marriage. everyone wishes patriots''like,...'' ''...subhash chandra bose, alluri''sitaramaraju and bhagat singh... ''... to born again but,''not in their own family.

because they will diefor country again. i'm proud that a son who isdedicated to serve this village... ... is born in my house. nothing will happen to''narasimha because,.... '' ... you aren't destinedto become a widow. i confirmed that there is nowidowhood in your horoscope. a 1000 lies are permittedto perform a wedding. i told only one lie.that's my mistake. i cannot expect you forgive me.

i request you tolove him as a good wife. decision is's your life. think over it. my god.this is serious. aim it with concentration. but my son will crywhen he is born. - he will cry.''- that's why i''''m crying too.'' - what do you want me to do?- what do i do about it? - will you marry me too?- marriage!

do you mean you willkeep me as a keep? - give me some time. - but mypregnancy will be visible soon. shall we elope? are you shocked? i'llsettle it with sister. - sister...- i'm feeling sick and... ... asked you for a glassof water. where have you been? you look scared. i heard thatentire district is afraid of you. you are sweating! ''the truth is,''sister is pregnant.

your wife is pregnant. really! you behaved like a truesister-in-law. let me prove i'm yourbrother-in-law. - you hit me hard.- what happened? you are going to get acute grandson. - really?''- yes, father-in-law.'' my daughter-in-law is pregnant.why do you blush? wait. i want a mischievousgrandson.

turn around. you turn this way. where is the mostimportant person? he must have gone to receivehis brothers coming from abroad. - may be they met withaccident and.... - i'll hit you. you... where didyou bring him from? - send him away.- get lost you... your habit rubbed on me too. good morning grandpa.

you came at a right time.there is a celebration at home. wait.don't dare come forward. - have you gone crazy?''- wait, father.'' she is your their blessings. you could have done theintroduction inside. they haven't attending mywedding. i need their blessings. i want to wash your feet andsprinkle that water on my head. ''brother, put your feet in it.'' - come and wash his feet.- remove your shoes.

come and wash their feet. wash thoroughly. what is this dirty custom! hope they don't wash my nail polish will be washed off. what is all this? bless us that your blessingswill be with us forever. - what's all this?- you tell me. - i know it. - they must be for my brothers.- no. it's for you. wear will look handsome.

is something wrong with you? bring my 'pancha' and shirt. - won't you wear. - no. - evenif your have brothers bought them? no. what!!my brothers bought them for me!! why didn't you tell me earlier. you are hurrying now. put them on fast. - you look great.- i'll show it to my brothers. - in dreams.....- brothers...

- you changed your get up.- not nice? you have brought it. we brought it!did you bring? - you?- who told you that we brought it? shravani told me. she fooled you royally. who bought these clothes? - why did you lie?''- she didn't lie, uncle, we did.'' ''it suits you well, uncle.'' you look much betterin them than our fathers.

we wanted to click aphoto with you in this dress. we will feel you are with uswhenever we look at it. your happiness is my happiness.''shravi, click our photo.'' what about me?nevermind. click our photo. okay. ready? click. - did you cook all dishesi told you. - i did. ''- uncle, you sit here.''- you are used to eat on the table. i feel comfortable sittingdown. you sit here.

- shravani.- coming. - people are watching. - theyare our own family members. ''- venkatadri, why don't you eat''with hands. -it's not my name now. it's are named after my father. ''why did you change it, son?'' ''that name is outdated. so,''we changed it to modern name. - yes father.- modern name! my foot. our opposite neighboursdog's name is boney too. yes. it's not nice.

change it to my fathers''name, sister-in-law.'' you may name your sonafter him. - why did you get up so soon?- i lost my appetite... ... after seeing theirattitude. uncle can you breakthe bone for me. not able to breakis insult to our family. take it. this is what you learntin america? don't you know eating foodtouched by others causes diseases?

i've no diseases.i'm hale and healthy. ''so, you feed him after you put''''it in your mouth? get up you, fool.'' - wash your hands. - childrenwill get dirty habits here. we better leave soon. - what brings you here?- may i ask you something. you must give right answerelse it's insult to our family. ask. - what's this? - chocolate.- look closely. of course it is chocolate.

taste it and answer. - it is chocolate.''- i know, uncle.'' i bit into it. my mother isn't watching.mother hurt your feelings. i did it to make youfeel better. here you have comforts. there we have to do everythingby ourselves. mother is bossing around hereabroad she washes utensils. she swabs the floor.waters the garden.

she washes the toilets too. nothing wrong in doingones own work. then why should she ordershravani around for everything? why cannot she do it herself? my mother doesn't knowhow to talk. don't feel bad. ''- narasimha... - coming, brother.''- do you know what's it? ''oh, you don't know english.'' arrow if shot by uncletravels one 1 kilometer. ''if you throw, it falls''at your own feet.

- go and play.- go. brother has brought a mobile. - does it work here?''- else, he won't give it to you.'' - what do i do with it?- it's for our sake. we are not allowed out ofcompound for safety reason. ''it something happens, you''can be contacted easily. sure. i'll come rushingwhen you call. are you really scaredto live here? not that i'm scared buthe needs it to serve us better.

give me my 'ravika'. i asked for a ravikanot a blouse. it's on the 2nd shelf. this is the one. what is the difference betweenthis and a blouse? what i'm wearing is ravika. - there is a speciality.- what speciality? ravika is a blouse with a knot.a blouse has hooks. - that's all? - do you knowwhy it is called 'ravika'.

i thought you know... - you don't know.- you tell me the difference. - i won't.''- come on, tell me.'' - i feel shy.''- tell me, i'm curious.'' 'ra' means night. - then.- 'vi' means.... - 'vippi' (open)- 'ka' means? wear again. that's why it's called'ravika'.

i know the meaning.what should i do now? - how do i know?- i thought you are intelligent! come here.lie down. why do you serve us all this?it will spoil our health. your brother said you''don't get to eat these, there.'' he is mad and this girlis even more mad. - give the phone to your uncle.''- uncle, uncle phone.'' your sister-in-lawfeeds you many things. don't eat everything.

i'm bringing many things to eat.keep some space. - whose phone?''- who else , it's our idiot.'' - what is he bringing?- raw gram and sweet potatoes. i think servants eat that. don't drop a single drop. why isn't your youngerbrother educated like you? he was a rowdy. had nointerested in studies. so daddy put him on to workwith farm labour. - right. ''- vijaya, do you remember?''- what?

in your wedding none of yourfriends believed he is unmarried. not even my fatherthought he could be married. no one came forward to give himtheir daughter in marriage. ''so, father found this''who was lying unmarried. i never thought he knewanything about sex. i was surprised when i heardsister-in-law got pregnant. i won't tolerate if anyone uttera word more against my husband. my husband sure doesn't''wear expensive suits,...'' ... doesn't travel in expensive''cars, but he is a terror here.''

mere mention of his name stopspeople dead in their tracks. you said my husband is mad. yes. he is mad for he doesn'tknow how worthless his brothers are. what did you say?my husband was a rowdy? remember every family sponsoredone child to be trained to.... ... protect this village. eldest son from each familycame forward to sponsor himself. ''all of you, elder to my husband,''hid behind womenfolk. you cowards. ''had he not come forward, would you''have been abroad today?

''he toiled for your education,''protected your lives like a soldier. sent you money orders. like a postman brought newsof your welfare to your father. could you have enteredthis village if not for him? can you leave this village alivenow without his protection? a mother carries ababy only for 9 months. but my husband tookyour burden for 25 years. you people are selfishand opportunists. he only knows love andsacrifice.

i realized how deeplyhe loves all of you. i realized how much he sacrificedfor you by the wounds on his body. if you utter a word more against''such a god like man,...'' ...remember i'm a daughter of thisland too. i'll hack all of you. have you heard her?she can kill with... ... the same hands shewashed your feet. that is called respect forhusband. learn from her. do your wives have suchrespect for you? you keep quiet like cowards when''your wives degrade india, villages.''

you call yourselves husbandsand men! i'm ashamed of you. india isn't dirty''but, you are born dirty.'' keep them here.''brother, here are fish.'' that is freshly extracted honey. here are palm fruit.they are tasty when roasted. ''here are groundnuts, jack''''fruits, custard apples...'' what wrong have i done? we have not come here tofeed on your left overs. we are alive because of you?

we came here spending lakhsbecause we missed your marriage. wanted to attend yourwife's baby showers. - we have learnt our lesson.- did anyone say anything to you. - your brothers are worthless.- who said so? your wife. she also saidshe will hack your brothers. come here. - what did you tell them?- ask why did i say so. didn't you say you willhack my brothers? - i did. how can you slap apregnant woman?

do you know what shesaid about any brothers? - touch their feet. - no.they should touch your feet. i said more things tothem than her. will you tell me tooto touch their feet. ''father, you have the right''to scold or hit us. but she has no right. you made me the protectorof my family instead of... ... sending me to school. i let her go because she isa woman and pregnant too.

you have no relationship.henceforth. leave my house. if she is here i might kill her anyminute for abusing my brothers. let her go. go. i haven't felt bad when your fathertold me he lied to get us married. not when you refusedto wear clothes i bought. but when you throw me outbefore finding out... ''... your place in their heart,''whom you treat like gods... ... hurts me. i seek forgiveness on her behalf.please forgive me.

grandpa... don't feel bad. 1st deliveryat parents place is our custom. it's gods wish thatyou come here. brother-in-law's anger isshort lived. don't feel hurt. what's all this? - why doesn't he talk?- he is observing silence. what's he saying? - telling you to''give those ladoos in alms, to me.'' ''you broke my silence,''you useless fellow. ''sandhya, now offer ladoos to''narasimha for becoming a father...

... to raghupati naidu forbecoming a grandfather. first tell us if it is agranddaughter or grandson. don't you remember whati predicted earlier? my prediction never goes wrong. didn't i predict youwill have a grandson. ''it is grandson. come on,''offer sweets to them. ''congratulations, brother-in-law.'' trying to hide happiness!''oh, i know.'' are you reminded that sheis thrown out of the house?

your son will reunite you both. what will he do when hesees his son the first time? what else?he will kiss him. no. he will kissmother of his son. ''greetings, mr.raghupati naidu.'' is any minister visitingour house? - no. - then what brings you here?- they came for us. - for you!- we asked for security. - what is new today?- we are leaving today.

''so, you tell me when i ask you!'' we had booked return ticketswhile coming here. don't you know a son isborn to narasimha naidu? we have heard it. don't you know to visit thebaby and bless him? we won't get ticketsif we cancel them now. you are talking about tickets! he almost canceled his weddingbecause of your absence. i had to persuade him. he tiedthe knot in front your photograph.

he knew you cannot seethe wedding nor bless him. he did it because hisaffection for you such. we have no time toargue with you. we have to catch the trainto catch the flight. who is it? sister you had enoughwealth to enjoy all luxuries. narasimha naidu who turned''your life to a hell,...'' ... and his entire family'sday of doom has arrived. come out sister.see the daylight.

''before the sun sets, i'll pile''their dead bodies at your feet. you are leaving because youtook shravani's words seriously. i don't feel hurt ifyou don't go and see my son. ''but, i beg of you don't go out of''village depending on police security. - why? - kuppuswami'sgang is waiting for you. i'm informed that they arewaiting for the day you leave. ''- i'll escort you. - so, you are''trying to prove what your wife said? trying to prove we are cowards?cannot go out without your help? ''i'm scared, daddy.''let's take uncle along.

shut up. let's proceed.we are getting late. i won't let you go. you better move aside elseit will be our last visit here. inspector. let's move. take out the jeep.i'll go to see my grandson. kuppuswami would liketo kill me first. don't come to protect me. i'll come upto the house.but won't enter the house. you gave cell phone to narasimha.check if you have it now.- okay.

- it remained with him.''- oh, it costed 25,000/-'' nevermind. bharat kept rama's''sandals. narasimha, our cell phone.'' catch them. - you refused uncle to come along.- give me the phone. - why? - to call uncle.- here it is. uncle...- what's it?- someonecame to kill us on the way. - what's the matter. - pinkuis crying. i'll go to station. come on. brother........

kill him. brother.............. you move away. don't fear. come with me. uncle..... move back. move fast. run. come on...

get in. don't be afraid.get in. you will die if the train moves. kuppuswami is after mybrothers life. don't worry. i'll stand guard.start the train. - uncle...- brother... - i'll be fine. go.- forgive us narasimha. you shouldn't say so. they can do nothing to me.go safely. give this to your son asa token of our love.

- break it.- open the door. where is your son?. my father took him to hospital. you sent the infant withyour father. how can he take himwithout you? do you feel safe becausewe don't harm women? i can kill you if youdon't show up your baby. ''he isn't in the house,''i swear. go search the house.hack him to pieces if found.

''hey, you, go inside.'' he isn't here. ''so, you sent him away''on seeing us. i cannot go back empty handed. go fast and see her condition. o my baby... i knew i'm destinedto die young. on my 1st night lizard didn'tfall on my shoulder. it fell on my head.

narasimha naidu has come. - let's go if you havefinished here. - come in side. i told you i won't come ineven if you beg. i won't see her face. she won't be alive after fewminutes even if you want to see. kuppuswami came to killyour son. she took the stab. husband... - what happened to you?- nothing. ''- i'll take, you to hospital.- no.''i'm going to die in a few minutes.

i'm dying with unfulfilledwish of a long life with you. here is our son. don't take revenge forstabbing me. i don't want anymore bloodshed. promise me you will keepaway from it. throw it down. i'm sorry for sacrificingyou to protect this village. - father...- go away from here with your son. fulfill your wife's last wish.

respect her sacrifice.go away. you have spent enoughyears for us. ''now, you will protect''only your son. - father... - don't worryabout me. i'm like setting sun. your son is like rising sun. ''go away my son, go away.'' ramayan ended with ravan's death.''mahabharat,with duryodhan's death.'' your fathers death would haveput an end to our village misery. ''but, i honoured my''wife's request.

came here to live a peaceful''life, with my son.'' because of you our oldvengeance is rekindled. my father is disgracedbecause of you. find out the timing oftrain to our village. sister. - yes. - your sonmust be bringing back my daughter. - be ready to give a formalwelcome. - sure. where is my daughter.what happened? it's a matter of prestigeof our family. where is she? some dance teacher fought withyou and took away my daughter!

i cannot believe it! ''come on, speak up.'' - it's not the dance teacher whotook her away. - who else then? ''brother, you promised to gift''narasimha's head... ... before my son's wedding evenif it's few minutes before wedding. the same narasimha naidueloped with your daughter. you may behead me andgive it to him in dowry. i'm not a coward. i'm a son of this soul.

my sword will taste his blood. come out. ''where is your son, the coward,''using my daughter to save himself? he eloped with my he really a man? he has to come to perform yourlast rites if i kill you. ''then, i'll make him tell''me where is my daughter. you talk of manhood! are you who went to kill''an infant is, a man!'' you stabbed a woman whojust delivered. are you a man?

do you know what those who attackwomen and children are called? dogs. put down your took like a beggar. you are still alivebecause of him. i'll kill you in a minuteif he signals me. get lost. take awayyour daughter. i'm not sending herout of fear but... ''... to prove, we don't look at''other women in our family. go. ''don't take me away, father.''

''narasimha, don't let them''take me away. i don't want that marriage.i'll commit suicide. get in. mother... ''you shameless, how can''you be his mother... ... without becomingwife to his father. i wonder if you are reallymy daughter! come on. move. all babies first words are'atta'(aunty) 'tata'(grandpa)

it is believed those whoutter 'atta' become rich. those utter 'tata' havea long life. ''but, your kid uttered'''amma' (mother) his dead mother madehim say so. you may not need a wifebut he needs a mother. you killed applanaidufor village sake. sent off your wife forinsulting your brothers. you risked your life to seeyour brothers leave here alive. obliged me and wentaway into hiding.

you can do so much for others. cannot you bring a motherfor your son? you have been a true son. i beg of you bringanjali as his mother. your tears won't melt my heart. i'm burning with vengeance. how can you fall in lovewith our enemy? he is my husband in this birth. ''if you act stubborn, i'll''hang his head in the pandal.

you'll hear the news of his deathbefore the wedding music is played. who are you?what is all this? wedding is tomorrowwhy play music today? who has sent you? ''sir, raghupati naidu's 4th''son narasimha naidu and... ... the only daughter of''kuppuswami, anjali,...'' ... will wed tomorrowat 10.20 a.m. this is the time you printedin invitation cards. ''only difference is,''the groom is different.

you will be aliveif you consent to it. ''else, i've to come on 11 th day''to conduct your last rites. narasmimha naidu. wedding will take place in our''village, in our temple.'' i'll come 1/2 hour beforeto take the bride. i'll take her infront of everyone. ''you, your family, friends and''your village men can try to stop me. call me narasimha naidu. he will come as he said.attack him fearlessly.

attack him! my foot. haven't theyran away beaten up by him once. we will be in soup ifwe depend on them. they have to do it or die.else i'll kill them. he put the stole over shouldersbefore killing my father. he wears it only when heworships lord narasimha. stop there. don't come forward. going back or turning backisn't there in our family. kill him. go... go.

don't kill me. anjaliis upstairs. take her. anjali isn't here.she is in the hospital. she removed her uterusso that she cannot conceive. you said there is no placefor me in your life. but changed your mindfor the sake of your son. i wanted to marry you. i wanted your son to be my lone''child. so, i took this decision.'' lord rama was one woman man. even he had to accept goldensita for him to perform yagna.

anjali is your golden sita. no man in our landkills a woman. i killed your wife and therebydeprived him of mothers love. let me make it up by offeringmy daughter as his mother. please accept her.

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